Astrology November 2018

The season of Scorpio is one of my favorite times of the year probably because of the driving intensity to get it done, which all seems to coalesce right about now. There can’t be any coincidence as to how or why our Celtic ancestors celebrated Samhain right in these days with heavy rituals and feasting. They understood and experienced the thinning of veils between the worlds of the living and the dead, Except that those out of body do live, just differently, than us and in spirit. Much of the Christian traditions regarding “All Hallow’s Eve” and the feast of “All Souls”, stem from this as may be seen in the devotions and rituals honoring Dias de los Muertos.


Now back to middle earth, where for most of the month the added boost of Mercury links in to a strong bond with Jupiter. They’re both close enough in the sign of Scorpio the warrior, to encourage thinking, writing, planning. The turmoil is being well documented for those who can still bear to turn on a TV, I’m aware that the wild rebellious Uranus sits in a sharp in a diametric angle to the nodes right now, and signifying a karma point that I hope doesn’t reach your chart. It all passes eventually however. Later month looks to be slightly better. Now to focus the telescope over the next few weeks. Ready?


We begin the month with four retrogrades, meaning planets that aren’t in sync with our own earthly rotation and path. It just adds some confusion and the impact is more intense, don’t we know. That’s going to change.


The first few days are slightly positive with Mars and Venus so in sync. What intrigues me is the beautiful angle of the Sun in early Scorpio to Neptune, who’s been treading water at the same degrees for weeks and weeks.

I just love this aspect and when I see it in a birth chart I know that person has some magical creative calling and even spiritual gifts.


November 5th Today if you’re lucky this late missive will fly out and you may

Have found some comfort with that Libra moon attached to Venus and smiling over at Mars. Play it cool, make the most of this day.


November 6th, and yes I can hear your heavy breathing. Not only is this the new moon phase of the moon, it’s also the year’s most highly celebrated Indian Festival of Lights known as Diwali ! it lasts up to five days I ‘ve ordered my mung dahl and samosas just to be ready.

It’s of course also the same day as our national mid term election. Whew. I would like to avoid politics although I’ve had a few thoughts. India is celebrating the victory of good over evil, brightness over darkness, and the return of Lord Ram (he’s a god) and his wife Sita to their homeland, after the defeat of evil. Diwali is that time for introspection and provides that moment to allow your own light to shine within.


Now back to the USA. The new moon in Scorpio Vishaka (there are about 4 Hindu segments to a sign ) possibly best illustrates what ‘s happening right there in the Wild West. Vishaka describes one on a path to power whereby winning is the only goal, and the end justifies the means. Success is all that matters . The quarrelsome and clever use of words implied here could be ascribed to one of the less flattering sides of Scorpio, and hence the derivation of our word “viscious” You get it. True friendship does not happen here. Ultimately a triumphal gateway wreathed in leaves welcomes the victor. Who will that not be?


November 7, 8th The lunar moon actually falls early ( 8:02 a.m.PST) on Thursday , hello Samhain! But’s power reverberates all over and of course it will be in the morning that we find out the election decisions of the previous night. Intuition as well as divine connection is heightened under this all powerful new moon, a dark moon, but in sync with Pluto and Neptune. It’s going to be somewhat dramatic! The aura of these strong lunations pretty much lingers for several days. These are positive aspects, I mean almost.


November 14-18th Now let’s move on to the next week. Now if you asked me about planning a trip or scheduling a critical meeting, I would say don’t do it right there, there are too many triggers flying out of the box .   Mars is nailing a powerful point, Mercury is turning back in square to Neptune, and Venus is moving forward while Mars, that devil, skates into Pisces which oughta slow him down but he’s now at odds with Jupiter. I mean who needs this?


November 16th marks the exact time of these cross-currents which are adding to confusion and dissension of all sorts. These various alerts will no doubt be finding their way into your news feed. I’m sure you know what to do here. Let’s hope your personal chart has some nice uplifting aspects since there are some 12 other players in a chart!


November 20-23d The wild windstorm has begun to calm itself, and the skies are lighting up for Thanksgiving Day, so nice with a steady Taurean moon anchored by Pluto. Tradition is what earth signs love to bring to the table, you know, good silver and Gramma’s china.


