Astrology October 2017

I have had some severe trepidation about this time and now I see why. Yes, I’m sorry I’m late.  My pen dragged not wanting to put it all down, except this being Free Speech month I finally decided to let it fly. So if you’re brave or just curious, the chart of the Satanic character who armaggedoned his evil self over thousands of rock concert  goers, is laid out below. Since a birth time was not available, we use a Sun chart .  If you can wade through that spiel, we continue to the month ahead and then, I have a surprise for you at the bottom. A new cosmic discovery that made my day perfect!


We’ll start the month with a rather perfect full moon for the times were in, but the sky just reflects ourselves back to us anyway.

The shooter of Las Vegas, an ugly subhuman with a chart I label a “lone wolf” chart, was born under a couple of major stellar collisions. Briefly then, since most of you don’t need an astrology tutorial: The emotional melt down and early life crisis that branded him most likely occurred at age 9, whether I can find that is doubtful.  We know the history of his criminal father.  The Sun in a chart often speaks about the father relationship and he has what is thought of as the success or failure dilemma in one’s chart reflecting the father image… But it’s even more loaded, a delusional character, someone recently smacked by manic Uranus, and that Pluto clash that I have mentioned in previous letters.


The severely afflicted Aquarian moon at birth was set off by August’s monster eclipse, a killer aspect for sure was waiting in the wings for this man with no heart. The moon by progression had moved into a death spiral with power seeking Pluto smashing the Sun as well. Uranus upending the Venus indicates something harsh about the girlfriend, and money!  This also points to depression and anger!  High stakes slot machines and alcohol with a chart so messed up cannot result in a perfect outcome. No wonder he needed valium. I could go on, but suffice to say that these planetary clashes formed exact bullet points making for his  psychotic inner breakdown and subsequent nuclear explosion.


But it ‘s no excuse. And furthermore, others born on that same day and year didn’t perpetrate such a horrific act. Astrological birth charts will show patterns, but the soul decides how to live them out.  Many difficult psychological patterns can be dealt with and overcome, don’t we know. Since this chart is so beset with such harsh aspects by transits progression and arcs!  (how we really do astrology you guys, it’s math!) , I’m wondering, if they examine a slice of his brain, what might be discovered, a tumor? a damaged amygdala?


October 5-6th This full moon in Aries (11:40 a.m.P DT) brings a high energy into these few days.  Situated on the far edge of Aries into Pisces, shines faintly the far star Revati, under which this lunation occurs. Interesting is the fact that Revati in this degree can yes, get carried away, but is also the philanthropist, he who gives of himself to help others.


Stories of heroic deeds, and people giving of themselves are emerging out the Las Vegas bloodbath. “Take this man he’s more wounded than me, I can still walk,” said Taylor*, in spite of the blood running down his legs.  The outpouring of generosity towards Puerto Rico and other force of nature disasters is ubiquitous and indicative of the Revati spirit .


The Sun in early Libra, lies in a quadrant vedically known asHasta. I look to the East Indian skies for deeper meanings because here we have something specific, not a vast generalization about Libra.  Hasta, meaning “ the hand”, brings the strength to do, to take action one’s own self, to make or create . Hasta works for what he gets.  This the Harvest Moon, therefore shining out a larger orb, to brighten our skies and our life. It’s a generous, hard working  full moon.


October 7th-8th, there should be a small thank you for the Taurus moon lending it’s lunar vibes to the other planets in earth, Mars, Venus and Pluto. Something sensible over the weekend in spite of the fractious Mars, Saturn, and Chiron clash.  Saturday is also the birthday, of Mr. Putin, 66, you who have one of the most conflicted birth charts I ‘ve ever seen!  Just full of red squares.


The line up of Mars square to Saturn and oh yes, and there’s Chiron, around the full moon of the 5th  and  well into the 25th!  does not bring joy to any astrologer that I know of.  Another thing, this aspect is not a friendly to our current President  is all I will say.


October 10th-12th  Here is an intriguing time, as we pass the Monday  holiday, for overhead the strident voices of the cosmic clashing forms into an exact degree pattern, Pluto squares the Sun, It’s not my favorite time let me be blunt. I would hesitate to sign anything serious, nor blurt out words that would haunt later. Then creeping up behind, we see planet Jupiter, moving slowly into Scorpio, and soon to follow will be Mercury. This is a is a show of power and I don’t mind at all since Jupiter in water is very good for finances. The  insightfulness of Scorpio as we move further along, should add some well thought out depth to the screech of voices, that’s how I see this Scorpio posse.


