Astrology August 2018

Welcome to August dear friends, as we traipse along in the wake of this recent lunar eclipse. This recent lunar event radiated its aura out along with Mars on the tail of the dragon ( south node or Ketu), all fire and conflict for our blue planet which spun on its axis directly between the Sun and Mars like 1000 burning Suns, or so it seemed. Not to underestimate the impact of these aspects, the amped up weather has broken previous records. Such a phenomenon won’t be repeated until August 2050 in case you’re still here.

It does look to be a fairly easy month without too many cosmic battles above, and with six retrograde planets! How can one make solid decisions? Best not to sign anything too serious just yet. See it as a thoughtful time, book time, and a really perfect month for a great vacay or staycay. Later month changes this dynamic and becomes, well, dynamic.

Now we’ re also headed into the next solar eclipse, 14 days after the last one, only this will be a partial. What does this mean for us on Middle Earth? It’s not as powerful, although it does land in a spikey kind of place. Who and what will this affect? For a more complete description scroll further down.


AUGUST 1-4th These first few days are sort of a holdover from late July, with fiery Mars in Aquarius matched across to the Sun, plus Moon in Aries all making for action and “ get it done” but also a little restless. The conflicting part has to be the T squares, Mars to Uranus.

Saturday the 4th gets a slight reprieve with that nice Taurus moon happy with Jupiter and the water gang. Oh, and Happy Birthday to the new duchess, Meghan Markle, and Obama too! A good day for a party I’d say, and Sunday the carry over day, looks ok to me.

August 6th Venus slides into Libra, yes her home sign, but right here there’s a slight kerfuffle with Saturn, obstructing and pushing back. The designation in very early Libra, Hasta, meaning “what is made by the hand” tends to be a bit nervous yet striving and purposeful. Should you be born in that later September period you must know how that has played out.

August 7-8th The Venus action does blend with Mars in Air so that will help the other issues, and then later on the 8th that Cancer moon lines up perfectly to Jupiter and Neptune. So affectionate and sweet, and for an “anything can happen day” (Wednesdays I mean)! Looking on the more cheerful side, these two big guys in their water ballet, can help soften whatever problem Venus may have with her father (Saturn).

August 11th Here we have now arrived at the big news of the month. Today’s solar eclipse with Mercury all land in that part of Leo named Ashlesha, and this one is making a rare Yod, or “finger of God” with 2 outer planets. This is so interesting should your natal chart hold these degrees of mid Leo, because a Yod, indicates where your true power lies and can thus be manifested. This will be your year ! We’ll see how it plays out on the larger screen of life and fate right now. We also have the addition of the asteroid Pallas, conjunct Sun and Moon. She always shows up at interesting times.

I always think on days like these it’s a good idea to pay attention, watch and listen. Or better, write down your thoughts, as they could hold greater significance in the days to follow.

This Sun and Moon falling in that aforementioned Ashlehsa, carries an interesting description of the coiled snake. Now in cultures past, ancient Egypt, Greece, Rome, the serpent could be cunning, venomous, have a wily disposition. However, it also possessed a god -like chthonic disposition, with it’s wisdom and healing from the earth .

Thereby the symbol of the twinned snakes winding up the medical physician’s caduceus or staff, speaks to this present eclipse. Also intriguing, and I know you might be curious, is the fact that this exact eclipse degree falls on the true rising sign degree (most important part of a natal chart, it’s not the Sun kids,) of our president’s chart.

There has been some discrepancy re: Donald Trump’s true birth time. Astrologers have been perplexed over this birthtime issue and my very recent research has just turned up the true time, 9:52 am, EDT, as given by his mother and used by the family and Melania. Yes, she consults an astrologer too.

To conclude, I don’t think that Ashlesha is the best choice for a rising degree or one’s moon, unless other aspects mitigate it. It can be a little rough with a tendency to spew out unchecked words and deeds. Six retrograde too? What if the meeting with the Special Counsel does take place as is being discussed in a week or so? He’s still vedically protected by Jupiter. Ok that’s enough on the political sphere. I could go on. Serena has lots of charts in her file but time is limited.

August 12-14th Here Mars still retrograde, skips back into Capricorn, as he is moving away from the south node, thank the heavens. He’s dumped enough karma beads on us, less friction I’d say. And for you star gazers, the Perseid meteor showers will be at their peak right now, very early morning, lighting up the sky! Up to 60 or 70 shooting stars per hour, and the new moon so helpful by remaining dark out there. Best if you can find an open dark sky! 4 a.m.? Sign me up.

