Astrology July 2018

Welcome to July 2018! It’s a month where, with five retrograde planets overhead you might have felt as though you were walking backwards and ducking for cover. Blame it on the sturm and drang fired by this Mars Ketu drone, spraying us with its shrapnel of tears and fears. We could add in the Saturn and Chiron square, always good for some karma to be released.

Looking ahead, here we go again, it’s a month of two eclipses! These cosmic occurrences, maybe 5 a year, mark a points which create strong reference points for later use and, in my opinion, they provide the most specific means of astro analysis .

The first one, a partial solar is rather surprisingly benign. The second eclipse, a lunar later month, to say “challenging” an astrologer’s escape word, is putting it mildly. It will be the longest lunar eclipse in the entire 21st century. I’d note that one down. See below for the full description, oh and we might look at the Helsinki tea and vodka meeting with Russia and the U.S.A. mid month.

Meanwhile, Happy Birthday America, you’re 242 years old! Secret letters recently unearthed have revealed that certain founding fathers didn’t believe you’d last anywhere near this long!

In looking at your chart, former Colonist and rebel, it appears that your tendency to disruption, free press and all, is nigh at hand. A sobering influence appears to concur mid month, a let down in relationships should you be asking for love advice. You may not be getting what you want in relationship matters. Then there’s old Saturn appearing to be delivering some stern advice. Confrontational tendencies, oh they’ve hit already. Some health issues maybe? Insurance not covering you? ? Courage pal, you’re still in a fine Jupiterian swing and have time to set things right, until 2020, so we’ll talk then.

July 1-6th Starting off the month that nice Aquarian moon zings with Venus and relays an upbeat mood. All of this changes by the 3d when the Piscean mermaid moon floats in and joins her mentor Neptune, and another water spirit in Jupiter, so a calming thoughtful mood sets in for the fourth. It’s not a day I’d give to fireworks, fishworks would be more accurate.

Then with Thursday, the chance for fireworks really amps up, it’s exciting, a holiday extension day! Thoughts and words sharpen that keyboard but Chiron and Saturn are still hanging back there, for only a brief couple of months, to remind your fingers that bills are due, whether that’s to be taken metaphorically or literally.

July 7- 8th These might be my favorite days of the month, I always look for one or two. That Moon in Taurus balances the sky so nicely, feeding a creative and inspirational soul in its current location, which could be in the kitchen! Oh and here comes Venus entering Virgo! That will mean no gluten I guess.

July 10-13th The big news is of course the two eclipses waiting for us and the first, a partial solar, (7:45 pm pdt) occurs in beautiful Punarvasu a star blessed by the Hindu deities for service, godliness! Right there, Jupiter has turned direct to add a wing of balance and hope. I’m really focusing on this one, since among other rulerships, the Cancerian inclination is first and foremost devoted to home and families. I think you know where I’m heading. Yep, the border. But here also is an exact and dynamically powerful face off with Pluto in this eclipse, which has not happened since the underworld god’s first discovery in 1931! Significant, yes it is. Nor will it be easy but I’m placing bets that the sweeping Jupiter forward in Scorpio as well as Neptune’s influence will prevail.

July 15-16th Someone must have organized the presidential Helsinki meeting to commence on this day, in the “happiest “ country in the world as it has ben called. Sibelius, strike up “Finlandia”! The grounded earthy aspects with that calm and modest Virgo moon will certainly help with the arranged meeting between the two leaders, whose charts we might briefly inspect, (security permitting). In looking over Vladimir’s October 7, 1952, St. Petersburg, 9:33 am UZ2 chart, what it reveals is an almost startling fact that he is going through something very contentious. It’s almost like a divorce chart. His early and nervous Scorpio ascendant in Swati, which he goes to extremes to hide, is helped out by a charming Venus also in Scorpio. I would think this is something internal and the next few months appear to be very rocky for him.

And Mr.Trump? Now personally I wouldn’t have suggested that he choose to do this so close to the eclipse that lands on what might be his harshest aspect,
Saturn and Venus locked in his house of hidden enemies and sorrows. The late month eclipse doesn’t do him any favors either. However, he’s still in his good luck early Jupiter dasha until the year’s end, meaning that he will most likely manage to sway and distract his critics, for a while anyway.

July 20-22nd You can wind down into some calmer weekend days here. Plan to relax, barbecue, unpack, sink into something or someplace comfortable ! Use the kindly aspects when you can! Sunday brings a kind of a sporty uppity-ness which could be fun! Tennis! Soccer! Sag moon and Mars plus an incoming Leo Sun will do that you know.

