Astrology June 2019

Early June’s new moon in Rohini, the lunar god’s favourite, launched a happy week with afternoon tea in early Gemini. We saw Venus and the Moon waving nearby in Taurus, all royally supported by Pluto. Then as the days moved on, we find that we are heading into a rather different set of aspects.

To describe the oncoming lineup as both historic and histrionic, would be an understatement. In fact I would have to say that various dark matters which have been rumbling even destroying lives and lands around the world, will soon reach a climactic moment. The time is now.

The bell ringer for 2020 could very well be this next full moon on the 17th.( 1:13 am PDT) sets it off Right after that moment, 17th-19th June in particular, a clash between several outer planets in dire opposition to one another could well ignite a star war and fling its burnt embers down to earth in the form of negative communications, doomed travel, natural eruptions, strikes, you name it.

Moving ahead into the month of July we are greeted early month, on the 2nd, by a very significant total solar eclipse. Such a celestial event creates a marker, a point that is repeated for the next many months to follow. Astrologers pay serious attention to eclipses.

As I always say, where does this affect your own personal chart, or does it?

Most charts that I see have what I describe as “mitigating aspects” that dilute or offset some harsher elements. You might be just that fortunate person!

No matter which it is, try to stay calm … shelter in that place in your head, or bed if that works for you!

If that wasn’t enough, we can move onto the rest of the month.


June 9-10th This very health minded earthy Virgo moon may clash a bit with a Gemini Sun but the rest of the map looks quite positive with lots of stability moving into Monday. We will really be needing this kind of steadiness going forward. I’m planning to get as much done as I possibly can right here, right now! #Youtoo ?

June 13-14th These are slightly fortuitous days due to that Scorpio (underline “intense”) moon right there which so perfectly aligns and emphasizes the better parts of the oncoming train….. Oh did I say that?

A certain person ‘s birthday, happens to collude, I mean collide, today, being June 14th. It looks as though the eclipse rays of July 2nd are already starting to emphasize some of the mental confusion aspects from his natal chart. Blame it on Mars in early Cancer right now which is hitting on his Mercury square to Neptune. But he does get surprisingly lucky at times.

June 15-16th At least the Sagittarius full moon provides a lift up moment, and Venus lands in a happy place, but it’s very brief because soon we have …

June 17-19th Honestly, Armagedda just had to speak up right here. This opposing grid of Saturn to Mars and both tied exactly to the lunar nodes, is not very helpful. I realize you weren’t looking for an astrology lesson, so simply put, obstruction, destruction, chaos are all up in the air and maybe on their way down to earth. The construction part could be nice if these planets lined up nicely to positions in your own natal charts, with say a little help from Neptune over in Pisces.

The greatest trigger points are aimed at Tuesday and Wednesday. Secrets will be revealed. Stay quiet, read, walk, or even cook if that’s your self -nurturing place!

We will also see a tight Mercury and Mars buzzing together right on the karmic north node point, Rahu, in Cancer, and facing directly over at Saturn and Pluto, both tied at the hip to Ketu, or south node. All of this makes me wonder how the markets will react?

These two outer gods only meet up about once every 32-38 years, but to join forces in Capricorn strikes a powerful chord indicating serious governmental changes to say the least.

We’re here for a while folks.

What we do know is that some major shifts, epic changes will be in order, as we travel over some new and unchartered territory on the road to 2020.

June 21-23d d Today’s Solstice moment brings a slight break to the frazzled pace. The moon affectionate with Venus, a few light moments at last.

A little down the line, Saturday to Sunday another slight break involving Neptune is helpful as well. Notebook, pen, swimming, or is it guitar time?

Then the 24th another confusion of aspects, just let the time go by.

June 27- 28th I m looking gleefully at the month’s end, with the Sun sidled up nicely to the moon and Uranus, oh yaay a weekend too !

July 1-2nd A strong beginning to a legendary month with two eclipses! The first is Wednesday and it’s a powerhouse, all depending upon your own spread of planets. A dynamite assertive voice can be heard with that Mars and Mercury in early Leo. The power of Moon and Sun eclipsed in early Cancer, although tucked in that watery place in the Vedic sky called Ardra, can be quite emotional and even earful at times. But Ardra also oversees water and oceans! What’s been happening in our oceans!? Those tons of plastic litter, consumed by our fish friends, is a horrendous assault on two thirds of planet earth and its inhabitants.

July 4th Our own USA chart will be experiencing the impact of these stellar aspects and angles. We will no doubt see a shift in laws and governing along with some harsh judgments, and criticism unleashed. More to follow as we move into the early 2020’s. Regarding the intense dialogue over changing laws, Cancer also rules motherhood, and that part of the body assigned to procreation. But you can probably finish that sentence yourselves.

July 9th in closing let me say I ‘ve had my eye on this date for a while. I think it s going to be one of those ”pivotal moments.” And not in such a harsh way either, but even a moment of coming together after sharp words have twittered the airwaves.

And that my friends, is all for now, in case you need a Pepto dismal I mean bismal, go ahead! It’s on me!

Otherwise maybe a kinder solution might include a dip into the world of Metta practice. I mean it couldn’t hurt. It goes like this: Calmly repeat the following words and absorb them within yourselves:

“May we be safe, may we be happy, may we be well, may we be at peace.”

Serenity signing off now

bidding you a happy month.

DAYS OF POWER AND INFLUENCE: 9,12, 14, 16,18!!, 19, !! 23, July 2nd, 3, 6, 8


The following birthdays are based on the very close degrees of the Sun, not a wide swath of an entire month, for which I could never be specific. This is as close as one can get without a true chart based on an accurate time of birth. Normally having someone’s Moon, rising and Sun are the three great components with which to start reading a horoscope.

