Astrology March 2018


Reader beware, if you have a few Cancerian planets, a weak stomach or suffer from hyper tension, please don’t bother reading this. Ok?

Will someone please alert Cassius and Brutus! The Ides of March is coming early! Welcome to the forum, as we slosh through the beginning of this month that has taken on the Shape of water. All that Piscean emotional fuel arising from the depths matched to Jupiter in the fiery water of Scorpio. Not the least is that spear of the Archer (yep Mars is in Sag) slashing discordantly, so please don’t drop anything like your hair dryer into the bath water lest some scaly creature rise out of the foam to embrace you.

What a full moon this is! Creativity, fame and renown are areas highlighted by this very specific subsection of the Virgo full moon, and guess what is happening on Sunday night, March 4th? It’s of course the yearly celebration of the dramas of life played out on stage.
Later month has an interesting new moon, then two retrogrades, and an interesting traffic jam to contend with as we move into the Aries arena, and last of all a second full or blue moon.


This full moon of March 1st best describes the waves and soundings that extend 14 days hence! The moon, in a sub section of earth ruled Virgo, is described as sober and hardworking, while also demanding its leisure and luxury time for creative and romantic pursuits! The Sun, exactly opposite in Pisces, shines under the unique star Shatibasha, which is given to physicians and also to fishermen, anglers and distillers. Certain sorrows and delusions hide behind veils under this segment, hence the matter of substance overuse and some frustrated strivings for success.

The 2nd is just loaded up with promises, be beware, that Neptune guy can be so starlit and mystical and illusory. Get in writing.

Aquatic life, oceans and rivers flow under this placement, so interesting, since I’m typing this now while awaiting the latest storm in Santa Barbara, hoping we won’t be trapped in more debris since we’re still mudbound from the last deluge. Meanwhile the Northeast has its own share of weather threats. I’m sure we’ll see it all in the Post tomorrow. Oh happy full moon!

March 4-5th With the Sun meeting Neptune precisely on point, it’s going to be quite a day! The magic of Poseidon, combined with the Libra moon, may not be as calm as you might expect. We’re due for some high emotionality later Sunday. As if the full moon wasn’t’ enough. Reality and delusion are meeting on the podium. Will art be imitating life? Monday will probably be seeing some billboards lit up announcing the surprises of Sunday night. This could well be remembered as the month of the unexpected.

MARCH 8-9TH Much as I’d like to shun negativity it’s probably wise to mention the clash between the loving combo of Mercury gliding with Venus , and then the body slam from Saturn. That devil! The good news is that newly retroJupiter and Neptune are canoodling with the Sun, and I sure hope some of you have a water planet or two that will benefit from this! It’s intense right in here, feelings surge up. Could be too many choices and some not great, no gambling, hear me? The upside is that we’ll be paying more attention and therefore, hopefully, accomplishing more.

March 10-11th Saturday’s welcome Capricorn moon will calm down some of the last two days’ excitement. Coffee, Capricorn, and humor go together, and there’s a bunch of it here. Saturday could be my fave day . The moon clash with Uranus is to be expected, but I look for mitigating factors, which indeed there are. Be serious and remember that squares can prod one to higher results, weird as that may sound. I’ve seen it!

March 12-16th Right in these days I am encouraged by the very strong aspect from Jupiter who, when turning retrograde last week, actually does a favor in that his influence is all that more powerful with the Sun, and let’s not forget Pluto, because when he’s on good behavior, there’s hardly anything better. We’ll take any gift thank you. Later Friday the 16th shines! Make some dinner plans.

March 16-18th We’ve arrived at the new moon time, both Sun conjoined Moon in late Pisces along with Chiron, who adds quite a powerful element to this clash of titans. It’s a sensitive time, contemplation suggested. The Ides of March. This is where the month begins to change course. And, since you’ve asked me, I’d have to add that matters right here do not look very stable for Mr. Trump. His natal Neptune square to Mercury presently slammed by Saturn, speaks to mental confusion, plus a couple of other things. Oh dear, this could be his darkest hour? Or maybe just one of them?

March 19th For one brief shining moment we have an unusual chance to move forward and lay out some goals and ideas. Be social, be strong. Another one of my better days.

March 20-21st! The Spring Equinox has arrived ! I like it! The Taurus moon early Tuesday along with Mars and Saturn in Capricorn, all so earth friendly, it’s planting time! Be outside, it’s the best time!

