Hello April, what have we here? A month of surprises, and a Pink moon?  Secrets to be exposed, with not one, but five retrograde planets. So don’t be fooled this April, best plan would be to take a backward look, to reflect and reorganize, all those ‘re’ words would serve us well. As we know, nothing really goes backwards in the sky, that would be against laws of physics and these are measured motions only in ‘re’ lation to our own blue green planet.  However, not to despair, there will be some bright moments in this month, the beginning of which is overseen by the philanthropic Vedic star of Revati.


We have some road blocks ahead, certain overbearing frustrations for sure, but all is not to despair.  We also have the Vedic star mansion Ashwini, for part of the month, she who oversees transportation and is a pioneer to boot!  Not all lanes will be closed. Let’s scroll down to find the brighter lights in April.  There are a few joyful moments to be had.


April 1-3d  Very early month the reversed planetary motions of Saturn, Venus and Jupiter, will be felt more intensely under Monday’s Cancerian moon.  Because of these looming retrogrades, it s a good idea to sit back, watch your words, and enter the hermit cave for a while, just to straighten things out in your head.  This is a pattern that almost no one will escape, since each person has a lunar or monthly chart.


April 4, 5th  Tuesday afternoon to midnight Wednesday are the hours I am highlighting because of the powerful Leo moon fire energy added to the Uranian Saturnian combo all of which adds power and light.  These are a powerful couple of days, and the Mars to Pluto angle outshines them all!  Here’s your moment.


April 5-6th In spite of Saturn’s going retro soon,  it’s a time of positive intensity due to the perfect angle he has to Uranus the inventor ! The Leo moon spells fire time, and Mars and Pluto help out here too!  If you want to get it done, signed, or completed, do it today !

Very late at night Wednesday, Saturn and some other characters will move into a definite retrograde pattern so it is not going to be that helpful.  I am often asked about the very obvious headlines of the day, yes I mean about our current President. Let me just say for now, that these overhead square patterns will cause him a bit of trouble; it won’t be a pleasant few months for Donald. 


What I am really studying right now is the oncoming and much discussed solar eclipse of next August, the newly labeled, “ American Eclipse” according to NASA and star gazers everywhere.  It lands not only on a key part of Mr. Trump’s chart, but it’s at the exact point of the fixed star Regulus, the king . This will be the first time since June,1918, that we have had a solar eclipse darken the skies over our entire geographical landmass.  Now, 99 Years later, the penumbral shadow will begin in Oregon, cross over the middle of the country, head out to South Carolina and then onto the Caribbean.


 When I think of the “king” or the ruler and looking to 2017 and what do we have, but several major elections ahead.  Aside from Brexit, France, Germany, Italy, Turkey, will all be choosing their new heads of state. China’s president XI, recently created head of their communist party, will be interesting to watch as well.


April 7-9th These planetary U turns, you might say, create stumbling blocks, yes, but the pause moments provide a stop and think time if you’re trying to see what the bright side could possibly be. Mercury begins its retrograde on Sunday, for 21 days, and it’s right on schedule, following its thrice a year pattern. But remember, when a planet goes into retrograde motion, it stops and slowly turns (in relation to us) so the slow dragging in its orbit sends out a heavier signal than is usually the case. Try to avoid signing anything major.


April 10-11th Here we have some great fire energy emitted by the full moon (11:08 pm PDT, on the 11th; 2:08 am EDT on the 10th) and Aries Sun creating strong bonds to Saturn and Uranus. It’s an exciting and illuminating aspect.  One of the better times this month !

This Aries Libra full moon was also known as  “The Pink Moon” by the Americans Indians since it coincided with the blooming of the vibrant pinkish phlox flower, heralding the beginning of spring.  These monikers stick and indeed the Farmers Almanac also referred to this time as the ”Fish Moon”. Just a bit of Serendipity for you.


 These days of the Aries warrior and chieftain, coincide under the courageous and daring star, Ashwini, a female head on an equine body who gallops across the Vedic Sky, her hair flowing behind her.  Nothing stops or deters her from her path to victory in this subsection of Aries.  Ashwini rules modes of transportation and travel which are certainly ripe issues in these times. Full moons are known to reveal, oh and there’s another ‘re’ word again.


