Astrology December 2017

Welcome to the month ruled by the friendly outgoing archer. We’ll try to shoot straight.

Not too long ago I was ensconced comfortably at a nice restaurant with friends, when I couldn’t help but overhear from the next table a bassoonish grandpa voice, delivering a lecture on Mercury retrograde to the young’uns at the table. I could catch pieces of it, but I got the gist. I ‘ll try to make this more palatable (like my salmon) for those who are less interested in the planetary lingo.

Now it’s my turn to offer a different perspective on the messenger archetype of the gods. He’s quick, he’s changeable, and of course it matters which sign he is crossing through, or in this case, after Saturday the 2nd,retracing his path backwards into Sagittarius, twinned with Saturn. Now that’s a duo, and a strong one at that. Retrograde motion of planets occurs every so often, Mercury being the busiest, three times a year. And so I can see why dinner table talk could center on that phenomenon.

Mercury retrograde is not such a negative thing, all parts of it have to be considered. I adhere to the Vedic view that retro planets being closer to the earth, emit more of their influence. Now in this case, the strength of Saturn and Mercury, in perfect harmony to game changer Uranus, might actually be a pretty nice cosmic happening. Oh yes, and then there’s the oft mentioned “Galactic Center” of our galaxy, which is where Mr. Saturn and Mr. Mercury are now spinning, and exactly where the new moon of the 17th will land. Considered to be at the root of things, it is the core from which we can access great insight and hopefully solve some of our greater problems . So helpful right now. All of that fire inspires and acts, so I’m a fan of this retro for at least the first ten days of December. Then our month changes, so let’s check it out, starting with this extraordinary Full moon !


December 1-3d The very first few days are lining up to position us for the aptly named Full Cold Moon, closest to the earth and the only supermoon of 2017. I mean, you can see it at 5 pm! It will be visible in the very early morning hours as well. The moon, 4:45 am PST, lands in early Gemini, a great placement since Rohini, favorite wife of the moon, Chandra, oversees this 12 days section Now of course all of you astro students know about early Sag’s tendency to need to roam, to move, therefore sports are a calling, or maybe it’s dance.? There ‘s a restlessness indeed, and adding to the slightly confusing moments is Neptune, mistress of delusion. But since all are in mutable signs, it’s bound to be short lived. The strength remains with the fire trilogy of the Mercury to the other outer planets, and especially on the 3d, full moon day. I’m very curious (like most Gemini’s) to see what falls out here. Mercury being the communicator will no doubt have something to deliver, in print, on air, or by tweet, who knows ? What I do know is that Mr. Kim Jong Un won’t be very happy under this full moon, and will require some careful handling

December 5-6th Here comes a slight dilemma, since the sensitive Cancerian moon does not like to be pawed by that power dog Pluto, nor have her shining form bruised by current the Mars and Uranus conflict . Take your fight outside! The mitigating factor for much of the early month, and right now too, is the bonding water element between Jupiter and Neptune. Its rare, it’s wonderful and throws a moon beam to the more spiritually and creatively inclined souls in our orbit.

Then along comes the Leo moon by the 7th, all wrongs will be addressed in a kingly manner, so wait till then to make your move. The 8th is even better ! The interesting inclusion of north node Rahu looks like it’s karma pay back time for many. Saturday it’s best to hold back and not give in to a swarm of feelings that recall the past full moon. It’s a muddle of a puddle best to avoid, and it moves quickly away.

December 11-14th Here’s where we will see the change. Mars lands in his happy warrior place of Scorpio, the 12th, and with Venus linked to Rahu,, things become more definitive, and clear. The 12th is a power day, no empty or void moons in sight! Yes Mercury, still retro, is linked up to others in a fire pattern. He helps with research when backwards!

