Astrology February 2016

And a Little of March

Dear friends and patriots, this month I am attempting something a little different.
Just for now I am going to leave my comfort zone and indulge in mine and maybe your curiosity. What else, but the 2016 election roadshow? The race for the White House coincides with the chart of the USA which entered it’s18 year Rahu, (north lunar node to us Westerners) phase October 2105. In simpler terms, this shadow planet screams AMBITION, I want it!! And then after a few months into the phase, the so called ‘black needle’ appears to deflate any over arching ambition. I’ ll leave the rest to your imagination.
Now, oddly enough on this new moon day of February 8th, the Chinese Year of the Fire monkey, happens to coincide with the Granite State primary Tuesday. I find it so curious and relevant that many US elections have been held in Monkey years! We’ll talk a little about the month and of course the various birthdays that allow me some insight based on your Sun. This letter is a little longer than usual, but politics can be like that.

We’ll look at the first few days of next month and the big eclipse of March 8th since certain tech problems have delayed this letter’s going out sooner.
So saddle up, here we go.


Feb 1st- 7th The first week is a power down all hands on deck, focus straight ahead and keep on rowing that boat kind of time!
This power punch is loaded up with Capricorn planets under an Aquarian sky that is to say, serious, somewhat benevolent, but with a pricetag.
The ongoing Rahu and Jupiter holding very tight, reads negative for certain economic news, oh dear.

February 8-9th This new moon week which sees a combo of personal planets, Mercury and Venus, and a harsh new moon square to Mars on primary day, arrives under another plutonium line up of planets. The slightly hopeful part could be the lunation under the vedic star Dhanistha, which best describes a wealthy, self controlled and charitable but somewhat disempowered person. Who could that be? Except the sharp hindrance from Mars could put him back in his place.

Happy Chinese New Year in this Year of the Red Fire Monkey.
What to expect? Fire moneys are not just any monkey, they amplify the ingenious and clever side of the monkey who can indulge in raucous upside down events while chasing his own tail. Risk taking and rebellious feelings are on the loose but at the day’s end calmness and reason rule. My experience with monkeys (yes I have one) is that they always come up with some unique way to solve something and turn a situation around. Look for brilliant and ingenious ideas which are hallmarks of the monkey when tamed.

A little piece of Serendipity: How fascinating that the following US elections have occurred under Monkey years of radical change and sudden shifts of direction, with maybe 2004 being the exception!
For example:
1968 Lyndon B. Johnson announces he won’t run again. Nixon wins.
1980. Reagan becomes president, Iran release our prisoners after 400 days.
1992 Bill Clinton wins election.
2004 George W. Bush wins again.

February 12th -14th Striking here is the momentary resonance among the stars and planets above. Mars and Jupiter make nice with the nodes, while Uranus enhances the Sun to spark more Aquarian ingeniousness. Then comes an even better moment, Monday, President’s Day.

February 15th Here the month shifts into an open minded placed with a Gemini moon reasonably placed across from Venus and Mercury likewise in early air. Let’s talk, we might even come to some agreement. Early air signs or air rising signs, Aquarius, Gemini, Libra, have their opening to make their wishes known right here and now.

February 22nd Full moon day 10:20 am (PST) No doubt some news regarding world health, innovative cancer research, or the Zika virus will be capturing the headlines . The 100 physicians of the star Shatabishak opposite the full moon in scientific and health organized Magha, or early Virgo and Pisces, should bring this about. Magha, one of the best of the moon’s 27 positions, favoring brightness and light, is overseen by a kingly individual who understands that his role is to serve. It’s a definitive time. What is hidden "behind the veil” will now be seen, women’s rights, globally speaking, the battered Middle East, our own polarized political system, all of it served up in a daily barrage of news and chatter.

February 28, 29th right here the very inspirational combination of the Sun and Neptune with the Scorpio moon lights a candle in the darkness. Neptune is often labeled the ”Hollywood Planet” for it’s creative and magical quality. I hope it matches your charts. It’s a leap year and we’ll momentarily jump into March, under an intense lunar contact to Mars in Scorpio. Take nothing at face value.

First week of March: The first couple of days are laboring under a difficult set of roadblocks and several issues will need to be worked out. The Jupiter square Saturn and Neptune a grand cross pattern until at least August, is very close here and it does not speak well to the general financial scene. Being watchful of expenditures is a really good idea.
There is a little bit of a lift with the Jupiter and Pluto trine for a few months, but I’d stay with a more reserved attitude. We are getting ready for the eclipse of the 8th and those energies are coalescing now. There is also a very big primary day ahead. Expect the unexpected.

