Astrology October 2015


The month begins a little slowly, with aspects not too close or tight. We’re still sliding off that powerful eclipse of the 24th September Harvest moon, which has left in its wake floods of confusion, and war zones aflame with Mars and Saturn clashing at each other. The sadness of a Venus square to Saturn is not especially cheerful either. The recent Oregon school shooting bears testimony to this one.

However, the early month line up of Mars and Jupiter, then Venus, in early Virgo, which all speaks to service in the most humble and best possible way, makes perfect contact to the lord of the underworld. This provides a vision granting moment of the pathway ahead and therefore it would be wise if you can take what’s being offered. The Virgoan subtext to this lineup re-emphasizes that Fall organization energy so this will come about in a most pragmatic way.
Late month’s Full moon ignites some eclipse points and we will see some dynamic happenings, all under what was known in ancient times as the last moon before Winter season, or a "Wolf Moon". Get your costumes out early.

So when do things change? The first shift of the month occurs right on the 8th, with the transit of Venus into Virgo and meeting up with the moon in the same place. Harken all you earth signs, Capricorn and Taurus, you just got friended !

During the first half of the month there is a very helpful aspect between Saturn and the nodes, Rahu and Ketu. I prefer the vedic terms for their better descriptions and of course terrific mythology. This trine and sextile match up with Mercury, our communication god, all within a degree. This fact is not lost on me since I think this sends a beam of hope in a very unsteady time with markets roiling and much of the world in turmoil.

October 9th Mercury moves into direct motion and the very slow motion of the turnaround increases its impact and intensity. The energies here suggest high emotion and drama, and simultaneously, whenever Mars makes a contact to Neptune, delusion outdoes itself.

I’m a little wary of this Friday since the moon in Virgo just adds to this mix of what’s the truth here? Saturday is a void of course moon day, which means just don’t expect too much, it’s a cool off kind of day, whereas Sunday picks up energetically heading into the New Moon of Monday.

If anything were ever normal, this October 12th New Moon,5:06 pm PDT, known as Chitra in the Vedic sky , appreciates painters and musicians as well as practical beauty enhancements. For this reason I always tell someone about to undergo plastic surgery, to try to arrange it with Libra rising. This sign on the ascendant or Sun of one’s chart promises physical attractiveness and a certain gracefulness in movement. It falls in the best part of Libra, a double sign that desires harmony, balance and partnership.

To see where Libra might fall in your own or someone else’s chart use this link (Lunarium).

In this particular month, all of these attributes are somewhat smudged by the impingement of outer sky planets like power mad Pluto and weird Uranus. Early in the day is better. Don’t plan or count on too much after noontime, till Tuesday that is.

October 13-18th These are my picks for the highest and best times of the month due to the exact connection between Mars, Pluto and Jupiter. It can be an outright gift if it fits in your chart. Which is to say, your life. I’m fairly happy with the Scorpio no nonsense moon on the 14th and 15th. Talk about days to accomplish things, here we are.

October 19, 20th An earthy Capricorn moon, conjunct mother earth Ceres at this time, is therefore more powerful and helpful with the other earth signs we have in play. The slightly off square from the quarter phase moon to the Sun doesn’t worry me too much since I’m looking over at the powerful duo, Mars and Jupiter whose once every two year conjunction usually speaks to ambition and power seeking.

October 23d brings the change into the time of Scorpio, and with the Pisces moon and Virgo planets, it’s game time for the more business minded among you. The water and earth elements combine favorably this time more than normally.

October 24th ‘s moon connecting to Chiron and facing Mars and Jupiter brings about a big let’s talk it out moment . It will not be a boring day.

October 25- 26th the sharp opposition between Mercury and unpredictable Uranus makes for some very loud vocal clashing, things are heating up. These full moon aspects favor Hillary Clinton, whose birthday, today, the 26th, in spite of a birth chart that is loaded with hard aspects, all of which were hers to overcome.

The October 27th Scorpio and Taurus full moon lays out a map for the next fourteen days. This, one of the most potent moons of the year, promises a whirlwind of action and change. For instance, the reintroduction of last month’s solar eclipse landing on a key point with a big "thwack" in Donald Trump’s own eclipse born chart, could very well bring about a major announcement from him. The vedic subsection of this Taurus moon, known as Ashwini, describes a horse with a woman’s head, charging forward, leading the pack, nothing stops her. The early Scorpio Sun is placed in Swati, ruled by the god of the winds. Oh this will be fun.