Wednesday is the holy night of Candles Lighting, Hanukkah, and it also happens to coincide with the Geminids meteor showers, in case you’re out there looking for more lights! Thursday is the day I have my eye on. That Scorpio Moon linked to Mars and Jupiter, makes me want to stand and cheer! The best moment for signing anything arrives around 3:30 am, in case you’re up and want to sign your lease, car purchase or Will at that time. But not after 5:45 PST since the moon goes void of course.

Just a word about “void of course ” moons. I never sign or begin a trip under a ”void “ moon , since it’s a time, occurring every few days for a certain number of hours, when the moon “floats” meaning it does not make contact with any planets and thus creates a web of confusion for that short time frame.

Interesting fact, no one has ever won the presidency when nominated under a void moon!

Dwelling for a moment on something fun, just for once! I’m hoping Meghan Markle and Prince Harry will have an astrologer plan their wedding date and time including a moon that is waxing, growing bigger that is, not void, to encourage as much harmony and longevity as one chart can manage given the time frame of month of May. A brief look at both charts, yes we have their true birth times, show an exact conjoining of her Sun and his Mars! Why does that matter? Well for one thing it’s dynamic as heck. And ancient Egyptian astrologers looked for this aspect above all others when planning royal marriages since it was chemistry that would produce heirs to the throne !

December 16-18th loading up in Sagittarius as we head into the new moon weekend, are the Sun, Moon, Venus and Saturn. That’s quite a foursome wherever they may land in your chart, along with a nasty little square to Chiron. Thank heaven he’ll be melting away soon. New moons in the vedically challenging place of Mula, can be a combination of magic and also, disruption. The whole point of this late Sagittarian new moon is to get to the bottom or root of something, and then cut away that which is not necessary. And we know that Sag can’t help but speak what’s on his mind, a little tact is a good idea? According to the Sanskrit texts, should your moon be placed here, it indicates a “haughty, rich, loving and compassionate disposition.” Ok.

Uranus is there to bring out the best of the day, something arising from the bottom of this lake of fire will no doubt be well received. Monday looks to be a thoughtful day, with a moon in Capricorn as we stand at the edge waiting for the big move of Sun and Saturn into the same location. Seriousness and level headedness should prevail. Fine with me.

How perfect is it that the new moon going from dark to light occurs right on the darkest day of the year, the Winter Solstice, December 21st ( 8:29 am PST), which has been reverently celebrated for millennia as the Return of the Light?

The other part of this is the fact that the previous August Solar Eclipse is being triggered here, so what national or global news will ping our phones? It looks to be in positive territory and the water aspects linking Mars and Jupiter, so rare in Scorpio, support our National Sun in Cancer, as well, making for a hopeful moment. The night of Friday, the 22nd, brings more cosmic entertainment with the Ursids meteor showers—and Mercury now moves direct.

December 23d, Today might bring some mildly confusing times moments, did I forget to pick up that package or buy someone a gift card? But now the fun begins, as we move into Saturnalia, oh excuse me, I meant Christmas. I’m still back in Ancient Rome when the early Christians had to hide their prayerful observation of Christ’s birth within the wildly celebrated Roman feast of that old goat Saturn.

December 24th This is one of those rare days when the moon and Mars and Jupiter, oh and Neptune, all in water, win the synchronized swimming award! Each one looking out for the other! Those Scorpio planets arrive and thrive! Lucky those of you with 10-15 degrees of water signs on your chart, follow the links provided to see or maybe your birthdays down below. The powerful mystical and magical aspect of this water trine should not be understated. Get out your harps!

To fill your Christmas stockings, we also have the addition of the Sun, Venus and Saturn stepping cautiously up Capricorn’s hills. Steady is the word of the day. Wait, I have to catch my breath. All this works out perfectly up until about 6:45 PST. And for my gift to you, I m repeating my philosophy, which is : Use astrology and do not let it use you! “ So take advantage when the aspects are in the best place for your chart and life!

While we’re at it, wishing a very Happy Birthday to Canada’s Justin Trudeau! (1971).