March 8th -9th It’s here, the long solar eclipse, in Pisces. Whew, I’m trying to look at the positive side of this, hoping the fire element of optimism between outer planets Saturn and Uranus will light up the dark spaces left by the shrill voices of Mars and Mercury.
And the Chiron conjoined to the eclipse and oppose Jupiter. I could go on but I won’t.
It’s a rough ride ahead in the towers of business and trade as well as the overview of the Middle East’s ongoing dissimulation. I look to September for more serious relief. That’s when the major planetary changes of location will occur. Not untill then. Cheerful I know.

This eclipse path falls directly over Indonesia for over two hours whereas the lesser shadow will cover Jakarta, Papua New Guinea, Singapore and Australia. It ends in Northern Hawaii on the 8th after crossing the international dateline. It’s good to know the trajectory of an eclipse path, as that part of the world will be seeing some sort of change and flux. For the next several months and into 2017 when this particular eclipse diametric is triggered by Mars and Saturn, we will see some resonating activity. I will have my eye on the sky for just those times and dates. Such is the science of astrology as the ancients knew it.

Now I thought I would go in a different direction this time, and mirroring the theme of the day, look at some of the candidates’ charts. As that wise astrologer, Marion March, R.I.P., used to tell us astrological students when we gathered at her house near election time, "look for the most difficult chart because being president is the worst job in the world.” It’s not that I have a horse in this race or a bumper sticker on my forehead, because I don’t, but it’s ok Marion, were on it.

Donald Trump (June 14, 1946).10:54 am. Has anyone explained what happened to little Donald when he was around five years old? It was a formative event is all. His mother? Anyone? The father complex screams all over the chart and taken with the lunar eclipse overhead at his birth would explain his need to be seen and not hidden by the penumbra of the moon or anyone else for that matter. The Mercury square to Neptune indicates the mental communication faculty blurred by the delusional ocean god. However his Mars in Leo exact to the rising sign in Leo propels his fire energy to well, yuge heights. The March 8th eclipse does not favor him at all, in fact it T- bones the chart, and astrologers base lot on those lunar events. Let’s see if the excitement of Uranus to Sun and Moon can help him move ahead. I have my doubts.

Michael Bloomberg (February 14, 1942) time 3:40 pm. A most intriguing line up here since the next two months will surely bring him onto the stage in a larger way. The new moon of the 8th February is a signature moment for him. His birthday solar return chart is also quite strong. More will no doubt be heard from Mr. Bloomberg and at age 74 , it is certainly not the end of the road. Afterall his mother lived to be 102.
He came in under a difficult birth chart, with some major mountains to climb, but difficult charts when overcome, make for greatness. Big things are coming his way in the next few years.

Bernie Sanders (September 8, 1941) no birth time. The excitement he created will continue into New Hampshire, the 8th and 9th. Then later, well into March, the story and charisma of the Bern, will most likely begin its descent, certainly when Saturn turns retrograde March 25th. The clash of Saturn against his Sun will, I think, ignite see his fiery mode of self expression and well into this year the crossing of Uranus over his Mars is downright explosive. Such an overabundance of Aries planets, as his Moon and Mars lie in the pioneer sign, can presage a certain lack of follow through. A bigger problem heads his way in a year or two that will slow him down. Later in the decade I think he will be known for something remarkable. Lastly, the March eclipse on his south node and hindering Jupiter (luck) does not look too positive.

Marco Rubio : (May 28, 1971) no birthtime. Rubio’s perfect triplicity of air planets have gifted him with personal charisma and a golden voice. Adding to that is a powerful sense of himself, helped along no doubt by parentally imbued confidence. The fire element will continue with Mars activating several points. It’s non stop for him. Plus this transit of Jupiter in an earth sign helps him throughout the year. Even more interesting is the path he will be on as this decade moves towards the drama of 2020. I do not think this will be the end of Marco, for he will continue to stand tall on the national stage when the oncoming line up in power hungry Capricorn sets off his Saturn and Pluto.

