Astrology February 2017

You’ll have to excuse me, but today I’m thinking about Dr. Carl Jung, noted Psychiatrist and originator of the term “synchronicity” as well as father of that curious species of Depth Psychologists (my special area of study). His words ”under the starry vault of heaven is in truth the open book of cosmic projection, in which are reflected the mythologems, i.e, the archetypes”, rang my bell.


All of which led me into the psych realms, which is why I began to study astrology in the first place. Why did the ancients refer to the planets so often in peak and nodal times? Why do some people act they way they do? I wanted to understand people better, and how gratifying to read about this Swiss doctor who studied the art and science of astrology for some thirty years.

“In cases of difficult psychological diagnosis I usually get a horoscope in order to have a further point of view from an entirely different angle. I must say that I very often found that the astrological data elucidated certain points which otherwise I would have been unable to understand”. I was sold, was off to my first class in the UC extension, bought my first ephemeris.

Enough about psychology and astrology, now to the month ahead!

As we begin this month, on a day of 2-2-2 no less, we have to consider the very different energies which will drive this month of two eclipses!


February 1-5th It’s a new month, underscored with lots of Aries action, and no retrograde planets for the first week, which will certainly turn things around! We have Uranus, the asteroid Eris, plus 4 personal planets in Aries lighting up the sky and sending certain folks scurrying to push forward with their plans and goals. Let’s not be too reckless now, since that’s the impulsive part of Aries. Where does the sign of Aries fall in your chart? Which house or area of life is being activated?


All of this fire generally speaks its mind and reveals what’s been lurking under the surface. No shy ram here. Aries, Capricorn, Libra and Cancer are called the ”cardinal” signs because an abundance or combo of these in one’s chart is the mark of a true leader. It’s he or she who lights the path for others to follow. Such interesting times we are in now because of the overhead a clash from Pluto and Uranus and Jupiter all in cardinal signs. Mid February offers a brief respite .

February 6th I would call a “stop and think day” because Jupiter, sits unmoving upon his throne, and then slowly reverses his course. Still his aura lights up the grand trine in the sky. It’s a Monday to watch with a communicative Gemini moon accentuating the story line, and there will be one.


February 7th Mercury enters Aquarius today, his /her best location, it’s the placement of creative inventive intelligence. It’s very useful, making an exact contact between some outer planets that accentuates the best part of this. I’m hopeful for most of this month starting now, that logical minds might prevail. The Uranian and Saturnian blend to Mercury is the most positive as we move through the month. I’m going back to Carl Jung here, who thought that Saturn and Uranus aspects impacted a chart more than any other aspect.

Synchronistically enough, in thinking over the past several days, there’s Saturn, the restrictor, curtailing the movements of “foreigners” as overseen by the sign of Sagittarius, which is his present location.


February 10-11th here now is the long awaited weekend of the full moon lunar eclipse.
I say this because for once we have some really positive aspects to light up our world. The eclipse will activate and radiate this intense combo of energetic planets for quite a few days. So ride that exuberant wave. It’s a truly dynamic several days, the positive out weighing the negative.

The Sun in Aquarius is casting its shadow over the Moon in Leo, two signs which are opposite each other but yet very similar. Happily these several “days of distribution” hold the rather uplifting impact of the trine from Jupiter and the helpful wing of Saturn besides a cosmic ray from Uranus! And let’s not forget the cute sextile by the more personal inner planets . Pluto, eat your power seeking heart out, go back to your cave. This is really the best day to honor St. Valentine who secretly married couples in love against the emperor’s orders, and also wrote all those sweet love notes from his prison cell .

Afterwards Rome changed its February month long festival of “Lupercalia , still a romantically inspired time of the god Pan, to the month of Valentine.


February 15- 17th Here comes a Scorpio moon to bend with Chiron, an intense and definite time. We are still shining with the light from lucky aspects of Mercury to Uranus and Saturn. It’s a great time to focus, to write, think and arrange.

February 18th Today the Sun moves into the watery domain of Pisces, away from that of air ruled cyber king Aquarius. It’s a slow several day move toward the solar eclipse point, and we still have an optimistic Sagittarian moon in happy relation to Venus. Mercury still sits in a tight angle to Uranus making for fluid communicating and transporting.

