Astrology December 2018

Hello fellow travelers of the sky, I wish I could say I’m a little late because my ship just landed on Mars, but…it was just a 737. Now we’re in December, and all indications are showing me that some of you will be getting oranges, chocolates, and even little blue Tiffany boxes in your stocking while, alas, a few others will find just sticks and coal.  Yes it’ll be one of those times, with a bizarre early month New Moon in Sagittarius, of which the exact description is waiting down below.  Moving forward I’ve listed my fave days, 16-18th, and then it’s onto one heck of a Winter Solstice’ full moon ! Oh those Stonehenge worshippers will be thrilled! And even our traditional Christmas tree and seasonal fir greenery comes from the Pagan world, as it represented fertility and life in the darkness of wintertime. Saturnalia in ancient Rome brought in greens, then in Egypt, palm leaves to honor their god, Ra. Not sure how we’ll celebrate on Mars but now it’s back to earth we go.  Space capsule lift off please.


December 6th this new moon in early Sagittarius, whose Sanskrit name of Jyestha, isn’t the best position for this moon right now. Hindu texts will tell you that this particular moon tends to deal with highly decorated war heroes and battle chieftans, but also thieves. It speaks of kings intent on conquests and one who is easily angered, having few friends. Now what could that possibly be reflecting back to us here on earth? How coincidental is it that we have just buried a war hero, our 41st president.  (or is it coincidence?)

Now, here’s another part to this moon, yes, Sagittarius is adventurous, truth seeking and philosophically inclined. Then, if one views the Piscean obstacle as another challenge, another 5k race to win, then yes, you can make this one work for you. Plus there’s an added boost from little Chiron over in early Aries as well. Still this can be a frustrating and confusing time for some, disappointing perhaps.

However, let me say that, much as I love the Vedic descriptions and its detailed time periods, I’m not a fatalist. I always say I’m a Yankee, and we can do it, we can fix it !

December 7-8th Mercury will turn direct, but still dragging that intense Scorpionic load until Thursday the 13th.  Then by this time those new moon energies should have dissipated. Planets move and change, nothing stays the same! It’s how life is and why we study the stars.

December 12th Now we have Mercury moving into the more friendly territory of Sagittarius, soon to hook up with Jupiter, all of which will be helpful considering that Mars is exactly in conflict to the Sun for at least half of this month. Nothing is radically fabulous in this strange month as we observe the buildup into the next month.

December 13-14th’s late night and early morning skies will be providing some entertainment with those Geminid meteor showers. Then,

 maybe it’s just me but I always like to scan the ephemeris (my planetary guide) to find my favorite times and days.

December 16-18th An early Christmas gift, unwrapped here? Monday’s Aries moon lands in a perfect angle to Uranus and Sun, creative as anything!  It’s all prancing reindeers if you will, especially If you were born under an Aries moon; here’s your lunar return.

Right at this same time Venus and Neptune are writing music or creating something ethereal up there, so that’s in this chart too. Tuesday looks pretty good, as that earthy Taurean Moon hangs out with Pluto. Add it all up and it equals power time. Dive right in, get it done now.

Then we come to a very intriguing Winter Solstice, which falls this year on

December 22nd (9:40 am pst).  The Moon and Sun both show in the first degree of Cancer/Capricorn. This time honored Return of the Light, is celebrated with a brilliant full moon overhead, on this one of the four quadrants of the year. It’s Summer Solstice in the southern hemisphere tonight. Solstice days are usually designated as inner reflection opportunities but with this brilliant Oak Moon (Farmers Almanac again) it may mean something else.  Cancerian full moons are typically packed with feeling and emotion. The table is now set for the next two weeks, leading up to the Solar Eclipse of January 6th.  Is this lunation then a cosmic herald of  changes soon to come?  Uranus will be going direct soon, smoothing some feathers, and creating change for others. Mid to later water and earth signs will feel this the most.

December 23, 24th Sunday could bring some upside moments and then Monday later calms down into Tuesday, whose generous gift giving Leo moon welcomes Christmas Day.

Later into the 29- 30th sees some emotional swings that will have wound down by the 31st .  The year ends on a thankfully strong aspect of Saturn to the Sun, and a Scorpio moon in harmony with Neptune. It’s a pretty nice way to end a wild and fractured year of literally mud and fire, but you know the rest.

Happy New Year, Bonne Annee, Feliz Ano Nuevo, hello 2019!

DAYS OF INFLUENCE AND POWER: 4, 9,13,14,16!,17, 21,23,25,31!



BIRTHDAYS TO NOTE : The following birthdays are based on the very close degrees of the Sun, not a wide swath of an entire month, for which I could never be specific. This is as close as one can get without a true chart based on an accurate time of birth. Normally having someone’s Moon, rising and Sun are the three great components with which to start reading a horoscope.

However, the Sun is still very significant for it represents your soul, how you manifest yourself and live out your karma in this lifetime. The Sun is also a major health indicator but its house position will tell even more of the story. If you need to see your chart for these details, just follow the links to one or both of the choices provided,Lunarium orAstrodienst.

DECEMBER 6-7th Well how to politely say that the planetary setup here is a stressful marker.  However the more positive note comes with Mercury moving direct and thus emphasizing its Scorpionic sharp mind.


DECEMBER 16-22nd yes, I know it’s rare for me to include such a wide swath of dates, but the electricity of Uranus to your Suns is captivating, and never mind that Mars pushing against you, the fire signs will win out! That’s you!


