Astrology February 2018


Welcome to February 2018, whose early month presents a time of intense Aquarian sorts of features, well, like communication in heavy mental astro physics and IT kinds of ways.

Let’s not forget the philanthropic tendencies given over by this sign of Man, bearing water or is it currency? The second major eclipse, the 15th, will tell us more. Then there’s this moon wobble. What’s that? And later month the water element pours in with several personal and outer planets in the sensitive yet magical Piscean realm. We’ll check it all out.

The spotlight on February began under the brilliant orange globe of Wednesday’s lunar eclipse. An eclipse this powerful holds the energy for a few weeks, that is until the next one, two weeks away! This January 31st event coincided precisely with our President’s SOTU speech followed then by the customary rebuttal delivered by the opposite party, and from young Joseph Kennedy. This happens to be the closest lunar eclipsed moon to planet earth in 173 years! Now curious as the Gemini in me is, I wandered into google to explore the possible astro history, or linkage, to our present time. And here’s what I found. At the very end of May, 1844, President Andrew Jackson endeavored to expand democracy as he saw it, and thereby began the first political convention as we know it today. Jackson’s idea of citizenship was limited to Americans of European descent, with voting extended to white males only, and no progress whatsoever for African or Indian Americans. His idea of democracy was to expand the rights of the presidency at the expense of Congress, and include more public participation. It was definitely a time of restructuring the nature of this government. He attempted to solidify the Democratic party, previously called the Democratic Republican party, facing as it did across the aisle at the Whig party. The groundwork for the Civil War had begun. Because Serendipity doesn’t like to get overly political, we’ll stop here and let you draw your own parallels and conclusions. I know what mine are.

Then, if you’re still with me, we can move on into the month ahead! A month without any retrogrades!


February 1-4th The clear meaning of no retrograde planets is that we can hopefully move forward, minus any backwards motion from the sky at least! Another bright note is that we have seen the last of the Uranian Plutonian clashes that have perplexed us for the last 8 years. The present combination of strong Aquarian planets and a fire moon tied perfectly to outer planets makes for a pretty nice weekend to encourage communication bandwidths, as well as ignite mental endeavors. The biggest event of Sunday? Well, that oversized asteroid, close to ¾ of a mile across, swept by us unharmed on Super Bowl Night? Oh, wait maybe the game was bigger.


Asteroids are chunks of rock and metal- most likely debris left over from the formation of our solar system- and they sweep past earth all the time. There are exceptions, and some astrologers pay more attention to these smaller bodies than do others star guides. The notable ones often mentioned include Juno, Pallas, Ceres, Eris, Vesta. Now I for one, have carefully observed Chiron for many years and feel qualified to attest to its strong cosmic influence which is why you will see it mentioned in these letters.


February 5-7th Mondays tight moon in Libra square to Pluto and Uranus could bring about a dicey situation. I’m hopeful that by the next solar event, 10 days from now life will become more orderly. Of interest here is the oft repeated concept of the “moon wobble” which, as it so happens, we’re in right now. The wobble refers to the 14 day period between two eclipses which involve the lunar nodes so close to the Sun and Moon. It might be a little uncertain but things get straightened out afterwards.

February 9-10th I’d have to say that these are not my favorite days in the month. Too many obstructionist aspects can block our vision, cancel our plans. Even with no planets in retrograde, it can feel like there are say, five of them going backwards. This is a weekend to lay low, and perhaps get involved in someone else’s drama. Maybe time to go see a movie ?

February 11-14th The exciting news here, whew weekend over, is the oncoming surge of Uranus to the Sun, and to Mercury, that genius winged component of Aquarius featured on the American Express card. This opens possibilities for new ideas to flow, for physical activity that fuels our bodies and spirits to make us feel better about ourselves. With Venus sliding over into Pisces and swimming towards Neptune a calmer more sensitive element begins to rise up. How nice if this aspects something in your own charts!

February 14-15th Now along comes a partial solar eclipse (1:15 pm PST thursday) whose major influence is to help break us free from restrictive boundaries, promoted intensely by the angle from the awakener god, Uranus. And yes there can be a touch of hyper inflation constrained, but not allowed to run wild yet. That’s the part Jupiter plays in this eclipse drama in case you’re writing the script.

Newsflash: We have just entered the Chinese New Year of the Dog. 2006 was the last dog year, do you recall what went on in your life then?

What I find so coincidental (or no such thing as coincidence?) is that the degree of this eclipsed moon, 27 Aquarius, is the exact degree of the USA’ s moon for July 4, 1776, 6:30 pm. Taking into consideration the Vedic star under which it falls, Dhanistha, whose children were the strivers, energetic and active, appreciating music at an earlier, moving out into the world sooner than most. Asteroid Juno here adds to the well intentioned Aquarian nature of this confab of planets.

The slight off set here is the tight Mars Neptune misalliance, indicating all manner of deception, to self, to others? Hiding truths or questionable substances?

