Astrology December 2016

Let’s do it differently this month.  I’d like to look at cycles, which is one of astrology’s main gifts, and also the chart of the USA  (as that of a person).  We’ll check out the month’s highlights, then scrolling down, about 23 birthday periods. Yours might even be one of them!

But first,

How was your Thanksgiving?  Pumpkin pie? Stuffing, Turkey? A lot of astrologers I know feasted on fowl as well, a few of them dined on a nicely stuffed cooked Crow, feathers and all. Yes, many of them were wrong about one thing but right about another. As of right now, Trump has won the electoral votes although Clinton won by 2.5 million popular votes.  

While analyzing  time periods we can look back at the last times our country journeyed through a similar cycle or time period.  And here we are in our third Rahu cycle, the Vedic name for the north lunar node of the moon.  This designation is rightly associated with the mouth of the snake, whose fangs grab viciously at what it wants, whatever the cost, with frustration being the central element.

 A Rahu period, lasting for eighteen years, seeks to realize its ambitions and in so doing can be quite ruthless, while yet innovative, in its drive for power. Boundaries are crossed, life may be experienced in extreme ways. Like the bite of the cobra, the venom of Rahu’s bite can be quite lethal and venomous. 

 As a nation we entered our 18 year Rahu dasha , or time period, September 2015. As I may not need to remind anyone, that was when our election cycle with its plethora of candidates began to seriously ramp up in tone and fire. The non stop news cycle flooded us continually with a reality show of information.  It became both addicting and numbing.  But we couldn’t stop watching, some of us that is.

Looking back into the earliest times of our history, the summer 1776, September to be exact, the newly designated, “just born” nation entered its first Rahu cycle, where we the “ rebels”, sought to establish ourselves as an independent nation. Our ambition in this regard knew no bounds, live or die.  But it took 8 years for the war with Great Britain to end and for us to be recognized as a sovereign nation . Thanks to the French alliance, with the Treaty of Paris, 1783, we became ourselves, our own country, and just as the favored and sustaining Mercury sub period had commenced.


Moving ahead, we jump ahead to the next Rahu cycle, of 1896, and oh my, what a fire filled election it was!  The young orator William Jennings Bryan and William McKinley, the established right wing politician and Ohio’s governor, carried on a campaign that might be best described as urban versus rural, or coasts versus center of the country. It was a little

like what we’ve just witnessed .  Only then the rural vote lost to the cities. Two years after the hideous assassination of McKinley, September 1901, our fortunate Mercury cycle arose once again under major Rahu chapter, 1903, to bring us the Wright brothers on their legendary December17th flight near Kitty Hawk, NC. our first pioneers of the air!  It was also the timing of the first successful transatlantic cable between Britain and the US. And not be overlooked, 1903 saw another first when labor workers combined forces of whites, non-whites, natives.

 Communication, transportation and organized labor had begun in earnest. A new day had arrived .

 And so it will again, when with our friendly Mercury sub period returns in its twenty first century edition, in 2023. Oh yes, cycles indeed.


December launches itself launches with two opposite happenings.  Neptune against the Sun and the nodes is a questioning moment, but the perfect harmony (I mean for once) of air and fire, with Mars Jupiter and Uranus, and even Saturn, when does that happen? Dec 4th gets all of it!  Days of plans and action well into the 9th, I say go do it! It’s invigorating to have four major “out there” planets acting harmoniously with each other for a little while.

December 9-11th this gets very interesting, with Venus moving into airy detached Aquarius,  the moon in Aries with Uranus and so much in air and fire nicely organized up above, what can’t be resolved and decided with all that astral help?  We’ve struggled, the world has had its terrors under the rifts of the Pluto Uranian clashing for the past eight years. They have now separated. We look to the lighter times, if possible, to grab a reward however slight .

December 13-14th This Full moon (PST) is a “super moon” in its perigee  or closeness to the earth . Today’s will be the last intensely close moon for some time. Helping out with this moon, and my fave moment of this month, is a triple crown line up in Aries to deter any negative vibes. It doesn’t hurt that this moon’s designation in vedic Mrigashira  partakes in  all things imaginative, color, poetry, cuisine delights, music. In its seeking for the “face of the moon” and all that it might imply.