February 19-20th Here we have the more troublesome time of the month when the clashing cardinal sign planets Mars, Uranus and Pluto, just can’t get it right. Bickering or worse.
Out of curiosity, I decided to pull out Vladimir Putin’s chart (October 7, 1952), whose heavy arrangement of cardinal planets seem to be in some difficulty this month and in months to follow. He has a fortunate aspect to his Scorpio moon with the late month eclipse, but I think we’ll be hearing something from our Russian “friend” up in the snowy steppes.


Feb 20-21st Now it’s Presidents’ Day, and a helpful fire moon in Sag is beneficial to any and all. However, looking back at the chart for the inauguration, I see some major conflicting aspects. There was really only one wise aspect of moon in Scorpio with Neptune in a blessed trine, for January 20th.. But after all these are unpresidented times.
That’s not a political statement just an observation, because things are, well, different now.

Moving ahead towards 2020 the aspects remind me of 1914, when there was such a heavy load of planets in Cancer, the sign that oversees home, family. Security and defense of “the Motherland” came to be of great importance.
We will start seeing the planetary move into an identical conjoining of the same power figures, Pluto et all. Except this time their location will be in Capricorn, the sign that rules government, regulations, business. It is really the opposite parental pole, in its rather patriarchal desire to protect and guard “ The Fatherland”. Planetary configurations merely reflect back to us what course our actions take. There is still time, it’s not immediate.


Lastly the solar eclipse of the 26th melds with nebulous Neptune, and the moon’s north and future directed node. I’m thinking about this one, and it must be noted that when the north node of the moon and the Sun meet in a chart it can indicate an overly aggressive grab for a position or status. This degree of Neptune will more than likely confuse the issue. If this aspect affects your own charts or moons, think twice before you act. The additional conflicting element of Mars to Uranus can be the match to the fire or else lend an inspirational moment, I’m hoping for the latter. Today is also the Tibetan celebration of the New Year. Yes, it’s still a Rooster year, like the Chinese New year. The different timing of the new year is not the only difference between their two cultures, as we know.

Now, my last word, if you have been brave enough to wade through this missive, is to share a thought I’ve had since reading Alice Howell’s book many years ago: “to think symbolically is the key to wisdom.” Good night.

DAYS OF INFLENCE: 2, 3, 7, 10 !!!, 14, 15, 19,20,22,25 26! March 5th


The following birthdays are based on the very close degrees of the Sun, not a wide swath of an entire month, for which I could never be specific. This is as close as one can get without a true chart based on an accurate time of birth. Normally having someone’s Moon, rising and Sun are the three great components with which to start reading a horoscope.
However, the Sun is still very significant for it represents your soul, how you manifest yourself and live out your karma in this lifetime. The Sun is also a major health indicator but its house position will tell even more of the story. If you need to see your chart for these details, just follow the links to one or both of the choices provided, Lunarium or Astrodienst.

FEBRUARY 10-12th- this is an especially nice full moon and lunar eclipse , for a birthday surprise what could be better? Not going to have a boring year I promise you!


FEBRUARY 25-27th This is an especially significant solar return, especially for those born on the 26th. The Piscean contacts are so all powerful here, it’s a make or break year, things will shift whether or not you ‘re planning on it. There is some uplift with Mercury in water close to the new moon eclipse, and the three Arian planets do portend forward motion. Be prepared.

MARCH 1-2nd On we go with Neptune washing over hea’d, now that can bring two opposite and distinct results. Either you are under water with some troubling health or financial news, or opposite, you have just been initiated into the ashram of your choice. ! Ok, kidding on the last one, but the better side of this is the spiritual, artistic and musical inspiration this conjoining to your birth Suns can bring. The good or not so good news, is that this gas giant stays in one place a long time.

MARCH 11-16th You probably wont like this month all that much, there’s this nasty thing called a Saturn square Chiron aimed right at your Suns. Now, you may just have mitigating aspects, with planets natally that are in a position to offset this. Otherwise, it must feel like a karmic boulder just got dropped on your head. Heck, it did.


