Astrology September 2018

Hello fellow Sky travelers, I hope you’ll indulge me for just a minute while I wax on about the science of the stars. I mean it’s been a really long time since Astronomy and Astrology were viewed as the same science. Pondering this fact always takes me back to the early Egyptians whose vast understanding of cosmic geometry, led to the construction of their pyramids and temples in relation to the stars, zodiac, and constellations. What did they know that we don’t? This has always intrigued me. The other part of this scientific research for me, is and has always been the repetition of certain cycles. That’s why, in this time ahead, what I’m seeing are some very similar

and intriguing synodic cycles that we have seen and some things that we have not. So as not to terrify you, I’ll touch on this briefly while we look at the month of Virgo. And I’ll add this: Should we be studying Egyptian astrology this would be the month devoted to the god Thoth the god of the Moon, magic, and writing!! The wisest of the gods.

You lucky September babies!


September 1-3d Early month has it’s share of upsets and drama, the Gemini moon over the weekend does not feel comfortable with Neptune and certain hidden truths. Mars and Venus are not too cozy either, although Monday could be the better time. Western astrologers have typically viewed Virgo as the nurturing organic, health sign, of what to not eat, and how to manage Wellness. A word that crops up a lot! It’s also the organization time, files, desk cleared, to do lists. That’s all fine except it’s helpful to recall that Virgo the sign of the Virgin was not, ahem, a virgin, she was a temple maiden, celibacy was maybe not discussed? And often the very wise companion to the king or the god. There are certain religious and ritual undertones to the layered meanings of Virgo.

September 5, 6th these are encouraging days in stressful times, Saturn’s forward motion will bring some finality and decision making to the fore.

Wednesday’s Cancerian moon is so sweet lining up to Neptune and Jupiter and the earth. We’ll take anything we can get.

September 8-9th Just for example the New moon here on the 9th NEW MOON (11:01 am pdt) falls in Purva Phulgani which is that segment of Virgo associated with conjugal bliss, music, honey and some actors! Marriage date anyone? And it is definitely one of my favorite times of this month with the outer sky planets are so perfectly aligned to the Sun and moon.

Plan on making it make it work for you! Don’t overlook that here is the best day and time for planting seeds!

It is as also the Eve of Rosh Hashanah, and a happy day that will be.

Maybe even more interesting from my studies is the movement of Saturn onto the beginning degrees of Capricorn, which, being very close to the Galactic center, and in a cross bar to Chiron, speaks to a slight foreboding.

We are as of yet rather spared due to the position of Uranus over in money sign Taurus, and Jupiter loving water sign Scorpio, hence the term currency. All is well for now, but I am looking ahead to events in 2019 and then the tremendous conjunction of five planets into Capricorn by 2020. Capricorn being the sign of government and banks. I’m not the only astrologer who is looking ahead at this rather serious cosmic layout.

Cycles do repeat although never in quite the same way. Jupiter changing signs, which it will do in mid November, usually corresponds to some shift in the market and here it’s right after the mid term elections in a square to Mars in Pisces.

I have the USA chart never too far out of reach and, analyzing it as if it were a person, it shows me all the marks of a broken heart and a serious emotional rift that has torn a family apart. For my astrology students, I’ll add that seeing progressed Venus in perfect square to Pluto (not good!) being slammed by by Mars at the present time explains a lot.

So we’ll look at this more as we move on into the next few months and we’ll talk some more about the January’s solar and lunar eclipses and of course financial aspects too!

Sept 17th On a lighter note I’ll take this day, the aspects are promising and nicely arranged.. Having Sun, Moon, Venus, Neptune, Pluto, Jupiter, all close degrees in earth and water make for one heck of a useful, peaceful and practical day. I’ll feed the roses then. You can feed other things too, ideas, friendships, bills, you get it.

September 24, 25th Later month’s full moon lands in a different sect of Virgo. I like these Vedic delineations since they add more definition to the position of say the Sun, than the generic and broader Western view. This one, in Uttarabadhrapada ( the longest Sanskirt word I know) is quite favorable in its celebration of deities, sacrifice, charities, and recluses, monarchs, even Corn! on this Harvest Full moon!

The Martian aspect is also making nice with the karmic node points, all of which is very encouraging and dynamic in spite of the slight obstacle from Saturn. Now that devil could be used in a more pragmatic way, like don’t overdo, don’t loverspend :)) don’t overpromise.

This is also the joyous Hebrew observance of Sukkoth, right when the later day moon travels into Aries. Now there’s an even better geometry for a happy time.

September 27th Thursday today is another auspicious day since that Taurus moon connects the earth lords and the Sun to Mars. It’s fairly encouraging as we move into the weekend, when finally, Mr. Pluto will rouse himself up out of the underworld, tie his shoes and straighten himself up so as to rotate into forward motion. God of Power in the sky linking arms with Jupiter, always a good financial indication! We’re still okay. For now.

DAYS OF POWER AND INFLUENCE: 5, 9!!, 12!13, 17,27, 29ok



The following birthdays are based on the very close degrees of the Sun, not a wide swath of an entire month, for which I could never be specific. This is as close as one can get without a true chart based on an accurate time of birth. Normally having someone’s Moon, rising and Sun are the three great components with which to start reading a horoscope.

However, the Sun is still very significant for it represents your soul, how you manifest yourself and live out your karma in this lifetime. The Sun is also a major health indicator but its house position will tell even more of the story. If you need to see your chart for these details, just follow the links to one or both of the choices provided, Lunarium or Astrodienst.

September 5, 6th My eye is on the sky for these days, I hope yours are too! That powerful earth trine grid is so steady, nor we can’t forget the water magic aspects happening as well. Such great gifts for a birthday year ahead! Take charge!

