Astrology July 2017

Happy Birthday America

We haven’t done your chart lately so I thought we should take a look. It’s pretty similar, whether one takes the July 2nd birthdate, when the Continental Congress decided to establish the United States (such as they were, 13 colonies) as a sovereign Nation, or July 4th, the date of the signing of the Declaration.
I use the 6:30 pm chart on the 4th as researched by James Kelleher from letters of Jefferson and Adams all of which are archived in the Library of Congress. There are several aspects which stand out in the present time and ought to be noted. I’ll digress on that for a bit and then move onto the present month. But beware, we are not in the safest of days, for dissension and upheaval are looming ahead for this July 4th 1776 birth chart and month.
Most striking to me at this moment is one of two sharp conflicts shown in the USA natal chart. Okay, it’s the Mars square to Neptune, which speaks of self deception and delusion that at its most extreme can way to addiction, and the emotional insecurity that fed it in the first place. The current opioid crisis stands out in stark significance. Right now this particular aspect is being lit like a firecracker with Saturn perfectly triggering it as well as that overly verbose Mars in Gemini, our first amendment free press! Our communication networks, from the paper press to the cyber press, oh and the twitter press, it’s all under that same rulership. With Neptune in the house of publicity, the media, and entertainment, it’s all right there and happening now. But I do recall, in days past, our gilded Neptune did begin the film industry ahead of than any other country.
But back to the story, our home base, our emotional grounding is undergoing a sort of upheaval, the parents are fighting in the kitchen! It’s as though an earthquake has hit. Wait there’s more.
Perhaps the most important aspect arrives by mid month, when the USA power structure signifier Pluto, experiences a major outage. This comes right after the G20 meeting which falls on that full moon, and it’s overseeing the Putin and Trump meeting! Of all times to plan that one ! To be blunt, it’s unsettling, all of it.
There is a simultaneous ignition to Trump’s chart so it’s any one’s guess just how it will play out. However, Trump’ s solar return chart did show what looks to be a power battle against “authority” (igniting his father power complex), some mental depression aspects as well as some rejection and humiliation in the year ahead. Late month there’s a slight uplift for him, briefly. There, I said it.
There is one nice positive aspect on the horizon, America, which is Jupiter’s oncoming gift to your very philanthropic Aquarian moon, in spite of what you may be reading. Stay tuned for this one later in October.
Now back to July, during which, the first days will be rather calm.
July 3rd has a rather nice aspect between Sun and Moon and Neptune, which brings a creative and spiritual interlude, turn up the music, grab your paint brush, if only for a minute.
July 8th full moon (9:07 pm PDT, oh my wait till you see this one. I can’t really underestimate this one, because how often do we get a landmark lunation like this? With Mars siting right on the Sun and in direct contrast to the silent war god Pluto hiding behind the Moon (remember, he was never seen, he lived under ground) we have all the makings of a power struggle.
My summation would be that these are unsettling days way up until later month so please watch your travel plans and take extra care in safety measures.
On a more personal level, the most significant parts of the month are always the lunations, with a few extras. The full moon just mentioned is a power making or breaking time. And yes it’s in strong Capricorn under the Vedic star Poorvashadha, attributed to water elements, protection, and firmness in danger. Poorvashadha has a forgiving nature but is ready to make war when necessary.
Here’s a decision making moment to be sure… Seeing where the Cancer/Capricorn axis lays in your chart would tell you more. For instance, is Cancer or Capricorn your rising sign? Let’s see, check here (lunarium). If either sign is, then you have a self versus the other, relationship matters must be addressed. Whether it’s with a business partner or life partner both apply. Are you I a lawsuit? That could be a dicey time as well. If you are checking your birthdays down below, some of you will benefit from this lunation, but not too many!
July 16-18th these are days of extra caution, there’s no way around it. Some powerful matters come up. Chiron over in Pisces lends a palm leaf to the Mars exactly on the watery Cancer Sun. Now, when all that fire goes into water, what do you have ? Steam! Even though the nice air sign perk of Venus to Jupiter will shower some happiness in certain corners.
July 19-21st At last, The Sun entering Leo along with Mars creates a dynamic “let’s do it” type of vibe and the new Moon of the 23d emphasizes this all the more. It’s bringing welcome fire energy into a fortunate segment of Cancer/ Leo called Punarvasu. What we have here is a pretty dynamic and positive Leo moment to say the least. These are highlighted as the most hopeful days in my book.
Near the 24th will not be the best time to repair a broken relationship or make a large purchase, just wait a few days until this obstacle aspect lifts. There is a contrast however, and it’s a burgeoning creative and inventive force that seeks recognition. I’ll take that ! It’s rather significant because there is so much fire power and also it’s in one of my favorite Vedic signs, the very late in Leo humble ruler, Magha, who does what is best for his people knowing his purpose is to serve.I’m really curious to see what brilliance emerges here.
Then shortly after, Mercury arrives into his/her own best placement in Virgo, so the organizing mind has returned and Venus will move swiftly into home loving Cancer. Thus the picture will change.
In August, America, you are going to have YOUR very own eclipse, right overheard, August 21st. More exact details will becoming next month. And by the way, try not to travel under an eclipse pattern, it’s not advised.
Astrology is both a science and an art. So while this may not have come across as the most cheerful of monthly delineations, it’s only because I have to speak truthfully about what I see up there and the added Vedic information fills out a more apt description of our full and new moons. The world of Vedic astrology has filled in so many spaces for me knowledge wise and that’s why I endeavor to share it with you!
I can’t just give out generic tidbits and happy fortune cookies. I’ll leave that to others!
So, yes this will be quite a month. “ And the rockets red glare, the bombs bursting in air.. gave proof through the night that our flag was still there..”
I’m wishing a Happy fourth to all you rebels and Patriots!
DAYS OF INFLUENCE : 3, 4, 11,18, 20, 24, 26th