October 14th One would hope that Venus entering Libra would lighten the load and bring some calm into the fray but don’t; count on it.


 October 19- 20th The new moon here signals a shift that I’ve been underlining in green, it’s a step forward and the energy is definitely changing for the better. Even though the Sun and Moon are opposing Uranus, that Saturnian anchor blending them perfectly together should make for an interesting time.


It’s a welcome sight, this coalescing into Scorpio of Jupiter Mercury and Sun .


I also like Neptune in the sign of the fishes, sharing fins with those little scorpions, about three of them now, so that we can float more calmly, be more reflective. Maybe plan something nice for Friday? You won’ t be sorry.


October 23, 24th The Sun moves over into Scorpio on Monday, while Mars crosses into Libra.  Yes the times they are a ‘changing.   Coalescing into Scorpio, we now have Jupiter, Mercury and the Sun. I especially like the Neptune trine to Mercury right here, those imaginative creative aspects are my favorites.


October 29th This day intrigues me. There is a very unique angle involving the Aquarius moon and Ketu all matched up to Uranus and Saturn, so what brilliant thing will you do? Or rather, will our space shuttle sky pilots find something rare out there in the sky?  Last of all, speaking of space out there, recent astronomy findings (here I’ m quoting 60 Minutes) have shown that when the dawn of the universe exploded into quintillions of particles across time, those same particles would become embedded in our DNA.   Astro science is astro wisdom.  We are so connected to, and indeed influenced by, our cosmos.


 I rest my case.

*Taylor:  the son of a friend who was at the Las Vegas concert with his girlfriend.

DAYS OF INFLUENCE: 3, 5! ,10,19, 22, 27,30, November 4, 5!



The following birthdays are based on the very close degrees of the Sun, not a wide swath of an entire month, for which I could never be specific. This is as close as one can get without a true chart based on an accurate time of birth. Normally having someone’s Moon, rising and Sun are the three great components with which to start reading a horoscope.


However, the Sun is still very significant for it represents your soul, how you manifest yourself and live out your karma in this lifetime. The Sun is also a major health indicator but its house position will tell even more of the story. If you need to see your chart for these details, just follow the links to one or both of the choices provided, Lunarium or Astrodienst.


OCTOBER 7-8th Those of you with this birthday , will be more fortunate than  most, because the moon in Taurus here indicates  a brief time of sensible calm in the midst of  a week that reeks of stress.


OCTOBER 18-19th Here the new moon energy while it opposes Uranus is also anchored nicely by Saturn, see, so I don’t mind this a bit.  Plus the Scorpio infusion of Mercury and Jupiter for your birthday charts is all fine with me. Light the candles.


OCTOBER 30- NOVEMBER 2nd   The welcome infusion of the Scorpio energy adds a sensible balance to the conflicts of the past several weeks.  Because the water triangle gift of  Neptune and Jupiter ongoing into 2018 begins NOW. And you lucky people are the first to have the happy waves wash over your doorstep. Very late month, the Pisces moon accents this picture .


NOVEMBER 12-16th The first half of this month so loaded up with Virgo energy is actually a boon for you!  Earth likes water so you get a strong side wingman to stabilize the ship. Next year you will benefit even more when Jupiter moves over your rooftops.


DECEMBER mid month birthdays. This has not been your best time, let me just support you a little with this sky news. You can blame all of it on the nasty Saturn Mars knock out around the 7-14 of October. I’d say hang out in a quiet zone. All will soon pass.  Cheer up,  the new moon of the 19th should mark the beginning of your better time!


DECEMBER 2-7th I’m not that happy with the early October obstacles to your Suns, it’s just a downright red stop sign. But it moves very quickly and the full moon might be the lifter of the obstacle track, signaling a better 14 days ahead.


JANUARY  9-11th Oddly enough, even with Plutonian transformer crossing your life for over a year, the early part of this month is a little perk an up for sure and yu’re just one of the rare ones . The Saturday 7th aspects are so in line in site of some clashing elsewhere, so you have to take best advantage. Your birthday mates Jared and Kim Jong , might not read this but you will.


