Astrology May 2019

Heading into the Celtic past we might recall the Beltane festivities. May for me at least, always speaks of nature, of gardens and music!

Consider for a moment this month of May as entering with a symphonic statement, a French horn announcing the jubilant procession of Venus, Mercury, Moon in Aries, like Mouret’s Rondeau, the familiar joyous introduction from PBS Masterpiece theater!
Marching on one side comes Mars in Gemini blowing on his baroque trumpet, and over in his home palace of Sagittarius, King Jupiter is displaying his talents on the court ‘s pipe organ. All of them in perfect timing! Imagine!

Then Gotterdammerung !! We have the least liked members of the zodiac slamming a tremulous note over at Mercury’s Oboe face, and disrupting the orchestra with critical remarks, derisive chords. Yeah we know about you two bullies, Pluto on his Tuba, syncopating with Saturn on that base Cello pretending to clean up some karma over in Capricorn right now. But you can’t fool us, we know the darker side of negative earth: toxic chemicals, money, cash, more money or whatever it takes to pay off the fixer, if he even shows up.

Further down the scale, as we approach the first weekend, lighter notes of the flute and Moon blend with the nicely with the Sun. Taurus, as we know, loves comfort and stillness and pleasure. Connecting with nature yes! Maybe get him or her a nice mushroom cushion in the forest to rest upon while listening to “Lark Ascending” (Vaughn Williams)

Let’s venture a little further into the forest of the month, shall we?


May 4-5th Saturday’s new moon, also known as the Buddha Moon, imports a calmer andante of violins going even lighter with that Neptune flutist in Pisces where the Furies of Der Meistersinger are calmed down into a nice Debussian afternoon of a Faun or was it a Swan? We might just bask in these saner moments if possible because so much earth eschews the staccato onslaught of the rapid tech info mosquitos.

The Vedic description of this moon in Bharani indicates firmness in resolutions, happy moments, freedom from grief. Sunday night into early morning brings the Eta Aquarid meteor shower in case you’re awake before the Sun rises, and the barely visible crescent moon marks the beginning of Ramadan.

May 6-8th Monday’s arrival with a Gemini moon twinning with Mars in high octave brings us right back to our keyboards, but not the piano kind. Busy is the day since we also have Mercury squirming to woodwind himself into Taurus because he just saw his pal Uranus over there and together they create beautiful and different types of “new” music. Their program should be something, I can’t wait to read about it by say Wednesday or Thursday! It might even sound like a deep throated bassoon, a very definitive statement in that strong early degree of Taurus!

May 9th today especially the powerful Cancerian moon playing so beautifully with the earth and nodal points, encourage me to plan a perfect day for check book balancing, and figuring. Yes go count the piano keys, 88 of them I think.

May 10-12th I always have to scrutinize the ephemeris (planetary position book “with those witchcraft symbols” thanks mom) to find what I consider to be the best time of any month. The strength of the earth alignments would therefore bestow the prize upon this weekend. The Leo moon so perfectly matching up to Jupiter and Venus will provide a welcome allegretto to any current conflict. Ok you now have my permission to hit play: Tchaikovsky s Romeo and Juliet overture it is!

May 15 -16th News of the day, program change announcement. Venus is moving into Taurus and she’ll sign your violin because this is her happiest placement. Music is what she loves and we will now pause for lunchtime cowbells in the sign of the bull. Mars is here not meaning to take center stage, but slowing down adagio like, into Cancer, not his favorite habitat, being more female than warrior male here, except that Venus is within reaching distance so all is not lost.

Wait! I think I hear Richard Wager’s Tannhauser overture, could it be a major celestial event? Could it be that the Valkyries, the shieldmaiden warriors are descending? I think I can see a few. There’s leader Brunhilda Pelosi now, wings on her head leading them! Yes it’s the full moon in Scorpio, one of the year’s most powerful lunar moments.
We could have had an orchestral shut down, but the nice balance of earth and water planets with the lunar nodes, saves the day. Something new will probably to be revealed and even a new piece making its debut. Hopefully some decisions will have been made up in the program manager’s office!