The turkey will come later on, well like in May, when Saturn lines up with Pluto and the moon’s nodes, such a fascinating time that will be !

Right now comes the promise of the Full Beaver Moon, Friday, (9;39 pm PST), Thank you Farmer’s Almanac for this folkloric description of a full moon

named for the beavers who become hyper active right around this time, in preparation for winter.


Looking up we can see the Moon in very early Gemini and the Sun in the first degrees of Sagittarius. Oh yaay, cheerful Sag Sun paired with Jupiter and Mercury so poo on you Mars over in Pisces, this fire team can out do you!

November 26th, Monday there could be some likely disturbances and clashing of horns. The best plan for today is to have no plan. I‘d rather lay low until Tuesday’s sunrise .


November 27, 28th Tuesday might be my second favorite day, since that early morning Leo moon will help smooth out a lot of things. Kindness returns. The niceties extend through Wednesday, and then we come into

Thursday’s high activity!

November 29-30th Now that calming sensible Virgo moon arrives to blend the Martian effect with Saturn and Pluto steadiness; no better anchor could there be to calm wild emotionality. It’s very nicely aspected day! In fact you could actually have a surprise , or a meeting with someone you didn’t expect!


December 1-2nd Saturday’s early arrival of the gracious Libra people pleasing moon lines up harmoniously with some important sky gods, like Sun, Jupiter and merry making Mercury all trine Chiron!! lining up to energize true feelings and thoughts in a more productive manner! Happiest moment (6:50 pm .est).


Sunday has a bit of a thunk to it. So do watch any travel and the timing of things. An organized mind will not encounter any surprises. Venus enters Scorpio, she’s back, with Mars square to the Sun you should probably take it easy and protect your immune system!


Monday December 3d, The Scorpio moon appears to balance things nicely for most of the day, as we approach the new moon of Thursday.


What a month, what a time, Diwali, the Beaver moon, the new moon in Vishaka, then a stormy mid month under turmoil! This will no doubt be remembered as a very powerful time period and one for the books.


DAYS OF POWER AND INFLUENCE 5!, 6, 7, !! 10, 12, 22,23,27!!, 28th



The following birthdays are based on the very close degrees of the Sun, not a wide swath of an entire month, for which I could never be specific. This is as close as one can get without a true chart based on an accurate time of birth. Normally having someone’s Moon, rising and Sun are the three great components with which to start reading a horoscope.

However, the Sun is still very significant for it represents your soul, how you manifest yourself and live out your karma in this lifetime. The Sun is also a major health indicator but its house position will tell even more of the story. If you need to see your chart for these details, just follow the links to one or both of the choices provided, Lunarium orAstrodienst.


NOVEMBER 2-9th these first few days which mark your specific birthdays, are quite fortuitous, I mean, the harmony of Neptune to your Suns, brings happiness and joy! Then the connection between Mercury and Jupiter makes for great thinking and feeling time. So all in all your solar returns (i.e, birthday chart that is specific to you) look pretty nice. Lucky you .


NOVEMBER late month, 26-28th Thankfully the Leo moon here is uplifting and generous in explaining your year ahead . The slight conflict from Mars means you’re going to be avidly discussing and working something out, cards on the table as it were.


DECEMBER 3-6th Now this is not so great, conflicts and confusion abound most of the month, especially mid month, when Mercury decides to go retrograde and in perfect disharmony versus Neptune and your self! Hide away for a bit, books, movies? Oh, and never make serious appointments at times like this.


DECEMBER 16-18th The first half of November solidifies and strengthens your plans and life happily. Don’t pass this one up. The “genius” aspect is heading backwards in your direction, use it well, you’re getting a second chance!


JANUARY 11-12th Of course you’ve been feeling the push and underground

shifts from Pluto to your entire being, and life I might add. The best times of the month, are coincidentally, the 10-13th of November when the Moon and Sun benefit you the most!  A chart has many parts to it; this is only one piece.


JANUARY 19-23d Now there’s this friendly uplift from three planets in early fire all of which support you in the most delightful ways! Late November is

your best time !