Here’s where, if you know your own chart, or at least your Sun, moon and rising signs, the knowledge of this full moon ‘s locale in your natal map, would be really great information!

That’s why I include these links to ( and (

 December 19-20th.  I ‘ve had have my eye on the sky for this date, which has bells ringing in my head, and even Mercury makes a hit but then decides to back away from that underworld Mafiaesque lord, Pluto, and retreat into retrograde.  The moon withRahu  right now is never that great, added to opposing Neptune and Mars in watery Pisces. It all suggests a new chapter of something but just what ? .  Then Tuesday’s T- square builds on the questioning moment.  Yes, a Scarface day very near the Solstice!  Let’s hope the light returns soon.

And so it will when the 21-22nd sees  a moon trine to Venus, a Mars sextile our Sun new into Capricorn. Newbridge, Stonehenge, will be celebrating tonight !  With this Solstice astrology chart !  And wow what trio in Aries, I see Eris, Uranus, and Ceres all trine exact to Saturn. So helpful with that oncoming square from Chiron but we’ll get to him later on.


December 24th, here is one of the better days showing such a nice combination of planetary aspects.  Today sees the beginning of the very helpful contact between Uranus in Aries, all charged up and ready to roar, with safety first be practical minded Saturn.. This will tamp down those wild energies and help guide the best of that fiery inspiration to a better result.

We have this dynamic in place well into 2017. Merry Christmas here’s your gift!

The eve of Noel’s Scorpio moon moves nicely with its friends in Pisces and Capricorn. Then very late Pacific time, the square to Venus might only become a worry to Santa who can’t squeeze down your chimney. Or maybe something else slightly askew.

December 25th ‘s void moon let’s us all off the hook, no need to decide, to sit back, fire, egg nog, gingerbread, challah bread, more Turkey! It’s Christmas and Hanukkah, together again!  An easy Sagittarian moon day, rest up, more is to follow.


 December 28th New moon 10:53 PST, in Capricorn, brings a nice calm moment before the Mars Ketu (south lunar node) strong aspect of the following few days. These next five days into January ‘s first week, shows a time of high alert. An eclipse point is being dangerously triggered. There’s no gentler way to couch this one.

 Other than that I wish you a happy 2017 and good bye 2016, don’t forget your Monkey tail, and please shut the door on your way out.

Now for some specific birthdays. The magnetic fire trine between Saturn (rules stability structure) and Uranus (the genius rebel) will last through most of 2017, a very good thing! And it’s the best of all news for certain degrees of you fire sun or moon signs! Check below to see who you are !

DAYS OF POWER AND INFLUENCE:2, 4,6,9 ( before 5:30 pm)13, 17,19, 22, 24, 29th


The following birthdays are based on the very close degrees of the Sun, not a wide swath of an entire month, for which I could never be specific. This is as close as one can get without a true chart based on an accurate time of birth. Normally having someone’s Moon, rising and Sun are the three great components with which to start reading a horoscope. If you need to see your chart for these details, just follow the links to one or both of the choices provided, Lunariumor Astrodienst.

Birthdays in the line up of the grand trine with Uranus and Saturn for most of 2017

 beginning  now:  should your birthday fall  in April, August, December between the  9th to  20th of those months, the later days feel it more mid to later year. An exceptionally positive and very rare occurrence.  I guess I don’t have to tell you to make the most of it. Oh I just did.

 December 4th ! A perfect alignment of air and fire planets today indicates a pretty even year ahead, it doesn’t always come down this way.

December 13th-14th an electric birthday chart for sure is yours this year. All that fire, and a super moon on top of it! What will you do with all that energy? All of this portends a pretty great year ahead. Celebrate!

January 1st If it were me I’d lay low and celebrate quietly, even though a slightly happier note is the grand sextile between your Capricorn side and that Mars Moon Neptune in Pisces combo, water and earth you know? This refers to very late this month and into  next.

January 9-14th Now how to lighten the load, December brings some surprises for you mid Caps, what helps is to look at your individual charts to see where the light comes in. Frustration from Uranus, and oncoming transformer Pluto. Who needs that devil god anyway?  He’s lurking around the bend.  Next year comes his moment, Let see what you have in air and fire!