May 17- 18th! Full moon time! Saturday! Mid month! Full moon in Scorpio, ok this is serious mental focus time! The positive parental side of Saturn now with Mercury, Sun and Neptune, a balanced quartet, calms what could have been a nasty cacophony, saved by this nice balance of earth and water. This will also be a “power day” in my book. I hope you will use it well too! Depending on how your own personal charts are configured, if you have some mid water and earth planets, this will be really helpful! Sun, Moon and rising are the key elements of a chart in case you know what your three “majors” are!

May 21-22nd Full moons, especially when in Scorpio, distribute their waves over the next few days, which brings us to the another tuning of your guitar strings. With this early Gemini meet up between Mercury and the Sun, we’re moving out of the forest and into the sunlight. It’s a new time now with the additional duet of Venusian violins’ glasslike strumming with Uranus. It’s almost an Ode to Joy.

May 24-25th I will note these as two better days because an Aquarian Moon on viola, with the other strings Sun and Mercury and even Jupiter for great backup, will probably be the day my piano gets tuned. Depending on how the planets line up in your own personal charts, of course, you might make those business appointments, or take the car in for its smog check or just dive into some deep study! The brain will love this kind high mental vibration.

May 28-29th These days may seem to be a little off key, discordant in fact. Winds and strings have their communication unfocused, not in tune. Conductor you can point the baton over at the moon’s square to both Neptune in Pisces. And Mercury in Gemini! Break time, get some water.

May 31st Later today, Venus with the moon in this specific degree of music loving Taurus, forms a band with Neptune and yes, even Saturn! I think I can hear them playing, wait! Yes
It is that! The most beautiful guitar music ever written, Concierto de Aranjuez by Joaquin Rodrigo. A light hearted moment for sure.
That’s all for this month, thank you for reading.
Brunhilda is signing off now.

DAYS OF INFLUENCE: 3,4,6,8!,9,12,13,15,21,31

The following birthdays are based on the very close degrees of the Sun, not a wide swath of an entire month, for which I could never be specific. This is as close as one can get without a true chart based on an accurate time of birth. Normally having someone’s Moon, rising and Sun are the three great components with which to start reading a horoscope.
However, the Sun is still very significant for it represents your soul, how you manifest yourself and live out your karma in this lifetime. The Sun is also a major health indicator but its house position will tell even more of the story. If you need to see your chart for these details, just follow the links to one or both of the choices provided, LunariumorAstrodienst.

MAY 1-3d You must be feeling that high energetic bounce in spite of your earthy feet! I mean this is fun times. Your birthday chart is electric with creative sparks!! All year my friends!

MAY 4-5th The approaching New Moon for your birthday chart also called a “solar return” is about as solid as it can get. Just be careful not to bore yourself or anyone else with your laid back attitude. A new moon birthday signifies a new beginning. This doesn’t happen very often. Use the time to start thinking ahead as to what change will look like for you in the coming year!

MAY 17-19th This full moon is a modified rocker to be sure. Yours is a steady but intense a year ahead marked by sure steps! This is pretty lucky for you! Your basic solar return chart.

JUNE 6-9TH The first week is a friend to you! All that charging fire energy aligns so nicely with your Suns in mid degrees of Gemini. Some slight obstruction from that underwater god but the positive out weights the negative here. It all depends on your specific personal chart, of course but right in these first several days it’s your Sun, the expressive face to the world that we’re describing.

JUNE 26-30th yaay, we have a moment here, made just for you! That Mars energy along with
Venus at the latter part of May will see a few things turn around nicely for you, and you’ve certainly waited long enough!

JULY 5-8th Wow what a scenario have we here. It’s going to be a power time since water loves earth as you know! Mid month marks my favorite times for you!

JULY 11-17th There looks to be an early month sort of clashing with power brokers. Best to turn aside and not block the river because it will flow by, as the Buddha would say. Then by the 18th-19th Full moon, whew, you’re home free now.

AUGUST 1-5TH Very early month is a study in contrasts. The first couple of days have a bright cheery moon Venus and Mercury all in Aries, side by side to your Leo Suns! Then comes the New Moon, and those Beltane fires might just slightly singe your sleeve or arm so be careful there.

