Astrology August 2016

The regal month of August arrives with such a nice complement to Saturn, lending courage and harmony to that outgoing Leo Sun, for a short couple of days. Mars does us a favor and leaves aggressive Scorpio for the sunnier climes of Sadg. There is still beauty and hope on this planet, I only wish it would stay that way. 
However, most of the month appears to be divided into two teams, earth and fire, and you know what that can mean. Scorched earth? Or enthusiasm tempered with irrationality? Mid month’s full moon and partial lunar eclipse of the 18th sets a different intensity and late month sees a total shift onto a new plateau. There’s so much ahead. Check to see if your day is on the birthday list, there are few more this month. Now, pick your teams, swimmers take your mark. Ready set go.
August 1-3d The strong fire angles of this August 2nd Leo new moon with Venus in beautiful aspect to Mr. Uranus lifts my spirit despite a slightly negative communication angle between Mars and Mercury. However, I do wish the Olympics were starting off under a better astro flag, because instead, from the 5th to the 7th there looks to be some potential confusion with Venus and Mars in disarray as well as disagreements between a couple of those outer sky lords. 
August 5th The Opening Ceremony of the Rio Olympics will find three Virgo teammates, Mercury, Moon, Jupiter, on the lineup. Here comes Venus catching up in the back stretch, ok she makes it for the first games! What a foursome! Oh and why did they have to spar with Mars? And then Saturn? But then again that’s competition for you! If you have some early mutable planets (ok that’s Pisces, Virgo, Gemini and Sadg), watch out for verbal mishaps or possibly worse. 
Yes, I’m trying to be positive but the 6-7th set up looks especially difficult for what might become known as the “Zika Olympics”. These are the times we’re in. 
August 8-9th Confusion can be dispelled under the cool and determined Scorpio moon, whose connection to Chiron lifts the harshness of it’s opposing place to Jupiter for a while until the 12th anyway. Chiron aspects, when not favorable, tend to release and reveal hurts that one normally keeps sheltered under one’s own wing. But sports do tend to bring out personalities,and heaven knows games of all sorts are being played right now on many different fields. 
August 13th Saturn moves direct after 5 months of stalling backwards. This slow turn around, close to Mars, merely activates the fiery exchange between the two. Competition, your name is engraved on these two contenders yoked unwittingly together If this duo falls in particular place in your chart, well shin guards are the least of your concerns. 
Nevertheless, August 13th –17th also arrives with a wonderful solar aspect to Uranus that will no doubt expand many hearts and intuitive minds. I think I will award the gold medal to the beautiful Venus trine with Pluto which, along with the Cap moon, serves to override any darkness of these times. It’s moment in which we can all share. Never underestimate the determined mind set of Capricorn when he/she focuses on a basket or a goal. Thus the games were won and the band played on. 
Early morning of August 18th a full moon partial lunar eclipse emphasizes that Saturn Mars contest: you’re running in MY lane dammit, move over! It’s an intense time under what is usually one of the year’s strongest lunations. This Aquarius Leo Full moon, or Dhanistha in the Vedic sky, is symbolized by a musical drum, and describes a person of wealth, who is charitable, but not always favorable to women. Dhanistha can be given to heroics, and sports, and is as well a lover of musical fun. There is definitely some delight and creativity with this moon, and being an eclipse it’s power will extend for a longer than usual period. The mental nature of Aquarius facilitates better vision and insight into situations. 
Later month the long running obstacle race between Saturn and Neptune is heading to the finish line later in September. This collision will not land without some flashes of excess and conflict since there is a cluster square with the addition of Mars and the nodes and Neptune. It’s time to look at that distance mysterious gas giant. Yes, I know, but we have to.
“Neptune”, to quote astrologer Stephen Forrest, “is a window through which we peer out into the great beyond. Neptune defines reality as we personally see it"It could be said that it is part of our own ego, how we present ourselves to the world, our own personal myth. Neptune in my own star lit mind, represents the muse of art and music and can inspire the best of these art forms. Conversely, it can feed into the 
lowest levels of escapism and addictio . It’s important to lay this out because in the month ahead, the larger world will be seeing perceptions, myths, assumptions, blasted by this double whammy from the unfriendly matchup between Mars (warrior impulse) and Saturn (discipline and rigid rules enforcer) as well as to the moon’s nodes. A side note, whenever we see the moon’s nodes, known as the Rahu and Ketu dragon creatures of Vedic lore, one automatically knows that there’ s probably some karma involved. 
Late month runs up into the September 1st solar eclipse which collides with a Mercury retrograde, thereby repeating the road just taken for the past three weeks. As much as I want to say something positive and uplifting, I am stumped by the planetary grid of this eclipse. It’s like running into a giant red STOP sign; This Freeway Closed for Repairs!! Some big news will be lighting up the airwaves although I’m not exactly sure how that will manifest.
So I quote here the ever quotable Yogi Berra, “it’s tough to make predictions, especially about the future”.  A last note, due to some domestic untranquility, blame it on that eclipse! there may not be a September newsletter. But if not she’ll be back in October !
DAYS OF POWER AND INFLUENCE:: 2, 3, 9,10, 23,28!! 29 
The following birthdays are based on the very close degrees of the Sun, not a wide swath of an entire month, for which I could never be specific. This is as close as one can get without a true chart based on an accurate time of birth. Normally having someone’s Moon, rising and Sun are the three great components with which to start reading a horoscope. If you need to see your chart for these details, just follow the links to one or both of the choices provided, Lunarium or Astrodienst.
