Astrology September 2017



September has arrived with a clash of cymbals from Mars and Mercury joined early month on the exact late fiery degree in Leo of the recent solar eclipse . It’s legendary, loud and life changingly obnoxious.   Solar eclipses have historically been viewed as portents, however that may fall in one’s chart, or in the chart of a city or country. As we ‘ve just witnessed. These current planetary aspects just triggered that. At the same time there happen to be some dynamic and very creative talents at work, up above and down below, here on earth I mean. A very interesting month it is. Scroll down to see mention of a Vatican Observatory Astronomy blog that harkens back to the Book of Revelations ! Wild times, with two planets moving direct and a possible new mystery planet coming close to earth!




September 3d-4th Sunday’s Aquarian moon will no doubt show its humanitarian side as it is given even more strength by the geometric balancing of the outer planets. By Tuesday , the 5th, Mercury moves into direct motion but in so doing stands still and therefore emits even more influence. It is still connected to Mars and the north node of the moon, known as Rahu, all of which describes a do or die determination in a birth chart, so here it looks to be a “don’t stand in my way” theme and all of it connected to the same fixed star Regulus, the ruler for several days. I’m sure there’s a script to be written.


September 4-9th we also have the added bonus of a strong Plutonian perfect aspect to the Sun. Translate that as power. All of these energy driven aspects can become highly productive but of course, there is the other side which is the vociferous carping tendency of Mr. Merc fired up by combative Sergeant Mars in a fire sign. As if the headlines weren’t enough to fuel everyone’s twitter feed.


The full moon of the 6th under Pisces and linked to Neptune will show us a lot more, especially with the lunar tie to self sacrificial Neptune, yep, he can be generous like that. Full and new moons are bookmarked days whose aspects linger. They pretty much set the table for the following two weeks. While the Sun, helped by Pluto’s strong arm, falls under the kindly, musical and pleasure loving section of Virgo PurvaPhalguni, the moon lies opposite in stark contrast. As it happens, this specific Piscean lunar house often describes a harsher outlook, fires, despair and suffering not withstanding. But that Good Samaritan side of Neptune is intriguing to say the least.


September 10th Mercury finally moves into his home base, Virgo, where he is most useful and organized, Mars is right behind, calmed down, and able to lay out smart detailed plans and ideas. Don’t we just love that organized Virgo mind?


September 12-13th some discord may erupt here, a clash of wills, the moon in Gemini not being her cheerful self, instead clashing with various objects, I mean people, but it smoothes out as the Cancerian moon arrives mid afternoon Wednesday.


September 16-17th Here we have a hopeful brief calm moment, since the moon in Leo sides with Venus and makes an even more auspicious aspect to those outer planets.


It’s hopeful and harmonious, so take advantage of this if you can!


This might be my favorite moment of the month, I always chose one time if you’ve noticed, and this is it. The kids are in bed, the dog in his kennel and it’s a good time to think and relax!


September 19th10:30 pm PDT, In spite of that truculent square from Saturn, this new moon in late Virgo carries some hopeful attributes. This specific definition, not true of all of Virgo, is why I am such a student of Vedic astrology. The attributes of this particular segment of Virgo called Uttara Phalguni, describe an eagerness to help the distressed, to lend their patronage and help those in need with a kind heart. Chiron’s close opposition to Sun and Moon along with several very exact aspects here, under this “the dark of the moon” time, which contribute to a powerful few days, make no mistake.


On the brighter side I’d have to add that my years of astrological research have shown me that not all squares are hopeless dark holes. Over and over I have watched difficult charts navigated by brave souls who have taken up the challenges presented by the harsher aspects. They are my heroes, not the passive ones who say “oh well “.  And so it is with times like these, the fighters will conquer, those squares/roadblocks can be overcome.


September 22nd, the Autumnal Equinox, and the Sun moves into Libra. BUT!


Now we come to a very interesting day, September 23d, which has been a lively topic on the blogosphere, and mentioned by, surprise, the “Catholic Astronomer”, curious as to why the “Vatican Observatory blog” was swept up in such a tizzy over the sky pattern of September 23d, 2017! So I will mention it. Supposedly such a pattern, will be a repeat of that profound statement, #12 in the Book of Revelations:


“A great sign appeared in the sky, a woman clothed with the sun, with the moon under her feet, and on her head a crown of 12 stars. She was with child and wailed aloud in pain as she labored to give birth … She gave birth to a son, a male child, destined to rule all the nations with an iron rod.”