Late MARCH to first week of APRIL: wow it must be so much fun to be born under that Aries sun right now, the energy level alone defies belief. Early month the tight contact between moon Venus and Mars is there for you! Bright Star!

APRIL 9-14th Now it’s a different story should your birthdays land in this little five day grid. Why, it’s because of the wild Uranian bi- polar creature clashing (again) with Pluto, and getting Mars into it as well, especially near the 18-20th. Steady Saturn is your friend here, for once. Nothing stays in the same place forever.


Late April- May 1st Oddly enough this late February solar eclipse will be helpful to you, I know it sounds nuts, but those 60 degree angles are considered gifts. Just accept it and I won’t have to bore you with astro tech talk explanation.

MAY 9-11th now I like to be cheerful like lots of magazine Pollyanna astro columnists but its hard when I see a glaring lunar eclipse T bone someone’s Sun, that would be you . It’s just a screw up energy that calms down soon enough and heck you might even have some natal planets that LOVE this full moon!

MAY 25-26th I wish I could say something really nice, but actually that solar eclipse late month does not look helpful for very early Gemini’s. So be mindful . However, the early month triple planet party in Aries is a nice boost, happy too.

JUNE 1-4th most of the month, but mid month, especially, the fire energy from Mars and Venus will energize your plans and help to minimize that annoying shadow thrown by nebulous Neptune.

JUNE 9-15th that full moon eclipse is positioned in such a beautiful way to life your spirits and hearts way up! I wouldn’t wait for the 14th! the combination mitigates somewhat that nasty glare from Saturn and Chiron, and being an eclipse this energy will hold water, I mean air and fire, for many months ahead.


JULY 1-2nd You are one of the luckier ones for whom this solar eclipse late month is a straight up gift, it will enhance all your creative endeavors and open psychic and spiritual doors as well. Lucky Crab you.

JULY 10-13th Now you mid month Cancerians might have a tug of war, say near mid month to third weekend, not fun, better call the frustration hotline. And wait till March, a better month for you by far.

July 26- AUGUST 2nd there is a nice gift, especially early month, from that Aries lineup that favors your energies and ideas. I know you won’t waste it. Fire likes fire, Leo to Aries ya know.

AUGUST 10-12th that full moon lunar eclipse falls in all the right places for you, have fun! Some things in life you can’t pay for, and this is one of them.


Very late AUGUST- This late solar eclipse is really not too friendly and it all depends if you have some natal planets to help out. ‘The times they are a changing’, and it could be a good thing. Eclipses have a way of opening windows even though you may not like the view. Tread lightly for a few weeks, it’s opposing you causing frustration for the most part.


SEPTEMBER 11-12th the full moon chapter, especially the day after, is possibly your best moment, a Sunday, with a moon and Pluto making nice with your Suns. Pluto will be your security guard for quite sometime to come, and that’s a good thing.


September 14-17th Right now it must feel as though a meteor has landed on your head, because it just may have, with Chiron and Saturn being so pushy. Ride it out, better days to come and Virgo has such a strong inner core.


OCTOBER 10-14th The Full moon has your name on it, dance the night away, live it up that weekend. You can pay later. The Uranian inclusion can make one fall into delirium or break, dancing I mean. Saturn is actually trying to be helpful so you’re ok.

OCTOBER 26 -November 1st this solar Eclipse late month really hands you a gift, of inspiration, ideas, a launching pad for the brain and spirit. Lucky you. Most aren’t going to be that fortunate.


NOVEMBER late month, wow, all that Aries fire most of February will certainly light your own fires ! Just be watchful very late February since that solar eclipse doesn’t really like you very much. But you probably have better natal planets to offset that Nebulous Neptune.


DECEMBER 1-4th Most of February is a good time for you, since those energizing Arian planets will line up to your Suns. You may not have had this much fun for a longtime. Dance, party away, put that book down .

DECEMBER 27- JANUARY 1-5th Early Cap birthdays may feel hindered by Mars that devil, and Venus, his side kick. You may not have gotten rid of that cold, so stay put, the full moon weekend will change the energy for sure, and late February the solar eclipse is actually very helpful to you .