December 25-26th Monday dawns with a slightly emotionally deprived and sensitive moon aspect. She’s hanging out in Pisces tied to Chiron, who’s always dredging up past problems up to the surface when he shouldn’t. The stability of the early Capricorn planets mean that plans will continue, dinner will be served on time and with the proper china . Some harboring of hurts linger into early am Tuesday, a day with very few if any, aspects at all. That’s nice, cleaning up is a meditation after all.

December 27th, Bam! We’ve just landed into an Aries hoe down, Moon, Uranus, all afire, boots akicking. It might be the perfect night for a party come to think of it. Very late into the 28th the Taurus moon adds some cheerfulness and harmony to blend with the other guests, Pluto, Mars, Neptune, you know who I mean. This is a floral fest, a cooking time, a happy time. A power day as I’ve noted It’s not exactly perfect but I’ll leave them out. Interesting is the forward Mercury aspect to the nodes, a thinking, planning and decisive moment for sure with some sweet aspects! Use them !

December 29-31st Friday still carries the remnants of Thursday’s aspects, and Saturday the switch over to a Gemini moon, means that ‘anything can happen day’ is here. Mid day to early evening is chat it up time. Then finally, Sunday ‘s late night sees a moon edging over into Cancer.

January 1st Launching us into 2018 is the Full Wolf Moon in Cancer, directly opposite the Sun, Venus and Pluto, yes him again, in Capricorn. This lunation, located under the long named nakshatra or house of Purvashadha, talks about the high Brahmin who likes to sit atop the pinnacle of power and prestige, but is sometimes unrealistically inflated about his resources and abilities. These tendencies can spell trouble, while opposing the benign caring Cancerian moon in Pushya, only exacerbates the power drive of the opposition. I’m watching January very carefully, with much more to be laid out in next month’s parchment by your faithful scribe. Meanwhile, enjoy December everyone!

DAYS OF BEST INFLUENCE: 8, 12! 14! 17, 19, 24! 28!


The following birthdays are based on the very close degrees of the Sun, not a wide swath of an entire month, for which I could never be specific. This is as close as one can get without a true chart based on an accurate time of birth. Normally having someone’s Moon, rising and Sun are the three great components with which to start reading a horoscope.

However, the Sun is still very significant for it represents your soul, how you manifest yourself and live out your karma in this lifetime. The Sun is also a major health indicator but its house position will tell even more of the story. If you need to see your chart for these details, just follow the links to one or both of the choices provided, Lunarium or Astrodienst.

DECEMBER 3, 4th the upside down excitement of a full moon birth cannot be overlooked. It foretells a year ahead with all sorts of surprises, some ok, ….well a surprise. IF you like calm, it won’t be your favorite year. Some fire people love the drama however.

December 12, 13th Now here is a very intriguing moment, a gift from several sources, strong communication year ahead should this be your birthday! The moon changes from 12th to 13th but each day does something special with the change of moon signs. And Venus so close to your Suns encourages a year of personal magnetism! You lucky dogs.

JANUARY 1-3d How nice are these water aspects in relation to the Sun in your charts! It’s almost too good to be true, you are being supported and uplifted in such a lovely way no matter what other aspects might cause some concern.

JANUARY 14-17th the first few days of this month are not so great for you, it’s frustrating, let me be blunt. It’s like suffering through a personal war with a situation or person, it lifts thank heaven after a week or so.

FEBRUARY 1-4th The December 3d Full moon rings your doorbell and you are not exempt from the drama and excitement, don’t think you are, but it’s all fine since the Neptune part won’t bother you very much! Later month Mercury wants to communicate so let him in.

FEBRUARY 13-15th the beginning of the month is a raucous time, too much energy flying around, it’s intense and not all terribly bad either. The Solstice time is interesting, very thought provoking and contemplative, use it well.

