Astrology June 2016

Early June hands the world a perfect geometry of squares, which you may translate to "challenges". I’ll spare you the astro details, except to say that the big issue so far has been this ongoing trek of Saturn and Mars through Sag and back in Scorpio. It seems as though life is going in reverse with floods, fires, air disasters so much that we almost can’t believe what we are seeing and hearing.

The Gemini new moon of the 4-5th under Rohini brings this home, and the moon in its position is the only the only uplifting part of these three days. This star placement tends to promote a loveliness of musical and artistic qualities. Rohini, is a Sanskrit word from which we derive "romance" "romeo," "rose", those happy "R" words. Her joy and gentleness made her the favorite wife of Chandra, the moon god . And so you have your Vedic lesson for the month. Now onto the rest of the Junesta Fiesta.

June 1-4th As sweet and benign as that moon can be, it’s not all a golden fleece, in fact we might get a little fleeced with the ongoing Saturn Neptune Jupiter T square grid, that has dragged across the sky under a fog of disillusionment since February. In as much as I can measure it, this trio will continue their headlock all the way up to July which is when Jupiter finally moves off leaving Saturn and Neptune to fight it out. Their emotional damage and drama persists until the colossal life changing full moon of mid October. Then we will see some really big shifts in earth and sky. Talk about an October surprise!

June 5-7th Monday makes me smile with Venus and a moon in Cancer making nice with Neptune, Jupiter and the nodes. Cheerful into Tuesday when the clash of Titans occurs around noontime. But that moon moves quickly and by five pm he’s connected to Mars

So that ‘s helpful.

June 8-9th Late Wednesday’s moon in Leo moves into such a nice pattern with Saturn and then Uranus later, bringing a much needed moment of balance . Later Wednesday the aspects incline toward super organization skills, clean our desk?

Except for a minor morning tiff between Mars and Mercury , word watching being a good idea here, Thursday is the day I have marked as a very strong day to accomplish, to sign, to plan. The many exact and positive aspects with the moon make it so. Power off the phone after 8:28 pm PDT. The moon goes void and it’s over for the day.

June 11- 12th- Venus next to the sun in cazimi, that is to say almost "burnt" she’s so close, finds relief with a bit of Uranian excitement. It’s a decent couple of days, to be sure in spite of the planetary crosses and other weird celestial geometry out in our electric sky. The Virgo moon is an asset here as it lines up exactly with Jupiter, enhancing the one great positive aspect of these days, a healthy and stable financial layout for many, yes it’s true.

Now with four retrograde planets it is a good moment to bring up the ancient sky watchers’ confusion over retrograde planets. They were the first to observe the lack of clarity in trends and events during such times. And then you add in the conflicting aspects between certain of them, oh and relate that to your own charts. It can be a big mess that has to be waded through, or just waited out. Maybe the clearest option is to grab the best power days possible, like the few listed below.

June 13-14th Here we have two cosmic occurrences, Mercury moves into dynamic Leo and Neptune ventures backwards in Pisces for some time. Our present day very serious opioid epidemic is a tantamount example of the social and spiritual damage that appears under this sky pattern. It’s a classic Neptunian delusional thinking set up clashing with Saturn’s severe structure and rigid rule setting. The only possible light in this darkness is that it’s being talked about, in the month of chatty Gemini, that arch communicator.

June 14th!! Someone is turning 70 years old today it’s a YUGE birthday for Donald Trump. So let’s check out his stars. Hmm, born on a full moon lunar eclipse day. the Sun and Rahu together goes like this: On the positive side this can be a successful, powerful person. However, the negative side can over emphasize this need for success to the point of failure,as what it is one seeks is not realistic. Father issues, competition, fear of failure all come under this lunar eclipse definition.

Trump is in the last phase of a power seeking, almost reckless period involving Mars. Typically the last month of this period, which for him will be mid October to mid November 2016, has been seen to be a particularly sensitive time where overreaching power grabs and illusions are commonly dashed. After that he moves in to an expansive Jupiterian phase,

and yes of course he will win. Air time, ratings if nothing else ! From his chart I do not believe he will become president. Too many aspects suggest it. There she said it, and after much analysis. To be clear, my own political views, confusing as they are right now, are locked in the closet fighting with each other.

