Astrology September 2016

The astrological architecture for September would probably not pass any review board for  earthquake safety, either literally or metaphorically.  The grand square sky pattern is 
laboring under the solar eclipse and maybe some of us are wishing it were elsewhere, like in 
another recently discovered galaxy or new small planet.  
I must add that the early month Mercury retrograde in Virgo, is not that much of a distraction since he adds mental strength and common sense when in his own home.  Paired up with Jupiter early on, then at mid month, the messenger god ‘s angular match up to Pluto will see a shift to these turbulent times. As the month moves into its final days in early Libra , new thoughts, ideas and actions ensue.  It's a different layout and even a little more hopeful as the sky overhead rearranges itself more conducively .
Before we sign off for the month I will pick up my quill to add a few thoughts on the election drama.
I know you ‘ve been waiting.  But for now, it's onto the September eclipses!
Very early on September first, the Solar eclipse of the Sun will lay its shadow down across Central Africa and the Middle East, at around 5:03 am EDT. Coverage will include Kenya, Zambia, Congo, Madagascar, and historically those locales will feel the direct impact although all of the world will be impacted in some way, each one specifically where ever those degrees of early Virgo land in one's chart.  Even though the Vedic portion under which this occurs, Poorva Phalguni,  under Western named Virgo, is a kindly significator for marriage and sweet spoken amiable persons, we have to take into the equation the slash and burn elements of knife wielding Mars,  deceptive Neptune and cruel Saturn. These are the forenamed sky gods at their worst and it throws the kindness of the lunation into its opposite shadow self. This is what we're dealing with. The sky is merely reflecting back to us what we are seeing down here on earth.  Sorry to sound so harsh, but it's the news of the times.  
And a rocket just went off at Cape Canaveral. Hi September I can see you won't disappoint us.
As the Farmer's Almanac will tell you, new moon times are ideal for planting, especially when earth signs or water signs prevail, like right now. That might be the best thing you can do on this cusp of a solar eclipse Labor day weekend, never mind those attached planetary fangs. Dig in the earth (Saturn), swim in the ocean( Neptune), fire up your barbecue (Mars).  Looking back 19 yeas ago, an identical eclipse occurred on this day, in case you can recall the events of that time or soon afterwards.
September 4TH Sunday is a hallmark sort of day with exact lineups in a friendly fashion. The Moon and Sun harmonious and underworld Pluto lending strength and power to both of them.  Maybe the higher meaning of the solar eclipse will pervade the sentiments of the day? I hope so.
September 6,- 7th  The Scorpio Moon for most of these 48  hours will bring a determination and  decisiveness into the scene. I usually back away from Scorpio moon times when it comes to elective surgeries or signatory moments, but today is different, it brings out the best of this, the most powerful of the signs, the Eagle side of Scorpio. 
September 8-10th Now here we run into a problem, when the Sagittarius moon collides  with, and exacerbates that oft mentioned Saturn Neptune problem on Thursday afternoon. Adding to this conflict is the reflection of the eclipse points already mentioned. I'd say it's a day to watch carefully on all levels.
The ongoing square grid between Saturn and Neptune has been playing out in its usual fashion. If I could choose one image that most brings this home, it would be that of little Omran, the five year old Syrian boy, bloodied and bruised, strapped into the ambulance seat.  His shock and sadness, so emblematic of the despair felt in that sector of the world, reverberates through all compassionate beings.  Eclipse indeed. 
September 11, 12th Sunday's Capricorn moon brings a measure of stability and even though your Sundays are supposed to be a day off, don't count on it.  Organizing and schedule planning is more like it so you'll be ready for Monday which is again shrouded under a void moon until later afternoon.  Void moon times are those minutes, hours or days, during which doing little is a good idea. I for one, never travel, or god forbid, fly, on void moons since I always overpack and even though there are other kinds of baggage I need to lose, just not my suitcase please.
