Hello 2019, even though everyone seems to be talking about 2020, we are still interested in you! Yes we’re definitely on track for some New Horizons, although not 4 billion miles out, but right here, on planet earth! I’ll fill you in.

The main story is that we are heading into a major earthbound phase, overseen by Capricorn, who is not the most optimistic sign. It’s going to be an intense time for a couple of years with several sky gods lined up in a Capricorn posse. Intriguingly the January 5-6th solar Eclipse is loaded with 6 Capricorn hill climbing goats like Mercury, Saturn, Sun, Moon and Pluto! This will give you a taste of what’s ahead into 2020.
Where that stellium (term for a close cluster of planets ) is located in your own natal charts will tell quite a story with its main themes being discipline, structure and organization. Another piece to this Capricorn line up is what has been referred to as “negative earth” which has been assigned to Cap way back, and that certainly fits in with the climate change discussions heating up so intensely. There is no mistaking this one.
The more positive note is Saturn in Capricorn’s forceful driveforce it could be really helpful to many.

The next riveting event of January will be the lunar eclipse of January 21st, in very early Aquarius and Leo, and visible overhead for us in the West. There’s lots to uncover so here we go.


The beginning week of this January 2019, is full of drive force energy, with maybe some verbal nails flying across the room too! That energetic ray of six planets in Capricorn line up just ahead will create some landfall.

January 5th-6th The solar event ( 5:28 pm PST) lands in Purvashada, which ties up to the three stars in the middle of the milky way, its symbolism being a fan. Now that’s going to be interesting since early month we might well see some fanning of the fires with the “unconquered” or the “former invincible one” as described by Purvashada whose placement carries exactly those meanings. Won’t that be interesting for this first week of January. Let me explain.

The traditional occupation for Capricorn has been to oversee regulations, governments, structural improvements. We can translate this over to our current headlines. Do I need to explain? I think you get it. By the time 2020 arrives, there will be no question as to the changes in government, taxes, sharp lines drawn to allow and disallow. A new phase in the US chart is at hand, and I would expect that a new chapter and/or party will undoubtedly rise up in 2020 -2021. There, I said it.

Yes, I know what you’re wondering. What about a certain person who lives in a White Mansion with 36 bathrooms? If we’re talking about the same individual X, his chart will certainly be hammered by the Jan 5th solar event as he moves in to a less than cheerful Saturnian phase. I don’t think he will be that happy with the outcome. Then as we move along there’s a rather karmic machine gun spray at a couple of planets in his 12th house of hidden enemies (just love those Hindu descriptions) by the underworld mob boss, Pluto, along with the slithery tail of the dragon, then Saturn. All of this will be slammed by radical Uranus. What wild story will this one bring to the scream, I mean screen?
Are you still there?

Let me just say that it won’t be pleasant, and in the interest of being transparent , let me say that I’m an NPP, also a registered Independent. I don’t hold sway with either team right now.

Then with Kingly Jupiter over in Sagittarius and conflicted with Neptune, we will have to sit through a set of ideas confused and splattered, probably more discussion of the opioid crisis which is not to be solved under this duo. Illusions become delusions and mere distractions with this one. But Armagedda would like to remind you that your own charts may not be close to these degrees 13-16 in mutable signs, so relax. Although it’s a big picture item for sure.

So what’s good this month? Well, if you have like 13-17 degrees of earth and water signs you will be happy to discover there’s a nice harmony happening between Saturn and Neptune. Scroll down below to see if your Sun sign or rising sign is going to benefit.

January 19 -21st (9:16 pm st) The powerful lunar eclipse we’ll be seeing ,with our own eyes, is placed in one of my favorite positions, Uttarashadha, because it’s so positive! It speaks to a love for men of valour, our men and women in uniform, of musicians, caring for animals! All of this lines up to the strong dynamic of fire planets so helpful in such an inspirational way. Even more fun is that its main symbol, an elephant’s tusk, has often been likened to a writing instrument. So take up that pen and write !