March 23-25th Right here the oft discussed Mercury retrograde occurs. I might add that it’s more important where and in what sign does he/she go retro, versus just the retrograde motion itself. Hindu astrologers don’t mind this at all, in fact they say its infuence is stronger closer to the earth. I’ll buy that. Even the newest astrologer thinks there’s a bit of a confusing element to this moment, and d have to say that on certain retrogrades I would agree. The first few days we may feel the slight disruption. I would think twice about traveling or signing right here, due to way more than Mercury looking over his shoulder in action centered Aries. Saturday’s moon in Cancer is not helpful, Sunday’s not much better. Sit back, don’t jump on the freeway or do anything rash. Stay home in your cozy nest with your ladybird or man hawk and watch Netflix? Why not? Get into someone else’s drama, yours can wait till tomorrow!

March 26-28th That dynamite duo of Saturn and Mars in Capricorn can be, well, frustrating, especially if it falls on your chart in some dicey spot. It’s frustrating to have that ‘push me pull you’ motion with Saturn (stern) plodding along in his black Range Rover only to have Mars rush up behind him in his red Tesla wanting to prove that electric beats fossil fuel! Oh Mars get out! He’s so aggressive that one. Calm down if you can, if the world can. We’re all moving too fast right now, and we need to heed the stern warnings from the neighborhood cop, the one in the black Range Rover.

March 31st, You thought it would never happen so soon, another full moon, a calendar accident, two in a month. Here it lands in Libra facing across to the Sun in Aries. I’d like to say that’s really great but, it’s a little blue. I mean there’s that drag race still going on and one needs to pay attention and obey the messages on those freeway billboards. Traffic ahead, freeway closed ; take the detour if you can.

Early April will be a better story, Venus will come to the rescue ! And we’ll be looking at Meghan and Harry’s charts!
Okay you can call me by my name, Armagedda, at least for this month! Cheerio mates.

DAYS OF SIGNIFICANCE: 1, 2, 4,6, 11!!, 20, 23, 25,31

The following birthdays are based on the very close degrees of the Sun, not a wide swath of an entire 30 day month, for which I could never be specific. This is as close as one can get without a true chart based on an accurate time of birth. Normally having someone’s Moon, rising sign and Sun make up the three great components with which to start reading a horoscope.
However, the Sun is still very significant for it represents your soul, how you manifest yourself and live out your karma in this lifetime. The Sun is also a major health indicator but its house position will tell even more of the story. If you need to see your chart for these details, just follow the links to one or both of the choices provided, Lunarium or Astrodienst.

MARCH 1-3d Now if I had a magic wand I would wand Mars away, he’s obstructing your best intended communications, mean I wouldn’t open email, or snail mail, and watch your words. We have 5 water planets right now and a full moon on the first and second! The fire trine however, is sending great energy for your year ahead, birthday kids.

MARCH 23-24th A bit of a conflict here, some obstruction, retreating to review and reconsider. It’s not the best news but a bright spot is the Cancerian moon with Neptune, dreams can come true, plan ahead! Expansive Jupiter is helping out!

APRIL 12-19th I don’t usually include such a wide swath of Sun only dates BUT in this case the fire energy is so strong. Here’s Uranus crossing over head, Mars as the wingman, all really helping to negate the power whims of Pluto, and then of course there’s Venus adding her magic as well. It doesn’t happen like this very often!

APRIL 21-30th Here we go again, a wide band of Sun signs in this segment of late April!
Why am I getting worked up? Well for one thing Saturn must be driving you to maintain some sort of discipline, then along comes Mars driving him or you? To go faster! Wait! I’m only human ! Not a god like you guys.

MAY 10-16th Early in the month the flowers and champagne must be making you delirious. This is not the moment for me to teach you astro geometry so just know that after the first week the planetary shift will bring you down to earth. Now check your other planets in the chart, they may tell more of a story. We can’t have a Taurus bull riding in the sky for too long.

MAY 19-23d Very early, near the 5-6th this month, it’s your moment to shine , the 8th strikes me as the key time, don’t waste a second of it! The full moon isn’t bad either!

JUNE 11- 15th Again a wide swath, and here I’m just reminding you to watch out the very first week, it’s somewhat of a challenge but nothing you can’t over come. And for pretty much the rest of the month that Aries party of Uranus Venus and Mercury ride side saddle with you, and you know what they say about sextiles? Yep, gifts from the universe. Ride’em cowgirl.