September 14, 15th Wednesday's void moon (again) takes up most of the day, meaning it's an inconsequential moment.  Take a break , do your usual chores and you'll be happy . Simple is good.  Thursday has a different cast to it, with a Pisces moon so 
strongly conjoined to Neptune along with those nasty entrails, it's a more serious day, 
better later into the evening. 
But dear readers, here we go, were heading into the next eclipse!  It must be said that the impact of these eclipses lasts for many months up to even two years, and that's why astrologers make such a point of them. 
September 15,16,17th Here's where the month shifts!  The so called “penumbral lunar  eclipse” where the moon crosses the edge of earth's shadow, is still a nodal or serious  moment to observe. The ancient world knew this, and we borrow from their wisdom.
For us in the West, we would probably consider this Pisces moon to have possibly confusing, maybe magical or even healing qualities.  Under the Vedic sky this Moon in so named Poorvabhadra pada, is not in her most pleasant designation.  Given over to some less well meaning types persons, dealers in darker elements, it's in direct opposition to the Sun in that modest and charitable segment of Virgo, labeled Uttara Phalguni.  Wait, I'm not through, because in addition to this luna conflict we have Mars and Chiron, the wounded healer asteroid, throwing emotional hooks. (Chiron is the only asteroid I pay sharp attention to since its effect has been undeniable in my experience). 
The penumbral shadow will be exposed. Full moons illuminate. Really, this Pisces fish has an impact more like that of a hammerhead shark. 
The month has now shifted into new territory.  
September 18th- 21st I especially like these days, why? Not only is that grand trine between Mars and Uranus somewhat inspiring, but the exalted Taurus moon, as of noon Sunday begins a reasonable alignment with you name it, almost everyone if they will listen. Jupiter has crossed over into Libra and by Wednesday early day it will make nice with that people loving chat ‘em up Gemini moon. 
I especially like these days, maybe the 20-21st the most, because how often do we get to see a strong double direct motion, mere days apart, between Pluto and Mercury, so geometrically perfect in earth signs! We don't.  It's as though someone is saying, “ok this is it, let's get real! “
September 23- 25th so much exactitude between planets is occurring now. Venus in Scorpio is dynamic and matched perfectly to Mars in early Capricorn, where that little warlord is exalted. Sunday's early Leo moon blending with Sun and Jupiter encourages  some harmony for the day.  Change is in the air, which brings me to my next discussion, yes, the election roadshow.
During this obvious change of course with seismic rifts be it Shiite or Sunni, or Democrat or
Republican, the Neptune Saturn conflict with Mars so accurately describes the recent
eclipse stigmata.Speaking of the party of Lincoln, it's a ripe time to mention that his own 
chart revealed what his biography confirms, an inner sadness that slid deep into depression.
Perhaps this was due to the early demise of his mother or later, that of his son, 
Todd. But nevertheless his own natal Saturn and Neptune dilemma created a lifelong imprint 
on his soul that was deeply compassionate towards the suffering of others, mirrored perhaps 
by his own. Slavery was an abhorrence to him and the Civil War capped it all with a phyrric 
victory which he barely lived to see. 
In looking at the chart of Republican nominee, Donald Trump, it is clear that these two
eclipses are not all that favorable to him, the 1th to the 18th should be provoke a furious 
twitter fest from the Donald if what I see coming with the Mars rocket launch on his own 
natal eclipse is correct. Vedically he is at the end of a very dicey 18 year chapter of Rahu, one riddled with aggressive and risky moves, downright dangerous for many who have experienced this one. 
As for Hillary well, the September solar eclipse lands prominently on the very top of her Chart which marks that point of status and professional self  as seen in the world. The prior March eclipses favored her natal lineup of secretive Scorpio planets. Yes Chiron is churning up her Pisces moon, the lunar eclipse will attest to this and the current news cycle can explain all of that even further to you students of the stars.  But her chances of succeeding are better by far when I check out the sky for answers. I usually look at the chart of the person next to the named candidate, but we'll check out Melania's and Bill ‘s next month. 
