Astrology January 2016

Welcome to 2016, a year of extremes and surprises, and a Chinese Monkey year at that!

We are witnessing the beginning of an entirely new chapter for the USA, may changes and shifts across the globe. And maybe for you too!

Astrology being both an art and a science, attempts to interpret the earthly events and trends as reflected by the sky above. Inevitably entwined are those mundane and celestial chords of influence. The ancients knew this well and some of us still do! Just as the god Janus stood on the doorsill, looking back at the year just finished, so do we take note of the ongoing clamor between outer sky Pluto and Uranus, whose eight year boxing match will finally end later in 2016.

Looking back even further at today’s global rift and extreme turmoil over religion finds a parallel in 1793 in France when the "new order" denounced religion in favor of the god of Reason. It was a Tale of Two Worlds with the denunciation and decapitation of the Bourbons, the current 1% if you like. Later, the mid 1930’s sky pattern held two similar major aspects as seen overhead now. Then came the mid 1960’s spiritual revival with Vatican II, followed by the societal renovations under the Pluto Uranus conjunction. Historically these times have threatened security, established traditions and the status quo.
It is not a gentle time as we’ve seen.

"Ambition" is the watchword for 2016, described as such by the meeting of two powerful forces, a shadow character and a magnanimous over achiever. Its power seeking track typically begins on an adrenaline surge of farsighted high sounding plans, and if caution is not observed, the black needle will inevitably appear months to a year down the road, and prick the inflated balloon’s skyward rise. We’ll check this one out further and then see if it affects your life, because of course it will land somewhere in your personal chart for better or not.

January 1-3d oversees a fairly quiet New Year’s weekend with a Libra moon sitting nicely with the other fire and air signs. But hold on because the Saturn and Neptune square configuration will persist throughout the year and create a wallet tightening as we begin to think about tax time, such a Capricorn thing to do anyway.

Monday, January 4th awakens to a cosmic slap in the face, with that tight little square from Mercury to Mars and a moon entering Scorpio, a typically challenging moon. The bad news fairy is lurking heavily in the background under the shadow of Rahu. Who? He’s the mysterious non eliptical point whose "hits" are so very often of major import and with his opposite darkling twin, Ketu, creates a lot of drama on the planet.

This time its connection to Jupiter means we should expect to have a nice gift basket, but instead, the degree indicates anything but, rather "wealth destroying" is the more likely metaphor. I do think we have to get to early springtime for some better financial news.

The chart of the USA entered its Rahu period in October 2015 and typically this eighteen year cycle typically begins on a high, but whatever exaggerated enthusiasm form that may take, usually comes crashing down to earth within a few months. As mentioned above, "ambition" is the keyword and we are seeing lots of this in the run up to the November 2016 election. For the last year, Pluto has been challenging and reforming the soul and identity of the USA. We have entered a new era, which will become obvious in the next several years. More on this in later issues since we have a long way to go.

January 5th Our hybrid communication god, Mercury, decides to turn around and face backwards, retrograde in other words, intensifying the square to Mars in his wake, so more of yesterday in today’s news file. Its’ really not my favorite day and I would avoid any really major decisions. In fact bad news loves a day like this since Venus’ square to Neptune just adds to the confusion part. A good day to stay in and clean out your garage or mental closets.

January 6-8th the addition of a Sagittarian moon to this story will line up to the Venus grid with Saturn and Neptune, ouch indeed. Try to hang in there, because later on, weeks, months ahead that is, a very helpful contact between the King of Olympus and Pluto, should brighten things. For the moment, that nasty square does not bode well on several news levels.

January 9-11th The 10th finds the January New moon, in business minded, goal setting Capricorn for us in the West, and Purva Ashada for our Vedic seers. Most intriguing, the Vedic descriptions of this subsection of Capricorn is full of water meanings and imagery.

I would expect to hear about some wild waves and heavy tides. Or to put it another way, expect a tsunami of emotions and feelings crashing on many a shore. Oh Mermaids! One might not think that of Capricorn, but those feelings do churn and run deep. Issues dealing with water, the invincible element, which comprises two thirds of our planet, will be a high topic no doubt. The Story of Water will become even more important in our national Rahu chapter, especially after 2020, oh I’m getting ahead of myself.