Ted Cruz (December 22, 1970) 1:00 am. The February 9th aspects are dicey for him, I mean downright obstructive. "Challenging” is the nice thing to say when you mean, omg, really rough. I don’t think this recent victory will last through the year. And then later in 2016 the slam from the underworld god, Pluto, to his Mercury means that communication conflicted with his emotional self throws acid into verbal fights. In the next few months he is helped by the Jupiterian element, so he’s on center stage for a while. But will he still be in it for the long haul by the middle of October when the aspects at that time are poisonous to his moon and Uranus? I’m not seeing it.

Hillary Clinton (October 26, 1947) I use the 8:02 am birthtime, given by her mother in 1992. After the solar eclipse of March 8th, Hillary’s on an upward climb, which appears to be a gift just for her, although the February new moon square to Mars is not that great. This is a rough road, but she’s fighter indicated by her Scorpio ascendant with four other eagle or scorpion planets there as well! The inclination toward secrecy and privacy is shown by this clash with several war planets from birth. It’s always been the uphill climb, and she s a seasoned general for the battle. In early 2017 a very difficult situation arises causing her not only great consternation, but sadness besides. Two eclipses in her houses of home and profession show turmoil and change in home and career. For the months up to September it’s going to be a long and grueling verbal swordfight. However she could very well overcome all of it, the late year chart shows a more positive ending.

Chris Christie (September 6, 1962) no birthtime. Looking down the road to Christie’s September birthday week and the solar eclipse on his Sun Pluto power grid, and conflicted by the travelling Mars, is well, DIFFICULT. What an intriguing chart is his, displaying a very disciplined mental focus and fight to the death mentality along with it. Ingenuity and brilliance blend with some early life hardship, say near age 6, that made him the man he is today. His chart gets hammered by the nasty little combo of Saturn and Mars, mostly in Sagittarius, till September. The over abundance of water and earth bring him into the reality tent, by which I mean grounded and practical.

John Kasich (May 13, 1952 )no birthtime. The best thing about his chart is the very solid financial and economic sensibility shown by all those Taurus and Capricorn planets, which, besides being grounded and practical, love money and handle it well. His chart holds the promise of better days ahead, well into 2017 and 2018, his voice is heard, himself honored. He is the opposite of the "high flying adored” other candidates that he is up against. Early life lessons have conditioned him to reject self vanity and build his own self esteem. September and October look very promising for him, don’t rule Kasich out of the game.

John Ellis Bush (February 11, 1953) 8:50 am. Jeb was raised in the same "no bragging ” old school as his rival, Kasic. That moon in Capricorn is both helped and hindered by the conflicting Uranian and Plutonian cross. However, he has a generous aspect from Jupiter and the moon’s node and that very important March 8th eclipse! The February new moon star really describes Jeb, but how helpful it will be to him, so close to his birthday is doubtful. Sad to say, April looks like decision time with a farewell to something big, which maybe the closing of the campaign bus door.

Joseph Biden (November 20, 1942) 8:30 am. Joe might just decide this is his moment and the March 8th solar eclipse would be extremely advantageous to him. Running for the highest office is no party, or else it is his party. The Saturn Neptune square on his Saturn, there ar e blockages! With Mars, the firebrand, running through his self and physical life, well he may very well give it a chance.

Ben Carson (September 18, 1951) no birthtime. Sorry Ben, but there are too many down aspects to give you much hope. I am especially concerned about the solar eclipse of September 1, 2016 on your south node and Mercury says trouble ahead. Saturn and Mars ganging up and squaring all of it sets up a big karmic "no’ if ever there was one. My sincere condolences.

So Marion what do we think? Looking ahead most the difficult is Christie and Hillary? The men to watch? Kasich and Biden.

The Following birthdays are based on the very close degrees of the Sun, not a wide swath of an entire month, for which I could never be specific. This is as close as one can get without a true chart based on an accurate time of birth. Normally having someone’s Moon, rising and Sun are the three great components with which to start reading a horoscope. If you need to see your chart for these details, just follow the links to one or both of the choices provided, Lunarium or Astrodienst.

February 1st Well here is grand slam, don’t get in my way, solar return birthday year for you! Some big decisions to be made, a deep sense of purpose and drive, do it !

February 8th Now, depending on who you really are and what you’re truly made of, this very challenging year, can also be a landmark shift of the tide moment for you. The fixity of the Aquarian nature should help out, and a new moon birthday means just that, a new chapter in your life. The Saturn aspect will add the fortitude you are going to need.

February 27, 28th here’s that rare moment of love and luck and inspiration, Neptune on your sun and the moon and Mars in Scorpio liking all of it. Dynamic and magical, you lucky devil.