Meanwhile the moon’s eclipse location in late Cancer, early Leo, known as Pushya, has such a kindly meaning, that of helping persons less fortunate, and comforting the sick . Therefore, I’m taking all of this to heart and am holding a positive mindset for late January and the next few weeks that follow this very powerful lunar event!

Looking ahead at charts I’ d like to examine in the coming months will include various contenders for the Democratic presidential run, the chart of MBS, Crown Prince of the Saudis, then Meghan and Harry’s baby coming sooner than expected, plus a few others.

Because I always have to check and see my favorite time of the month, I’d have to say later month, past the lunar eclipse, appears to offer s more optimisticl time. So I’d circle the 25th, 26th, 27th when we will have a quartet of fire and air to lift us up and out of the bar room brawl. Okay you can have a little carrot on the 11-13th too, with a nice aspect between Mars and Venus and the moon, grab that one too.

Meanwhile don’t pass up that early and mid month Saturnian drive! Because it isn’t always a negative !

I’m wishing you a happy 2019 and a glass raised to Ultima Thule! Yes they were just discovered, bound together at 4 plus billion years old. Happy Couple. Lastly, I’m looking ahead at the Saturn Jupiter conjunction in 2021-2022, the Age of Aquarius will have finally arrived and those Cyber folks, Alexa, Siri, all of AI will have become a permanent resident, just not president.

DAYS OF POWER AND INFLUENCE: 3, 4!!, 5, 10, 13!, 17, 20!!, 21, 23, 25, 26, 30!

BIRTHDAYS TO NOTE: The following birthdays are based on the very close degrees of the Sun, not a wide swath of an entire month, for which I could never be specific. This is as close as one can get without a true chart based on an accurate time of birth. Normally having someone’s Moon, rising and Sun are the three great components with which to start reading a horoscope.

However, the Sun is still very significant for it represents your soul, how you manifest yourself and live out your karma in this lifetime. The Sun is also a major health indicator but its house position will tell even more of the story. If you need to see your chart for these details, just follow the links to one or both of the choices provided, Lunariumor, Astrodienst or contact me.

JANUARY 5-6TH You do realize, or maybe you don’t , that having a birthday on the same day as a solar eclipse, is, well, pretty significant. Saturn is sitting in there with Mercury plus 3 others, , so all in all it’s bound to be a life changing year so prepare and see where the sign of Capricorn falls in your own birth chart? Restructure, discipline, and organize would be the key words here.

JANUARY 17-21st This hasn’t been such a great time for many within this segment of late Capricorn, for several reasons of which I’ll spare you the astro lingo. Just know that lighter times are coming. 2020 will be so intriguing and an uplift towards a new chapter for many of you. It’s been a little harsh.

FEBRUARY 1-5th Mid month, and actually for much of January, there is such a sweep of fire energy that matches perfectly to your air or mental vibe, energetic, I love it! Don’t lose those thoughts either, write them down !

FEBRUARY 17-21st Uranus has been handing you a backhanded kind of friendship, enlightening, inspiring, and aided by Mars the closer we get to February! Take advantage of this! I’m sure you will!

MARCH 1-5th Early March children will have to deal with some restrictions to your plans and hopes, just hang on, the strong earth play of Saturn and Mercury will be helpful, its only a short time.

MARCH 11-14th Lucky you with all these Capricorn planetary placements, that stellium (big bunch in one sign) aids you and steadies you for some time. I’ll let you know when Jupiter gets in the way but not yet.

March 20-22nd How nice that the lunar eclipse of the 21st matches up to your Arian driver Suns so perfectly, that’s a little gift for sure! Doors will open!

APRIL 16- 21st I realize this has probably been a challenging time, Uranus driving overhead, body slamming in fact, and creating havoc where he’s not invited. Obstructions across your path, I get it. Later year there will be cause for rejoicing, but, alas, you just have to wait a little longer.