Mid August: The whole picture here shows us the stubborn unrelenting standing still non movement of powerhouse planets Pluto and Uranus. Therefore their rays are even more intense and purposeful as is always the case just before they turn around and adding that extra umpf. This just adds to the picture of not too much changing. Yet.

Chiron and Saturn are doing their typical square thing but this will have a short run since Saturn will clamber away soon. Just one more thing to deal with in this thinking month, might as well get that piece over with wherever it lands in your chart. It actually does affect each and not only in the natal, because every 28 days we all have a lunar return or “ month chart,” 13 times a year!

August 18-20th, Hark! I see some bright days here with direct motion now for Mercury side by side with Venus. Fire and air, a mental and creative breakthrough moment to take advantage of! Also, Jupiter and Neptune still remain in that perfect geometric trine aspect. It’s a thrive moment here.

These might be my fave days of the month and I always pick a few as you might know. I’m going to pocket this idealism and optimism for a while.

August 25-26th It’s back to the end of the month’s very welcome full Moon! Someone up there must be moving the planets around to make up for a month of missteps. Wow, to have that lovely combo of Saturn (regulations) and Uranus (brilliant upheaval), to earthy Sun and Moon in early Pisces. The lunar placement in Magha, one of the best of the Vedic stars. He’s the ruler who knows he/she his royal duty is to serve his people. So Magha serves here in creating what I like to call a marble pyramid. Strength, stability, security are the gifts.! I’d say capitalize where and how you may, and maybe even think like an Egyptian! Popcorn everyone.

DAYS OF POWER AND INFLUENCE TO USE 3, 5, 8, 12!, 17, 19!! 21, 22, 25,27, 31


The following birthdays are based on the very close degrees of the Sun, not a wide swath of an entire month, for which I could never be specific. This is as close as one can get without a true chart based on an accurate time of birth. Normally having someone’s Moon, rising and Sun are the three great components with which to start reading a horoscope.

However, the Sun is still very significant for it represents your soul, how you manifest yourself and live out your karma in this lifetime. The Sun is also a major health indicator but its house position will tell even more of the story. If you need to see your chart for these details, just follow the links to one or both of the choices provided, Lunarium or Astrodienst.

AUGUST 1-2nd Birthday celebrations for you! In spite of a slow uncoordinated kind of month, your birthday solar returns are pretty electric and full of drive, with moon in Aries, Mars in Aquarius. Mercury and Sun in Leo, what good friends to have to your party!

AUGUST 10- 11th Now listen carefully, yes there’s a solar eclipse on your big day, a rare and will possibly never happen again occurrence, which would usually indicates a life changing year. This time that odd sequence of two outer planets forming a ‘finger of god’ to your Suns, also says that this will present you with a vision of what your life is meant to be about, watch and listen carefully in the year ahead.!

AUGUST 23-26th You are the lucky ones, that beautiful geometry of earth planets to your Suns is so stellar! Like I say, think like an Egyptian this year, they knew more than we can realize building those pyramids, well like your birthday chart shows me.

SEPTEMBER 5-9th Now no complaining from you, ok? Yes it’s just your Sun, but that says a lot, and you are supported and inspired and uplifted, why are the rest of us not jealous? GO ahead be brave, and do it!

SEPTEMBER 22-24th It’s a little constricted for you right now, Saturn does that thing, holding you back I mean, but he moves, they all do, and even if the period near the 7-10th of the month seems mean, just read a murder mystery or watch the “Handmaids Tale,” that’s worse. Good news I here s that Mars has been trying to encourage you, he’ll be back in September!

OCTOBER 1-4th Early October children will have an uplift of the fire and air planets, we ‘ll take it! You’ve paid your dues with Pluto sometime ago. As the month moves on, Venus crosses your Suns and heck, you might be at the beauty counter buying lipstick or after shave?

OCTOBER 10-12th Yep he’s back, Pluto is determined to up -end your life or a section of it anyway, to make a point. Trust me this always works out for the better in the end but who wants to go through it? The August 11th solar eclipse will be really helpful though. You’ll see some light!

