Welcome to the Monumental month of May showing some striking moments not to be wasted. The month begins slowly, it’s still somewhat confusing under the backward facing communication figure, of Mercurius. Then by the fourth, the action ensues! He stands still, always the most powerful moment before direct motion, thereby radiating a fiery Arian energy ignited by close revolutionary Uranus. Such a tight configuration sparks intense words and actions! Or is it Mayhem?

We have a powerful Scorpio full moon to further the conversation near the 10th although probably the best news comes late month with a very inspiring and hopeful set of aspects all harmoniously arranged in fire and air. To my eye, this is a very unique and powerful month, and a game changing time for sure.


May 4-5th as mentioned above carries some confusion with the Virgo moon setting off a Neptune and Mars square, on top of what is already a dynamic and forceful communication aspect. This Mars and Neptune muddle tends to exaggerate and misrepresent, typical of this particular aspect between them.


The steadiness of earth sign Taurus waxes forward to the full moon of the 10th. The Sun in Indian Bharani leans towards adjudication, and not to be left out, the Lord of death rules this star. Bharani also dispenses reward and punishment. The Sun combined with the moon in Scorpio is one of the most powerful lunations of the year. The moon in this particular segment of Scorpio falls under the Vedic designation of Vishakha, and yes our word “viscious ” derives from this. Its true meaning has to do with fulfillment of desires, and not allowing anything to stand in the way of achieving success. Take it for what you will, but to my mind, the steady angle to the Sun from Pluto in Cap emphasizes the events of the day. It’s victory for some, defeat for others. We’re in a new time. The Swerve has arrived.

We are still laboring under that Chiron Saturn square, so lugubrious and emotionally draining has it been for so many. Because it sits in pretty much in all of the monthly charts, or lunar returns, I have to mention that it will affect you in some way or other depending on your natal planets. And you can always use the link to (Lunarium) to find out just what those planets are, you students of the stars. On that subject, I’ll digress a little to add that I always think if one knows just his/her three majors: rising sign, Moon and Sun, the information gleaned will tell you a lot about yourself and your life.

Interesting is the strong air positivity coming from Jupiter to Mars up until mid month, that adds such a boost for communications, and helpful for coming up with unique and good solutions. That will be in your lunar charts, most of us anyway, you can thank the stars.


May 12-14th Here again we have a beautiful and exact alignment with the moon to the fire planets and Mercury. Take advantage here of that Sagittarian positivity, such a nice weekend to honor the mothers of the world.


May 15- 16th Now here comes the next part, Mercury has left the Aries room and has crossed over into the Taurus clubhouse, it’s a bit of a slowdown, as we edge into the next weekend. The moon has aligned with Pluto (intense as heck) and squared Jupiter besides. I’d hold off for a minute here too many obstacles blocking progress, for a short time.


May 1718th‘s Aquarian moon harmonizes nicely with Jupiter and Mars and now we have Venus helpful as well. So it’s a day to grab for sure, and not waste any of its better moments. Schedule the meeting, check out the new car, send that letter.


May 19-20th That moon and Neptune in Pisces brings up a magical moment of soul depth and feeling. This is helpful to offset the slightly deranged quinx between some other cosmic players up there. Very late on the 20th a perfect aspect between Sun and Moon will finish the day nicely.


Sunday the 21st Moving right into the territory of Gemini, I do like that Sun and Moon thing, it has kept pace and formation with the hours. It’s a rather quiet day, coming off of the contrast from yesterday, and bringing a much needed calmness to prepare for the next two days !


May 22-23nd This is a full day, no question, an electric day, with some intense and exact aspects, an emotional day as well. Midnight sees the shift into a better pattern. Early Tuesday the moon goes direct. I don’t do anything serious in void moon times but luckily that last void moon was in the dark of night, and you were most likely sleeping! I can handle the brush off of Pluto square to Venus and the moon in Aries since I can see what’s up ahead!


May 25 27th A new moon in early Gemini arrives today at noon PDT. We re now in the territory of the chatty inquisitive one. The aspects get more interesting as the day moves on into Friday with such intense vibrations. The Moon Mars Chiron thing speaks to unresolved emotional issues, and this looks to be the moment when it all falls out. Watch your words today, tact can be a wonderful thing. Saturday may see the emotional fallout from the night before. A Cancerian moon usually does this, and especially with how it’s set off with the revolutionary team in the sky where it’s been hanging for 8 years! But that will be over very soon.


May 29-31st Fascinating is the location of Saturn, said to be sitting in the galactic heart center of the galaxy, where, at 27 degrees of Sag, lies the supposed “heart” of our cosmos.

The most engaged birthdays would then fall between December 13-19th. It’s an intriguing theory, and the karma part of it not to be left out, so I’m mentioning it to you as a piece of serendipity to file away. But best of all, is the fact that Venus, Mars, Uranus and now the Leo party moon, are all exactly matched, and lined up in these degrees of air and fire ! This brings a balance to the short term Mars Saturn opposition drama, which won’t be as sharp as it might have been. These are brighter times and it’s Memorial Day as well! Celebrate!

These shining aspects take us into very early June, where the grounded Taurean placement of Mercury to Pluto in Capricorn right now is a welcome sight. So let sign off right here! It can always get better but these aspects are pretty nice. I hope you ‘ve taken advantage of the better times. Use astrology I always say, don’t let it use you!



5, 7,10!, 12, 17, 20, 22, 26, 28!



The following birthdays are based on the very close degrees of the Sun, not a wide swath of an entire month, for which I could never be specific. This is as close as one can get without a true chart based on an accurate time of birth. Normally having someone’s Moon, rising and Sun are the three great components with which to start reading a horoscope. But the Sun most always speaks to what one does or “is’. It’s the state of beingness, aside from ego identification. It’s also a marker for health.