FEBRUARY 14-18th My such a big swath of Aquarian energy supported by Mars, Venus in such a nice way, the first half of November is to be enjoyed

No promises after the 15th .


FEBRUARY 20-23d These birthdates have an unusual later month Thanksgiving time kind of aspect. It could be a little disputative, full moon energy not withstanding. Oh and then Mars wants to act up and disagree.

Uranus will soon go direct and support you ina brilliant way ,up so hang on.


MARCH 6-7th.the New moon and festival of Diwali is all for you and wonderful at that! You may find strength where you had thought there was none.


MARCH 22-24th The full moon later month is your friend, very early this month the energy works in your favor as well. You’ve had your share of problems with that mean Saturn oppressing you, but happily he’s moving on!


APRIL 10-12th This transit of Pluto so exact to your Sun has been very limiting to say the least. You know what I mean. Better days are on their way but meanwhile go underground near the 11th this month.


APRIL 19-22nd Happy and fascinating times are slated for you in these many weeks ahead with creative genius Uranus crossing your Suns and leaving a spark of his genius if you can use this correctly. Mid month you have help from Mars , and Saturn was there a minute ago. It’s an “up” time for you !


MAY 13-20th The first half of the month you many be pushing that wheel barrow up hill, all by yourself! But as we move into say, mid December, it becomes its opposite, you’ll be racing down in that wheelbarrow that just became a Tesla.


MAY 21-23d You will find all the same excitement as your November opposite birthdays . I mean at the late month Full Moon, the beaver one that is). Near Thanksgiving . Oh excitement ! Stop pushing me so hard!


JUNE 3-8th Same story different day, that Neptunian square clouds your vision and let’s hope not your judgment. It will be so much better when that mystical water creature moves and takes the fog with him! The T square from Mercury isn’t helping either. This will pass. And you have other parts to your chart !


JUNE 14-18th The first half of this month helps you out a lot, sextiles and trines form Mars and Venus, happy moments. By mid month it turns a little blah, so you’ll have to wait till the latter part to rev up the fun times again.


JULY 8-10th I want to be really positive but there are some aspects we just cant ignore. You have been pushed by Pluto demanding that you shift something major about your life. And you had a break from Jupiter but now he’s moved on. The best news is that the new moon in Scorpio is your friend and that’s pretty helpful!


JULY 15- 20th   Short run, this month I’d say, the opposing energies are most likely being felt quite keenly by you. You’ll get through, very early month you have a slight uptick and help from Jupiter. But it will change pretty soon, you’ll really like later December!


JULY 27- AUGUST -5th You might be feeling like a chirping parrot, all this Mercury talking stuff but the Jupiterian expansion part must have been pretty helpful! Very very late month the sun shines for you again!!


AUGUST 17-20th Wow, the energies that have coalesced right at your exact angle of the Sun, or how you manifest yourself in the world. You are being held up to the sky, don’t let it get to your head. The opposition from Jupiter is due to pop the balloon. He’s gone very soon. But good things are happening for you!


SEPTEMBER 2- 6th Very early September children, say hello to Saturn, you don’t have to sacrifice a lamb or anything, but thank him, He has been the steady rock under your home base. Later month Mars in Pisces adds something, not a fish, but some magic and creative thoughts, even in this mid month crazy time.


SEPTEMBER 8-11TH Mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the most solid one of all!!

It’s you mid Virgo’s and Pluto is the reason, nothing better than strength from that guy.


SEPTEMBER 23-28TH It’s been a little rocky over on your shores, Later month in particular bears this out. I have not liked Saturn squaring your Sun, your life force. Then that annoying buzz of Mars pestering you, not welcome! The month’s better news is that Jupiter is there to steady your ship. Late month is best. That Beaver moon likes you too!


OCTOBER 9-13th this may have been a hard several months. Or say a year, with a strange upheaval going on inside you, blame Pluto. Some October surprise. Yeah. When it’s over you will feel different and most likely that change was a good thing!


OCTOBER 28-31st Later month October birthdays edge into Scorpio country and this time after the mid month craziness dissolves, your new friend, Mars, oh and Saturn there too, is going to be very helpful and supportive! Go ahead, step out, state what you want !