April 15th the month changes when Venus goes direct,. a more rare occurrence, so it’s an event of some importance. Mark the day.  Not all lanes will be closed.  Western astrology views Venus as a more of a romantic partner,  but to the Vedic mindst she’s way more than that. Besides bringing the attraction principle, she’s also a financial booster.  Known as Lakshmi, Venus is definitely in control of the checkbook.  Therefore when I hear clashing sounds with this Saturn and Chiron and Venus mashup and I can’t help but wonder what’s going to happen with the financial markets, here and overseas.  How long will they stay up at this level?

And of course it’s tax day.


April 18th -19th Here Mars makes a hard aspect of 150 degrees to old Saturn. It’s more frustration, an almost concrete block in fact, making it nearly impossible to force things.  Meanwhile the old goat is siting right in the heart of the galactic center, and there’s an entire discussion (all about conscious awareness) for another time.  But it’s right in that part of Sagittarius known as Mula, who is ruled by a rather destructive goddess, Niriti .  Enough said. The idea being that if you smash something apart, you can make it that much better when you put it all back together.  That’s been Pluto’s mantra and it seems to have worked.


April 21st– 22nd,  This is such a big moment , the big swerve is here, right now. It all shifts. Be prepared for alternative choices (not facts).  Jupiter, will face backwards all the way up to June 13th and today Pluto’s going retrograde will mark a big moment.  During retrogrades, now there’s five, we have to go in to a retreat mode, think deeply, reflect …reorganize.

Then here’s Mars crossing over into loquacious Gemini, first time in two years, clashing with that demon Rahu.! Oh the verbal sword fights. We could see a moment of truth right in these days, although May does paint a better picture.

If there hasn’t been enough excitement for you, with boring Netflix and so on, the cosmic entertainment channel will be producing the Lyrid Meteor Shower which is set to peak on


April 22, and 23d, just in case you’re up and curious in the wee morning hours.

Late month the aspects shift, it ‘s different, here in the kingdom of the Lordly Bull. Taurus can often be the financial ally and steady hand.  Right in here the helpful aspect from Mercury to Saturn gives us a perfect moment of clarity to figure out some problems that have been festering all month long. It’s a fire inspiring time and days 24th -25th say it best


April 26th The Taurus new moon, brings a peaceful moment at a last (5:15 am PDT). This lunation inspired many joyful ceremonies in the Celtic myth countries.  The major Beltane feast is a only short distance away.  Hello Spring indeed.

DAYS OF POWER And INFLUENCE 3,5, 6 (before 5 PM),8,12, 16,19, 22,26, 28, 30



The following birthdays are based on the very close degrees of the Sun, not a wide swath of an entire month, for which I could never be specific. This is as close as one can get without a true chart based on an accurate time of birth. Normally having someone’s Moon, rising and Sun are the three great components with which to start reading a horoscope. But the Sun most always speaks to what one does or “is’ or the state of beingness, his /her health included.


April 10, 11th A full moon time lights up the night sky, oh and your life for the year ahead. The odd quirk is the T square which can frustrate you  but being the Arian fighter that you are, this kind of obstruction is just another challenge for you to overcome. And yes, full moons like this expose and reveal so it can be a good thing.


April 15, 16th You are one of the luckier ones this year, to have that very inspiring and intriguing fire triplicity of the Sun, Uranus and Saturn on your birthdays. Not to forget Venus going direct! The English translation would be that you have been given a support team for whatever great plans you have been pondering. Ponder no more, you can do it, this is the year!


April 18-21st wow what a blast of energy is heading your way !  Be aware, that aforementioned eclipse will greatly favor you, I can’t think of a better birthday gift! You are greatly supported later this month !  The new moon in Taurus, conjoined to Mercury along with Rahu favoring you, I mean, all of this is a strong offset to the Saturn problem.


May 9-11th A rare and very helpful aspect between power mad Pluto and Mars on your Taurean Suns, with a Virgo moon in early April, provides a strong support for your endeavors and selves.  The Sun is the ego self, the physical side and sometimes your soul.


May 19-21st The Mars action on your Suns lights the way, an Aquarian moon and a nice helpful Venus angle all adds to the picture, right at the third week of April.