JULY 25-26th Right here Mercury goes into retrograde motion, BUT always know that the process of standing still and then retrograding backwards adds more of an impact when any planet goes stationery direct or retro. Therefore this communication character in Leo encourages creative communication on a deeper level which can’t be all bad, especially if it lines up to your personal chart!

Later month, July 27th, Hello Galileo, let’s set up your telescope! The rest of you astronomers too, since today’s lunar eclipse will be the longest in the entire 21st century, on full display in a stunning moment at 1:20 pm pdt.

Of course I’d like to think this will be one cheery event , cosmically exciting for sure. But the energetics to be delivered don’t seem to be quite that positive. It’s dramatic, and sensationally abrupt with its news. That 6 month long Mars aspect uniquely sitting on the dragon’s tail (thought you’d like that image),
is no one’s friend. Here the warrior god sits directly on the Aquarian Moon sparring with the Sun, thereby providing the perfect trigger for violence in speech and action. The Uranus square only adds to this intensity. Interesting too, the USA chart’s karma points fall right in this grid so a major reset will no doubt be called for. Thank the heavens lunar eclipses have a shorter duration of influence and usually full moons optimize that which is hidden, to “be seen”.
This one will be really something. Fireworks now maybe?

July 30th -31st After we recover and slide toward month’s end, we can relax somewhat with some lighter moments. Monday and Tuesday’s soft Piscean moon blends so sweetly with Jupiter while calming Pluto and Saturn. I think we can all find something to be happy about with this one.

There you go travelers of the sky,

faithfully yours,
Armgedda Carroll

DAYS OF POWER AND INFLUENCE TO USE: 5,7,8!,11! 16,20,21,30

The following birthdays are based on the very close degrees of the Sun, not a wide swath of an entire month, for which I could never be specific. This is as close as one can get without a true chart based on an accurate time of birth. Normally having someone’s Moon, rising and Sun are the three great components with which to start reading a horoscope.
However, the Sun is still very significant for it represents your soul, how you manifest yourself and live out your karma in this lifetime. The Sun is also a major health indicator but its house position will tell even more of the story. If you need to see your chart for these details, just follow the links to one or both of the choices provided, Lunarium orAstrodienst.
JULY 2-7TH These early July birthdays share the gift in their solar return, that is, birthday charts for the year ahead!, a striking uplift from the gift giving god himself, Jupiter, oh and Neptune is matched up perfectly as well. So that should provide the ballast should Mercury and Uranus demand action and intelligent answers, but you’re good at that anyway. Added gift created by master masons Saturn and Uranus in Taurus, is a stone pyramid under your feet. No complaints from you, hear?

JULY 8-11 There is a gift in the grand tripclicity of earth right here, providing you
with a solid rock or even marble foundation for your year ahead. So great for any
future plans, and Neptune is helping out a lot too! Idealistic inspiration, all of it !

JULY 12- 13th Now ahem, you whose birthdays fall right near or at the solar eclipse of the 12 -13th. . It’s a stellar, I mean solar, year for you, and so rarely does this happen! You are very fortunate to have this combination of helpful aspects, blessed in fact. All of this is based on your sun, but it’s a major factor in determining a horoscope so I’ll stick with it. Go forward with those plans!

JULY 27-28TH How often does one have a lunar eclipse on their birthday? Maybe once if ever? This marks the great TURNING OF THE TIDE. You may be called upon to fight for the cause so stand tall. Time to let your light shine and not be shadowed. The strong earth confab of Venus and Pluto will help, Chiron too.

AUGUST 1-6th This very early month Mars action fires you up so you won’t need to light firecrackers on the fourth because you ARE one!

AUGUST 22-26th You lucky dogs I mean late Lions, are very fortunate to have the added gift of such solid earth as a back support for quite a while. Then Venus riding over your Suns brightens the picture, adds charm and beauty, as if you needed it!

SEPTEMBER 7-16th It’s not like me to include such a large swath of days but, here, because earth loves water, it’s a pretty nice mid month of July for you Virgo Sun children. Harmony is your name, right here, right now.

SEPTEMBER 25-28th later this month the action spikes up a few notches, I mean quit a few, there’s no stopping you! What have you got planned for that Friday night lunar eclipse, or rather, I wonder what’s it have in store for you? Happy for sure.