However, the Sun is still very significant for it represents your soul, how you manifest yourself and live out your karma in this lifetime. The Sun is also a major health indicator but its house position will tell even more of the story. If you need to see your chart for these details, just follow the links to one or both of the choices provided, Lunarium or Astrodienst.

JUNE 7- 11th Hmm that beam from Jupiter bright in the sky as he is this month, is pushing you to expand yourself, but, then there’s old Neptune, blocking the channel. Best to wait the couple of weeks till later month when Venus shines all her light on you!

JUNE 14-19th How to say this delicately? Beware and prepare! Stay underground emotionally anyway, as much as you can mid month right near and on your birthdays, this is a crazy time. But like we’ve said, most people have mitigating aspects that offset the crazies.

JULY 2nd How to handle a birthday with a solar eclipse sitting on it! Lemme see, well it’s a life changer of a year, for sure. But the happy part is the aspect from Uranus, so some excitement is in the works but in a good way! Plus your voice will be heard! Scream if you like.

JULY 9-17th Here we are, this month, June I mean, could really be just about you! Plans are upended, better ideas come along, prepare to change it all, this is your key moment, you really have no choice!

AUGUST 7- 12th The first half of the month of June is a record breaking time for you; it’s as though you see a light shining down and windows opening in your head, visions, pictures, ideas!! June 7-11th, yes!!!

AUGUST 23- 28th my my if you aren’t the lucky one, the Uranian devil is in your team, and brilliance is delivered ! Better get that pen, notebook, ipad, or whatever and save the info that this genius aspect is giving you!

SEPTEMBER 6-13th You might be the luckiest people I know right now. If you only knew the current astro geometry of the sky, maybe you do?? So then you’d get the strength of the Saturnian hand, the Mars thing, the nodes, all aligned to your Suns? The interruption from Jupiter is nothing to worry about, I mean who cares?

SEPTEMBER 1-2nd That early early July solar eclipse is your friend. I know you don’t believe it, but steady is the hand that rocks the cradle. You’ll see, it’s a gift!

OCTOBER 7-13th Best to hang on until later month when the light from Venus finds your house! Meanwhile, stay alert to dissension and arbitration, or whatever the heck has been bothering you. Because decision time has arrived. It’s not been fun.

OCTOBER Late October has an interesting dynamic of Uranus challenging you to climb new heights, daring you to attempt Mt. Everest. I’d say don’t do it, traffic jams reported up there. etc. Watch for impulsivity is what I mean.

NOVEMBER 6-11th Another happy strike for you, all harmonious aspects in a not so harmonious time ! It’s pretty nice even thought he world is not too nice right now. Don’t waste this good energy!

NOVEMBER 19 -21st. If there was to be a favored time of the month for you, I’d say underline June 23-30th in red, it’s an up and a positive few days, have fun! I always give dates a window, a buffer, energies abound ya know.

DECEMBER 4-9th This grid of Jupiter over your head, promoting, expanding, is then obstructed by that watery Merman Neptune, confusing every thing you thought was

Going your way! Better double check all your facts.

DECEMBER 16-17th Well this full moon in Sagittarius is lighting up your sky, it’s exact on your Sag Suns! And Jupiter is bright in the sky over head as well! But check and see what else is going on, it’s a crazy month for sure.

JANUARY 8-13th This may feel like the craziest time you’ve been in for um, a century? The bright light is Neptune over in Pisces, the water kingdom god is bending the waves more favorably towards you, but it’s still like a lightening strike. Change is inevitable.

JANUARY 24-28th Yes there’s an explanation for the upside down feelings you’ve been experiencing. Some might welcome the shifts in mood and experience. Surprises can take different forms. On into very early July, Id’ lay low as some clashes are creating heat.

FEBRUARY 1-3d Very early June, at the new moon, was picnic time for you. Then there’s another bright moment on that full moon weekend, but not after the 17th!

FEBRUARY 23-28th Oh my the uplift from that genius helper is all yours right now, take full advantage of this gifts! The Solstice time, near the 22-25 are your best moments!

MARCH 6-8th a bit of an obstruction mid way through the month, but it’s not terrible, mostly you have some string support from Mars and the nodes and even old Saturn !

You will be fine.

MARCH 11-14th You are one of the very few who may find this combination of karmically conflicting planets to be of great benefit to you!! How nice to feel so strongly supported for right now ! It’s a rare gift, while possibly a curse to a few others. Reach for the stars, they’ re yours for the taking.

APRIL 8-12th I know it’s been a rough ride for many of you, but! That true Aries soul is the fighter! And overcoming obstacles is your forte! What you excel at! My best advice is to ride through this mid month turmoil carefully, keep your thoughts to yourself. Hang on really until August when the Sun will shine for you plus a few other sky gods, happiness ahead!

APRIL 20-22nd Please watch out, that crazy disruptor god, Uranus, is right over head and about to get into a fist fight with Mars early July, and in your driveway! Take care of yourself!! Use precautions, just for a little while. Excitement is not always exciting.

MAY 8-13th Why is it that the rest of the world is wearing a safety belt, but you!! Of Wondrous Bull, is galloping happily through fields of flowers? These dynamic aspects

So threatening to so many, are actually a boon to you! So take advantage, It’s very rare, and important so write, sign do what you must, you business minded heifers.

MAY 20-22nd The last week of June has several positive notes for you ! Excitement, brilliant thoughts, more energy perhaps than you’ve seen ! Then very early July there’s no stopping you, charge ahead !