Astrology February 2019

February is rather aggressively launched by Mars slamming into the power god himself, Pluto that is, and oh are we seeing the fallout! Or the freeze out. The serious shifts in weather patterns has not been seen for decades. The more we see planets moving over into negative earth, Capricorn, the goat king. Well you know what I’m getting at.

This month I’ll attempt to make it an easier read for my lay readers. My astrology students will get it of course but I can’t leave anyone out. How Aquarian of me!

There’s also some positive news and the interesting story of the month is how the first half is alive with creative air energy, then mid way through, February 2019 shifts into earth and water signs calming things down a little. It’s also the Year of the Earth Pig, more on that as well. We’ll take a look at the USA chart, which is quite fascinating right now as a cycle is repeating itself. Zip up those space suits and let’s check it out my fellow sky travelers!


The first couple of days this month are rather conflicted, blame it on the aforementioned Mars Pluto thing (destructive maybe?.) Then the moon in Capricorn adds more of the same. If you can just stay centered until later Saturday, when we approach the stellar new moon in Aquarius which features Mercury in a leading role! Why? Moon and Sun and Mercury in Aquarius is over the top in mental brilliance, Jupiter is smiling on the side, because they can’t stop talking, arguing, texting ? So much is needing to be put out there!

February 4-5th Welcome to the Chinese New Year of the Pig! Red envelopes please. Oh it’s a money thing for good luck if you’re in Asia right now, but we’ll take it over here, thank you so much.

Personality traits of the Pig are said to range from honest, happy personalities, who are educated, sincere and brave. Of course the shadow side may tend be a bit materialistic, lazy and even stubborn but then who’s perfect?

Pigs can also be very lucky! Especially when they are in their own years! Do 1995, 2007 ring a bell for anyone?

The other message of this particular new moon ! (1:04 pm February 4th) one of my favorites located as it is in Shravana, whose province is educated persons, truth tellers, theologians and even musicians! Shravana can also be very physically active, how perfect for the Super Bowl !

Moving on to the 7- 10th, we’ll hear the excited trumpeting of Mercury in his favorite place aligned in the heights by Uranus, Mars, and Moon in Aries! Oh what will that bring? I’m expecting some sort of definitive announcement, more than the usual. Something breaking, not just the news?

February 13-15th Now here we see the month shift into more of the earth and water signs. St. Valentine will be happier after the 14th because he’ll be released from prison and can send out more cards and chocolate. Mercury has slid into Pisces, talk about bubbles of confusion. Then for the first time in two years, Mars is goose stepping over into Taurus. While the warrior may not like being less assertive, the more peaceful placement will bring better news since Taurus craves stability and financial steadiness. We’ll be discussing Uranus and Mars in Taurus historically, next month. More earth signs are lining up, Venus is next to Saturn, Pluto, with more to follow in 2020 !

February 16-18th Things begin to improve ever so slightly here and will get even better as we approach the full moon! The 17th especially favors creativity, harmony and peaceful outcomes. I’m going to say this would be my favorite day.

Monday’s Leo moon sees some heightening of activity, but hark! The sky is about to be lit up, again!

February 19th The aptly named “Full Snow Moon” of February, lands in Pisces with a Virgo moon (7:45 am PST). This will also be a “super moon”” because it’s in “perigee’ or closest proximity to planet earth. Full moons spread their influence out over several days, slightly before but mostly after the full. This is an intriguing moon because of its emphasis on organizing one’s life and goals. I’m not suggesting that you Marie Kondo things and “throw out what doesn’t bring you joy”, but the helpful angles of earthy Capricorn, and watery Pisces will just enhance that depth of feeling and “gut” knowledge when dealing with stuff on your table, or maybe your secret closets?

I’m happy to add that the moon in very early Virgo, known as Magha, is a wonderful placement of the 27 choices give to us by ancient Vedic seers. It is said to bring brightness and light, as well as dignity and confidence. Perhaps most notably, Magha describes one who is a servant of the people even though he/she may be of a royal caste.

February 22nd Be a little careful, we may have met the skunk at the picnic here. Arguments, disgruntled moods, some obsessions perhaps? All of which is hallmarked by a radical sort of alignment up in the sky. I’ll spare you the details. I have it marked as a day of power, because it is! In all my years of studying the sky, charts like this have often indicated a mountain of trouble that needed to be climbed and victory claimed as a result! It’s that kind of special aspect today.

As mentioned earlier, I wanted to look at our USA chart and right here, we as a country, are repeating a cycle that began in 1776. The same cycle then reoccurred in the wildest election since our nation’s inception, that of William McKinley versus William Jennings Bryan, in the mid 1890’s.

Highlighted though, by the 17th of this month, our USA chart moves into a slightly better phase ruled by Mercury, possibly our country’s best planet. It’s definitely a change over moment from the chapter that began last October. The USA’s chart’s strong diagonal line of Pluto to Mercury triggered right here speaks to some very intense verbal sword fighting, and due to its high ranking this should bring something more positive to the table. The repeating cycle of 1776 does continue and we’ll delve into it again.

Late February’s last two days, 27-28th, show some strong work dog warrior type of energy, so don’t wear yourselves out. But as it’s climbing in heavy boots and swimming with magical fins in sync with each other, I like it!

DAYS OF POWER AND INFLUENCE: 2, 4,10, 14, 16!!, 18, 19, 20 till 6 pm, 22, March 1st


The following birthdays are based on the very close degrees of the Sun, not a wide 30 day swath of an entire month, for which I could never be specific. This is as close as one can get without a true chart based on an accurate time of birth. Usually having someone’s Moon, rising and Sun are the three great components with which to start reading a horoscope.