October 30, 31st The connection between Venus and Jupiter, usually indicates a tendency to overspend on luxuries, but at least it’s in Virgo which is slightly more helpful. Now at this end of the month we have all the astrological action promised before but not yet delivered. The Neptune in Pisces trine the watery Cancer moon adds to the feeling nature of the time, meanwhile who are you dressing up as tonight?

A piece of Serendipity here: In the Ancient Druid traditions of early England, this late October moon, called the "Wolf Moon" was thought to mark the end of the harvest season while heralding the impending arrival of winter since there were only two seasons. "Sam Hain" or, end of Summer, celebrated for more than 2,000 years, became "All Hallows Eve", the night before the feast of All Saints. Pope Boniface IV in the 800’s AD designated these changes in an attempt to Christianize the early Celtic festivals. The primary purpose was to honor the souls of the dead including those trapped in animals, and send them on their way to their new incarnations. Thus the wearing of costumes mimicked the release of these souls into the physical world.

Happy Wolf Moon to you.

DAYS OF POWER AND INFLUENCE: 4, 6!!, 8, 9,11,14, 19!!, 21, 23!!, 27, 30!, November 1!


October 9, 10th right near your birthday the stresses seem to pile up, not a nice way to bring in your next chapter. Caution advised with financial matters and wild impulsivity that will get you no where. The Zen approach to turn sideways , is best here.

October 27th This full moon time is fully present and dynamic in your birthday solar chart, such a powerful moment, a standout time. It promises a year ahead full of excitement and of seeing the world in a new and different way. The Venus and Jupiter conjunction indicates a tendency to go overboard with $$, fine of you can afford it!

October 31- November 1st Rarely does this aspect occur, maybe once in your lifetime. So take full advantage, listen inwardly for information, that seeks to find outward expression, however that may fit in with our own lives. It’s incredibly inspiring and for some, musical and artistic! Lucky you!

November 15-17th The beginning of the month may have dropped a bombshell, or maybe just an eggshell. But there’s no getting around certain shadow elements that are erupting right here.

November 23, 24th, Well let’s talk about Saturn, he’s visiting your house right now and causing all sorts of dilemmas and delays. I’m afraid the best way to handle this is to just wait it out. He’ll be gone in a month. Early month the hard part is the added strife from Mars, but he’s a fast runner, hang in there.

December 3-14th Such a month this is, it may feel like everything you ‘ve set up has backfired right now, early days are better for you, mid to later month go have a nice tea and relax somewhere. Support is around the corner and excitement lurks, so it’s not a total wipeout, Uranus trine the Sun can bring lots of surprises to a fellow fire sign. Don’t overdo is the main lesson here. Inspiration comes with this. The last few days’ triggering of last months eclipse could stop you in your tracks. Take the high road.

January 2- 4th, Oh the changes here they are once more and for th final transit of Mr Pluto over your Sun, his time with the added assistance of four Virgo teammates, yayy, it’s your turn! Oh frame this moment and use it to your absolute best advantage, early in this month belongs to you!

January 19-22nd For almost the entire month you have two support beams on either side of your Sun, your ego expression, what you "do". And late month, on into November it gets even better when Jupiter Venus and Mars all line up in later Virgo to shine their light on you.

February 20-22nd There is no question that these have been difficult days for you. The conflict between war gods, Mars and Saturn, hurling hand grenades over your roof, has been too much to take at times. Best advice, lay low, sign nothing, wait this one out, because it will soon be over. The Full moon of the 27th should hand you some relief, a new day at last.

February 28-March 1st It’s always a peculiar thing when Neptune crosses over the sun. And this is what’s happening to you right now. The confusion can take several forms, but confusing it is. Whether it’s a deep malfunction in your body, or soul, it reads as confusing and blurry, a minefield of not knowingness. Sometimes it can bring an uplift of
a spiritual awakening, but for many earthlings, it’s just a hassle that needs clearing.

March 6-7th Early month could be rather oppositional were it not for the stalwart Plutonian guy holding up a wing for you, there for making the 6, and the 14th your better days.

March 10-12th Late month sees the ultimate climactic ending of a siege, Chiron and Mars will face off on a crucial degree, your Sun that is, drums, fanfare, bonfires on the hills.

April 10-14th You must have figure out by now that either you are on steroids or overdosing your thyroid medication. But SOMEthing is stimulating you to move at great speeds , hyperdrive, oh but the genius ideas that come with it, all are worth the high.