The chart of the USA, as though that of a person, is greatly hindered and frustrated under this 
eclipse from several directions. The identify crisis is sill working through our collective psyche manifesting in that splattering you see in the headlines. 
I like to avoid political opinionating as much as possible, and since the verbal attacks have become so harsh I can no longer listen to what either candidate scandalously reveals or hurls at the other.  However, what did occur to me was this: 
Since we mentioned the founder of the Republican party above, it might do us all well to 
remember the great man's words:  "We should be too big to take offense and too noble to give 
it." Maybe put that on a hat?
And that peaceful warriors, is my final word for the month.
DAYS OF POWER AND INFLUENCE: 1, 2, 6,11, 19!!, 26, Oct 3d
The following birthdays are based on the very close degrees of the Sun, not a wide swath of an entire month, for which I could never be specific. This is as close as one can get without a true chart based on an accurate time of birth. Normally having someone's Moon, rising and Sun are the three great components with which to start reading a horoscope. If you need to see your chart for these details, just follow the links to one or both of the choices provided, Lunarium or Astrodienst. 
September First: Don't, that's my first word to you. This eclipse is a repeat of September 1st, 1997 with some added features. Tis is a memorable year and I want to be really cheerful, 
but it's kinda hard when I see this sky pattern. The good part is the strong Virgoan anchor of 
Pluto to your Suns, also the strength from the wisdom and practicality of the Jupiter aspect.
September 16, 17th, Well another lunar eclipse birthday here we are, a year of change and 
non stop happenings. When a rare event like this happens, maybe only twice in your life, 
doors open and truths are revealed, painful and joyful. Both extremes are in play. There is 
thankfully a strong mental aspect at work, and work is what you do best.
October 15-18th Mid month here is only a precursor to next month at your birthday time.
Your voices will no doubt be raised loudly and clearly, forget all that nice Venus rulership 
of your sign stuff. This is serious, but she will do her best to intervene and balance 
everything for you. That Uranian devil has been pushing you to extremes later on a 
Saturnian hand will balance things. Not just yet.
October 30, 31st November 1,2nd With Neptune still in dynamic and inspiring aspect to your 
Suns, most especially later this month, well anything can happen, it's an uplift and 
promising to boot. It's rare and enviable and won't come again for close to 56 years. 
November 29-December 2nd Early month can produce some obstacles. Too much pressure, 
too much of everything. Since this only talks about your Sun, one hopes there are other
 mitigating factors in your chart, I'm sure there are. Oh wait, later month Jupiter the benefic 
comes to your aid, in Libra, the peacemaker. 
December 12-19th Surprising in spite of the seeming warrior activity over your Sun, your 
life force and self expression are supercharged by the Uranian element . This is inspiring 
also creative and brilliant !!!  So what if Chiron is squaring all that. Who does he think he is 
anyway? This is extremely rare. Oh wait, watch that red light, put down the iphone, don't 
wreck that new car.
January 3-7th I know this is getting old since you've heard it so much, but the 
transformation process you've been experiencing has only a few more months to go and fortunately in this earth month, aspects are more favorable for you Goat people. So keep climbing steadily up that mountain. Late month Pluto scrapes over your Sun on his forward trek to bother the next in line.
January 20-26th Slowly but surely that Jupiterian move into Libra will lift your spirits and 
shine some daylight onto your horizons. The Gemini moon of the 21st and the Libra lunation
 of the 30th will further this along.
February 13-17th mid month there's a terrific lineup between Uranus (your soul planet) 
and Venus, exactly where you need them to be, shine forth at that full moon. You will have a 
few nice celestial wing men and they all want you to win! 
March 1-3d early month and of course due to the solar eclipse of the first, it might be best to lay low, I mean very low, for a while, since these aspects are not playing the trumpet 
August 14-17th these are dynamite days for only a very few, it's a crazy month, but you win the gold with this fire trine between Mars and Uranus that supports and drives you all the way to the finish line of your goals.