Astrology August 2017


Without question the main celestial event this month will be the grand “American Eclipse”‘ of the 21st of August. It will be the first time in 99 years that such a darkening sky has covered our geographical landmass in mid day. Here I introduce the Bard himself, where the Earl of Gloucester ruminates in King Lear that : “These late eclipses in the sun and moon portend no good to us… Love cools, friendship falls off, brothers divide. In cities, mutinies; in countries, discord; in palaces, treason; and the bond crack’d ‘twixt son and father.”
My fascination was piqued early on by Shakespeare and Chaucer’s occasional references to the Sun, Moon, and planets in their poems and plays. After some research I discovered that many learned men of that time possessed some basic knowledge of astronomy. This was not lost upon me as I began my own study of the sky and its influence upon human happenings.
And so my friends, into the month of August we shall tread, lightly, dark glasses secured, so as to ” Advance our half-faced sun, striving to shine” (Henry VI).
Or in any event, to read the sky patterns as best we may.


August 1, 2nd Coming off of a watery combo of Moon in Scorpio, Venus and Sun in Cancer, we will witness a swift change in these first couple of days. Take a highly energized fiery Mars partnership with the Sun, and then by the 2nd a Sagittarian moon which some might use it to log more miles on their trackers, or others to accomplish more than any sane person would do in a single day.
Late on Wednesday, Uranus begins its backwards lurch, and then by mid month five planets will be in retrograde motion. We in the West view this as a stall time in which to re-think and stand back, whereas Eastern astrologers don’t mind retrogrades as much because they believe that planets closer to the earth wield more influence. What kind of influence? Make no mistake this is going to be a month to remember, and as Hamlet said, “The play’s the thing… whereby we may catch the conscience of the king.” Because, with these contrary energies true intentions and feelings might just inadvertently leak out.
August 4th Early today’s addition of a Capricorn moon, almost exact in contact with the business minded Merchant of Venice himself, Mercury, makes for an advantageous deal making kind of day. This is in spite of a very fractious Pluto and Jupiter power play but that’s to be expected in the world of business. Later day looks pretty nice as well when the moon and Neptune link up. TGIF it is!
The big news as we head into the weekend is of Monday’s full moon lunar eclipse. Termed a “blood Moon, due to a slightly reddish color this month, August 7th (11:11 am PDT), this Aquarian full moon is actually making some cheerful angles when I Measure to Measure them.
If your chart lands in mid sign of either air or fire, say 15-16 degrees, you should be very happy with this moon! It’s Vedic designation in Shravna, shines on esteemed men of higher learning, the sort of men (and women) who listen to others and in return are listened to with respect.
I’d say we really need this right about now and it pairs up well with the Leo Sun ‘s designated Ashlesha placement, favoring all manner of physicians and categories of healing modalities, from roots of the earth to the highest technology in medicine. Wait, so we‘re trying to deal with a health care bill that needs wisdom and healing?
One thing to remember about full moons is that they illuminate, what is hidden may be seen. Full moons hold their power for two weeks but here it’s extended due to the eclipse. There’s some hope.
August 7-8th Moving on into Tuesday up there in the sky is a cozy combo of affectionate Venus, along with Ceres the earth mother, both tight in Cancer, holding hands or fins, with Neptune over in his fish tank of Pisces. Very sweet, a Midsummer Night’s Dream under this extended full moon perhaps?
August 9th, this is a fascinating day to my mind, you might even have magic here if you are open to it. Mid water and earth signs I’m talking to you. Here you might check your own charts by using this (link to Lunarium).
August 11, 12th Now the shift arrives with that dynamic Aries Moon near Uranus, earthquake disruptor that he is. But he’s also a genius. Now Mercury moves retrograde, Saturday at 6 pm (PDT), bringing the number to five of retrograding planets. There is so much going on today, the moon is edgy with Venus, so not entirely smooth for Juliet, but the solidity of the Saturn moon aspect gives me some hope that Romeo can figure it out.
August 15, 16th‘s Gemini moon can really be put to use Wednesday with its perfect aspect to Uranus and Jupiter. It’s provides an ideal moment for two opposite sides to come together but will they? Use astrology, whenever possible, don’t let it use you, is what I say.
More on this. First of all, let me mention that I always advise people to not travel under an eclipse, it is not a good idea. Wait a couple of days on either side if you can, especially during one as significant as this one. A lunar event is not as dramatic, but still, travel carefully. The timing of this upcoming solar event, is well, spectacular, since the conjoined Sun and Moon are exact to the very significant and bright fixed star, Regulus, the king or ruler. Should we be concerned? Oh what would Shakespeare say?
Othello, remarking upon the death of Desdemona, after he killed her, “Methinks it should be now a huge eclipse?of sun and moon, and that the affrighted globe?Should yawn at alteration”.
Looking back into history, the last eclipse to shadow our landmass, occurred on June 8th of 1918. This event coincided with the outbreak of the Spanish Flu, the most devastating plague which killed close to half a million people world wide. 1918 saw the end of World War I under President Woodrow Wilson.
