Astrology November 2016

Please allow me to light the lamp for you in this the Dark Forest of the New Moon in Scorpio, October 30th , which is sharing its shade with All Hallows Eve no less, and  launching this very extreme month of November.  While the spirits are said to roaming between the veils of earth and non earth right now, many of our Hindu friends have been celebrating the mystical festival of Lights, or Diwali, sort of like our Christmas here in the West. We really do need all the help we can get so I'll happily accept the good will of the goddess Lakshmi, purveyor of prosperity and knowledge since the chart for the days ahead look rather upside down.  With Neptune conjoined to Mercury along with a watery Sun and Moon in early Scorpio, added to a Jupiter harassed by power seeking Pluto, the contrast between magical and confusing is right here. 
This month's letter will be a little different, but we are in un-Presidented times after all.
For 225 years the Farmer's Almanac has followed the lunar cycles to decide upon planting, harvesting and fertility times. Water moons are best known for growth and fertilization, and a new moon in water best of all. 
A certain candidate has this new moon triad on some of her Scorpio planets right now, although they are pushing up against her natal fighters in strong Leo.  Yes it's a struggle for her in November. I don't say it's conclusive on the 8th because it's a critical election …which won't I believe, be entirely decided that night. 
I don't think we will know for sure what the results will be until possibly a week later. It does look as though Hillary Clinton will most likely be the winner. But will she become president? 
Let me just say that from many hours of progressing, solar-arcing, comparing and evaluating the chars of our USA, our candidates, their children and spouses, have led not just myself, but many in the astro community, to decipher and conclude that this is not going to be like times before. 
A lot will happen between November 8th and January 20th 2017.  
So let's talk about the November 14th Full moon because it's all the talk up at Radio Galactic . Besides being listed as the third Super moon in a row, this full moon heading our way in two weeks will be the most intense in decades, due to its being in closest proximity to our earth, until the year 2034. Yes 18 years from now.  The degrees under which it falls, and here I tune into the Vedic signs, carry some rather edgy meanings. The Sun under Vishahka, from whence we derive our word “vicious”, faces exactly 180 degrees opposite the Taurus Lunar subsection of Krittika, whose symbol is a knife. Knives may be used to cut fruit, or else they can scrape your enemy's heart out.  We now know where the word “critical” originated.  Traditional India would offer white flowers to the ruling class of Brahmins to help clear away the dross and discarded leftovers from this burning moon, but I'm not sure if even white orchids would help us right now .  
Lurking around in this Dark Forest is Black Moon Lillith, an asteroid I've been watching for some time. It is she who can drive desires for the forbidden until the breakdown or resolution occurs. So there we have the scene, all set for the Show on the Full Moon.
Now to the showman himself, Donald Trump of course, who enters his 18 year Jupiter cycle exactly on this same Full moon in Taurus. (Why do I love astrology?)  In analyzing his chart, seeing that Jupiter is not his best planet, along with a couple of other aspects, I would venture to state that he will not be our elected president, that instead he will be focused on making money, lots of it!  And he may even have some debts to clear up.   
In putting up a Sun chart for his wife, Melania, since we don't have a true birth time,
the arrangement of her natal planets looks very calm to me.  This does not, I would say, appear to be the chart of someone about to assume the mantle of First Spouse with all the emotional pressure, not to mention the media invasion that would unleash. 
I'm thinking they might take a nice vacation. Some hasher aspects occur down the road  near January and February that affect the charts of both candidates and also that of the USA, but more on that later. 
The current election process is unlike any in recent times…maybe the most like the non election of Andrew Jackson, 1824, and here's why. The parallels are striking; the aspects and conditions very similar.   The claims of “rigging” resounded back then because Andrew Jackson's election was most likely stolen from him by the wily Henry Clay in favor of John Quincy Adams, Secretary of State and son of the Founder. Jackson won the popular vote but not the total for the electoral college so the die was cast by the House of Representatives with someunderhaned dealings by Clay.  . Then four years later, in 1828, Jackson claimed victory, the first of the poor Southern lower classes and yet a lawyer and military hero whose time in office saw a mass opening and inclusion of the “deplorables “ of that time into the greater society.  I ‘ve always wondered why they chose Old Hickory's face for the $20 dollar bill? And we see it more than any other bank notes, thanks to ATM machines. 