April 25-26th The late month, 27th, Full moon lands on you! Your talents your aspirations, yourself defined. For the next two weeks anyway, pat attention to what may seem like minor issues because they won’t be.

May 2- 5th These are wonderful days for you, work endeavors are high lighted in the best possible way, also how you present yourself. It is a triple earth winner and it’s all yours!

May 20-22nd You have no doubt been feeling lie a granite obelisk is sitting on the road in front of you, it is. He’s called Saturn and to add to that he’s in dire conflict with war god Mars. Just hang in there, it will lift soon, well by late November for sure. You can’t fight this one, just lay low for a bit.

June 2- 9th That line up of Virgo planets is there just to cause you more anxiety than you already have. Mid month is screaming for attention. Insurance, rubber bumpers, rest, all of that is in order.

July 5 – 9th For many months you’ve been struggling under that $%*@ Pluto character, and now he’s about to finally and forever, leave you. And if you aren’t "transformed" by now, I mean significantly change by recent occurrences, then I don’t know what to say to you.

Luckily there are some very supportive energies this month which should lighten the load quite a bit.

July 10-12 Later in the month, especially, the triggering of last month’s solar eclipse will actually do something nice for you, don’t discount it. Having a wingman on either side is actually a gift. And you have that later in the month.

July 21-23 Well this transit of Saturn is helping certain people, well like you for example,
and acting like a stalwart friend. When he’s nice there’s no one better. The nodes are on your team too so I see it as a pretty good month.

August 15-18th How nice, it’s a really uplifting and dynamic moment for all of you mid Leo’s. Now remember all that fire enthusiasm can push you to do things in the category of risky and foolhardy. But there’s no stopping a Leo on fire.

Early Virgos, what to say, but live it up, make your plans, this is your moment!! And you’ve waited a long time, first 2 weeks have your name on it! Don’t hold back.

September 12-14 just in case you thought it all might lift, hang on a sec, late October brings several matters to a head, your head that is.

It’s a shakeup moment but it signifies a finality as well and that could be a good thing.
Jupiter moving in right behind this aspect into early next month lifts you up. Hurray.

September 23, 24th The world is looking at you, driving you to rise to greater heights, communication is your game now, keep at it. You have such support!


Samhain to Halloween

With the coming of Christianity in the 800s AD, the early Church in England tried to Christianize the old Celtic festivals. Pope Boniface IV designated the 1st of November as "All Saints Day," honoring saints and martyrs. He also decreed October 31 as "All Hallows Eve", that eventually became Hallow’een.

Samhain (pronounced Sow-en), dates back to the ancient Celts who lived 2,000 years ago. Contrary to what some believe, is not a celebration of a Celtic god of the dead.

Instead, it is a Celtic word meaning "summer’s end." The Celts believed that summer came to an end on October 31st and the New Year began on November 1st with the start of winter. But the Celts also followed a lunar calendar and their celebrations began at sunset the night before.

The first was to honor the dead who were allowed to rise from the Otherworld. The Celts believed that souls were set free from the land of the dead during the eve of Samhain. Those that had been trapped in the bodies of animals were released by the Lord of the Dead and sent to their new incarnations. The wearing of these costumes signified the release of these souls into the physical world.


RAHU period began , Sept 24th, day of lunar eclipse, new shift, change is here. 8th house, with Mercury
PROGRESSED VENUS AT 26 ARIES, T SQ USA NODES and Sq Pluto soon. 2016-17 oh dear
Prog moon oppose Uranus Fall 2016

What can this mean for the election? Major fliparound, upheaval, emotions at 150 F

But our own nation has just moved in its Vedic chart to an 18 years period that has been seen to promise the sky, but then takes a lot of it away. It’s ambition, ruthless at best, grounded in reality at the least, and involving foreign persons or countries, not surprising if I m reading the headlines correctly. It also indicates family disputes which seems quite obvious to me since our two parties can’t seem to agree on very much these days.
but then my eye is always on the sky .

A little note of Serendipity here, NPR recently reported that the younger generation , more and more are looking to astrology rather than therapy, which suited the Boomers quite well. Let me say that astrology in its best form, is not really meant to replace therapy, rather it’ sets out a description of one’s life patterns, and as Carl Jung once remarked (1929), the transits of certain planets, especially Saturn and Uranus can activate these aspects quite intensely.