Astrology January 2018

The New Year of 2018 is joyfully launched with the Full Wolf moon of in Cancer,  so named by the American Indians and Colonists abruptly awakened in wintertime by howling hungry wolves outside of their villages . Early January’s moon, a supermoon, closest in proximity to earth. With perfect alignments to Mars and Jupiter the awesome reach of this moon lays out the carpet for the next two weeks.

I also love the connection to Neptune, who when on his best behavior, is quite magical. Therefore it is how and when music, said by ancient Greek philosophers to be that “art highest to the gods”*, springs forth. The third week gives me a pause to reflect upon the link to recent and near solar eclipses. But maybe the best news is that this full moon lunation lands precisely on the USA Sun, in a very helpful way. We need it, we’ll take it.

Scrolling down below 26 birthday clusters are mentioned. Yours might be in one of them. Read on if you will brave Sky Travelers.

January 1-5th These early month, new year aspects have me so worked up! In spite of a few bizarre headlines, I have faith in the perfect alignments of Mars to Jupiter to the Sun and Moon and Venus and Neptune!! Are you a screenwriter? Stay up all night! This is your moment!  Organize that desk, this is a great moment! Yes you can sign the agreement. Great aspects don’t always last very long. Well you know that. Taking a look into the Eastern Sky, it’s helpful to know that the Vedic reading of this lunation, coming under Ardra, speaks to the desire to find one’s place, to find one’s true name.  I won’t bore you with the mythology, but it’s a creative moment for work endeavors should your birthdays or moons land close to this point.


January 9th -11th.I’ll take these two days, staring at noon Tuesday, and pack them in my wallet until mid Thursday. It’s so rare that earth and water, with Jupiter ideal in Scorpio all year! line up to three other celestial bodies, it’s a perfect time to plan, to move ahead, to do what you’ve been wanting to do !  Of course you know by now, that you don’t have to be born under a Capricorn Sun or Moon to take advantage of this moment.


January 12-14th With Mercury just entering Capricorn, and Saturn having gotten there ahead of him, this strong earth combo will (hopefully) further ground the thinking processes, Capricorn overseeing government and all of those ‘rule and law’ related matters. By early Sunday, the sky has to be lit up with that Uranian link to the optimistic Sagittarian moon.


January 16th The new moon has arrived with such a team of helpful players and only one rival!  But that just gets the thinking process going even stronger.  I’m all for squares pushing one to overcome and triumph.  The charts of great people have shown me that for lo these many years as a student of this ancient cosmic science


January 19-20th Here we have a significant shift of energies, with an airy Aquarian Sun and Venus, and the moon all linking arms and brightening the skies, recently so laden down with earth. Aquarius energy lifts the mind onto higher plateaus, we can hope anyway. As I write this I m looking at a few charts that have overtaken the news. In particular I am watching our 45th President, yes I have to admit that his chart will be lit up in a rather conflagratory way from mid month on.  And let’s not overlook Dear Leader, whose red flashing Mars shows some serious conflict here too.   Then I meander on into next week.


Januay 25-27th  My telescope is focused  curiously if not cautiously, on these few days. There is a greater pattern being activated here, an intensity of thought and feeling, and hopefully it will turn out to be nothing more than some verbal dynamics.   Several of us Sky Sentinels are also calculating patterns which in the past have signaled some earth changes. There is a very slight chance of the energy going in that direction as well.  Be careful if you are contemplating air travel right near these dates. But of course it all goes back to your specific charts.


January 28 -30th These later days in addition to Venus and the Sun in Aquarius, are assisted by a Gemini moon which all make for lighter moments and prompt an uplift in communications. Then there’s that Mars character jumping into Sagittarius ; is it an athlete trying out for next month’s Olympics? Altogether this should add up to a nice weekend.


January 31st Hello to the month’s second, or Blue Moon, and also a lunar eclipse! Should these degrees match up to your early Aquarian or Leo Suns or Moons, have at it, a time of spice and excitement under this third supermoon in a row. Just be careful when skiing down that ice covered mountain !  All being said, I’m pretty happy with this magnetic and powerful lunation. Live it up!


DAYS OF SIGNIICANCE AND POWER: 1, 5, 6 until 6:30 pm,8, 10, 11, 16 until 10:pm, 20, 24, 25!, 31!



The following birthdays are based on the very close degrees of the Sun, not a wide swath of an entire month, for which I could never be specific. This is as close as one can get without a true chart based on an accurate time of birth. Normally having someone’s Moon, rising and Sun are the three great components with which to start reading a horoscope.

However, the Sun is still very significant for it represents your soul, how you manifest yourself and live out your karma in this lifetime. The Sun is also a major health indicator but its house position will tell even more of the story. If you need to see your chart for these details, just follow the links to one or both of the choices provided, Lunarium or Astrodienst.

January 1, 2nd  These Full moon birthdays right here are very auspicious for the year ahead, so in sync are the sun and moon with several fortunate planets.  It cannot help but bring good news for you in the year ahead !


January 15, 16, 17th This is on powerful new moon, creating a strong statement for your

Year  ahead.  Venus attending is a good sign, the Uranian square can be handled with all you Capricorn stolidness.  And with Mars and Jupiter in Scorpio to assist, I mean what ‘s the bad news?


January 31st, February 1st This lunar eclipse is all out powerful and friendly, not always the case.  Full moons are pretty dynamic and this supermoon, being closer to the earth will exert it’s influence even more so. Later on the first of February comes the exactitude of the helpful Leo moon aspect to Uranus in Aries. Love it. Dance your heart away.