June 4-8th There is a bright note here, no matter what details your own charts may show, because Jupiter, visible around the full moon! Is in a slow meaning strong, pattern to support your Sun, yourself, your plans, you!  The 10-11th are your best moments !


June Mid month birthdays have to keep the faith because all of these planetary critters move and change!  Saturn is pushing against you and making you work even harder, and Venus isn‘t being all that nice  either. Later on, things will change dramatically in your favor!


July 5-8 th early month is your best time, perfect powerful angles from Pluto and Mars, and this is not the best month of the year, so lucky you, take advantage!

July 15-18th um, I want to say something cheerful however some clashing angles from Saturn and Uranus are not being that friendly to you. So you’ll have to chill out for a little while, better days are down the road !


August 14-18th Birthday children this could be a very good year for you! As I’ve said before ,the long acting fire triplicity, which btw, was activated by the April 11th full moon, is  a straight up gift since all your secret plans can become real.  Although, note to self, hold back this month, too many squares, just wait a little longer, keep it hidden up your sleeve.


August 22-26th The transit of Rahu over your suns is considered to be a do or die moment, pushing you to our limits.   However, what the textbooks left out, is that THIS month the new moon in Taurus And the conjunction of Merc altogether lift this one up high on the chart. Go seek whatever you desire.  Your determination would scare most people off right now. Congratulations.


September  8-11th How nice for you earth bound children, such a nice gift of stability and power from Mars and Pluto early month, take full advantage, I’m sure you will! 


September 16-18th Around mid month of April there is a very helpful angle from Mars and Venus to your Suns, that’s your month to go forward in spite of the road block from Mr. Saturn.  It’s not been that easy for you these past few weeks, has it. Your best  time comes down the road when Pluto makes a strong connection to you, along with the big shifts at the end of this decade, and what can top that?


October 6-10th These have not been your best days, you almost feel as though some unseen hand has decided to remake you like play doh, only not that fun. Hard and unfriendly at times. Next month you’ll have Mars as your ally, them it keeps improving.  You have all my sympathy.


October 20-22nd Intriguing little aspect from the shadow planets, Rahu and Ketu unseen but powerful and they’re helping you right now but you didn’t know it!  This is a big one.


November 8-11th  Early month that Mars opposing would be hard to handle but the Plutonian angle lifts it all into  a better place. So hard as things might seem, you’re pretty well off.


November later month, that Martian character must be driving you to distraction, setting up roadblocks , lay low the 7th and  the 22nd, I mean if you can.


December early month, the Neptune angle is causing distress, its confusing, possibly deceiving saying things that are all fantasy and fog.


December 15-18th yaay! For you! In spite of Saturn on your Suns and hearts, there’s the great fire trine lining up to help you overcome some squares. It’s just the way it goes this time.  The last week this month is so much better!!


January 8-11th  that nasty Plutonian shadow has been very destructive as he crosses your path. For many it’s a total remaking of one’s self, destructive to begin, creative when he leaves. And of course its not just him, Uranus has been obnoxious too, the Jupiter is not being vey helpful. Mars early month has your back.


January 18-25th , thank heaven for Mars trining your Suns, that’s a cheerful aspect, sending you into new fields to explore. Venus is doing her best to throw some light your way as well


February 13-17th And here we have a happy transformative aspect of Uranus to your Suns, yaay! And a Saturn helpful hand to boot! You are pretty lucky right now, Ill have to say that!


February 19-25th ..later April sees a Mars aspect that is being annoying, causing problems, maybe  health, and pests of all sorts.  The good news has been the Rahu Ketushadow planets that are in a strong support mode, if you’ve got them, like secret agents, you’ll be ok!


March 1-5th It’s all about Neptune washing over your Suns, inspiring, spiritual, and maybe causing a dilemma that is mind boggling. He can do all of those things at once .There could be some mitigating aspect  in your own personal charts, there are ten other planets to look at.


March 15-18th This is the harsh time I’m sure, too  many squares hitting you right now, good news is that they will all dissolve and go away soon. Venus is first to jump ship. It’s that Chiron Saturn feature that is challenging you in ways you‘ve never thought of, and hopefully won’t have to ever again. Go underground, talk to your spirit friends.