What plagues us now? There’s the rise of antibiotic-resistant super viruses a severe opioid pandemic sending many to their deaths, a warming climate, and even warring nations? The 21st of August is also the matching point for the Vedic star Magha, which describes persons of wealth, or as the texts describes it: “one who has many servants, enjoys the senses, and is symbolized by the royal throne”. The true ruler under Magha realizes that a King serves his people
Eclipses act like a fiery brand on the hide of say a hapless steer, it stays there, to be marked upon at a future time, and not too far away at that.
The first trigger of this very powerful solar event will occur in very early September. October has its own event circus, then on into 2018 with a strong hit in later January.
As it so happens, this eclipse degree also affects the chart of our current president, landing on the most critical part of the chart, the degree of the rising sign in late Leo, along with Mars and the progressed Sun (data for you astrology students). There will be changes for him, very dramatic ones to say the least. When analyzing a country’s disposition and trends, the stock market included, it’s important to look at the charts of the various persons in power, a much too lengthy discussion for these columns.
Because eclipses follow a cycle, the last one to land on this exact location in late Leo, occurred on August 22nd, 1998. The difference here is that it did not cover our country’s landmass, but it did make a mark in each person’s chart (like that steer) so maybe think back to 19 years ago and see what that brought in or eliminated in your life late in 1998 to 1999.
For sure this cosmic event, of the Moon crossing between earth and Sun, will upend our very philanthropic Aquarian moon thereby causing some more emotional disruptions to the country. The greatest duration of the afternoon eclipse (2:30 EDT) will settle over the heartland and western Kentucky. Even though the exact length is about two minutes and 40 seconds, the penumbra will last longer.
With respect to our country’s Vedic chart I would mention that the USA chart is now in the exact time period as the nearly catastrophic unfounding of this nation, 1776-1777. Then coming around again, the raucous campaign of 1896, when William McKinley became president re-entered the same cycle. There are certain parallels in both periods, to be sure. I think it might go without saying that we will soon be watching The Tempest.
Not to be a complete Armagedda, I have to add that there are certain dynamic and positive astro qualities to this event, should you be fortunate enough to have these same late degrees in air or fire that line up with it. In that case I would say it’s a big green light for sure. Know that the twelve houses of a chart will show areas ruled by these signs so wherever Libra, Sagittarius or Aries are placed, that’s where the most activity will occur in your individual lives and charts. Ponder that, and take it, As You Like It.
Eclipses, especially one as strong as this will be, provide us with trigger points for reference. The first trigger comes in very early September, then mid November, another in later January 2018.
Should we experience some inner rumblings under the earth’s shell, I would not be surprised, but right now it’s more likely to be on the surface.
August 25-27th The last weekend holds a different light, under a waxing moon. It looks like a reorganizational time, with busy Virgo energy tied into a no nonsense Scorpio moon. Saturn ‘s move into direct motion is a headliner, just emphasizing a ‘let’s figure it out’ vibe of the planetary set up. These later days, moving into early September with a strong conjoined Capricorn moon to Pluto, will see the first of several reminders of the eclipse. Dynamic, intense, dramatic, traumatic? what more can I say?
DAYS OF INFLUENCE: 2,4,7!,9,12, 16,18,20,24,25,26


August 1st 2nd The roar of the Lion may well be heard for several blocks, with Mars on top of the Sun and that Sagittarian moon makes it a grand threesome. A fire year for all of you in this very kind segment of Leo called Pushya, almost Cancerian in affection needs at times.
August 7th-8th Oh another lunar eclipse birthday and boring it will not be for you Leo’s this year. Lots of fire with Mars close to your Suns. And guess what! There happens to be some nice snuggly aspects, even if it’s just between you and your rabbit, with Venus and earth mother Ceres in loving Cancer, and Neptune making nice together. The Aquarian moon and Jupiter trine is what catches my eye. You are in for a nice surprise with this one. Congrats!
August 21st How could I possibly leave out this major eclipse birthday?
Past times have shown us that very rare solar eclipse birthdays portend a year of great change. Now don’t panic, it so happens that the fire aspects are strong in spite of a power shortage in the Plutonian Jupiter fuse box. All that fire is an apt expression of “I will do it”.
September 5-9th I think the best we can say, since this is based on the Suns in your charts, is that period around the 11th,12th of this month might offer you the best chance at getting your voice and demands recognized. Because then the moon, Mercury and Pluto are standing beside you. Just wait a little while longer. But having Pluto aligned to the Sun is pretty strong and stays there for many weeks.
September 29, 30th the first week of the month holds all sorts of dynamism for you, so grab it all while you can, then there’s a flattening of the sun vibe, thank heaven we have other planets to consider, especially the moon!
October 6,7th the lunar event of the 7-8th this month creates an unusual situation for you, Vlad. The hammer from Pluto continues to be annoying, and you re just not getting everything you need, but then the Lunar, translate powerful moon day, harmonizes things for you so you might just be able to slide through to the finish line! This time any way.
October 10-14th Wow this is so dynamic for you, such a powerful time, I don’t usually gush like this, but heck, if you could only see the grand air and fire balancing act to your Libra selves. Holy moly.