MAY 10-18th I know, it’s a wide swath but what can you say when five sky gods are hanging out in Capricorn and placed so favorably to your practical earthbound Suns? The nodes are involved too so this is not a light thing. The 15th and 16th are terrific times for you.

MAY 20-21st Now here is the next eclipse, a lunar at that, January 21st ,very bright and strong indicating a several week period that has some excitement and with door opening kinds of opportunities for you!

JUNE 1-4th The slight confusion dumped on these birthdates by Neptune gets aggravated further by the Jupiter, mid month especially. Luckily there is some daylight with Mars striding right along side in a protective warrior manner. If you are holding some earth planets in your chart it will be helpful.

JUNE 17-20th There will be some creative assistance this month, all month, from Uranus, the innovator, whose turn into direct motion the 8th, only adds to its powerpull for you. Water and earth planets if any in your natal chart, will be most helpful! !

JULY 1-6th Early month Cancerians have the gift of inspiring Neptune floating over in Pisces to aid
Any creative and also intuitive thought waves. Short term the pressure from Saturn over in the goat ‘s home of Cap, seems to push you to do more, but you’ll do it! Overcoming challenges are what makes the man, or woman!

JULY 17-20th this is a major shift time in your life, decisions decisions, some karma at play as well. And maybe not exactly a fun kind of play? You are being pushed and pulled health, work issues perhaps. Intense.

AUGUST 1-8th this should be a pretty nice month for you, fire loves fire and boy, there’s plenty to go around, and close to your Sun’s degrees too! Energy, inspiration! Especially mid to later month! Yaay team!

AUGUST 28-31ST Early in January, first week especially, the powerful line up of characters in Capricorn suit you perfectly, go do it, don’t hesitate! Side note, the oncoming rush of the innovator god, Uranus, moving so perfectly to link up to you in Taurus, I mean it’s been 84 years since he’s been in that spot, can only be a great gift as the next couple of years unroll.

SEPTEMBER 1-6TH How fortunate to have strong Saturn as your wing man early month, plus the Sun, plus Mercury! Don’t waste that support system. After a while I’m sure you will be able to create a new definition for the word “organization”.

SEPTEMBER 10-13th You should be pretty happy to find out that the strong men of the underworld Mob are coming to help and support you in any endeavor . Poo on that Jupiter, he can’t fight off this kind of strength even though he might try.

OCTOBER 1-6th Mid month is your best time, strong fiery helpers come into play to offset the strictures set out by Saturn. Good for you.

OCTOBER 16-20th Things have been a little rough, I’m sure, instead of laying a lot of astro lingo on you, I’ll just say, I get it. Life moves on and soon “they “ will bother someone else, not you. I’m sure you have felt that the hand of karma has been dealt you. Not fun.

NOVEMBER 1-6th Lucky you to have had such strength behind and below you! The Neptune helper has been a gift, wow! And then all those Capricorn characters lined up in perfect angles to you. I don’t want to hear any complaining.

NOVEMBER 17-20th You have felt, I’ m sure, the wing tip of Karma passing over you shoulder a slight graze, and a helpful one. Very early month you rock ! The very powerful lunar eclipse of the 20th is very helpful to you as well!. Later, into 2020 I think you’ll find some help for those new projects that have been wanting to find daylight.

NOVEMEBR 28th DECEMBER 5th How nice! The fire gods early to mid month are working for you! You should feel somewhat uplifted and inspired, don’t overlook those creative thought waves! This is a pretty strong aspect, you were spared the dire straits of the Capricorn team, unless we take a closer look at your birth charts that is.

DECEMBER 16-20th You are so fortunate to have the added presence of the genius innovator exactly perfect to your Suns position, you can’t ignore the siren call of the muse. Go! paint, write, sing. Just do it ! It’s such a rare moment for ou so don’t waste it!

DECEMBER 29-Jan. 2nd Lucky you early earth children, Saturn is over head but for you that’s actually helpful, not everyone would understand that though. You don’t mind that pressure, it suits you, Mid month there looks to be some conflict, but that’s just life I’d say. It’s a short time event though.