February 9-15 The Martian cross to your Suns is actually a force and a driver to spur you on, and there’s always that Uranian wing man to hold you up while you get fitted for new ski boots.  Late month Venus steps in and the light returns.


February 28, March 1st, this early January full moon was created just for you! The aspects of moon to Venus and then Neptune, so perfectly lined up. It will stay like this for several days, and by the time you see this, you will probably know what I mean.


March 5-13th I don’t usually encapsulate such a large swath of days but it can’t be helped here, since the powerful Mars and Jupiter duo in Scorpio, winning the Winter Olympics I’m sure, also holds a strong  and steady hand to you, your concerns, your well being.  You lucky fish you. Oh and Mitt Romney’s birthday is March 12th !


March 21-24th Now it happens to all of us, Saturn does return, old devil that he can be, every 28-29 years. And here he is again smack against your Suns!  He’s creating obstacles no doubt, but you have other planets and moons etc. Just ride it through, he’ll move to later degrees and very late this month Mars comes to your aid like the firebrand that he can be.


April 13-16TH Mid January’s new moon days are a little difficult for you with these April birthdays. Of course there are other planets and signs on your own specific charts, the Sun oversees your health, what it is that one does, the manifestation of the self.  Just be careful for a while, stand back, early January and February will be a better.


April 20-22nd Here comes Saturn to support and help you for many months ahead, it’s a gift and an undeniable asset which gets seven better in a few months when someone else joins that team. When Saturn is your friend, there’s not much to surpass it.


MAY 1, 2nd This early month Full Wolf moon period lasts for several days and all the nice water aspects are calingl out your name . It’ so friendly and auspicious, you can’t help but shine. So do it, what ever you’ve been contemplating.


MAY 10-16th this segment of May birthdays are most fortunate near the new moon of the 15th.  There is such strength with four Capricorn planets making nice with your Sun. Power to the bulls of Taurlandia!


JUNE  6-8th I’m not  that excited by these aspects right here, I think you early June babies should go to yoga,  maybe do Savasna on your mats, clean closets and wait till February. Sound good? Didn’t think so.


JUNE  19-21st  Here comes Saturn, making a bee line for you, challenging you and disrupting your plans, especially near the10th.  This is short, and before long a friend, ok it’s Uranus, will come to help out. And just remember, there’s more to a chart than  your Sun! If you have , say, a  few water or earth, planets, well placed, then this can be a golden moment for you !


JULY 1-3d. How happy are you that the Wolf Full moon lands in a perfect alignment of water planets to your Suns!! I’m happy for you! It’s a go ahead time, do it!  Now’s the moment for creative ideas, and inspiring themes.


JULY 5-9th That duo of Mars and Jupiter cannot be overlooked! I mean they are an Olympic team of do or die and luckily they’re wearing your teams colors ! It’s so powerful! This is your moment! Don’t waste it !


July 15-17th A little conflicting here, the new moon with it’s square to Uranus is not your friend, but later the Scorpio team will come to your aid and lift you up again ! In fact Jupiter in watery Scorpio will be your friend for many months ahead.


July 31-AUGUST 1st That dynamite late month full supermoon lunar eclipse lands right on top of you, so load up your engine with that extra fuel. It’s going to be pretty nice! And takes you well into February!

AUGUST 7-12th Mid month is not your best time, so take up knitting or yoga and wait just  a little bit longer,  too much stress right now it would appear. Try not to take too much personally. And of course there are any parts to a chart, some of which could be really helpful right now, especially those water signs !


August 20-23d  Don’t be shy about celebrating Saturn, he’s moved into a perfect location in order to be your best friend! I mean for now. The days near the 10th are superlative for you so move ahead with that plan now! And do it !

SEPTEMBER 6-11th You are so d—m lucky right now, even though you might not think so! But there’s that Virgoan caution and practical side of you.  The early month full moon all through the 11th is pretty great . Earth and water geometry, we love this !  With Mars, Venus, moon, Jupiter and Pluto as your side kick, I mean how much better does it get?

SEPTEMBER 15-19th the mid month new moon gives something then takes it away or so it might seem. Late month the territory is yours again. Stake your claim. Plant that flag !

OCTOBER 14-18th This is not my favorite time for you, mid month especially, I’d sit back for a little while, and wait for your Aquarian planetary friends to reappear. Don’t believe anything at face value, don’t invest heavily, watch and ponder.

OCTOBER 29-NOVEMBER 2nd : The powerful Full moon aspects lined up to your Suns, with Neptune, is a gift in hand.  It’s promotes creativity, job performance and whatever the heck else you’ve got going on. Later January the obstacle train runs a little over your lawn.

NOVEMBER 3-19th The water dance between warrior Mars and beneficent Jupiter right over your Suns has to be the best thing you ‘ve seen for a long time! I’m sure being the careful smart Scorpios that you are, you won’t waste this gift!  The mid month new moon will help out too!

NOVEMBER 27-30th Later month is your better time, when Mars enters in Sagittarius and brightens up your path, drives you like a charioteer is more like it.


DECEMBER 13-15th on top of all the other aspects this fire trine from revolutionary Uranus to your own fiery Suns cannot be anything but a positive light.  Remember later what brilliant thoughts you may have, write them down, this won’t repeat in your lifetime.

Especially the first ten days!

DECEMBER 20-24th That Saturn swing over your Suns is actually  helpful aspect and it will continue for some time. I’ve seen positive things happen which aren’t mentioned in the texts, well like a serous love for example, Crazy isn’t it?  You just wait itll the Springtime, it gets better.