Astrology May 2016

Hello May, we’re here, is that you up in the fog with five, yes, five retrograde planets on your sky calendar? With all those retrogrades (actually only in relation to the earth’s rotation) what can we expect? Let’s start with Mercury since that is the most often discussed and it also goes into retrograde three times a year. I like to look at the entire line up across the solar system to see who is doing what to whom and when. Yes, Mercury is going in reverse motion, but it’s in Taurus, in a specific degree that is very close to the upcoming new moon and lining up with gift giving Jupiter and the lunar nodes. To me that’s a very benign and encouraging indication for the economic picture.

People usually wait to sign important documents or make major decisions until the direct motion of our little trickster planet, but to me there are exceptions and one must take all the aspects into consideration. With few exceptions, five retrogrades would have me standing rather still, thinking, thinking. Analyze, research, look up facts, or just study for exams, that is the best use of a cluster of retrogrades. Other than that let’s consider the rest of the month.
Believe it or not there is a bright light, in spite of five clashing celestial spheres and a vicious historical cycle repeating itself. Soldier on if you will.

Early May: The retrograde parade continues, with only Venus, Neptune and Uranus going in forward motion. Mercury represents the quicksilver attributes of the mind and of communication. He is given over to changeable Gemini and then to detail oriented Virgo. But what I pay most attention to is: where is that little hermaphroditic trickster of many forms? To whom and to what is he/she aspecting? Then the story becomes more clear. So right now, the little god of winged sandals (no accident that he is the face of the American Express card) is moving slowly through the Taurean locale of Krittika, and yes, it’s the derivation of our word "critical". Therefore it would be wise to police yourself for any vitriolic speech since Mercury in Krittika is a razor sharp instrument. There is enough acidic verbiage coming missile like across on the airwaves as it is. This month’s trail of Mercury is especially long, 23 days to be exact, and not the usual 21.

May 4th A piece of Serendipity here, heading towards us is one of three "super new moons" in a row, because of the intensity of the gravitational pull of sun and moon to the earth. Also,
looking at the power line up in Taurus, asteroid Vesta, Sun, Moon, Venus, Mercury all nicely balanced with Jupiter and Pluto in practical earth. Let’s get something done, this is a power moment to at least plan ahead even if we don’t sign up for two weeks. Mars is closer to the earth than it has been in 11 years. Talk about a three pointer (whatever that is).

May 5th; Cinco de Mayo will see the very late and early morning skies light up with the Aquarids Meteor showers, just for some extra party action. Our moon is heading into the Taurean house of Bharani. It is said that a person with a moon in the Taurus constellation of Bharani is truthful, strong and happy. And tomorrow’s new moon is at 94 % exaltation. An almost perfect new moon.

May 6-8th I have personally highlighted in my calendar. That gorgeous moon in Taurus, is in a perfect geometry up there in practical earth, which should be seen as a straight up gift in spite of a few backward facing sky lords. Lucky you if one or more of your planets is directly aspected by this. Since everyone on the planet has a lunar return, this will show up in many of those charts, and more than likely it’s in yours too.

May 9-10th Such an intriguing time were in for now. Fascinating from an astronomy as well as an astrology point of view, (first cousins) is that Mercury will be walking across father Sun on the 9th, an event that will only occur about 14 times this century. It will be a "moment", that is, an opening into to the eye of Sol himself, enlightenment perhaps? or a time of strength accelerated by the exact forward motion of Jupiter soon afterwards.
I’m hoping some of this magic will land on certain appropriate shoulders if you know what I mean.

May 12-15 th With Jupiter moving direct on the 12th, and lining up to Venus, it’s a lovely day and I don’t mind Mercury standing in front of the Sun. Not at all. Just try not to be rash or blinded! Try to think in a rational fashion, settle some things you’ve been putting off! This is that time. Sunday’s Virgo moon anchors several earth trines, again! All on a wonderfully aspected day. And the early 3 a.m. square to Saturn will dissolve as the day moves on. Most of us will be asleep at that time anyway.

But it’s time to discuss the darker elements, yes we have to. The current earth planet balance of this month, might help to offset some of darkness that has washed over this world due to a couple of ongoing dilemmas that carry some rather diabolical historical precedents.

Most significantly, we’ve been under the curse of this dicey Pluto Uranus square for about eight years now, which has overshadowed the upheavals, wars, destruction of societies and peoples. Since last Fall, we have had the additional maelstrom of the Saturn square to Neptune and now Jupiter and Chiron have joined the Dark star team.