September 23-26th This full moon birthday is enhanced by an Aquarian Mars all perfect to the your Libra Suns, and you know what that means, right? It’s action! Don’t just talk about it, do it! Intuition is yours as well! I don’t even mind that slightly annoying Saturn blocking the door, you can get past him.

October 9- 13th When are my little Librans going to get a break from that mean Pluto? Yikes, enough already! The Sun is your self expression in the world and the obstructer will soon lift and bother the next guy up the ladder. Mars is moving forward to help out, just around the corner !

October 23-26th If you can just withstand the urge to be slightly reckless, things are really not too bad with that power grid in earth and water that just loves your Suns, I mean you. So stand tall, shine on! Look gorgeous too!

November 5-15th You slinky little Scorpions all shiny and bright waving those mermaid tails, or something like that. Inspiration is yours so don’t waste it! It only happens once every 12 years that Jupiter crosses your Sun

which is a pretty nice thing and made even better with the current aspects.

November 23-30th My my you’re in for a powerful karmic moment here, I’d say sign that thing, it was meant to happen anyway. The full moon of the 24th likes you! And just wait till you get to November!

December 4-8th Things have been a bit confusing, not knowing the truth about certain people or issues. It’s slowly lifting but it hasn’t been fun. The new moon is not your best time, lay low, or maybe watch Masterpiece Theater? !

December 23-26th With Saturn right over your Suns in square to Chiron, it’s bound to be a time of hard work and unrelenting pressure. There is some help however, erratic as he may be, energetic Uranus can brighten the sky.

January 7-14th All seems to look pretty harmonious for your Suns at least right now, so many perfect side kicks and watery wingmen are yours!v You should be well enabled to deal with things at this point, you ‘ve got help!

January 19-21st This has not been the easiest time for all of you in this little sub section of late Cap into Aquarius. A fighting Mars with Ketu (so. node karma) crossing overhead has been hounding you with some serious issues, health or business matters? It may have felt like you are at a major crossing point, do you stay or go ? The inner battle is further activated by someone throwing darts from 90 degrees away, yep, it’s that Uranus guy over in Taurus. Nothing stays the same forever. As you know .

February 1-4th I know you ‘ve been thinking “when is it going to be my turn?” There are other planets and degrees in a chart, as you ‘ve heard me say before. The exact match up to the Aquarian Suns will be heading your way later in September, finally! Mars will try to push you past your tolerance level. Show him who’s boss. The 20-21st, Equinox days are your best times!

February 15-17th Early this month, the first week or close is your better time, all the personal planets match up to your Suns. Take advantage of it and don’t fritter it away by partying or chatting at your favorite hangout.

Over abundance of Air tends to do this ya know. It’s a moment for brilliance to lighten up your sky.

March 9-14th Here you are again, someone must really like you, why else would the sky gods put all those nice water and earth planets in such perfect positions to support your every wish? Your work efforts can shine!

March 23-28th The late month full moon is a friend indeed, all that uplift and fire in a happy balanced place, Mars is behaving as well. I don’t like Saturn too much but the good outweighs the less good. And he’s only providing a useful barrier of sorts for a short while. I’m sure you get it.

April 9-12th I can hear my grandmother now, ”if you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say anything at all”. But Gramma, I know these mid April peeps have a nasty quincx from Pluto, so shouldn’t I tell them? Obstruction city here it is. Brighter days lie ahead and I’m not lying…October harkens.

April 20-23d These are crucial degrees right now, and frankly, rather fortunate as well. That earthy trine between Saturn in Cap and Uranus over your Suns is not to be taken lightly! Uranus will never come back here in your lifetime. It’s providing a moment of brilliance and ingenuity ! Lucky!

I might overlook the Mars square, it’s only for a very short time don’t sweat him.

May 9-14th How lucky can one get, there’s old Pluto, powerful as heck, holding up your fort, emotional or literally. Then old Jupiter sends a flag with Neptune all part of the go ahead scene and let’s not leave out the Sept 9-10th New Moon. All in your wheel house of happy times! It’s not always this good !

May 21-24th Later May children known as Gemini’s, have the advantage of the later September full moon being in total agreement with them. Hardly a cloud in the sky, unless you count that 150 degree angle from Saturn, bothersome but not enough to call security.

June 1-4th Early June children have had to deal with that obnoxious and confusing Neptune promising and then not delivering. September’s Virgo onslaught doesn’t help that much, Later month the sky turns around in your favor. Wait for that.

June 22-29th Later June children have the gift of water and Scorpio signs are lining up to help their cause. The opposition of Saturn across the sky, is actually helpful due to the Uranian interference or addition. It’s time for action, to do it, to make your mark, the 13th onward is my best choice for timing.

July 5-9th Here you shellfish children have the advantage of so much harmony to your watery Suns, so don’t shrimp out and do nothing with this!

The ocean’s the limit, sorry, I meant sky. If you have any other planets in Cancer, well there’s no excuse. Go for it.

July 12-15th This is gorgeous and what great aspects! The water intervention, thank you Neptune and Jupiter, have turned that Plutonian bar into a major support beam for your hopes and plans. Intuition is yours as well!

July 26-August 1st That little Mars creature burning bright in the night sky has his telescope on you now and he’s pushing Karma beads at you, but hey, I think it’s going to be a good thing. And later month is your time! Rahu crossing your Suns have pushed you to your highest point. Write your most brilliant paper, deliver your best speech. This is when it can happen.

August 22-25th As mentioned last month, the earth planets just love you right now, you can do no wrong… well almost since I don’t know where your moons might be lurking. Nevertheless let your Suns shine because they (you!) have the best support imaginable!