While many, but not all, eyes are on the headlines and the never ending political roadshow, my research takes me back to a previous time when we had such a similar conflux of angry sky gods at each other like this. The very early 1930’s for example, when Herbert Hoover was president and the ravages of the depression just settling into the country. Unemployemt was at 16.5 %. Meanwhile in Europe a social revolution was in full tilt in Germany and Russia. It marked an especially grisly new day, totalitarianism ran the governments. Democracy was n where in sight on the continent. Similarly there sat Pluto, in Cancer, square to Aries the nodes all in Virgo and Pisces like now, pus a few other match ups.

The good news is that the eight year battle between those two will begin to dissolve as this year progresses. It all shifts in the Fall. You’ll see.

June 17-19th the entrance of Venus into home loving Cancer, brings an affectionate element

while facing off with Sunday’s Cap moon, then heading into a meet up with the Sun. She’s busy and helping in whatever house that moon sign rules in your chart!

June 20- 21st It’s Solstice time and a full moon besides! The moon waxes full tonight right on the very cusp of Gemini and Cancer, and Sagittarius and Capricorn, (moon), at 3:34 pm PDT.

Moon in Moola, located in the heart of the galaxy, indicates a bunch of roots tied together which indicates the basis or core of any situation. Therefore Moola is very often involved with finding hidden causes of illnesses, and right here he is facing off with the Sun in "catch me if you can" Mrigashira" part of Gemini. Could we possibly be hearing more on the Zika virus and the endangered Brazil Olympics which seems set to undo itself?

Does this sound like a pleasant lunation to characterize the next fourteen days? Well you’re right. It isn’t. A full moon solstice doesn’t happen very often. Oh won’t they be having fun in Stonehenge tonight! The issues ignited will reach the core of our most basic needs and desires. Drama, wild I mean word -fires, as if we haven’t had enough. A power outage would be welcome right about now. And it’s the longest day of the year.

Late Month, June 29-30th here we have a whole new energy coming in. Mars, that war dog, is slowly moving into forward motion, it’s been a long time. The intensity of the late Scorpionic energy times ten, will oppose the Taurean moon these days, which is more action than you might need. I don’t mind it, especially with such a nice soft angle between the Sun, Venus and Neptune. If your birthdays fall in these last few days, how nice that will be for your solar return charts!

Early July to the Fourth! Due to tech difficulties we are a little behind this month and therefore I’m adding a bit of July to this month.

July our Gemini moon is back and you know what that means, Rohini! Something cheerful

is afoot. This star lover of flowers, music, animals and nature has arrived for the long weekend! Till Sunday morning early that is, as we then head into the Cancerian new moon of July 4th! And what a day it is! A day to be independent for sure, with so many great aspects between the Moon, Sun, Venus, up until very late when there’s slight hitch but nevermind time for bed anyway . Do something terrific. Make Hamilton proud today. Good night.

ELECTIONAL, OR POWER DAYS: 2, 4, 9!! 14, 20! 29! 30! JULY 4TH!

The following birthdays are based on the very close degrees of the Sun, not a wide swath of an entire month, for which I could never be specific. This is as close as one can get without a true chart based on an accurate time of birth. Normally having someone’s Moon, rising and Sun are the three great components with which to start reading a horoscope. If you need to see your chart for these details, just follow the links to one or both of the choices provided, Lunarium or Astrodienst.


June 3,4TH There have been better solar returns in your life, I mean to say, birthday charts, with one nice exception today, some congenial earth planetary connections, translate that into financial well beingness.

June 20th- 22nd-The Summer Solstice arrives in Cancer this year, and with a full moon! What a birthday is in store for you! Venus shines a light on your Suns and the Moon in Capricorn accepts a dance with Neptune. This is a pretty great year ahead in site of all those grids. Of course your personal chart will tell the specifics.

July 5-7TH That early month Moon and Capricorn Pluto effect on your Suns can amp you up and work you over. It could just be at the gym, a new way of seeing yourself? The good news is this incoming trine from Neptune to your Sun. Remember when you wrote your wishes down and threw coins in a fountain? Don’t be shy about what you wish for, your day is coming !