Looking back across time I see parallels, like the Scopes trial of 1925, where Darwin’s theories were put on trial, or to put it another way, when religion confronted science. Even worse, the 1963 JFK assassination and the tremendous wave of shock, sadness and grief that engulfed our country and much of the world. Likewise in present time, the tragedy of the displaced Syrians, the murders and beheadings, the terrors across the world illustrate all too well what devastation a Saturn Neptune square can unleash. Promises have been broken and the underlying anger is erupting up through a volcanic core and spewing rebellious ash across the land. Pairing this configuration with the Plutonian Uranian societal upheaval aspect, so similar to the 1960’s, would, I think, explain a lot, regarding our current political roadshow among other leading news stories. The aftermath of such horrors has been seen to search for higher ground, for what would be a more realistic spiritual uplifting into realms of hope. It will take some time to get it right.

Finally I think of Robert Kennedy, who was born directly under a Saturn Neptune square to his Sun. When he emerged from his tremendous grief after his brother’s murder, he looked to the poets for solace, Alfred Tennyson in particular, whose lines I will repeat.
"Come my friends, it is not too late to seek a newer world".

May 16- 20th Late on Monday the moon travels into Libra, who usually likes to calm things down but instead the conflict with Pluto and Uranus ebbs into later Wednesday. We are still
laboring under some heavy aspects which is why I like the Scorpio moon of late Wednesday through Friday to bring some needed action! Here the month turns a corner! I personally rather like Scorpio moons because they bring a definitive moment. Just don’t plan any surgeries for these moon days, that’s better under a Taurus moon.

May 21- 22nd It’s a new day! The full moon in Gemini and Sagittarius, connects with Mars, wow, at 2 degrees of those signs. And Mercury moves direct Sunday at 6 am PDT. I mean all is not cheerful but then I never was a Pollyanna astrologer. There’s lots to contend with and the moon moving up to and landing in that maelstrom of the Jupiter Saturn Neptune thing, is just one more dire happening no doubt somewhere in this mad mad world. The full moon’s location under Anhurada speaks of kindly persons as well as travel in foreign countries. Anthony Bourdain this must be about you, since hunger can be part and parcel of this travel inclination!.

Now with Mercury moving direct ( May 22nd) words will come out, yes, still in critical Krittika, under this full moon lunation, but with a difference. The thoughtful retrograde periods are coming down to just three planets, vision is restored, cards are laid on the table and plans are coming to fruition. We can hope.

May 24th Venus so close to the Sun all this month should brighten that place in your chart where Taurus rules. We like to have a wing woman as it were, helping out. Today she moves into Gemini, facing off with Mars and will let him know just how she feels. Mercury is finally direct after a very long 23 day backwards jaunt, and Mars heads back into Scorpio just to shake everything up a little more in that very significant 29th degree.

May 29-31st Sunday’s lovely Piscean moon connected to Neptune and sextile a couple of other characters up there, should bring a rare peaceful moment. I’d suggest keeping the newsfeed at bay and hanging out near water. Fins and goggles in tow, maybe time to check out the Mer culture and all those cute fish. Memorial Day Monday will provide all the fire one might need under an Aries moon, and that powerful communication spark could accomplish wonders when used in the right way! The Aries moon is igniting both the Sun and Venus, lordy! Fire up the barbecue.

ELECTIONAL DAYS TO ACT UPON: 2, 6!!, 10!!, 15, 20, 25 before 6 pm, 26, 29! 31


The following birthdays are based on the very close degrees of the Sun, not a wide swath of an entire month, for which I could never be specific. This is as close as one can get without a true chart based on an accurate time of birth. Normally having someone’s Moon, rising and Sun are the three great components with which to start reading a horoscope. If you need to see your chart for these details, just follow the links to one or both of the choices provided, Lunarium or Astrodienst.

EARLY MAY birthdays: the first week or so, 1-6th, a very helpful angle of earth and practical grounding supports your endeavors and your physical well being. The new month of the 6th, especially if this is your big day, and therefore your solar return, is a downright gift. Light the candles!

May 21, 22nd The Full moon later today combined with Mars makes for a birthday year with some road blocks that you can circumnavigate. Just watch out that you don’t trip over them instead. Thankfully the grand earth trine between Mercury, Jupiter and Pluto is your special present for a birthday year ahead.

June 1-5th Um not a great time for you, too many obstacles it’s best to wait this time out as much as you possibly can, do research, lay low, don’t extend yourself in any way.

JUNE 8-12th. For a brief moment, near the 8th to 10th of May, there is an upswing for you, take it and run with it, otherwise not such a great month unless you have a couple of earth planets who are basking in these earth trines.