The USA chart, with our Sun square to Saturn, the so called “underclass”, the un-heard and  undereducated workers in manufacturing states for example, is rebelling against the “father” figure, or the established status quo. It's still the same natal chart that fought the tyranny of King George III 240 years ago. Sparing you some astrological jargon, I will merely state that to my depth trained mind, America has now encountered its so called “shadow” in our country's rejected groups. And it is showing itself in violent ways. November 8-9th will see Mars hitting a certain difficult natal point in our collective chart with a fiery arrow.  Anger.
I realize how cheerful all of that was so Armagedda is offering a light saber to the future of 2017, when we will see a rare Uranus and Saturn trine in fire, inspiration! Something hopeful arises from our philanthropic Aquarian soul, which is the Moon's location on November 8th, exactly the same place it was on July 4, 1776.  We'll be leaving the Dark Forest soon enough even though it might take some time.  Astrology is a guide post, a road map.  It is not, to us in the West, a religion, or a statement of predetermined fate, as certain Eastern Astrologers would see it.  While I value greatly the knowledge gleaned from my study of Vedic Astrology, I still think of myself as a Yankee, with a mindset of “we can fix it, we can make it better.” And so we try.
  November 2, 5, 7, 14! 15! 19,24! 29 30
  The following birthdays are based on the very close degrees of the Sun, not a wide swath of an entire month, for which I could never be specific. This is as close as one can get without a true chart based on an accurate time of birth. Normally having someone's Moon, rising and Sun are the three great components with which to start reading a horoscope. But the Sun most always speaks to what one does or “is' or the state of beingness, his /her health included.
OCTOBER 30-NOVEMBER FIRST: The wonderful new moon of the 30th October lands in such harmony with Neptune ,Pluto, Mercury and the nodes! as to set a path for inspiration and creativity.  It's one of the rare moments in the month ahead.  Don't waste these magical two weeks that are poised to support you!. 
NOVEMBER 2nd that close tie from Venus to the Moon is undeniably auspicious, and  it sits in  your solar return chart all year and can only portend  heart felt news.! 
NOVEMBER 14-15th ELECTRIC ! Full moon birthdays like this one don't happen very often! 
  The kindly aspects between Mars and Mercury, the Moon to Venus early, will keep you 
hopping  and that's not all.  What a year ahead is for you Scorpios, surprises of all kinds.
DECEMBER 4-7th Yes Saturn has been hindering your activities, pushing you to your limits for 
a while, but here comes Jupiter, perfectly aligned to help lift that heavy load . Late month 
Mars arrives with a forklift.  You have a support team up above my friend. 
Mid DECEMBER  birthdays (13-18), you have some nice surprise these next two months, 
heading over the sky in your direction. First off is what I refer to as the “genius aspect” which
  rarely occurs, and that is helped by a couple of planets in air signs, sort of like having two 
escorts at the debutante ball . It's a long transit involving that instigator and innovator, 
Uranus, so no complaints from you, hear me?
DECEMBER 30 –JANUARY 1st Fortunately for you the new moon early month with all the 
great aspects related to it, sit in a perfect angle to the Suns in your charts, This is truly 
helpful and inspiring,  for the Sun is your expression of Self out in the world, it can also
talk about your well being, and attitude. All is looking good from this telescope.
JANUARY 6-9th I mean wouldn't you just like to strangle that Pluto character? Too bad he 
really is a planet and not thrown out of the system as certain astronomers have previously 
stated.  I know we're not supposed to blame the stars for things, but truly, when Pluto 
crosses the Sun in a chart I take special notice.  It's a life changer, and you must know by 
now what that means.  Oh and it's not always a negative either.  In fact this past year might 
have been a real boon for many of you while Jupiter was busy house cleaning all through
FEBRUARY 1-7th Finally! Some uplifting  moments for early February Aquarians. The 
perfect line up of Saturn (yes him!), Mars, and Jupiter helps with the outer manifestations
of your self,  your work, your identity, your egos!  The Sun is a key part of one's chart, but
      certainly not all of it.  At the same time it can indicate matters around health, work, and
  one's general attitude about life. 
FEBRUARY 13-15th, Now ahem, this full moon might bring up some rather emotional 
moments, feelings previously unexpressed may show up at the least opportune moments.
You have some slight support from your Sun's ruler Uranus always out for a good time that 
one.  You'll be happier when December arrives and the beneficent One lays his cloak 
down for you to cross over the puddles safely. Oh wait that was Sir Walter Raleigh, for the 
Queen, but didn't you know that Aquarius is the lesser known regal sign?