But let’s not forget the highest attributes of Aquarius! Well, like that Uranian genius part with the combined Sun and Moon, and Mercury! The open hearted attitude about equal rights for all . Don’t you wish it was aspecting your chart, I mean, life? Well it might be, you ‘ll have to check it out. Several birthday pods below (27 in fact) will make mention of this.

February 16-18th Here the Sun and Mercury in the exact same degree, the wild side of Aquarius, and Mars exact square (not good) to Neptune, can make for a very over loaded weekend. Not that it won’t be fun! We can we all sing “The Age Of Aquarius” now! Calmer times are just ahead. But wait a couple of days.

February 20-21stth Here the shift begins. Wednesday’s moon in Taurus harmonizes nicely with Saturn in Capricorn, then later over to Pluto. Relief . It’ s a day to single out and use for some very practical matters. Maybe balance the checkbook , or call the insurance company to go over that policy?

Later month, the 23-27th The tide is changing, get out your fins, it’s going to be the Neptunian festival of the fishes. Ok, kidding, but the watery quality of the Pisces lineup brings out the more creative and spiritual side of things. Just to mention a few, it’s: the Sun, Venus, Mercury, Chiron, Juno and Neptune! Time to dive deep and bring up a treasure from your own depths.

February 27-28th Very late in the month the aspects intrigue me. Venus, ruling heart and affection, while also tied to money and property, looks to have a dynamic moment of heart felt expansion (thank you Jupiter!) while also telling that Mars character to bug off and I don’t mean just #MeToo. Words will be no doubt spoken, I’ll leave it at that. The moon is waxing to full, and it’s Leo position aligns well to Mars , so it can all be worked out.

March 1, 2nd Very early March will see a full moon, under Vedic star Magha accenting all of those Piscean tendencies previously mentioned. Now Magha, (early Virgo to us in the West) is one of my favorites of the 27 possible Vedic stars. It describes a kindly ruler or king who sees him or herself as the servant of the people, elevated though his position may be.

As we get past the first day’s slight confusion here, I mean with all those Piscean planets what can one expect? We are close to award night (March 4th), so Neptune, the ”Hollywood “ planet will be on stage, bowing and picking up statuettes. It’s a very short but magic time, so don’t waste this. As I always say, “USE Astrology” don’t let it use you ! Write that story, gather those tulips, play your favorite music. It’s all there for you.


DAYS OF SIGNIICANCE AND POWER: 4, 6, 15!, 16, 17, 21!! 25, Mar. 1


The following birthdays are based on the very close degrees of the Sun, not a wide swath of an entire month, for which I could never be specific. This is as close as one can get without a true chart based on an accurate time of birth. Normally having someone’s Moon, rising and Sun are the three great components with which to start reading a horoscope.

However, the Sun is still very significant for it represents your soul, how you manifest yourself and live out your karma in this lifetime. The Sun is also a major health indicator but its house position will tell even more of the story. If you need to see your chart for these details, just follow the links to one or both of the choices provided, Lunarium or Astrodienst.

FEBRUARY 1-4TH These early days hold a lot of promise and forward motion which is a blessing since lurking under the surface may have been, ahem, an identity crisis of sorts? The Libra moon of the 4th adds a lot to an intellect at peak usage. It’s also pretty interesting in a karmic sense since the tail of our moon’s node sweeping overhead brings certain matters, like not being appreciated, to a showdown. Mid month’s Mars action will straighten it all out.

FEBRUARY 14-15th Friday’s solar eclipse is pretty favorable, delivering some valentines at their destined spot. The most helpful part is the strong wingman planet Uranus over in Aries, supporting all that magnetic electric Aquarian stuff. Should these dates match up to yours, expansion and high hopes come along with the package.

February 27- MARCH 1st On the plus side we have a very supportive Saturn to your birth Suns, hooray for you for this birthday year! Then that should help you handle the clash of voices between Mercury Venus and Mars! “My turn, Let me speak it says!” Wednesday’s Leo moon just amplifies it all, thank heaven Thursday and Friday’s full moon in Virgo is about to save the day with a thinking head.

MARCH 4-6th It’s very rare and won’t happen again in your lifetimes, I m talking about this Neptune dropping his net over your heads. There’s several meanings for this and I’ve seen them all! Yes, there can be some confusing times, even a bizarre illness, but the aspects right here speak to a better creative opportunity with a strong support from Pluto to Venus and Mercury. And it’s spiritually evolved in case that’s you signing up for yoga meditation nights!

MARCH 9-13th That Jupiter in Scorpio is your friend right now, and for many months ahead. You are being uplifted, honored even, and it’s about time. Your time! DO the creative thing you’ ve been putting off, now’s the time, the year!

APRIL 7-8th It’s been difficult with Pluto hounding you, preventing you, keeping you from your heart’s desire. Later month and early March the bar gets lifted, hang in there.