OCTOBER 9-15th Many Librans have been patiently waiting for the cosmos to bring them some thank you gifts, and it just seems like there’s always an excuse. Mid October birthdays have been hit with a Plutonian hammer, Mercury being the only sidekick for now. SO just wait a little longer, August will bring something nice, and of course, your chart has other planets and aspects so your stoicness will pay off, soon.

OCTOBER 25-27th These very late October, call it early Scorpio children will have that lunar eclipse to deal with, just be grateful it isn’t going to be a solar! Because a lunar, even one this powerful, extends its rays for only a couple of weeks. You may experience some upside moods, but behind all of this is an ongoing solid earth pyramid under your feet for many months. It’s a reset time, in which to do something differently. You’ll stand tall.

NOVEMBER 1-9th Happy you, this is a water party for sure, with the Sun and Neptune, and Jupiter all swimming together in perfect angles for your Suns, it has to be a good month, unless you have a fly in your ointment, I mean birth chart.

NOVEMBER 24-30th Later month birthdays are fortunate to have the perfect geometry of what could have been rough, Mars is in there of course, but it’s a karmic uplift, I won’t bore you with Rahu and Ketu. Oh I just did, it’s they who stamp the indelible markings.

DECEMBER 5-7th Those hazy ideas and unclear moments can be blamed on Neptune’s fogy path of obstruction to your Sun. Now in the fire month ahead, all of this should clear up. Late month’s lunar eclipse could very well bring some clarity, surprising though it may be.

DECEMBER 20-25th You might be the most fortunate in these times to have that solid earth trine of Venus, Saturn and Uranus so harmoniously linked to your soul’s essence and self expression. It’s almost as though you can do no wrong. Almost.

JANUARY 10-14th How fortunate that the power mad creature is being forced to show his best and most positive side all for your strength and creative enhancement!
Earth loves water and this month is drenched in it!

JANUARY 26-28th That late month lunar event is like a bong going off in your head. It will tend to shake things up so I wouldn’t be scheduling anything too serious right then.

JANUARY 30- FEBRUARY 2nd. I don’t need to tell you what you ‘ve already been feeling, yes, blame this lengthy Mars transit. I guess he just wanted to be sure you got the message, everything you thought about things is suddenly going to be different. It’s unsettling to say the least, have this action along with the lunar south node, both crossing the Sun at the same time! You can’t be too careful right now, expect some uncertainty and possibly some harsher events Only a few more weeks for this one.

FEBRUARY 19-22nd Now there’s a bright spot for you! At last! The very solid triple line up in early earth signs loves your Piscean water bath. My fave time for you is approximately between 8- 15th! You are very powerfully supported! Feed those fishes! Mend those fences ! It’s your time!

MARCH 3-12TH This long stretch of Piscean Suns will benefit nicely from yes, the solar of the 12th then that Jupiterian action. If you aren’t the lucky ones this month!
Strength and support are yours right now!

MARCH 26-28th Normally a lunar eclipse of this magnitude, late month I mean, would not be anyone’s friend, but here it’s different!! Fire loves fire and this eclipse will love you too! Sextiles, trines, nodes, Mars, moon, all the gang seems to be having a party for you! Don’t be too shy.

APRIL 11-14TH You Aries have had to deal with lately. And this month won’t bring you any roses, so hold back a while, August will bring you a welcome gift ! Take it easy around the middle of the month, the sky changes and heck, you may have some uplifting planetary action in your very own personal charts! See lunarium below or check in with yours truly if you’d like.

APRIL 20 – 24th Now is a moment for celebrating, just a tad. Because the earth line up early in Taurus, Cap, and Virgo, is a welcome sight for you ! Now just a word about Uranus travelling over head, when it’s good its great, like now. I’ll save the rest for later. This earth grid should help you weather the late month lunar eclipse .

MAY 10-14TH Lucky for you this solar eclipse is directly helping you as if you needed it ! The strength of Pluto has not wavered and he’s sitting there for many months! You can’t go wrong here.

MAY 25-29th Early Gemini’s will feel the pull of the lunar eclipse late month, but it will be pretty helpful and push you up and over the hill, I mean should you have needed that drive. Otherwise use it, I always say, go that one step further with this cosmic fire team helping you out!

JUNE 13-18TH The best times of this month for you with Gemini Suns in these degrees would be mid and later in July, when Mercury leans backward to assist you.
Thankfully you have other aspects in your charts! Your earth and water planets will be happy! Take them out for a lobster dinner.

JUNE 21 -24th Happy you with this earth triplicity linked to the degrees of your Suns! I’d say it’s pretty nice and very supportive for whatever you’re doing right now!