MARCH 13, 14th you're in for a big surprise, this epic full moon will add balance to your chart  
by which I mean our life, in whichever houses Scorpio and Taurus are placed. It will align 
with your Sun already conjoined to Chiron, supplying needed strength and optimism, new 
doors will open if you allow them to and when the dark stuff shows up n your dreams find a 
Jungian analyst, fast, this is your chance !
  MARCH 23-26th mid month comes the clarion call for you to stand up when the full moon
 bring some welcome revelations. 
APRIL 3-8th Early in the month the grand fire connections to your fiery Suns amp up your 
confidence and energy as well as provide the steady encouraging hand, no matter what the 
rest of the chart may be doing. And the very late month, last two days' new moon brings
 another bright moment. 
APRIL 8-13th Interesting is the transit of Uranus' relentless passage over your Sun, and now
 with Jupiter on the opposite side of the bar. This is a very rare occurrence that could push 
you to finish or truly focus on what you started and left on the table so to speak. The addition
 of  Saturn seals the deal. That's a good thing! 
 MAY  Mid month birthdays are in for a ride, especially those of you near the 12-15th. It's one
 of those extremely rare moons that affect you personally, and I don't especially mean that in
 a harsh way.   If you know what area of your chart, which houses, are influenced here you
 will see where in your life the drama will occur. But one thing is certain, it won't be boring.
  May 21, 22nd Birthdays have some interesting confluences occurring , yes, you guessed it, 
  mid month again, and more than just the full moon. Several activation points are being
 what the heck will you do ?  
JUNE 3-10th The combination of Jupiter's helpful rays to your Sun that light up your days, and
 the grand sextile from that radical innovator Uranus, all makes me wonder what clever 
Gemini tricks you'll be up to next? Later month Mars enters the arena to round out the grand 
air trine, thoughts! Words! Action! 
JUNE  29-July 1st The early month's new moon influence with Neptune  is still upon you, 
guiding your path until the full moon of the 14th, then things shift ,although Neptune is going 
to be your wingman for several months to come, so please listen to your inner voice of art ,
poetry, song. Inspiration doesn't come by that often or that cheaply.
 JULY 3-6th Pluto is still opposite your Suns, your self  identity, but things are improving,  
 especially when November becomes December! the new moon early month is very kind to 
 you. And that water full moon is another uplifting point. Uranus has been an obstruction 
 point  but he's moved a few degrees away. I guess he's tired of you.  
  JULY 13- 14th the Full moon lands exactly trine to your Suns, as is Chiron! Something
  dramatic is happening, very thrilling, but with one slight exception; beware that 
  annoying Uranus who is trying to get into your garage or something.   It's a lingering 
  irritation to have your emotional locks changed, but do it anyway. Full moons light the path.
  AUGUST 5-9th Fire loves fire which then creates more fire!  There's no excuse now, you have
  to take on that big adventure, that daring moment.  
 AUGUST 13, 14th Hold your tongue , your horse, and your bank account very still, mid month, 
 The intense disruptiveness made possible by this Taurus full moon is likely to shake your 
  Tectonic plates.  Thank heaven for a little bit of Saturn with that tea.
 August 30- SEPTEMBER  2nd why is it that Neptune and the north and south nodes of the 
 moon have decided to wet your rug, so inconsiderate, take them outside! It's always a signal
  moment when Rahu the power seeker crashes your party, but ok, listen to him, it could be
  life changing and you could find success such as you've never seen in your life. 
   SEPTEMBER 5-11th ok Saturn's here, he' s going to push you in many stern ways, but cheer 
  up, it's only a brief month of his intrepidness and anyway, Pluto has your back all this time 
  and for many months hence. 
OCTOBER 3-9th  For all of you mid to later Libra Suns, the Jupiter transit over head is 
uplifting but more to the point is the opposition of Uranus, electricity abounds it can 
   actually be a good thing! .  Near Thanksgiving time Mars steps in and lights a torch to help 
you cross that bridge.
OCTOBER  21st Curious it is to me, that on November 8th, Mars makes a critical landing on
a degree in Capricorn that exactly confronts your Suns? Why I wonder? It's a major 
epochal day as we know, but Mars and your chart, hmm. You may get some clues the
weekend right beforehand.