Astrology March 2016

Added to this landmark year of sudden shifts in direction and attitude, we have here a month with similar surprises. March 2016 will be memorable for it’s powerful eclipses which bring certain "change" moments in time. Looking back in history to the last time this country was in an identical early Rahu period, takes us to the election of William McKinley, 1896. Then too a very vocal populist movement was sweeping the country. It was probably the first time that a massive PR and advertising campaign went forth. Posters were nailed to trees, while small printed cards were mailed and handed out all touting a certain candidate’s golden qualities.

Young celebrity star William Jennings Bryant was sure to win, but instead, the last remaining Civil War general, McKinley, won the day. McKinley’s presidency is generally considered a "realigning election" that ushered in the Progressive Era and also oversaw the annexation of Hawaii in 1898. His running mate, Theodore Roosevelt, was to become even more famous after McKinley’s untimely assassination in 1901, and therefore some of the accomplishments of the elder statesman have been overshadowed.

I know that sounds drastic, but the similarities are there. A loud campaign, and at the last moment, the established order prevailed. There are other parallels which will be covered in future, like the current sweep of Mars and Saturn through late Scorpio and early Sagittarius, which are likewise repeating elements of an earlier rocky period in our history.

But for now, scroll down if you’d like to check on the winds and tides of March:

First week of March: The first couple of days are laboring under a difficult set of roadblocks and several issues will need to be worked out. That Jupiter square Saturn and Neptune in a "grand cross "pattern until at least August, is very close here and it does not speak well to the general financial scene. Being watchful of expenditures is a really good idea.

There is a little bit of a lift with the Jupiter and Pluto trine for a few months, but I’d stay with a more reserved attitude. We are getting ready for the eclipse of the 8th and those energies are coalescing now. There is also a very big primary day ahead. Expect the unexpected.

March 7th This is a vey special day for Hindus. It’s the 24 hour feast and devotion to Lord Shiva, known as Shivaratri, right next to the new moon eclipse this year! Banks and schools are closed in observance of the marriage between Lord Shiva and Pavrati. It’s a holy day with many gifts and offerings to the lord who destroyed and then re- created the universe. One of the three most powerful of the Hindu gods, Shiva represents the cycle of life and death and rebirth, celebrated in the profound month of March.

The night of Shiva leads us right into the total solar eclipse of March 8, 9th. 5:54 pm PDT.

The darkened Sun conjoins with Chiron and Ceres, two asteroids I watch, especially Chiron, with his healing function. This is indeed what we would label a "nodal moment", which is to say, a time marker. Whew, I’m trying to look at the positive side of this, hoping the fire element of optimism between outer planets Saturn and Uranus will light up the dark spaces left by the shrill voices of Mars and Mercury who have been bickering for almost two weeks now.

Many events will be tied to this very long solar eclipse, and the square of Saturn in this geometric pattern is not to be overlooked. It tends to be an inhibitor of enthusiasm, and is historically not that beneficial for certain financial markets. There is some slight enthusiasm (she’s trying to be a little positive, ok?) with planets Saturn and Uranus in a perfect fire pattern.

We are still struggling under the societal renovators, Pluto and Uranus, which, when last seen in such a square pattern, the early 1930’s, to be exact, with that Saturn Neptune Mars thing, was not the best. We don’t need to analyze the global cultural, religious and social upheavals globally since they are well documented by our constant news sources. But the sky shows us these things, mirroring our events back at us.

It’s a rough ride ahead in the towers of business and trade as well as the overview of the Middle East’s ongoing dissimulation. I look to September for more serious relief. That’s when the major planetary changes of location will occur. Meanwhile the quite possibly happier note ahead could be with land and real estate due to a harmonious planetary bond between Jupiter and Pluto in earth. I hope those degrees match up to your charts. See below.

This eclipse path falls directly over Indonesia for over two hours whereas the lesser shadow will cover Jakarta, Papua New Guinea, Singapore and Australia. It ends in Northern Hawaii on the 8th after crossing the international dateline. It’s good to know the trajectory of an eclipse path, as that part of the world will be seeing some sort of change and flux.