I’m somewhat optimistic about this weekend, seeing that Jupiter makes a nice earth aspect to the new moon degrees for a few days at least.

January 9-16th a sharp Venus trine to Uranus, as well as an Aries moon the 15th=16th, color the background with some enlivening news to bring a bit of lightness to the second week. An even better aspect now, is the trine of Mars to Neptune and in water: magical, mystical., musical, creativity thrive. Thank you I’ll take it.

January 17, 18th These days bring some hope with that very helpful Taurus moon combining with the Rahu and Jupiter connection along with Mercury. It’s MLK weekend and a nice three days off from the bad news feed unless you have to watch or read it. Enjoy the time offered and the Mars to Neptune aspect makes it even better.

Tuesday the 19th takes a dip back in the murk with a normally cheerful Gemini moon having to face off with grouchy Saturn and a confused Neptune. Stand tall, it won’t stay this way for long.

January 22-23nd the Cancerian moon of Thursday matches up nicely with Neptune and Mars, all three in water, making home life, cooking for the gods or self, and nesting a must. Then the Friday’s obstacle course begins when the contact to Pluto, Mercury and Uranus make for a big traffic jam. Lay low or just don’t go. The emphasis is with Mercury as it makes an exact connection right into the maw of the warring gods, indicating some communication channels fired up. The match to the gas jet here is not a good idea since we have now arrived at the annual Aquarius Leo Full moon, one of the year’s most powerful.

January 23, 24th Full moon days! The Sun’s location here is in early Aquarius, Shravana, a lunar house best described as "The Ear" or listening, in the silence which can be detected and heard only in its most profound way. This facing across to the moon’s position in early Leo, or Pushya, a most noble and kindly section of Leo, is a worthy combination. This is Leo’s highest and best meaning, a person who listens to his/her inner voice, and even though that may fall outside of an accepted social norm, can stay true to himself . What we hear and say predominates now. So watch words and communications diligently. Try to read between the lines if you can to glean the true message. This is the change moment of the month. And as always, a lunation, or a new or full moon time, describes the characterization of following fourteen days.

January 25-27th Venus moves into Capricorn, and Mercury slows to a standstill, moving around to direct motion and in so doing, deepens his/her impact, This carries a certain finality, with letters of intent to say that serious matters are on the table.

January 30-31st A Scorpio moon arrives to trine Neptune and Venus. This brings a fairly happy and harmonious weekend as we head towards the Chinese New Year, celebrated by much of the Buddhist world, February 8th.

DAYS OF POWER AND INFLUENCE: 3,4,5,6,9,13!!, 18!!, 22,23,28,29,31
The Following birthdays are based on the very close degrees of the Sun, not a wide swath of an entire month, for which I could never be specific. This is as close as one can get without a true chart based on an accurate time of birth. Normally having someone’s Moon, rising and Sun are the three great components with which to start reading a horoscope. If you need to see your chart for these details, just follow the links to one or both of the choices provided, Lunarium or Astrodienst.


January 5-7th, Mercury conjoined Pluto and your Sun and especially later month, make such an impact on this year’s solar return, or birthday chart! The energies on this day are so strong, no nonsense here. Your voice is meant to be heard.

January 18th A Taurus moon augments the earth emphasis in a most helpful way, a year to move forward, pick up your dreams and carry them forward. A grid between Uranus square Pluto and Mercury, indicates a noose to wiggle out of ,but even this angle is helped by the earth signs.

Jan 23, 24th A full moon birthday indicates a wild but exciting kind of year ahead, a serious Capricorn impact of the thinking gods means your mind will be on some very serious matters, in the year to come, business, documents, agreements, an overdose of talking.

February 4-7th Birthdays harken to the call of your ruling planet, Uranus the inventor, you are being given a sidekick who actually might push you into a new project or scheme. Very creative and inspiring indeed.

Later February birthdays: Well it was bound to happen, the mystical Neptune crossing your sun makes for some days of confusion and delusion. In spite of the gifts Neptune may bring, the present square of ominous rule spouting Saturn, just hampers the whole show. Wait it out.