JANUARY  9-12th Fortunately for you, the Plutonian shift (soul and earth changing) is being tempered by Mars in a super positive way, so take note of the thoughts flowing through your head now.  The most intensity is mid month, like 14-15, 17, 18, 19th.


JANUARY 19-21st  It looks as though something has been germinating deep within and may  even  be manifesting as a health issue.   Hindu astrologers would view this time as a ”go deep within and “pay attention” It’s very typical to feel well sort of, unappreciated while also being a deeply spiritual time.  Once every 19 years this comes around. Blame it on Ketu (tail of dragon) sweeping over your Suns, yourselves.


FEBRUARY  5-7th The new moon early month doesn’t favor many but you ‘re in the luckier club this time.  The 11-12thare better days as well.  Party on!


FEBRUARY 18-21st Don’t wonder too long where this burst of energy comes from mid month, it’s a fun and wild ride, jump on it!  Then we come to the solstice.  My my  and it’s in perfect geometry to your Suns! Yaay!


MARCH  1-5th Oh hark, you early March children should be  thrilled with the first half if not longer, of this the holiday month.  Ignore the new moon 5-7th, the rest of the time is all yours !


MARCH 11-14th The configuration in the middle part of the month has your name on it, so helpful and uplifting .  Then by the last week, Venus races in with the champagne for the New Year’s party.!  Nice!


APRIL 16-20th We may have been here before but it’s worth repeating, this month especially there is the opportunity to rise up and over that weird feeling of being pulled in three directions by what force?  Ok it’s planetary.  Being forced to change yourself from the inside out isn’t really bad thing, and here the sky is supporting you in this shift!


APRIL 21-23d Remarkably this Winter Solstice full moon slides into a perfect alignment with you! Happy moment has arrived!  And very early month, Mars and Saturn are doing their best to  help out too !

MAY 10- 15th Wow, you must be living in some very interesting thought field right  now.  The sky is your friend and partner, Mars and Pluto, two dicey characters when misbehaving, are lined up like soldiers to hold up your side wings. Nice. Go forward.


MAY 19-21st Fascinating and life changing  are the lunar nodes in aspect to your Suns in late Taurus  and early early Gemini.   In Vedic it’s all the same. The support you are receiving increases at month’s end with Mars and Venus, heavens, what will you do? Let it shine!


JUNE 3-7th The early month’s lunation, um, is not your friend, I’ll just say it. Friday is the day to avoid, if possible.  Really, January will be so much better with planets happily  returning to your tent!

JUNE 17-20th There’s no mistake that you are feeling some interesting creative vibes right now. Thank the skies, Uranus in particular!   it’s a very rare aspect that wont come back like this, in a lifetime.  I know you won’t waste it! And as for that last week, about that Mars thing, don’t let him pressure you too much, he travels fast is the good news.

LATE JUNE 27-30th  A little later, mid December comes the prized moments you’ve ben waiting for. You can thank Venus and Neptune for their tight bonding from the 18thonward. It  was done just  for you! Sacred, spiritual, highly inspired!

JULY 1-6th It’s no mistake that these are stellar moments, if you had the telescope I’m looking through right now, to see Saturn, Mars, Venus, all lined up in perfect military formation to your Suns! I mean, I’ll take it!


JULY 17-20th This weird sense of “I’m being driven by an unseen hand” will hang in for a while.. Then later, you may look back and say,  “wow, I really pulled off something pretty great back then! “ And so you did !


AUGUST 1st-6th The new moon early month is pretty ok for you fire children, then mid to later month Mercury and Jupiter will support you in a myriad of ways. Use this one well!


AUGUST 17-20th I love the fire energy directed right at you all this month, mid month especially. You lucky lions you !   It’s creative, invigorating, brilliant ! It’s so rare to have Uranus  making fabulous vibes to the Suns, it probably won’t happen again in a lifetime, genius stuff I mean.


SEPTEMBER 11-16th You are so lucky right now!  These sextiles and trines from power mad Pluto and frisky Mars and Mercury will guide you through the month, It’s just fine .   And soon you will have the added benefit of the lunar nodes making nice for you, so you can  start planning ahead. What do you really want to do?

SEPTEMBER 24-30th It’s an odd contradiction of aspects early month, one helps one pulls.   Just accept the tension of opposites and what till the full moon for the light to shine through !  Plus! You have 11 other planets in a chart and some of those will be happy right now !


OCTOBER 10-12th I’m sure you‘ve already figured this one out but you have my sympathy for the inevitable life changes that are occurring right now in your house and soul. Good things can come out of this, I’ve seen it


OCTOBER 19-21st In case you’ve been feeling overwhelmed and even disoriented at times, I’m here to tell you that should not just your Suns but a Moon in these degrees as well, will be going through the craziness of Uranian creative urges and then some karmic fallout that says, no, better not do that now.  I’d listen to that voice.

NOVEMBER 1-7TH As the month progresses you will fid more inner peace, yes for real, thank your stars, Venus and Neptune to be exact.


NOVEMBER 10-21st Yes, a long swath here, all because Mars is energizing your deeper selves to come out, speak your mind, and soon enough the Plutonian strong hand will aid you as well, but that comes a little later.  There’s been a karmic sort of shift , now directly over head for those on the 18-21st of the month of November birthdays. Life changing and all in a very positive way!  Happy holidays to you !


NOVEMBER 29-30th This finds you in early month a picture of opposites. Lemme see, Jupiter is helping out, bringing rewards, and Mars is saying, “no! Give that to someone else! “  Mid month is your better time, 16-18th especially!