Astrology April 2019

How to best describe April? Or is it going to be a fools’ errand? The mix and match early month with so much in Pisces can be confusing on one level, yet inspiring on another!  Maybe even more telling would be the tendency for that which has been hidden to be revealed.  Secrets will come out.

Then, later month we have one epic full moon labeled ‘Pink Full Moon ‘. These descriptive monikers originated from the early Farmer’s Almanac and American Indian timing methods which were based on the moon’s phases not on the Gregorian or Julian calendar. Of course this is the Spring full moon and resplendent it is with flowers blooming everywhere.

This April will see a once a year occurrence, when we have  three major planets moving into retrograde motion.  Closer and slower would be their rays and influence on our planet.  Retrograde?  Take it as re-think, reassess, stand still for a moment.  Thank you Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn, or not?  Read on if you’re so inclined.  Your stargazer will attempt to delineate the sky for her fellow travelers.  We’ll end on a lighter note, like checking out the charts of two people who seem to have captivated the headlines.  Who could they be

April 1-4th Early month, the contact between mystical Neptune in Pisces with Mercury, Venus, and    the moon on the 2nd and 3d speaks to some creative inspired streak that will hopefully go in the right direction.  On a brighter note it brings a rare spiritual and artistic moment as well. Mars in early Gemini should round that one out.

April 5th ‘s New moon in adventure loving Aries looks to be all tangled up with seaweed from those Piscean splattered planets and squared to that sky cop Saturn.  Maybe a better idea would be to make like a dolphin, and dive into the ocean with all that watery energy.

 April 7-8th Now here are the more solid and stabilizing days, forward motion, mental clarity. It’s definitely a good time for plans followed by action.  It’s on days like these that one can get around the obstacle course.

 April 11th-16th These are a few slightly more difficult moments . Why?  Well Jupiter has just moved in reverse, with a harsh angle to Mercury and Venus.  Then Pluto, oh well you get it. Of course, it’s tax time!  New IRS rules ? Yes, and looking back over 2018.  Secrets will come out, stories are told.

Speaking of stories, the main story in all of this is the Saturnian Plutonian meet up which happens about every  36 years.  Heading into next year and into 2021 we’ll see a rare historical meet up of five planets in Capricorn. It’s a collision and karma point, except right now the moon’s nodes are involved, making this April May, and June a pretty significant time.  It would not be the first time that a planetary conclave in Capricorn has been described as “negative earth”.  Are we about to experience some serious geological rumblings? Earth disturbances? Glaciers are sliding already, are more to follow?

Aril 19-20th   Earth to Sky : “Are you there? “  Sky to Earth, “yes we’re here! “

The big celestial moment has arrived. That full spring Pink Moon April 19th  (4:12 am PDT).  I’m hoping for an optimistic result with that sweet sounding label, however here’s the layout up there.   The Libra moon in its final 29thdegree, as with any sign’s end point, is quite powerful, and beams across to the Sun in its last degree of Aries, along with Uranus, the rebel.   All of which falls in a harsh geometry to those Capricorn characters. Well I think you get it. We have arrived at The Moment. The next couple of weeks will play out this dynamic and we’ll see the results.   The sky has its symbols, and they have provided us with information, throughout human history.

A few days after the full moon, the line up in early Aries of several helpful actors would make the 21 and 22 are probably my best days.   It’s Easter time, and what a cheerful moon in Sagittarius we have that lines up nicely with some personal Aries planets.  A happy egg hunting day this should be!

April 25th Today’s retro action of Pluto, creates a stand still moment, will something very significant hit or “break “ the news? Will the borders be closed as has been debated,

 Or something else of equal magnitude occur ?

April 30th Saturn’s retrograde motion today brings a moment to pause, think and reflect.   It’s a decision time and as we get closer it should explain itself.

 On a final thought, since we’re now experiencing our first USA Pluto return.  That small faraway planet out there on the rim of our solar system, is one intense power mogul capable of massive reconstruction.  Yes, it’s true, and I’ve watched that one with an intense eye for decades.  More will be revealed as we move on into 2020.  New  and different days ahead.

Let’s change course here and check out some  people who seem to highlight the headlines:   Meghan Markle and AOC!

 As for the new Duchess and former Suits’ actress, I would have to think that, given the strong Mars aspects to her chart on or very close to Sunday, April 7th, that new baby Royal would make an appearance right there!  Please little guy or gal, could you manage to have a Taurus moon?  Then we can discuss you later when I get your true birthtime!   If not the baby time then something else pretty exciting, for her, but what would top that?

Star Hawk Alert! Ms. Alexandria OC’s correct birthtime has just been revealed!

Right here is a major astrology lesson that I had to discover early in my astro studies. Just because a birth chart is heavily afflicted with hard aspects, does not a stellar life deny!  She’s a fighter, and those “squared ” planets are all in what we call cardinal signs!  The cardinals being  Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn. These are the best self starter combinations of all. Two really strong items are: her passionate love for certain people and ideas, big hearted! And her strong karma with power, a Scorpio blend of Jupiter and Pluto that one.  She chose politics.  Others, even those with an identical birth cart,  might have gone a different route.

 My last word for April?  Yes Aries is the adventurer, but to be safe, have your helmets, and malas, rosaries or crystals at the ready, because things will be happening up there in the sky and therefore down here on our blue green planet that could change history.

 Armagedda is signing off now.

I think I will make like a dolphin now, with all that Piscean energy April 2nd! Grabbing  my flippers.