Upon checking some astronomy blogs myself, and deciphering “The woman clothed with the Sun, Virgo, the Virgin, and the stars of Leo over her head”. We can see that the Sun is edging out of Virgo, the moon is in Scorpio, to the left of, not under her feet. Jupiter at the center, passing through, birthing the young god as it were. And yes, there are many stars in the constellation of Leo that could pass for a crown of 12 stars. In astronomical fact this arrangement has occurred a few times in the last 1000 years, so this scripture/astronomy drama over this being the first time in 7000 years is a mystery to me.


Because I’m a curious Gemini, I checked out the last occurrence of this astronomical configuration, September 22, 1827. Synchronistically perhaps, that happened to have been the exact date that Joseph Smith discovered the golden plates, which would fulfill God’s promise to remember Israel in the latter days. It was not only the beginning time of Latter Day Saints, but in Jewish scriptures it is the hold Day of Remembrance where some scribes told of a woman being able to conceive after a long period of barrenness.


Besides the religious theme, there seems to be some debate about this mysterious Planet X, Nibiru, so of course right over to the NASA website yours truly went, and there it was explained that there is indeed some talk of a planet X, coming closest to our Sun approximately on September 23d. There has been some speculation regarding the influence of this mysterious object affecting our tidal areas, the axis tilting, pole changes to come? As for further speculation and various End of Days discussions, I will leave that to those of you in the astronomy/religious circles.


The Sun will have just crossed over into zero Libra, so it’s not in Virgo by now or did the precession of the equinoxes slip a tiny bit in 7000 years as has been discussed? Astrologically speaking, the thin crescent of a Scorpio moon shines over to Neptune in Pisces, which opens to a spiritual moment for sure, a balancing act to the fractious opposing elements of Jupiter and Uranus. Is there a trigger here to our recent historic solar eclipse? Earth blinded by a second sun? Not that I can see, we’ve already experienced it see #Houston, the #LA fires raging and #monsoon flooding in India and Nepal.


September 24- 25th If our planet is still here (I’m sure it will be) the steadying hand of strong earth Pluto to earth sign Mars should stabilize foundations, and the Power Prince, soon to go direct, will stand still thereby lending more of his strength.


September 26th-27th that Sagittarian moon, usually a welcome sight, sits at slight cross hairs with three Virgo planets, so yes, confusion reigns most of the day, but inching towards the end of sign it will make for better times on towards Thursday.


September 28-30th I’ll take that Capricorn moon, it’s motion direct adds even more determination when lined up with Mars forced to reign in some willfulness under Virgo,

Who could argue when both the Moon and Pluto are the generals of the day? Thursday is a day I’ll note down.   Friday morning’s disruptive moon and Uranus kerfuffle hit the grid, wait till evening, or even better Saturday, when the Sun and moon relax in a nice air trine. We needed a little break and some fun.

Before I leave to dive into the ocean, make a note of the first three days of October, they provide a steady three legged stool approach. Very steady and strong on one side, uplifting and aspirational on the other. If you’re interested, you might check the links offered below, to see if your chart has some earth signs that will benefit, like having a Sun, Moon, Venus, rising sign, or Mars in Capricorn, Taurus or Virgo.


DAYS OF INFLUENCE: 4, 9!,13, 17, 22, 28, OCTOBER 3D




The following birthdays are based on the very close degrees of the Sun, not a wide swath of an entire month, for which I could never be specific. This is as close as one can get without a true chart based on an accurate time of birth. Normally having someone’s Moon, rising and Sun are the three great components with which to start reading a horoscope.

However, the Sun is still very significant for it represents your soul, how you manifest yourself and live out your karma in this lifetime. The Sun is also a major health indicator but its house position will tell even more of the story. If you need to see your chart for these details, just follow the links to one or both of the choices provided, Lunarium or Astrodienst.


SEPTEMBER 3, 4th birthdays have some strong Leo contacts that will see you through the year, I can’t understate how powerful this is, with the Aquarian moon accenting it all. You are being called to do something and so you must.


SEPTEMBER 10, 11TH Sunday’s perfect line up of Taurus moon to Sun and Pluto all in earth, Taurus Virgo and Capricorn, and aside from the astro lingo, I LOVE THIS TIME! Its your birthday chart so it spells out a solid strong year ahead where all problems can be managed, and security and stability rule !


SEPTEMBER 19th- a New moon birthday starts one’s life on a new path. Yes some obstacles will present themselves, but as I have said, the squares are how we grow and overcome. Something will have to be changed but later on you’ll be glad and smiling, powerful later in the next year of 2018 I mean.


OCTOBER Early next month I LOVE the aspects! So harmonious and helpful! September 3d holds a candle for you, be happy!