August 1st 2nd the strong new moon aligned to Saturn embues your birthday returns with a certain underlying strength that I there to support you all year! Another wonderful Venus aspect suggests this might be the big year, you know what I mean?
August 18th A birthday coinciding with a lunar eclipse like this one, indicates a year forward with a lot of excitement and unexpected happenings. Whatever the main issue is in your life, it can be solved this year because the cards are on the table.
September 1st.2nd let’s see, there’s no really good way to cover this one up, but you most likely are already aware of certain lurking problems that would drive most people insane, but they underestimate what hardy Virgo you are. The pressure seems to get more intense by month’s end. Remember, with astrology, as it is in life, these sky menaces always move and so will these!! But it’s a rough and menacing group overhead.
September 13- 18th I had to include all these birthdays because it looks like Virgo team time in August! Several of these sky gods are lining up in matching outfits to support your team! Wow! I love it !
October 14-16th Early this month, the friendly fire grid between Venus and Uranus directly Impact your Suns, your life force, your plans, in a very strong and positive way.
November 1-3d Lucky for you Neptune and the nodes are still in a very supportive geometry to your Suns! It brings inspiration! All month long, and the water moons like the 9th and the 19th, ok the Cancer moon of 28th, can shine more light on your plans.
November 17-19th.This eclipse of the 18th is throwing a few darts at your Suns, but of course you have other planets and other configurations, so just lay low, and try not to react with your well documented Scorpionic communicative talents. 
November 30-December 1st The line up between Saturn and Mars mostly later in the month presents a dilemma of rare pressure for you, you’re being pushed! And drat, we don’t like that! If it’s just too much, stay centered, later September it all dissolves. 
December 13-18th Early month is very strong –and good –for you with birth Suns in this section of Sagittarius. The Venus angle to Uranus enhances your happiness and beauty, while Uranus, is beginning a year long trek to expand your genius abilities. Just wait.
December 24-29th Very early in this month you have two friends on the Virgo team , three if you look at the 4th and the moon in Virgo, which means a moment in time for you to express, be seen, walk tall.
January 5-8th In spite of this being a fire month, it looks a though you may have a pretty nice ride all through it’s well maintained flames of enthusiasm. Stability and steadfastness are yours this month. The 14th -16th are especially nice days for you! Take advantage.
January 19-21st The very last couple of days of August are a gift for you. That line up of Venus, Mercury and Jupiter, exactly to the degree of your Suns, is very nice indeed. Other elements of your charts are unknown to this scribe, but the cheerful effect of this trine are smile worthy.
February 17, 18th the full moon lunar eclipse directly affects you, don’t think it doesn’t. But it will be in a helpful, energy efficient sort of way, with fire trines and sextiles to enhance your airy self. If this is your moon or degree of Venus, more thrills ahead for sure. 
February 29-March 4nd How to put this nicely, this is not your best month, neither early September. I’d say read a book, or better, go away, tune out, go under ground. If you are the stubborn type who must deal, then good for you. Because this gang of planets like Mars and Saturn and Neptune and the nodes, are in a such an ominous headlock which is nogood news for your hopes, health or happiness. Just for now. 
March 14-19th Strange but true, for most of this month a rare faceoff from Jupiter and Mercury towards your Suns will have you in a bind, should I or shouldn’t I? The full moon of the 18th may have some answers for you.
Late March Your activity tracker will be on highest alert early this month, gaining the mos steps ever. Ok, what I mean is that you can’t sit still, you must do this. Whatever that is. 
April 13-16th You are still very challenged to go and do and create and rebel, by that Uranian devil so do it because brilliance could enter the picture. If you are in the elder circle, well, be careful, the body’s electrical currents are running at super speeds.
Late April, Well I’m pretty excited about the combo of earth planets sitting SO nicely in aspect to your Suns. This is a good time to move ahead with your plans, carefully but you’re more fortunate than many. Early month rings out and very late month.
May 5-10thThe earth planets in Virgo and Capricorn are designed to help you out now, it’s that wonderful steady hand of pragmatic earth that grounds you now and encourages others to rely upon you as well. 
May 17-19th Later this month those earth signs will come to your aid as well and then all your efforts will show some reward. It’s about time. I like the 23d and 24th with that Taurus moon enhancing the whole show. 
May 21-23d Early in the month is not your best time, I don’t like all that hammering to your Sun, it’s just not nice. Surprisingly enough, very late month into September the picture changes quite nicely for you and the Fall has your name on it the gift card!
June ‘s early birthdays, Oh dear, things could be better butt hey just aren’t right now with the Mars and Saturn foot race opposing your team. It’s just a bit too harsh and the pressures are really just over the top.
June 14-18th The second half of August sees some difficulties in communication but the sextile from Uranus means your brilliant self is functioning just fine. It’s the other people, not you! 
July 5-8th The power struggle is almost at its end and thankfully the nice angle of Virgo planets lightens the load and smoothes your path somewhat. The 8-10th are the most helpful days. 
July 18-21st Lock in the hopeful days when you can, those would be later in the month when you have some cosmic wingmen on your team. Their names are : Mercury, Venus, and Jupiter.