DAYS OF GREATEST INFLUENCE: 2, 7, 10,12th (until 4:30), 20, 21,22,30


The following birthdays are based on the very close degrees of the Sun, not a wide 30 day swath of an entire month, for which I could never be specific. This is as close as one can get without a true chart based on an accurate time of birth. Usually having someone’s Moon, rising and Sun are the three great components with which to start reading a horoscope.

  However, the Sun is still very significant for it represents your soul, how you manifest yourself and live out your karma in this lifetime. The Sun is also a major health indicator but its house position will tell even more of the story. If you need to see your chart for these details, just follow the links to one or both of the choices provided, Lunarium orAstrodienst or contact me. Serenacarrollastrology@gmailcom.

April 13-14th These couple of days stand out from the rest with the Leo moon harmonizing with both Jupiter and the Sun for positive outcomes and attitudes and this in a month that has it’s challenges.

April 19-20th What to say, where to begin with an astro map such as this?  With the full moon beaming away, and Uranus on the Sun’s back, all T Square to Pluto. I think I might be sure I had insurance, lots of it .  The one happy beam is that of Jupiter with the Moon, check your own chart to see where that might help you!  

May 1-5th That Mars Neptune Jupiter three way pile up isn’t very helpful, confusion is the title of that book. The 4th and 5th get some help from the Moon and Pluto and Saturn, stabilizers for your ocean going vessel.

May 8-15th Listen all of you little bulls, this is a major power time for you, so don’t waste a minute of it. We know Taurus likes his checkbook so put it under your pillow and thank Saturn, especially the first half of the month, although second half isn’t too bad.

May 20th – June 10th All of you June bugs will be buzzing with hyper activity this month, taking care of business, study or work!  The thinking mind is your specialty anyway so the slight blockages only spur you to further endeavor! 

June 13-16th Be a little more careful right near the 13-15th too many barriers are right there, so let time pass a bit, your day will arrive soon enough. Blame that retrograde Jupiter if you like. Mercury and Venus too. Ok I’ll stop.

June 19-21st These few birthdays should really benefit from the Pink full Moon!

Plus the addition of Uranus to activate you and of course the lunation is uplifting!

July  2-7th Early month, the first week, has your name written on it in capital letters!  You have to act on this one!  Inspiration and insight are the key words!

July 10-13th Life is not too much fun right now, I could go into astro talk but I’ll just say it the chart has a karmic tinge to it when these certain aspects land. Everything depends on your own particular chart, like what aspects  mitigates which planets.  It’s a life changing time for many of you, major decision time.

 August 8-13th The strange angles (quincunx it’s called) of the outer sky characters aren’t really harmonizing too well with your birth Suns, so I’m hoping there are better aspects in your birth charts! Jupiter going in reverse will be helpful as the next couple of months roll on.

August 18-22nd These lucky birthdays, and I’m basing this on the Sun’s degree, will have so much that is shifting and changing and in a good way! Thank heaven, it can be quite thrilling. And as for that full moon, well it’s all in your tent! 

September 6-9th I’d say it’s probably a good idea to watch your perimeter later in the month.  It’s sounds like a contradiction that one part is supporting and holding your hand in a strong friendly grip, while the other is shedding confusion, delusion, all over your world.

September 11-14th How crazy that just a few birthdays back the sky was on hold, now the Plutonian and Saturnian angles and more are going to support you very nicely!

September 28-October 2nd This small swath of early Libra has the benefit of an active nonstop first part of the month!  Air and fire, they go together!

October 10—14th Some of you mid October babies have been having a hard time, certain life changes not fun, although you are having a positive beam from that gift giver, Jupiter, whew, and he’ll be back in the Fall to support your dreams. The good news is Mars in friendly Gemini energizing you this month!

October 19-20th Who said this was going to be an easy month? That Pink  full moon is coming right to your door, action!  Keep your helmet on, baseball bat too!  Expect the unexpected, that way you won’t be disappointed !

November Early days These first several day birthdays will benefit nicely from the very first part of April. All those watery planets lining up to float with you will be a gift.

November 18-20th Your best moments will come mid month, when everyone else will be looking up at the pink moon, but you’ll be too busy. Nov. 21st is your best day!

December 4-8th So annoying early month are these creatures in Pisces!  So confusing!  Wait it out.  The new moon of the 5th is trying to help out!

December 13-18th Wow this ride over of Jupiter to your Suns is a great gift to your creative inspired side. DO not waste it, I’m sure you won’t you fire children!

The Full Moon, a Pink one, is sending some energy your way too, Easter calling?

January 10-14th If I had to come up with a bumper sticker for you it would say “Strength and Fortitude” for the life changing aspects colluding with your Suns!

January 18-21st The so called Pink Moon is challenging you but you like a contest so you’ll win this one too I’m sure.  Very early month that Martian action has you on over drive so be careful please.

February 11-17th You thought it would never happen, that you’d get a break I mean, but Jupiter and the Sun really like you this month,

February 19-22nd That full moon will partner right up with you, it’s a pretty exciting, name your goals!  But don’t brag too much, not everyone else will be so thrilled.

March 4-8th Lucky are you early month of April, better off than most for sure, inspiration is your secret gift. Act on it, go ahead!  

March 19-30th Wow a long strip I know, and the last ten days of April are going to see a new you, not that the old one was so terrible. Energy and action are the key words plus! The once a year track of Venus gliding over your Suns is sort of  like having a day at the beauty counter.