July 11-16th This square from irritating Uranus is really getting under your skin, slap that bug!

The ongoing irritation is balanced by the Mars action, one throttles up! The other powers…

Oh wait, are you insured? You better be, you just hit my car!

August 1-4th very early month, this Saturn trine to your Suns means you have support that most would envy. It’s the strong steady hand, you lucky dog you. And the shining light of Venus and the new moon sextile (60 degrees and a gift) your Sun could really elevate you, in more ways than one. Nice!

August 12-16th I LOVE it when Uranus trines the sun, it won’t happen for many years again this way. If you don’t make use of this creative talent gift, then I can’t help you! And yes Mars is squaring you but so what, you’re a fighter too and that energy charge will boost you up. We know you Leos.

September 1-4th This isn’t your best month either, in spite of having Jupiter the gift giver transiting your sign directly, these imploding squares are just a form of temporary harassment, go read a book, lay low, wait until next month. That Saturn square means you are most likely being pushed to the extreme.

October 11-17th An opposing Uranus to your Suns is not a light matter. You could feel derailed and thwarted in jarring ways. In a rare moment you might receive some brilliant insights and ideas. Grab those! Because the aspect from the new moon and Venus is creating a balance for you!

October 31-Novmeber 2nd Cheer up you still have that magic wand of Neptune throwing light beams in your direction, and heck, he goes retro mid month so that aspect stays, and stays…

November 13-19th I know it s lot of days, but Mars is cruising BACKWARDS over your Suns, don’t believe any of it, even though the energy drive will make you feel combustible. And the quincunx from Uranus just adds to all of it. It can make you feel turned inside out, just hang on until next month.

December 1-4th and you too have this grid of Saturn on your Sun exactly, and square these other sky characters. Frustration city ! The Saturn part can make you feel overwhelmed but at least he’s going direct this time.

December 12-15th That Uranus trine to your sun is such a gift! It’s inspirational, creative! Life changing, USE it!! Whatever you do don’t pass this one by. The mid month full moon time

adds to this magical aspect.

January early to mid month, 3d to 10th these grand earth trines have your name on them! One of the very few lucky ones right now. That’s you. The rest of the world is suffering under this grid of squares but your Suns are standing strong, you might lend a helping hand.

February 1st 4th. early month this new moon lights you up, and Saturn is watching your back against great odds. The new moon of the 4th is very nice for you as well. Your day is coming, hint, in the fall.

February 13th-18th the sextile from Uranus, your insane fun ruler can mean all sorts of fun things ahead for you except for Mars squaring the Sun, dang, he’s such a troublemaker, so best watch your driving especially near the full moon of the 18th . One slice of happiness is that Venus is trine your sun most of the moth, and that’s a gift. Rohini is her name.

March 1st-3d early month birthdays have the joy and delusion of Neptune crossing over your Suns. That can bring confusion, fogginess or else great vision and creativity. Or both at the same time. Saturn opposing it tends to make the darker stuff more true but it can also open some windows when the frustration gets to the boiling point, a resolution is possible.

March 11-18th This Mars transit backwards through Scorpio actually helps you! But hardly anyone else, you are fired up! And you know what happens when water meets fire! Yes, steam! Mid month’s full moon period, is helpful to your cause.

April 1, 2nd Lucky you to have Saturn so strongly supporting your aims and causes. The way the stellar map is are right now, I wouldn’t overlook any helping hand! Early month is terrific as well for your sense of self and projects you’ve outlined!

April 12-16 You been going through some tremendous life changing moments these days, the best part of it, other than the electric current running thru you, is the brilliant thinking you seem to have acquired. Now when did that happen? Use t wisely, it won’t be back for a very long time, this way.

May 9-11th early month especially you mid bulls are still riding a really nice wave of trines on your Taurus suns. What exactly are you doing?

May 13-18th that devil Mars, he’s sliding backwards trying to irritate you but you’re strong and you have been through mucky times before. Besides, It’s only this one aspect.