AUGUST 11-14th With Jupiter harkening over in sporty Sagittarius, what a bright show is this one, oh, and Mars on the other side holding your wing expands the picture even more. I like this, so take advantage at least until the 18th’s Full Moon.

AUGUST 20-24TH I just had to add these days because the latter part of May showers such nice aspects onto your early Virgo Suns! I mean wow, the excitement factor is there in Spades, or maybe it’s Diamonds?

SEPTEMBER 8-17th Yes there are some blockages to your ever organized selves first part of this month, but! Knowing how you are, working like a dog, the fruits of your labors will arrive right after the middle of May! Earth loves earth and this is an earth friendly month! The Full Moon of the 18th is on your team, especially!

SEPTEMBER 24-26th the latter part of May you are the target, for good news, sort of anyway, the last week of this month, and then the obstacle of Mr. Mars is a challenge but you will manage him! The Aquarian moon of the 24-25th May will be most appreciated.

OCTOBER 9-18TH These have been both dynamic and challenging times for you mid Libra Suns. The first week of May bears this out, so stay calm, wait for the second week, when Gemini Mars and Jupiter in Sag planets line up to lift you into a more positive place.

OCTOBER 20-27th Later month of May the lineup is pretty favorable to those of you with Suns in early Scorpio.. Mars is your friend then and might I might say add the 26th would be my favorite day for you!

NOVEMBER 6-9TH How sweet of Neptune to attune his harp to your Suns! And you didn’t even have to pay him! Then! There’s Saturn and the nodes, my goodness, it’s all about you now!

NOVEMBER 17-20th In case you didn’t know this Full Moon is quite a powerful event and it touches on you! Directly! So don’t think you’ll be getting a quiet hide out time. But you’ll have celestial pals, planetary support especially in the mid to second half of May!

DECEMBER 12-14th Especially now, these aspects from supportive gift bearing Jupiter, and some pals over in Aries, in the first part of May especially, are so nice ! This is a high creative time, don’t be shy, express your self, all your goodness! It’s a kind of golden time, ok? Don’t waste it! Write it down!

DECEMBER 22-26TH You with these lucky early Capricorn Suns will get the spotlight especially in later may, wow I mean, inspiring, creative, brilliant! Ok, stop me, Go for it, don’t hesitate !

JANUARY 10-13th That nasty Plutonian aspect with Saturn is making things difficult, especially early month. Hang on, it will change after the New Moon of the 4th. It’s a karma moment and those aren’t always that much fun. Talk about not feeling appreciated!

JANUARY 17-19th This great full moon of the 18th likes you a lot! It’s expansive and life affirming and you’ve earned it ! Very early month might be annoying so just ride that week out.

FEBRUARY 12-17th Right in the first half of May the conclave of fire and air is an uplift for you creative air people! Take advantage of the uplift! Because the full moon days are more blurry in your neighborhood. But you have two great weeks!

FEBRUARY 19-22nd The aspects in Later May have your name on them, and they’re carrying your flag too! It’s a strong moment, look forward and look up! A breakthrough time for sure !

MARCH 7-12th With Neptune crossing over your Suns, ever so slowly, possibly even washing you in self doubt and confusion, Ignore that part and delve into the depths of your soul and spirit because that’s the positive part of this transit. Plus! You have the support of Saturn and the nodes as well. It could actually turn out to be a good thing!

MARCH later month, Is flush with all that cheerful Aries fire! The third week is a give you and then take a little. The Sun in Gemini with Merc and the Aquarian moon times loves you. Just ignore that annoying Mars in Cancer, he’s weaker there so you’ll be just fine! It’s not a big deal!

APRIL 8-11th I don’t have to tell you because you’ve already been experiencing the crunch of these Capricorn bullies. But you’re strong and you have other planets in your charts I’m sure, that will mitigate these aspects. It’s only or a while!

APRIL later April birthdays have the added uplift of Uranus and Mars in Taurus.. Then after the 21st Mars arrives to give you some added strengths! Best days might be new moon, and later month, 30-31st!