Even as I write this, Indonesia has suffered a 7.9 earthquake, slightly ahead of the eclipse

date. Tsunami warnings as well as deaths have been reported. These major lunar events such as a solar eclipse, spread out both before and after their exact occurrences, as we’ve seen.

March 12th is the better time, if only for a minute, as that Taurus moon sits nicely in the midst of obstructing forces. An exalted moon in Taurus is always your best bet for a ‘launch of something’ kind of day and this one has several sextiles and trines!

Here, in this upside month of the year, is a better moment.

March 15th, a very powerful moment of the month is here. A normally uplifting Gemini moon appears to be at odds with several cosmic forces, well like Saturn, Jupiter, the Sun, and Mercury. Et tu Brute. It’s the Ides of March, just ask Julius Caesar what happened to him on the way to the forum.

I would take anything said to me with a grain of salt right now. You should too.

March 19th, 20th The Vernal Equinox has arrived, it’s the First day of Spring! This weekend is heralded with a for once happy moon to Uranus, read ‘exciting time’. With Venus so close to Neptune, anything can happen, I expect the lighter side of things myself. Party time everyone.

March 23d 5:00 am PDT, a Lunar eclipse with a moon in Libra, Sun in Aries. For a more in depth look at this lunar happening, I turn to the vedic interpretations which shows me that the moon’s location in Uttara Phalguni best describes one with a beneficent, kindly demeanor who is also very cultured, socially adept and congenial.

Taken along with the Sun’s placement in early Aries (for us in the West) known as Uttara Bhadrapada, (for you in the East) where the Sun is in a warrior placement. But he is given to working out terms with his enemies, and all the while solving problems and gaining insight from his deep sleep and dreams, the place where ideas are born, thereby providing a means to solving problems. (Why do I love Vedic Astrology ? Because it tells me things like this!)

If there is any hope for some peace and resolution to the many conflicts across the globe, this could be the time. The wisdom of small things, is the symbol here or, in normal terms, what we can glean from seemingly minor happenings and events, to be turned in to greater use as a means of hope and resolution. Even if only for a ‘brief shining moment’.

March 26, 27th, Saturday’s Scorpio moon, not usually the best, sits so nicely with the other planets, making for a gracious moment. Then Sunday’s early day trine between moon and Venus sets the stage for a great Easter celebration.

Last week of March, hallelujah!, some celebration is called for, fire energy returns, lots of Aries planets line the sky. Venus brings up the eclipse of the 8th in a very sweet way. Hope is back. And down the calendar April is looking better.

DAYS OF INFLUENCE: 2, 4,8!!, 12, 14, 21, 23, 26, 29!


March 8, 9th there is no escaping the reality of a solar eclipse on one’s birthday, depending on how close your sun is to that eclipse. It’s a life changing year, and while there are some positive aspects to this, the limitations presented by Saturn are unavoidable. One must get through the year in the best possible way, obey the rules say the stars.

MARCH 11-12th even in this turbulent month there are some helpful elements for your solar return charts. The Aries moon of the 11th adds itself to the fire planets to lift up and ignite your fighting spirit. The exalted Taurus moon of the 12th lines up to Jupiter and Pluto and if anything can bring good news, this is it!

March 22-23-24th For those of you born on or close to this Lunar eclipse the enlightenment offered by this generous moon’s position harmonizing with Mars and Mercury!, finally, should bring some welcome fire and positivity to your year ahead. The nice angle between Venus, Jupiter and Pluto is another birthday gift, all of which will help to mitigate the one negative aspect, who else? Saturn.

Later March birthdays: You have the additional gift of a fire planet to ignite your hoes and wishes and light your path, don’t take this for granted, use it (wildly) and well,

April 4-8TH I hope you ‘ve realized by now that this is YOUR time, and not wasting your Aries pioneer get up and do it fire, especially as you’ve been handed the lighting rod right now. Nothing can stop you unless you let it. Go team (whichever team you’re on that is).

APRIL 29-30, May 1st These three birthdays benefit the most near the 11th and 12th of this month. Why?

Because the moon exalted in Taurus and right over your suns, line up nicely with Neptune and Mercury to bring you a few moments of peace and inspiration, I’d say don’t waste this time.