JULY 4-6th this could turn out to be a very lucky time for you, whilst the rest of the planet is mired in doubt and crossfires of various sorts, your personal path could be opening up widely in front of you. It’s so nice when Jupiter and the nodes are supporting your Sun, your self image and identity out in the world. Mystical Neptune is enhancing the whole picture as well. Personal creativity is at a high point for many months ahead.

JULY 11-12th This is somewhat frustrating, just ask your pals born a week before you. No matter what you do there seems to be some barrier across your path. It gets only slightly better by later June and early July. Just wait and keep trying in these retrogrades periods to lay some groundwork. The problem has been this diametric between society rebels Uranus and Pluto causing you all sorts of personal havoc.

AUGUST 1-3 Early month is a strong time for you, in spite of these backwards moving planets, the fourth’s fire moon in Aries, along with steady Saturn holding your back is a straight gift. You are one of the few who have some stellar help right now. Steady is the word. The 11th is another good moment.

AUGUST 10- 13th These middle Leos have a dynamic super charge in their batteries right now, in case you feel like this, well, it’s called Uranus.

SEPTEMBER 4-7th Really you are so fortunate to have this influx of earth trines right over your suns! In spite of the retrogrades, it’s such a perfect time to make plans and organize, one of your favorite things to do anyway. The slight hindrance from Saturn makes sure you don’t go overboard, but you probably wouldn’t anyhow.

OCTOBER 5-7th It has not been the easiest time for you mid Librans, it’s been a soul searching and for many, a wrenching chapter of doubt and confusion. You will be changed by this and for most, it s going to be a good thing. Wrung inside out and back again. A new you, better equipped for the future. The later Fall brings its rewards for your patience. A look at your birth chart to find some uplifting planetary aspects will soften the blow. There has to be something that mitigates this dilemma.

OCTOBER 31-NOVEMBER 2nd With Neptune sitting one hundred and twenty degrees from your sun, and in a very still pattern, you must be on overdrive, your creativity at a peak, it’s a very good thing. Plus the Jupiterian and nodal planets are there to support the whole scene. Lucky you I’d say.

NOVEMBER 21-29th That fiery war god, Mars, has been cruising over your Sun, driving you nuts with his insistence that you do this, go there, be quiet leave me alone you say. But darn he did get you to move and do, more than you had planned. The last week of May is your key moment. Mercury direct on the 22nd with that full moon, brightens the whole scene for you.

DECEMBER 1-5th It’s not too much fun with this annoying obstruction of planets on and against your Suns. Best advice is to lay low for a while, organize, restructure, retreat. Everything is temporary and the sky moves.

December 10-13th So different from the early month, this aspect of Uranus shooting fire darts to energize you along with and the oncoming energy boost from Saturn in the months ahead will enhance your efforts in ways that you haven’t seen for a very long time. It’s truly a gift.

December 14-18th Your moment is coming a little later on in the year. Never fear. Fire trines coming soon to ignite your clever Suns, just not this month.

JANUARY 4-8th Earth loves earth, or something like that, and you are one lucky goat I’d say, since this triumvirate of Venus, Mercury, new moon in Taurus, and Jupiter, and Pluto,wow, are all lined up perfectly in your center court. Talk about a three pointer, it’s in your favor, solid, safe and secure.

January 19-22nd The last part of this month from the full moon onward, favors your plans and ambitions. It’s ok to lean out and take a chance, really, the planets shine on your Suns, or that part of you that is manifesting dreams in the real world. The 26th is especially nice. Later in the summer into September, when Jupiter trines your Sun, it’s a great big gift, nothing less.

February 8-13th Things are a little rocky with this craziness from Uranus striking a chord against you but it’s the genius note, and it sparks your own creative spark and soon Saturn will guide that missile to its best destination.

February 20-22nd The full moon of later May, 21st, 22nd has other ideas for you, so the best plan is to not take too many chances, no skateboarding please, watch your words, use this as a gathering research and ideas time, It passes soon enough. Later June is a much better time.

March 2-7th this is not your best time, so let it pass by, the obstinate squares only translate annoyance right now, and the T square of Saturn and Jupiter and Neptune are making life more difficult than it needs to be. The new moon of the 6th however, is your best moment, grab it.

MARCH 26-31st Late March Arians, its another day and Mars is pushing you to do what you have thought about for a while, the big fire beast is here an in your house, so DO it. The planetary line up in Gemini blends nicely with this energy in the last week of May.

APRIL 9-13th What a ride this has been and will continue to be for a little longer, with Uranus riding heavy over your sun. It’s been pretty thrilling, I know you’d like it to be a little less so, since that Plutonian influence has caused some major reconfiguring of yourself and your life. When it’s all over, very soon, the new you will be the better for it. I know you don’t think so now.