November 3-7th The eclipse of August 7th can alternately bring a clashing of cymbals day, not your best. Then it leaves pretty fast and the energy of the lunar event isn’t long lasing. Around the 10-13th, a nice little gift from Venus and Neptune sidles up to your Suns. It’s cozy and nice.
November 19-21st the Eclipse energy spreads out to the Suns in your charts and one would suggest a review of all important health and business matters just to be sure of things in the coming months. There is a nice perk from Venus in Cancer and Chiron in Pisces, so don’t go into a panic. You are loved. November is a better month..
December 1-4th Early month up to the 10th all that nice Leo fire is a little present for you. Especially on the 2nd and even the lunar of the 7th is energizing, and happy.
December 13-18th the geometry of this legendary solar eclipse is set up in such a way that supports you in a big way, so whatever your plans are keep going and don’t give up! Even Saturn in Sagittarius right over your head is helping in his own way because of these wingmen. This is rare and unique, as hard as some days may seem.
January 6, 7th Lordy that mean Pluto square to Jupiter beating up your Sun, is just not nice! It’s been putting up concrete barriers, and the 7th of the month sends everyone into a tizzy. The later month solar event emphasizes this. Early October brings a better aspect.
January 19, 20th It’s a good thing that we have several points in a given chart, because the solar event of the 21st is a bit harsh for your Suns, and then there’s been that ongoing crusher, Uranus, making life sort of uncomfortable I wish it weren’t so. There are better moments ahead in mid October, something to look forward to.
February 6-8th This lunar event of the same dates are so nice for you! The air and fire match up is so perfect so move forward, get your plans organized and do it! It should be a really fun pre lunar eclipse weekend for you! The powerful Jupiter and Saturn support can’t be overlooked you. So nice.
February 8-16st Wild as it may seem this is a really good month for many of you (since I can’t know every detail about your own charts). The Sun is important for Self and health and a few important things and now the tide is washing in your favor. Sextiles, trines, it’s pretty great and even the solar eclipse has some nice balance that helps as well.
March 10-13th there’s been this oppressive Saturnian aspect for many months adding more stress and responsibility to your backs than anyone, even a goat, would be able to handle. The 3d week adds another brick or two to the load and then, it stops. The nice part is the trine water aspect between Venus and Chiron and some help from Pluto. Life will improve greatly by year’s end. Just hang on.
March 18,19th Hmm, for some of you these aspects well like the solar eclipse, aren’t landing in the best locations for you, just know that later in the year Saturn will exit and go bother someone else. Reince will be happy to know this I’m sure. And since water loves water, Thanksgiving time will be much better, just wait.
Last days of March very first days of April: You early Arians get a nice boost very early in August, so much so that you might need better air conditioning, the heat and energy will get so intense.
April 6, 8th Its been hard to navigate for a while, feeling as obstructed as you have. Blame Pluto, he’ll be heading north of you soon. However, the better news is this grand fire trine from Mars in Leo, just what you’ve needed, to boost that energy. And it’s free!
April 12-16th so remarkable is this great lineup of fire and air like it was made just for you. The support system is what you’ve needed, go do what you’ve been thinking of doing. Take that trip.
April 28- May 3d the first half of the month support nicely, Mercury, Venus, Neptune, all very harmonious, so communication is enhanced and never mind that loud mouth Mars, but do watch where you’ re driving, and no texting.
May 9-11th The support team is still there headed by Pluto, although August full moons aren’t usually so great for you when square to your birthday dates, like now. Do be careful near the 21st eclipse, and don’t travel, even if by camel. I don’t like that fiery look on Mars’ face right there.
May 20-22nd All right here it is. This eclipse on the 21st is like a hammerhead shark slamming into the Suns in your charts. I‘m hoping that you have several mitigating natal aspects right there because you’ll need a little CPR with this one as we move forward. For heaven’s sake don’t travel under that dark sky.
June 12 -15th That overbearing Saturnian aspect is still hanging on to your Suns, that best descriptor of health and well being. The Chiron square is still there too. And yes there is some really strong uplift with the Jupiterian trine and the Mars sextile to your Gemini selves. It’s therefore a slightly better time than you’ve seen. There are several key parts to a chart, of which the ascendant degree and moon play a huge part so to see where they are is helpful.
June 20, 21st, Ok you lucked out with this solar eclipse energy, all of those fire and air planets make a perfect aspect to your Suns and therefore your life goals. In the months ahead certain “triggers” will
Support you in amazing ways. Early September will see two of these.
July 1-5th Early moon children will shine under a cuddly Venus Neptune trine around the 10-11th of the month. Take advantage. You’ve dodged a Plutonian bullet in the recent past now onto the next game, and when Jupiter enters Scorpio your team will win!
July 9,12th Right near the solar eclipse it’s probably a good idea to lay low and avoid traveling any great distance. That square between Jupiter and Pluto does not help things for your camp right now. But we love astrology because we can see things move and change! Slightly better is that Venus is close to by with a certain magical overlay. Just stay in your tent right now, roast marshmallows and sing kumbaya.