JUNE 19- 26th Wow here we go again, 9 days covered and it’s the third week of the month I’m looking at, after the new moon! This meth fueled drive of Saturn and Mars
directly opposite your suns, yourselves, later month is annoying but may prove helpful to get you moving faster along the path you ‘ve chosen.

JULY 2-6th this is remarkable, go for it, rarely do you get a perfect water trine to your Suns, your “self”, “you”. It speaks to how you move and act and do, so get going !
The full moon in responsible Virgo is there ot help as well!

JULY 13-16th If I were you, I would grab any chance opportunities floating up from the water, it’s almost too good to be true, but then there’s that slight obstacle form Mars, but the power is on your side, you can win him over. Lottery time? If other aspects say so. That takes more than the sun, but there are smaller lotteries in your life!

AUGUST 6-11th Someone call the fire department, oh wait, so much fire is lining up to enhance your life, not burn it! Those siblings, Venus and Mercury, who so often meet in tandem, are blessed even more so by the nodes, meaning: karma time, in the best possible way!

AUGUST 28-31st Well now you have no excuse, the full moon was directly overhead to inspire, and then more in the second part of the month, you have two Capricorn drivers lending you their best attributes. What could be better? Earth rules right here! And Magha, your subsection, is one the best of the 27 Vedic Nakshatras. I hope it brings John McCain (28TH) a little more strength to hang on.

SEPTEMBER 11 -14th Seriously, this aspect of Jupiter and Pluto is so strong for you, such a great solid bar to lean on, and safety net as well. Don’t be afraid, you can move ahead.

SEPTEMBER 24-30th This traffic jam of Mars and Jupiter in Capricorn is really obstructing your way forward. As they say, don’t push the river, ok I’ll ruin your surprise. Very soon, in a month or 3, Mars and Rahu will glide forth to hold you up in
An amazing way. Plan now but just keep it to yourself . Health issue will melt away soon.

OCTOBER 12-14th Surprisingly enough, the very early March aspects to your Suns are quite helpful, and I say this because the cosmos has not really been on your team for a while now. The 13th 14th of the month, also the 26th, 27th are most favorable for you!

OCTOBER 22-30th Being a very early Scorpio, in Swati, which can be restless, finding it hard to stay in one place, but is very good at selling, all of it! You get just what you ‘ve been needing right now and later month is even better! A strong earth wingmen! Two of them to steady your restless canoe!

NOVEMBER 1-4th Do you have any idea how lucky you are to have this magical essence of water in perfect alignment to your Suns! No I didn’t think so. What to do with it?
Dream and make your dreams come true because they will under this rare and short trine ! Even early April is helpful for another reason.

NOVEMBER 18-21st The first few days of March have your name in gold printed across the calendar. So don’t worry if something stops you, because this is quite powerful !
Then comes the new moon of the 17th! Another ‘you “ moment. Deep thinking is best with this one, then arise from the cocoon at the equinox! A new you !

DECEMBER 13-17th Now you Sagittarians, I want to be like Pollyanna and I hate to be Armagedda, BUT lay low near that new moon, the 17th , yep, Mars is making naughty and I don’t trust him for a minute there. Of course you have other planets, but the Sun is also your body and health, so don’t overdo!!

DECEMBER 28-31st Early Capricorns listen up, your Mula designation of the Sun sign, yes it’s CAP but we over here in Serenaville like to be specific, so the description is a little wild at times, although it does love gardening! So now with two characters all lined up in the same place it’s time to say who’s boss! You! Pick up the big stick, banish the less than practical pests around you, be it time stolen, or bad nutrition or something else. You can do it! There’s more than one way to plant roots or kill a snake,

JANUARY 10-11th Okay ill take this for myself and put it in my bag. The aspects of water surrounding you in the most gracious way, are helping to alleviate the recent traumas caused by Pluto and Uranus changing your life in such a big way. You’re getting some help but you just don’t know it yet!

JANUARY 20-23d My, these early month Aries planets are just sky diving right in there to lift your Suns up to greater heights and bring some optimism back into your life!

FEBRUARY 10-15th The fun part is skiing with the fire riders in Aries and Sag, they’re doers too, Uranus and Mars! Be watchful, and don’t ski over the wrong side of that hill. It’s an energetic time ! Have fun!

FEBRUARY 20-23d Mid month along comes a wingman, oh wait, there’s another one, Saturn, trying their best to stay close to you and hold you up should you fall. SO much water early in the month might confuse a lot of people but not you, since your Suns are in Shatabisha you just might go deeper into your healing modalities. Medical school might have been your true calling !