OCTOBER 14-16th It’s been a little annoying with promises made then taken away for you. There is however, a steadying hand from Mars and Saturn especially early in the month. Just hang on, your day will come.


NOVEMBER 4-6th that full moon can wreak some havoc in certain places, but you get lucky with the geometry to your suns. Neptune is your pal, creative, inspiring all of it!


NOVEMBER 18-20th Oddly enough this new moon of well, not such great aspects, is the opposite for you! That earth angle and then Chiron over in Pisces, exact to your degree, is so helpful! And I know things couldn’t have been so great with that nasty Martian hammer hitting you, but he’s leaving soon and you’ll be much better off.


DECEMBER 1-5th That degree of Mars is just so annoying, but hang in there, the Venus aspect is helping out and nothing stays the same forever. Plus you have other planets and signs! The Sun isn’t the only part of a chart! But you know that by now!


DECEMBER12-14th You are still dealing with that burden on your shoulders, Saturn, its all his fault. But the odd thing I have seen, is that sometimes people can get involved n a very deep relationship, I mean good one! When this happens! Love, friends, take it!


JANUARY 6-8th the full moon of the 6th is pretty nice for you, some good helpful lifting up type of vibes, you have just passed the conflict of the Uranian clash so that’s history now. Better times are ahead. And since Pluto has been changing your life for some time now, I can’t wait to see the new you! Hopeful and happy you will be early next month.


JANUARY 16-20th It’s still not over, that grid of obnoxious Jupiter and Uranus clashing over your head. But the good news is the new moon of the 19th this month, it helps you in a very steadying way. Chiron is around the block doing the same thing. Oh good.


FEBRUARY 15-21st Wow what gift for you, that Jupiterian hopefulness, plus the Uranian surprise and creative side. The early part of this month can be sorta rough, but it improves every day. And the big picture, as I mentioned before is a gift.


MARCH 4-6th The full moon of the 6th makes a pass overhead, it might as well be your full moon, enlightening and changing. Except the Neptune on your Suns I can’t help but think it’s pretty nice, not confusing with the aspects I see although usually it can be considered a detriment.. Not here though.


MARCH 11-13th Still having a load to carry call it Saturn, that curmudgeon. I see it. Full moons bring light and it’s close to your Suns so expect some news, plus that perfect alignment from Pluto gives me a lot of hope.


APRIL 15-16th My what a time it has been! So raucous with Uranus cruising over head and arguing with Jupiter! But the moon’s nodes and Mars are so in trine with all of you that I am really excited and wonder what great use you will make of these times?


APRIL 20-21st Early month the eclipse of August 21st was triggered and while there may have been some harsh occurrences, you may also have seen an opening to the doorway that you’ve been searching for.


APRIL 25-28th Very early Taurus earth signs are fortunate to have a combo of Mercury and Mars in Virgo to fire them up and present new ideas! The 10th has a moon lining up for you too !


MAY 8-11th Mid month, like the 9th and 10th especially, have your names on it! Then very late month there is a dynamic uplift from Mars and Pluto, whatever will you do? That will be start of those very terrific aspects the first couple of days of October. Better write that down.


MAY 19, 20th That new moon of the 19th is actually your friend, it lines up s perfectly to your Suns, it’s strengthening and supportive and there’s an added plus from Chiron. Early month the eclipse trigger from Mars could create problems so be careful of accidents or reckless behavior. Make sure you have a fire extinguisher or two, and water!


JUNE 1-5th Annoying little devil that Mars creature and with Lillith, black moon witch on your suns too! How dare she, well it goes by fast. Stay in the slow lane and don’t drive a red car.


JUNE 12-17th Saturn is still hanging around but there’s been some improvement and with that fantastically creative aspect from Jupiter and Uranus, annoying to many but not you! Lay low during the new moon of the 19th, it isn’t that friendly for mid June babies.


JULY 4-6th That full moon of the 6th is in perfect aspect for you ! That Neptune Moon combo is exact to the Suns in your charts, I mean, how lucky can you get? That’s a straight up gift so relax and know that the Virgo planets are also you friend, they are lining up on your team as well!


JULY 17-19th the new moon of the 19th sends a nice feather your way, its really ok and you have a wingman on your side now. Earth likes water is how that goes.


AUGUST 10-12th There are a couple of helpful aspects for you right now, and that Jupiter sextile along with Venus cruising right over you first half of September is an added gift. Things are improving, for sure.


AUGUST 19-21st Well you know what I’m going to say, yes the eclipse vibe is still strong and your life is changing whether you can see it now or in a few months. All is going to be different and a make over isn’t really a bad thing, especially when the aspects are as favorable as these for you.