JULY 3rd Such a nice water trine makes for a happy year ahead for sure, Moon in Scorpio loves a Cancerian Sun and then Neptune to round it all out in Pisces. This is nice!
JULY 14-17th Here is a very unique and happy moment with Mars and the Sun and Chiron all happily aspecting one another, a really nice solar return for your birthday, relief.
AUGUST 4-8th Mid month is your best time, the harmonious trine from Venus and Jupiter highlights your Suns and Mercury there as well, a road trip perhaps?
AUGUST 17-20th You are still under the mighty fire angle that is supporting your highest aims. So don’t let it slide on by ok? These are such powerful aspects to your Suns, that part of you that expresses itself to the world
SEPTEMBER 7-11th The full moon of the 9th is a wrecking ball for some, but not for you, my Virgo worker bees. In fact the energy uploaded will drive you with an unseen cattle prod. You’ll do better than fine.
SEPTEMBER 13-16th A little different here, yes some of that vibe will be helpful but around the third week, take it easy, two characters are blocking your path to victory, let them go by.
OCTOBER 9-11th Just watch out around that full moon of the 9th, it does not favor you, so lay low until later month when Jupiter speeds up and sends its beams your way from month’s end through August, a much better time.
OCTOBER 23-24th The end of July with that triple Leo combo isn’t all that great for you
So don’t take on something stupid like say a marathon. End month with Mercury n harmonious Virgo, and Venus liking your Suns, that’s your time.
NOVEMBER 6-8th The Full moon, while negative for some, is a friend to your charts, or to your Suns anyway. It’s uplifting and dynamic so don’t waste that moment.
NOVEMBER 18-20th Later Month that Mars trine Chiron aspect is such a boon for you with these birthday Suns. It’s especially powerful around the 14-20th so mid month! Yaay for you!
DECEMBER 1-5TH That nasty Neptune has been clouding your brain but later in the month Mars and the Sun and new moon all come to brighten your path and energize that dreary load. You’ve been carrying.
DECEMBER 13-18th I know so many of you have been struggling, healthwise, business wise, under this nasty karmic grid from Saturn and Chiron. It’s been ugly. But it will go soon enough, by late year you’ll be in relief mode, celebrate take a trip. The ironic part of this is that inventive Uranus has also been supporting you, maybe a genius thought or ten have entered your clever heads ! The 22-26th of the month are your best days.
JANUARY 7-10th Don’t think you’re going to escape this full moon, uh, no. But given your strong Capricorn do or die attitude, I know you’ll make the best of it!! Anyway sunnier days are ahead, you will LOVE late Sept and early October. So cheer up.
JANUARY 19-20th You have all my sympathy, that Uranian energy has been hitting you like a hammer head shark. And the 15-18th of this month are no happy ride in the lagoon. What to do? You ‘d best lay low, and ride it out, don’t argue, just put off whatever is hitting you, as best you can.
FEBRUARY 2-6th Finally Jupiter is helping out, that laggard, heavy dude that he is so his rays are very strong, a great asset when he shows up.
FEBRUARY 16-20th So nice to have this fire trine energy supporting you in spite of whatever other aspects your natal chart may show. It’s creative and inventive!
MARCH 12-15th That nasty Saturn square to your Suns has been a dark force all year, it will move soon, later in August although never soon enough. The nice thing, however, is the Mars trine to Chiron with your Suns in the first part of the month, that’s helpful! And the full moon brings a weird kind of support, strong and powerful as it is.
MARCH late month birthdays, after the 23d, the later July fire aspects light up your life, corny I know. They wrote a song about it. But enthusiasm returns which is your natural state.
APRIL 1-4th These first few days of July are somewhat trying for you so just be patient and you’ll get to the second week which is an improvement.
APRIL 19-21st Wild month ahead for sure and your Suns are both being helped, uplifted, and challenged by Mars. So my thought is that whatever project you’re involved in is pushing you to the limit but your ideas are superb! Saturn will continue to help you but you’re about the only ones!
MAY 8-11th Wow that full moon of the 9th has your name on it, and it’s a dicey one at hat but you’ll manage. Odd as it sounds the Mars and Pluto face off supports your Suns! The rest of the world won’t be as happy with it though.
MAY 22- 23rd That New moon of the 23d sends a perfect aspect to harmonize and energize your very early Gemini Suns, lucky you ! That’s later month and very early month some nice flattering Venus to your Sun shows off your best qualities and charm!
JUNE 2-8th Right in the middle of the month the Venus and Jupiter trine to your Sun is most beneficial, really happy in fact. We just take what we can get, right?
JUNE 12-16th The third week is most difficult so just slide n through as best you can, but cheer up, Jupiter is making his way over to the exact degrees of your Suns the closer we get to August! So by early Fall the change will be most welcome!