March 1-6th (this refers to the end of February and first week of March.) It’s a bummer, when Saturn squares your Sun, and squares the god of benevolence, there is just too much of a load that you’re carrying. What can you dump off the back of the truck? The good news is a helpful aspect between Jupiter and Pluto, you definitely have a support team there and the Venus sextile Uranus brings some fun as well.

March 9-12th Not terrifically, Ketu, the bringer of past karma is crossing your Sun, leaving an indelible mark and calling card. Something might get taken away, but then something replaces it, and Mars trine makes that more likely to happen. It’s a reset moment and a call to access your deepest resources. Magical Pisces that you are, I’m sure you can figure what that is.

April 6-9th It hasn’t let up has it, that tide of wild energy and inspiration, I mean it can be just exhausting. But it wont come back again and you might even miss it. When it finally leaves, later in the year and you look at the new you in the mirror, well you might just miss that Uranian devil god.

May 6-9th, similar to your shadow twin, Scorpio, Mars is running wild on the opposite shore, demanding payment in terms of energy outlay. Push push push. Coming around the corner is the often mentioned Jupiter Pluto node trine. This will be an early birthday gift for you.

June 1-7th Oh dear, Saturn is opposing you, literally, causing more stress than anyone needs. Plan your days methodically, don’t let trivia get you down. This is what Saturn asks of you.

June 9-11th The Feb 8th new moon is poised perfectly to highlight your plans and self, and with that nice wingman , Mr. Uranus, you just have to make some hay with this little gift.
Words and letters and tech reign here.

July 3-6th The last of the Pluto wagon train will leave opposite your station pretty soon and it’s about time. If you haven’t re-invented yourself by now, you will soon enough, I mean Uranus is squaring things to make sure you don’t fall asleep. Mars early in the month is adding to your energy drive, which is pretty helpful.

July 15-20th Later month the energy output from Mars will shower you with some wild drive, so unlike a water sign. Something has you amped up here, and the Jupiterian sextile is an additional boon, use it well.

August 1-14th Nothing boring about this month for all of you Lions, , but we know there is a huge heart lurking under all that fur. The New moon and Mars are aggravating as heck, near the 8th and 9th. Then the Uranian whipslayer making a wide trine to you mid Leo’s , is just too exciting. Don’t sail over a mountain in your ski enthusiasm,

September 6-12th Rumor has it that a gift bestowing god has passed out a lottery ticket with your number on it! Jupiter and Rahu together on your Suns are almost like having Publishers Clearing House come to your door! It’s rare and it’s happening now. And soon enough you will get the right wing from Pluto, I mean really, it’s almost too much of a good thing.

October 4-7th Oh weary Librans, you must be so sick of the word ‘transformation” by now, but cheer up, the fighting boys will be leaving your neighborhood soon enough. The new moon and Saturnian sextile to your Sun will support and assist you. There’s nothing like a good karma friend.

November 1-3d Very late in the month comes your golden moment, it’s a beautiful time, I mean trine, flow with it.

November 6-18th With Mars making his way through the jungle undergrowth of Scorpio hearts, there’s no end to the energy drives, although motivations will differ. The lineup of Aquarian planets starting on the 8th, square your Suns, will in true Scorpio fashion, to supply the nothing challenge you’re known to overcome. This applies more so in the fiirst half the month .

November 16-20th, very similar to July of the same dates ,but even more so, the Mars energy riding right over your Suns has a dual meaning, yes it’s an energy driver, and depending on other planetary placements in your chart, it can push you to exciting new heights, or wear you out. But the addition of the Jupiter and north node sextile, is a gift you can’t ignore. I like this month especially the second half, for you.

December 1-7th Here comes Saturn clomping his dark hooves over your Sun and demanding some discipline, darn it, you must do that, and you must Not do that! Watch your energy, it might get drained even though for a good reason. You are being pushed, no question.

January 4-7th sorry to say you can’t get away from that Plutonian Uranian death cross just yet, if your life hasn’t changed very much, there’s something wrong with you or else you have an over supply of lucky sextiles to that Sun of yours. It’s supposed to be the month of Aquarius but the first half of the month is all about you! Near the 6th there is so much in your sign and degree, what ‘s going on? You are the star of your own play here.

Mid January birthdays, born near the 9-16th you have some helpful aspects from Jupiter and later from Mars, count yourself fortunate, time for the goat to climb even higher.