MARCH 1-4th You are so fortunate to have the gift of the water planets hearken to your side. Neptune crossing the Sun can be of dubious value, but here with the Mars and Jupiter combo in Scorpio, that all changes to a gift of magic, love, and inspiration! Should there have been concerns about health or other things recently, these aspects will make it right.

March 17-19th Just wait a little while longer, that late Saturn square and Co. bugging you is very short term. Help is on the way! Remember, a chart has 12 planets and some points to consider, the Sun is very important but not the whole picture.

APRIL 3-4th The early month full moon perfectly aligns to your Suns, it’s fun, exciting and probably explains why you can’t stop and relax right now. You even have further help form Venus and the nodes moving towards your center. IT’s pretty great and supportive !

APRIL 17-20th The first ten days of this month are all set for you!! It is so dynamic I hope you will use it well.

April 25, 26th A unique aspect is forming, It’s strengthening and united with two other earth planets to uplift and support your Suns, your work, your life force! Better as we move forward into 2018.

MAY 1-3d Those water trines we waxed over up above are really ok for you as well, thank Neptune for that sextile. IT will push you to do things you haven’t been able to get off the couch to do! You earth children will have your day in the Sun very soon!

MAY 8-11th Late month is your most interesting time, put a mark on the 28-29th when the Taurus moon comes into the picture. It could be really fun.

JUNE 1-4th Well the full cold moon of the 3d is right over your house, turn the heat on! It certainly won’t be boring with Mr Merc cruising over those degrees almost all month. Much later days are different, except the Gemini moon of the 30th brings back the moment!

JUNE 15-18th That Sag trio all facing opposite you, is, thankfully, uplifted by that fiery innovative Uranus in Aries. This is all over later month, finally you’ve been let out of the box! Relief.

JULY 1-6th Happy Days are here again, that grand water trine Scorpio Planets arrive and thrive, all lined PERFECTLY to the Suns in your charts! What are your plans? Your ambitions? Don’t be shy, go for it !

JULY 14-16th Chiron is making a positive aspect to your Suns, there have been some changes, depending on your charts, of course, but later in 2018 it’s your time. The new moon of the 17th doesn’t help too much, that’s when you should curl up in your fur blankie in front of the fire.

AUGUST 1-3d That full moon is right on target to be your friend! Fire loves fire. And very soon that Rahu karma character will be crossing overhead to push you, like you needed any more encouragement? Venus is there to brighten the scene, all is good! Lucky you!

AUGUST 17-19th These later Leo birthdays all have the push of the fire guys, four no less, so this is your moment, it’s going to change soon, but you’ve had over a year of their support. I know you won’t waste a moment of it.

SEPTEMBER 1-6th Early month September birthdays should be thrilled with the Scorpio planets arriving and thriving at your doorstep, It’s all in perfect sync. That full moon isn’t so cool, too much action and drama maybe? But it moves away and the bigger picture is what matters anyway.

SEPTEMBER 9-11th This part of Virgo has the bonus of a strong hand from the earth bound Pluto underworld powerful creature that he is. And on your team! The Virgo moon of the 9th and 10th, the Taurus moon later month the 28th, all are your best moments!

October 1-3d the Full moon of the 3d enhances your projects, your fun, unless some dire opposing aspects affect your charts, I’d say this is a pretty good early month for you !

OCTOBER 16-20th You will no doubt benefit from the strong fire arrangement that supports the suns in your charts, it’s a gift really. If you haven’t awoken to an amazing thought or idea, it’s not Uranus’ fault. I always think with aspects like this, little doors can open in your head and ideas tumble out that are often genius at work.

NOVEMBER 1-4th Arrive and thrive! those Scorpio planets right on your Suns!! Geez!! How much better can this get?

NOVEMBER 19-30th Later month birthdays of November should glow under the swath of Venus’ wand over your suns, making you more beautiful than you are anyway! Then the guiding stars of karma are heading your way soon to lift you up and god knows that Chiron thing has been your friend too. No matter what other aspects you have, these are early stocking gifts!
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