NOVEMBER 6-9th How lucky can one get? With Jupiter and Neptune standing almost still and sending the most powerful energies to your Suns, oh and Pluto hanging back there to add some heft and strength. I hope you’ll be taking advantage of this, I know I would at least try to!

NOVEMBER 19-22nd With Mars facing backwards the good news for you is that the combo of him and the north node or Rahu, harmonizes, energizes, stabilizes your Suns, or too put it in English, your life and plans. It’s like a backhanded gift, but heck take anything you can get. The 17th-19th might be your favorite days.

DECEMBER 1-4th Hello Sag warriors, truth tellers at all times! Early August up to the 8th is your best time, so don’t waste a minute of it ! Fire loves fire and there’s lots of it right here. Action! Very late month there’s another happy moment for you..

DECEMBER Late days, 25-28th you are so fortunate to have this grand pyramid

connected to the Sun of your charts, steady stable, very welcomed indeed!

JANUARY 6-13th For a relatively calmer time, we have some interesting aspects here. Life

changes are looming if they haven’t landed already.. Except that here there is such a beautiful angle of planets to uphold and inspire! Take it, don’t overthink, just do it!

JANUARY 19-21ST Perhaps you’ve already been feeling that burst of energy, whether you’ve wanted it or not, driving you or causing friction in your camp. Later month he turns around driving his point home, and the energy is unrelenting.

FEBRUARY 10-12th That solar eclipse of the 11th, partial though it may be, it is, still sends a blast of solar energy at you and will awaken your sleeping other self whether or not you like it. And it might even be a good thing! Better days are coming soon.

FEBRUARY 21-26th Later month’s full moon involves you exactly! Be happy, the trines and sextiles of this astro geometry work in your favor! Saturn and Uranus are your wingmen! Very lucky for you !

MARCH 5-9th These are fortunate days for you in the realm of the Sea god, such a beacon of inspiration and doors opening for you are happening now! Really I don’t even care about the eclipse point, your water cave is safe!

MARCH 11-14th No matter how rough things have been, just know that in the background the hidden and most powerful of the gods is holding a steel plate under your feet. Then shortly, Neptune and Jupiter will move closer to bathe those feet in magic oils, see. I like the 16th and 17th of the month best for you.

APRIL 10-12th How fortunate that the August partial eclipse favors you and all of your Aries endeavours, it’s hard to trip up with this one even though that Pluto guy has been on a path of obstruction in your life. Life changing but its for the better at then end of the day. He ‘ll be moving on soon.

APRIL 20-23d How lucky to have the benefit of this late month’s full moon and all the lovely attendant earth aspects. Now, keep in mind that with Uranus roller blading over the sun, as nice as the current aspects maybe, it will be an interesting ride, but one that usually brigs some sort of excitement and then a new way of living life!

MAY 9-11th May I just tell you that this month, md month time, is a little wacky, a big plus and a big minus, How life goes I think. That Aug 11th eclipse is not your friend, so write that down. BUT! Then we have strong arm of unseen Pluto in the background for months and on top of all that the water trine of Neptune and Jupiter works pretty nicely for you. See?

MAY 19-22nd Now it may sound a little strange but Mars going backwards actually favors these days, it’s his way of shooting you with some energy beams to get you back on track, in case you’ve fallen off! August 8-11th are your better times.

JUNE 1-4th Early days of August have that energy drive going on, lots of lots of fire to amp up your own Air power. However, Neptune is conflicting your Suns, making what you think you want not the real thing, so be cautious. Dreams and reality are two different things.

JUNE 10-15th Yaay I like this August solar eclipse for you, it sends a sweet sextile, gift from the universe it has been said, to support your academic brilliant suns. Air likes fire and boy you’ve got it, not to mention the nice aspect from Venus in Libra as the month rolls on.!

JULY 5-9th Lucky all of you born in these dates, the rare combo of a water trine with fabulous Jupiter in Scorpio, Neptune in his own sign of the fishes to your Suns!! It’s too good really, make those appointments, be afraid of nothing!

JULY 19-21st Now there’s going to be some upside down moments here. With Mars still in Cap-Aquarius your peace of mind will be challenged, Oh and there’s Uranus sending a cyber attack or something your way! Shut the laptop, go out into nature, find peace in nature. Make like Thoreau, visit your pond and escape, my advice. Later year a welcome hand will arrive, its called Jupiter.