However, the Sun is still very significant for it represents your soul, how you manifest yourself and live out your karma in this lifetime. The Sun is also a major health indicator but its house position will tell even more of the story. If you need to see your chart for these details, just follow the links to one or both of the choices provided, Lunarium or Astrodienst, or contact me. Serenacarrollastrology @gmailcom.

FEBRUARY 1-5th It’s not very often that one has a new moon on his/her birthday! We all know what that means, new times, new days are ahead, and this time, it’s really nice! It’s well, electric, sparking, ingenious! Yes!

FEBRUARY 14-18th I love this time for you! Some people will be really lucky ! It’s strong, it’s brilliant, I can’t control my excitement! The slight twist from the moon to Uranus just adds to the fun, no problem really in case you’re checking your own ephemerides !

MARCH 5-8th A time of good news for some, for others, almost but not yet perfect. But intense outer planets are right in your exact degree swath so you ‘re feeling it ! Later, the 17-18th then forward, the sky clears and your support team is right there for you!

MARCH 10-13th For much of this time even into the month ahead, there is karmic sort of action taking place, enhancing your deepest plans and goals. It’s a rare event so pay close attention to what you really want to do with your life.

APRIL 9-12th Early month could be some what frustrating, some blockages and not that subtle either. I’d say be careful driving, or else just stay warm and inside. It’s hard to tell a fiery Aries that, don’t I know.

APRIL 17-19th Oh boy the landing of Uranus and Mars together on your Moon, I mean Suns, right in the third week of February will be really something for the April 24-28th These late April babies will see some serious action in the last week of February that ‘s a nice contrast to the first few days of this same month ! Oh my stars.

MAY 1-4th The new moon early month is a stubborn creature, to match your very own stalwart side, be patient, earth wins out. Stay calm, you can win that argument! And Saturn has been close enough to hold your hand through out it all.

MAY 6-12th The most interesting convo is happening upstairs, in the sky I mean. For there is a gathering of earth giants in perfect harmony to your Suns! Strength is the very least of it! Don’t hold back, you’ve got friends up there!

JUNE 1-7th These very early February days are made for you! So don’t hold back!

Communicate, write, move and go!

JUNE 26-30th finally the planets are moving into harmony with your Suns! How you express yourself in the outer world! Later February is your time! Water likes water! The full moon is Wow!

JULY 5- 7th Mid month is your time, 16th and 17th of the month especially! Of course you have other planets but the Sun is inspired and enhanced right here the most !

JULY 13-19th The oncoming Mars Uranus warship or underground neutron bomb is unsettling, yes, and the addition of Rahu brings challenges which push you to the limit. BUT it can actually turn out to be the revolution you didn’t know you’ve been wanting! Watch your surroundings near the 10th-14th please.

AUGUST 3-5th This early month’s new moon could very well play havoc with some of your plans. I’d recommend an avoid and retreat tactic this first week. It’s very specific right there. Or else be aware and prepare.

AUGUST 17-21st Wow this strong Martian influence is so powerful and exact to your chart. Take the money and run, near the 8-13th ! It’s really pretty good!

SEPTEMBER 3-8th This is a different month, some gifts some faults. The strength outweighs the debts. Earth loves earth, Venus and Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn to your Virgo selves, so the slight ding from Jupiter gets downsized.

SEPTEMBER 15-19th That Mars and Uranus combo isn’t a very good friend to you right now, I’d be very careful until the last part of this month when the entire story changes better days are just up ahead for you, like next month!

SEPTEMBER 28-OCTOBER 2nd Early February shines for you! Grab it! All that high activation in air is just what you’ve been waiting for! As the month soldiers on the slight blip from two chums in Capricorn are far enough away to bug someone else now.

OCTOBER 12-15th Here comes the telling time, prepare to deal with crosscurrents of all sorts. It’s a little wild and certainly karmic. Jupiter has your back so that’s a helpful note.

OCTOBER 30-31ST – NOVEMEBR 2ND. Very late days in this month are earmarked for you! So best to plan now what you will do with that gift horse of aspects. Even the last week moves into harmonic degrees to your Scorpio Suns.

NOVEMBER 4-8th There is so much this month that lines up as strong wingmen to your Suns! It’s really pretty helpful to say the least! Mid month near the 16th is your best time, so make use of it!!

NOVEMBER 28-30th The very beginning week of February is in your court, all of that Aquarian Air with Mercury highlights communication channels. The new moon is your best friend now! Just pick and choose carefully since everyone will want to talk to you!

DECEMBER 1-5th Well the first part of February has sympatico angles to your Sagittarian Suns. I mean yourselves! It’s air action time, write, talk, go, and do it all! if you can! Fire and air love each other! I don’t even mind that Neptune sea wolf trying to confuse you, air will triumph here.

DECEMBER 13-18th I hope you still realize what a amazing time you’re in, with that powerful Arian fire energy, 2 of them!! So matched to your Suns! Inspiration! Creativity, love all of t! But not forever, use it wisely now!

JANUARY 4-8th All this month you have such powerful help from the skies, and it hardly ever happens this way! You are very lucky right now so do your best with what’s been handed to you on your climb up the mountain!

JANUARY 18-20th As Capricorn becomes Aquarius, wow, the dynamic upstairs has not been mild recently. It’s a life changing moment for you right now, and I’m not holding back. The slights and insults first half of the month, dissolve by the last part. Here the dynamic shifts into an inspiring place. Good for you! I guess the lesson here is that certain frustrations when faced and dealt with can have a positive outcome !