MAY 9-11th Full moon birthdays usually portend a year of action, let’s say, the opposite of boring. But this time it’s more than that, there is a certain definition, of power and strength, So if you are considering taking on something new, a bar or three over where you’ve been, I say go for it.


MAY 19-20th I d love to be one of those everything’s great Pollyanna astrologers, but I’m not. And these days carry some notes of caution along with a dynamic fire trine that says go for it in spite of the obstacles presented. These late earth signs will have their efforts rewarded in a little over two years, I mean in a very big way. So keep working on it .


JUNE very early month, the harmony form Jupiter and Mars to your suns first part of May is ever so helpful, efforts rewarded, time spent not wasted afterall. Optimism rides here.


JUNE 15-18th that fire grandiosity is such a boon for you, in spite of seeming obstacles and disappointments, the planetary layout later month, especially the last few days, is worth money in the bank.


JULY 1-5th As I’ve probably mentioned before this Neptune undersea god splashing golden waves at your Suns is a rare gift that probably won’t happen again in your lifetime, unless you’re like 5 or 6 years old. It brings inspiration, elevation of spirit in a profound way, and best part, it’s going to float there for quite a while.


JULY 7-11th I’m sure you’ ve realized by now that you’ ve been going through some big interior shifts, and no doubt you re probably getting really tired. It will end you will be a new person!! Wait just a little longer. Happy days.


AUGUST 1-4th The first half of May sees a lot of fire and air energy giving you wings, it’s optimism in spite of a weird Neptune (confusion) angle. The last couple of days are an upift into a higher altitude!


AUGUST 13-17th You Lordly Leos are so lucky right now. This fire energy is coming right at you in the best possible way! I’m sure you won’t waste the opportunities offered. It’s even better in this month’s last few days. Insanely magical I’d say.


SEPTEMBER 1-3d Just hold on to your hat or wheel, the early May aspects to your Suns are causing moments of confusion and doubt. Nothing stays the same forever but just take note to lay low. To hold’em and fold’em is best advice.


SEPTEMBER 9-11TH is very similar to these same May dates with some exceptions. Yes the full moon of the 10thenhances your efforts so it’s a move forward kind of time. Now, caution is required a little later, near the new moon of the 24th. That Martian action is a hindrance for sure and unexpected annoyances could manifest. But overall this is a very positive and powerful time for these birthdays and for many months ahead.


OCTOBER 1-7th All of these mid Libras should be smiling right now, since a nice Jupiterian aspect is lighting up your skies with some help from Mars. Now it has not been easy, don’t we know, with that karmic barrier for so long from Pluto, and yes, he IS a planet with lots of impact.


OCTOBER 12-18th Now I hope you’ll be wise and take advantage of this unique trio of power planets to your Suns later on in May; it’s quite extraordinary as a matter of fact. Fire igniting concept oriented air.  The very last few days are full of excitement so get ready!


NOVEMBER 1-4th You are still fortunate to have this very aspect from Neptune, it won’t come back this way for ages, and the gifts of inspiration, creativity and insight, are not to discounted!


NOVEMBER 9-11th birthday Suns are in for a little bit of excitement here. Not that we always need this much excitement. But your support team is hanging over there in Capricorn since that underworld character, Pluto, has your back.


DECEMBER early month birthdays, this is a good time for all your projects and ideas and social events! The only flaw is the slightly confusing Neptune, the water god ,who has been swimming in these degrees for some time. This month it’s lifted slightly, and it’s just enough.


DECEMBER 13-18th Wow you’re the luckier ones! That grand fire party lifting you to higher levels of work and inspiration is not to overlooked, there are some things in life you can’t pay money for, and this is one of them!


JANUARY 9-11th Well the full moon of the 10th brings drama but also strength with the hand of Pluto who has been so harsh on you lately and here it goes into a slightly better place. Help has finally arrived!


JANUARY 16-19th The electricity of Uranus can bring some bright ideas or else pull out the electric chord. It seems like both actions are happening this month, especially in the later month. A little frustrating it may seem to be, because it is.


FEBRUARY early month Aquarians have some brighter days to look forward to ! It hasn’t been that bright but for a while but you have a grand air trine, so move forward with those plans, lay out your ideas, now is the best time for that!


FEBRUARY 20-21st Drat that sweeping shadow of Ketu over your charts right now. It’s a rare event, only once every 19 ears does this occur. It may feel as though something has been taken away from you. The bright side, if you’re ready for it, is the gift of insight, as well as some spiritualizing “aha” moments. But that is not something everyone can appreciate, maybe you will.


MARCH early month birthdays must be careful, I know, but it’s important to put a red flag of caution near the full moon days, too confusing for words and best to lay low until later in the month.. Certain June days are yours for the taking so hang on til then!


MARCH 12-17th Well it’s been a ride of the Valkyries for you for sure these past few months. Some very hard things have landed in your country but the female warriors will come to your aid later on in the summer after they have cleaned up the debris. June has a more positive look to it.


APRIL 1-4th For much of this month you have a fortunate aspect from Mars and Jupiter and then Venus! These are personal planets, and in this formation, bringers of happy times. Life should feel lighter.


APRIL 13-19th So fortunate are you to have the great fire dance over your Suns, even though your personal charts may show some slight differences, this is so strong as to overcome whatever roadblocks are there. This has been an inspiring time for you, genius exuding from your heads. And yes I know that the great barrier reef of Pluto has been hindering things and he’s not gone yet, but here finally, you’re allowed to see the sky opening above!