MAY 4-10th Planetary line ups for March enhance your Suns, some of the very few at this moment in time. Not knowing specifics about individual charts, I can only says that the Sun, being a major piece of a chart, when strongly and well aspected, makes for a better outcome in all areas of endeavor. Work and health stand at the top of the list.

JUNE 1-7th Armagedda calling here, it’s not the best time for this mid section of of Gemini. Saturn opposing your Sun, your energy, makes the usual tasks seem arduous, and well, because they are. It’s somehow just too much. The square from Neptune to the first two birthdays makes things even more confusing. April is the better time.

June 21-24th The lunar eclipse highlights your Sun too, it’s an electric moment, cards are eon the table, making things more clear even if they aren’t what you were hoping for.

JULY 7-9th The Solar eclipse of the 8th along with Chiron, lends a very strong beacon of help and hope, which adds to the general intensity of your life along with an opposing element from crazy making Uranus. You are under some very contradictory and powerful aspects, but that eclipse vibe stays in power for over a year and the others will float away.

Hang in there.

July 23-26th This late month lunar eclipse is your friend! Especially with Mars to enhance your hopes and wishes. It’s almost as though something unexpected appears right in front of you that you’ve been hoping for. Magic can happen in the strangest ways,

AUGUST 1-8th That Mars character riding so nicely with your Sun makes for a gorgeous and energetic duo. You can do almost anything! Late April is your time, so much fire energy, fire is inspiration! Just be careful not to burn yourself please!

SEPTEMBER 10-12th How interesting to be you right now, that past eclipse is being set off, with Jupiter and Pluto (of all people) protecting you fiercely! This is your destiny moment, make the best of it!

SEPTEMBER later month birthdays, will share in the fire display and Mars placed in Sagittarius will boost the positive part of this so as not to burn your fingers. Full moon eclipses on one side of the year, greatly influence their diametric opposites, say September 23, 24th There is a great light shining on you for some reason, this is a good thing.

OCTOBER 6-12th A wild ride has been your fate or a while now, and this month is no different, but where most of the world is groaning under Saturn’s maw, he’s actually supporting your cause right now!

NOVEMBER Early month birthdays should have discovered the gift of inspiration and even a magical hand by now. Neptune will never come ack to give you this in your lifetime and the eclipse helps out tremendously too! Not everyone has been as fortunate as you right now. If you have been listening carefully you will have come to some very deep realizations.

NOVEMBER 18-22nd Early in March the crossing of Mars over your Suns must have made you a little wild, I mean it’s been a lot of pressure. The last ten days of the month are an entirely different story. You might even feel like two people are running your life. It’s that different, I mean for the better!

NOEVEMBER 28-30th That nasty Mars is ganging up on you with Neptune, Id say lay low, they will find over fields in which to wage their wicked wars. That later month lunar eclipse is your better moment.

DECEMBER 1-6th functions much like early Gemini, the Mars element riding directly over head is a little pushy, and the Neptune square makes it somewhat confusing. Then there’s Saturn who’s making things more complicated. The only helpful news right now is that Uranus is pushing you with some magic adrenaline pill.

JANUARY 4-11th You born in mid Capricorn have been experiencing some life changing moments, all you thought you knew, just went out the window. But being the stolid earthy people that you are, undaunted, you will pick up the pieces and carry on So Brit of you.

I can downplay how major these aspects are. It’s changing the world’s geopolitical landscape and you are it’s target as well. A little renovation isn’t always bad and you will probably like the new you since the nodes, Jupiter, and the solar eclipse are all on your team! So it can’t totally get your goat!

FEBRUARY 4-11th Right in here there is a margin of hope! That fire duo of Uranus and Saturn are in perfect geometric alignment to your suns, which can only bring you up to a better place physically and emotionally. It’s very powerful so use the goodness it will bring. Most aren’t so well off right now.

February 22-25th I’d like to say something really cheerful but that day will come, as for right now, the Neptunian wash over your suns has left a cloud of uncertainty overhead and Mars, earlier month, is triggering that ff. Be careful with your words, being angry is understandable. I mean you want to see the truth of it all.