JANUARY 19, 20th   Around the same dates in October, the new moon’s  opposition to manic Uranus is, ahem, not  being too nice to you, upsetting  to your earthy steady selves. .  However, you do have some help from Mars at the same time,  and he is pushing you, energizing the scene.  Better days come in November, that’s just a couple of weeks hence.


FEBRUARY 14-18th the sky is arranging itself to fit your chart! I know it’s a little nuts to say, but the new moon works in your favor, the steady hands of Saturn, Uranus are harmonious to your thoughts and goals. It won’t be this way forever, so get going with your plans now!


FEBRUARY later month: The nice part of this month comes towards the end when the very helpful confab of Scorpio planets moves to support your Suns! What a nice gift to have benefic Jupiter on your team again!


MARCH 2-6th You are so fortunate to have this oncoming gift of Neptune along with the Scorpio bundle of Sun, Jupiter, Mercury, in such perfect alignment to your Suns! And this is in spite of  whatever else is happening in your charts, it’s powerful!! This doesn’t happen very often but you are probably feeling this even though it’s early in the month.


MARCH 11-14th Ok let’s not mince words, the time around October 7-13th just sucks for many of you .Hang on , lay low, expect nothing.  But wait, around the corner the freedom fighters are coming with Jupiter to lighten the load in several weeks and on into  most of 2018. See not all bad.


APRIL 5-8th You are the dark twin of Libra, and he’she’it to you. Opposites that carry similar attributes.  SO these dates will sound the same as your twin’s.  It’s a clashing of cymbals, its not a fun rock fest either. And you could already write a story about what Pluto has wrought in you. Transformation has become an over used word.


APRIL 18-20th These later month birthdays have the advantage/disadvantage of the new moon to the Sun, a change over moment but not all bad, the strong hand of Saturn is holding down the fort that Uranus has lit on fire. That’s you .


MAY 7-11th These early month aspects were made just for you.  You may not realize that the Romeo and Juliet, I mean Mars and Venus party all nice with Pluto to your Suns is a downright cosmic gift!  I’m sure you earthy practical people won’t waste it ,will you.


MAY  21, 22nd Finally later in this month the early switch of Mars into Libra enhances and uplifts your chart, Venus  is nearby, the Aquarian moon of the 28, 29th are pretty helpful dates too!


JUNE 1-4th early month it’s that clashing sound  of Mars and Venus in Virgo hitting against your walls, that keeps you up at night.. Late month when Mars returns in Libra, things will improve .


JUNE 13-18th For these mid month days, I would say if you like challenges then this is your time! You might especially like the sextile of Uranus and the new moon of the 19th, they will tip the scales back to you! So nothing stays the same, the sky moves and so will you!


JULY 1-8th   Water likes earth so these should be some pretty good days for you.  The weekend f the 8th is pretty great I have to say. The Taurus moon makes it all balanced and then with Neptune coming around the corner your garden will have plenty of water !


JULY 17-19th the new moon of these same dates might cause some upsetting moments, late month. But next month will bring the opposite. Uranus square your suns can bring some unpleasant moments forcing you to accept some new situation or other. Jupitr is heading your way, it s going to be a little bit of a wait.


AUGUST 16-19th Interesting set up for all of you in the late realms of the Lion, as Rahu the instigator, promise maker and taker, is overhead, the power team of sky gods Uranus and Saturn are enhancing what you have waited and wanted. This new moon of the19th brings it all home.  Grab it while you can.


LATER DAYS OF AUGUST 23D ON: You in very early earthy Virgo have the good luck to be the recipients of the Scorpio posse moving in a nice angle to the Suns, always good to have some backup I say. Starting around the 11t this month. Yes.


SEPTEMBER 2-7th How fortunate for you with these birthdays! Early October till around the 12th is all for you!  Earth loves earth and boy are you on a perfect place now!  Go get it, it ‘s all yours!


SEPTEMBER  14-17th This is not my favorite month for some of you with a Mars and Saturn conflicting your Suns, war broke out on your lawn it seems. Especially harsh days


land near the 10-11th.  Lay low, don’t have any important medical tests done or anything whereby you might receive bad news. Sorry to be so blunt.


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