March 1-4th that transit of Saturn directly hindering your energetic Sun is a downright bummer, slowing everything up and bringing more problems in certain areas. How’s your back? Both physically and spiritually? Saturn relates to bones is why I ask. On the brighter side, later in the month a more dynamic Martian influence will serve to lift some clouds.

March 23, 24th The once every 19 year transit of Ketu, that humbling shadow character, over your Sun, is back again. Lay low, head down, he’ll pass overhead and you may have other sustaining and helpful planets in your chart anyway. But there’s a message: try to understand its meaning.

April 4-7th He hasn’t left your house yet, Uranus that range free neuron I mean. Let’s see what he will do next in your life? Have you had that unique experience of having little doors of insight open in your mind yet? I just love it when that happens. Feed my head, please.

May 4-7th Oh my, if you could read these astro hieroglyphics you might be as excited as I am. You have such "Yuge" support from above, very strengthening to all your plans, late month especially. I’m not promising a lottery win, but just a positive boost in your financial and practical life.

May 10-14th Now just in case you can’t recognize a big moment when it lands, I’m here to tell you that the Rahu Jupiter thing is benefitting hardly anyone but you right now. Mid month is your key time, use it well.

June 2-4th we all have these days, but when Saturn slides exactly opposite your Sun, it calls for caution, with your body, your energy and anywhere else that creative expression might find an outlet. He doesn’t hold back. Slightly optimistically, the Venus combo early month is at least hopeful.

June 14-16th Don’t mistake that Rahu Jupiter combination for a nice thing as far as your Gemini Suns are concerned. It’s karmically restrictive unless you have some strong earth signs other places in your charts, and you just might!

July 2-6th Lucky you early July babies, that Mars aspect ignites your fire, even though you’re water! in spite of that Pluto opposing you and transforming your life and career for so long. He’s almost moved away, and taking Uranus with him, those devils.

July 12-15th you are being supported by an odd geometry, thought by some unlikely. But it’s
a karmic helping hand from those shadow planets and then Jupiter, en route to mid February where your patience is to be rewarded.

July 23-25th The late month full moon lights up your personal sky as well. Just watch any wild generous tendencies in case you really can afford it. So kind hearted are you early Leo’s.

August 1, 2nd You have now arrived at a helping station from Saturn and then Venus, especially early month, lack of sleep won’t deter you, negative people either. You have strong support from a stern god who only wants the best for and from you. The new moon weekend of the 9th has your name in lights.

August 5-9th Now here is an interesting turn of events. While you have struggled for so long, I mean that Saturn in Scorpio was just downright mean, now it’s all different. And your energy is re-ignited; your projects and hopes take center stage, once again. You deserve it.

September 4-6th I love this month for you, such strong support from the sky is yours. The Capricorn influence from three planets is a straight gift, third week rocks.

September 11-15th Well the karma police are on your tail right now and they sent Jupiter to ensure the capture was made. The dark shadow of Rahu and Jupiter uniting over your roof mean that anything you undertake, say or do, right now, may come back to haunt. Be wise and careful and don’t fall into a runaway enthusiasm trap. Keep your eye on the center line.

October 3-7th Here the long rays of upstart Uranus are igniting you and sparking an unfamiliar energy ray. Don’t fall for it, but appreciate the energy spike minus the lack of judgment. Pluto hangs out a threatening placard, just stay centered and it will pass. But this hasn’t been the easiest of times. You have all my sympathy.

October 27-November 2nd Interesting times with Mars riding you quite strongly, warrior god and all in Scorpio, plus that trine from undersea Neptune, what fascinating new plans on earth (or in the ocean) have you got cooking? Ill be all ears after the full moon that is.

November 12-16th This karma grid of the shadow gods, are in a unique holding pattern, holding your hand that is, where most people wouldn’t believe it possible. The effects of the upcoming March 9th eclipse are triggered now, strange as it sounds, and by mid February it’s all in your favor. How nice.

December 2-4th Be watchful of your health and energy, with Saturn crossing overhead and directly on your Sun, your "self" and life force, things could be draining. Early month is an exception since the helpful addition of Venus can bring some very nice moments.