APRIL 14-17th Hello this is a better moment for you Arians, The sky is electric and so are you! Take advantage of the Feb 15th eclipse, it has your name on it and if I knew which house ( or area of life) it portends for you I could be more specific, try and find that out for yourselves.

April 22-26th That Saturnian angle to the Sun in your chart is a straight up gift for most of the year, and helped by the Pisces fish school as it is, you should bring to light some of the work you ‘ve been preparing!

MAY 10-15th the mid month eclipse energies are peaking in exact geometry to the Sun in your chart, ok this clash of sorts is tempered by the strength of the most powerful of them all, Pluto, who won’t let your camel break a leg! The 22-24th are your best days for action and sanity. Lay low during the solar event. Any late air sign planets in your chart will get a boon from this. Best to find out!

May 21-28th Just hang in there early Geminis, the sky is not that favorable except for the first few days of February. You of course have other planets, a rising sign, etc, that may benefit you with these transiting sky creatures.

JUNE 1-4th Remember when you r grandmother said “if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say it at all” ? Well I m ignoring her, mid month watch your step! Early month is all yours! So capitalize on the good moments and brain accessorized sky gifts.

JUNE 14-18TH The solar event mid month is your friend!! In spite of what other natal aspects lie in your charts, this is a powerful event to boost your morale and efforts for several weeks at least! Express yourself!

JUNE 20-25th Here late month is your better time, all the Piscean water nymphs are lining up in your pond to help out, and balance that strong beam from Saturn, so late month take advantage where earlier Feb days might feel obstructive in some area.

JULY 1-6th I still can’t stop talking about how great it is to have Neptune lining up in a perfect angle to the Sun in your heaven. It’s inspiring and creatively promoting. I’m so excited for you!

JULY 9-12th mid Cancerian birthdays get a little present from Jupiter, that gift giver himself. He’s balancing the opposing wing form Pluto, turning that sword into plowshares, as it were. Then there’s Chiron, still out there in the asteroid belt helping you!

AUGUST 1-3d That lunar eclipse of the 31st had your name on it! Which means doors will open, and I don’t mean, just literally, I also refer to those little doors in your head, from which spring all sorts of creative and brilliant things. It’s a revelatory time for you! And Mars is right there prodding you on, early month you should shine!

AUGUST 11-16th yep that mid month eclipse will be opposite you, that could feel like the lights went out or something, but, heck the fire planets are turning in your favor, very soon afterwards so I’m thinking it will be better than ok!

AUGUST 25-SEPT 1st The strong arm of Saturn is propelling you forward in the best possible way, the opposing Piscean characters are just accenting what is already on your mind so tip toe through the first few days, then relish the days around the 21st..

SEPTEMBER 6-12TH This should be a very fortunate month for you, no backwards motion anywhere. And best of all is that perfect harmony between Jupiter and Pluto, all matched up perfectly like team mates should be! Go ahead and take that big step, its going to be ok in spite of Mars trying to be a little pest !

OCTOBER 1-4th Very early month shines for you, especially the 4th to 5th. So don’t waste the up moments, and Mars is there to boost the energy as well along with the nodes! What are you waiting for?

OCTOBER 13-16th Mid October babies have the added gift of that solar eclipse, it hearkens to your Suns, to what y are trying to achieve. Really, this doesn’t happen too often. It’s a red marker writing “let’s go” on your notepad. The early month aspects aren’t too bad either !

NOVEMBER 1-3 Your better days come after the 21st, when the swim party begins in Pisces, then things just get better as we head into March. Swimmers take your marks!

NOVEMBER 8-13th Now here is the plus and the not so plus, Jupiter will be riding in your car for about 9 months, lucky you, and Pluto sits in the back seat, all really helpful. Supportive! This month the square to some Aquarian troublemaker planets can obstruct somewhat but I like the two just mentioned, whose help is such a gift! The 12th might be your best day.

NOVEMBER 30-DECEMBER -4th These first few days of February are highlighted for you! To take advantage of as much as you can! Don’t mind the lunar eclipse, it was all in your best interest! Lighting up that which has been hidden! Mid month , 14-18, use caution when going about your routine, don’t trip over the pug or hit yourself with that barbell for heavens sake.

DECEMBER 10-11th the new moon approaching coincides so nicely with the Sun and Mercury for you. Sextiles are considered gifts from the universe and you have three of them right now plus a dynamite ray from that earthshaker, Uranus.

JANUARY 8-12th Ok sometimes there’s nothing better than a Plutonian passage over the Sun, especially when Jupiter is sidelining at a perfect angle. Others may disagree but I’ve seen both sides of what Pluto changing one’s life can mean. The 6, 7th are more favorable, and then the 21st!

JANUARY 20-24th Early month is your better bet, the Suns are nicely lit up in your various charts, and the 4th brings some good news, the lunar eclipse of the 31st was a bit wild, but it’s settling down now.