February 6-14th wow that’s a big chunk of Aquarius that receive a very nice Christmas gift from such helpful Jupiterian, Uranian, Saturnian, Martian !! Aspects! How lucky is that? It’s expansive, joyful, creative, all of that for you ever extroverted Aquarians. End of month gets a little calmer, and you’ll love that full moon of the 13th!

February 25-28th Later month, near Christmastime, a build up of energy colludes with your Pisces Suns which for some can be confusing, for others a doorway into mystical and spiritual, creative realms. It’s up to you.

March 9-13th mid March children gather round, the solstice witch wants to alert you to the fact that the obstacles you are dealing with won’t be there forever, it’s just that Saturn Chiron mash up right overhead.   But there’s more to a chart besides your Sun sign, don’t we know!

April 5-8th in case you feel like you’ve been slammed with a hammer, you have, it’s that Mercury and Pluto combo trying to change you ! And after a while one gets sick of hearing the word “transformation”. I know I do. But here’s the bright spot, six planets, counting the  moon on the 4th and 5th, are lining up so perfectly in air and fire, especially in the first half of the month, that you  must be experiencing some of those rays to mitigate the  less friendlier ones.

April 12-16th the intense line up of planets and asteroids in Aries stabilized by Saturn, is definitely exciting and rewarding and you ‘ve earned it ! Write down your ideas, don’t lose those thoughts you might have uncovered a genius bar all your own!.

May 2-10th What much of what Pluto does is best descried as transformational upendedness, but for you he’s helping with your mental construction of a new home on earth or sky. It’s a gift this steady financial hand as well,  and Mercury rides along to chat things up a bit. Early month don’t pay attention to that Mars square in air, he’ll leave and go into water soon, January will help you a lot.

May 29-31st This would not be my favorite time, Id like to wait it out, and please, try not to travel or hang out in public spaces at the very end of the month and also first day or so of January. Be good, be quiet.

June 2-5th Later month its wisest to be quiet and stay anchored near home base. Early month’s air trines are exciting and that Venus throwing some light on you helps mid month as well, right into that full moon. Whee!  Then stop.

June 12-16th  How thrilling is that full moon right over your Suns!  And just for once all of those air and fire planets are making such nice angles to you, and how you express yourselves in work, in art, in play! Yes! Play!

June 28th– July 1st very late this December which sees a Mars conjoined to Neptune and the nodes, is an enlightening experience for you, a magical moment despite what could be deemed as a sadness by ordinary people. But that’s not you.

July 10-13th  It’s a little bit of a rough time with two or three outer sky gods sending arrows at your flank. The nerve!  Just be stoic, ride it out until next month when the Mars and Chiron trine will  help and you can show them!

August 10-14th wow what a gift to you energetically speaking, all of this in Aries so perfectly matched to your shining Leo selves! Oh and then there’s Saturn and Jupiter too!

August 30-September 1st I think if this were my birthday I’d hide out a little, just be quiet and not travel anywhere too much or be too public.. Mars revisiting the September eclipse is not the most cheerful thought. 

September 5-6th You are still the more fortunate of the class right now, the earth sign support team is wearing your banner! Saturn has passed you by and even the Virgo moon of the 19th, could open some doors and windows for you . !

September 11-12th Saturn as in the Ancient Roman IRS  agent, is creating some issues for you, limiting your arc of expression. Never fear, your steady earth demeanor, and next year Pluto’s powerful grip, will see this through.

October 7-14th My my what a whirlwind have we here. It’s a classic push-me-pul –you, heck all we need is a Llama. Jupiter expands, Uranus ignites but old Saturn helps with his wingman’s steadiness. So you ‘ll be fine.

October 29- November 2ndst Stay steady serious early Scorpions because here the late month aspects of Mars and Neptune can bring some welcome moments, just don’t travel hear me?

November 27-30th Seriously early Sagittarians, I’m not thrilled about some elements  that are coalescing in the sky late this month. The squares to your Suns might suggest that

 A flu shot or else a strong immune enhancer would be a wise idea. Take it easy, take it slow, take some time off!