Astrology August 2015

The beginning of August is less imperial than usual, because of the confusion and uncertainty caused when five planets, yes, five, are in retrograde at the same time.

Looking backwards isn’t always that terrible, it’s a time for sorting, figuring, planning, taking from the past what can be useful ahead. Many birth charts with four or five retrograde planets thrive as historian and archivists.

This unusual state of cosmic affairs unwinds itself a little on the second, when Saturn stations direct, slowly, at the end of Scorpio where he has not been that welcome, for over two years. Venus changed her mind and decided to head back into Leo, another oddity since she will be in that sign for close to three months.  All very nice if that’s where your Sun  or Moon resides.  And Jupiter, well after 13 months in Leo, he’s now headed into Virgo and the ongoing clash with Saturn will persist for several months.  The month is not entirely without some sparkle, the first week’s fire trines are magnetic, but a little dangerous at the same time, and when Mars heads into Leo by the 11th some of  “The Force” comes back. What will that do?  Read on brave souls.

This is a month launched with a much talked about Blue moon, but really it was in Aquarius, and one of the four most powerful of the thirteen moons in a given year. The

Sun and Moon positions were in kindly locations under the Vedic sky, so perhaps that will help with the coloration of these next fourteen days, up to the next phase, which will be the Leo new moon .  India and Hindus were wildly celebrating the feast of Guru Purinima, the annual tribute to all teachers or Gurus, a time for celebration under this very wonderful full moon in the blessed constellation of Shravana, whose great listening skills and ability to disseminate education, make for great teachers indeed! The definition of the first week, is brilliance, genius at work. Mercury and Uranus landing in a rare trine does this. Then there is the very unlikely friendship, or trine, between warlords Mars and Saturn, playing out on a wider field perhaps?  The benefic planets, Venus and Jupiter, are trying their best to maintain optimism but that blockage from Saturn makes things difficult, all in a tight square. What a week it is. There is seldom any such thing as perfect.

August 2-3d  Saturn going direct in Scorpio means that after two and half years those later November babies will get a break, thank heaven, since Saturn doesn’t sit well in the house of Mars and Pluto, I mean they aren’t friends, and in the extreme, can cause some major health worries.

That watery Pisces moon into the evening of the 3d, could calm down this overload of fire energy by holding hands with Mars and Saturn. Let’s be friends. But tread cautiously.

Venus retrograde is very rare, occurring only once about every twenty months or so.

It’s important to see where Leo is in your own personal chart, as Venus will be there until October 9th.  Having the “first star I see tonight, Venus the night star, Venus the day star” illuminating an area of one’s life in a heart centered way, is a gift. 

The outer planets, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, all retrograde now, do so typically once a year. The clearing comes next month and on into the fall.  

August 4, 5th are very interesting days with a moon transiting from Pisces into Aries, water into fire, making harmonious contact with some of the big guys, all of which leads to a positive outlook.   Barack Obama ‘s birthday is Tuesday, and a fairly positive day in the month to boot, bringing him a solar return for the year with some aggressive verbalizing

emphasized.  The real birthday gift would be the nice angle of Venus and Jupiter in Leo fired up by the moon and Uranus in Aries.  

This enthusiasm is nevertheless held in check by a slow and ponderous which can actually prove helpful and indicates some steadiness as well as some give and take. Even though it may sound a little contradictory, it’s strong day for all purposes. I say use it well.

August 5, 6th   Later in the day, on the 5th, the lunar slide into Taurus, brings some peace with its tie to Jupiter and Venus, calming that picture down and adding a very desired balance overall. Underline this one too. Thursday’s moon in Taurus makes a strong contact to Pluto, 5:30 PDT, which happens to be the exact timing of the Republican debate between ten of the candidates. It’s a heavy day with a lot of aspects, and more intensity.

We’ll save some of these candidates’ charts for later on, when the field is narrowed and  more birth times become available .

August 8th -9th Get ready for a mental day, with lots of motion, as Mercury crosses over into Virgo and the moon into Gemini. Fast  talk, fast action, tech time. Streaming mouths and devices. Seeking solace wherever one can, be glad that there is some stability in the heavens.  Here’s where the month shifts, as Mars is about to regain his mojo in Leo.

The contact with the lunar nodes makes this an especially interesting couple of days

and fairly dynamic for all of you early fire and air signs. Sunday is a little calmer, the Gemini moon ‘s contact to Uranus can bring some imaginative conversations.

August 10- 12th Now we have Mercury, happy in his home sign of Virgo next to Jupiter, and Mars so thrilled to be back in a power seat in Leo. Venus is about to meet up with the Sun, therefore making this a change time. We’re moving forward, not completely, but it’s a start.  The Cancer moon makes some hard but also kindly aspects all in two days. Emotions are at a peak here. The slight shift into Virgo has begun, level headedness is trying to reassert itself. That being said, mental Mercury is soon to face off against Neptune so some delusionary or cloudy thinking has to be dealt with. I always think this cloudy thinking time could actually produce some clever ideas not to be discounted, since paying attention to what arises out of the subconscious can be really helpful.  The fog will clear.

The New Moon of the 14th sits powerfully in Leo with Venus and Mercury close by,

although the blockage from Saturn limits the normal enthusiasm that this lunation might bring. New moons are looked upon as a going within moment, a time to begin something new, to clear out the old. The Vedic star, Ashelsha, under which this Sun and Moon conjunction occurs, if truth be told, is a mixed bag of elements. For Ashlesha is the serpentine head of the Caduceus, the physican’s staff held by Hippocrates, father of medicine.  It strikes, cobra like, as well as heals, so beware of words and intentions. There is a magnetic healing quality at the same time which we can import onto world and personal events. This is not an especially gentle time.

August 15, 16th An emerging crescent moon, always viewed by the ancient Druids and Celts as prime days for meditating and rituals, was the impetus behind  erecting such sacred sites as Newbridge and Stonehenge. The return of the light, and of course the Winter Solstice being primary to this, was always revered by those for whom such moments symbolized hope and new life. It now comes to us with the moon in Virgo. Use it how you will, Sunday being the more gentle of days.

As we move into the Fall we will see the ongoing friction between Jupiter, who likes to expand in all that he does, with constrictive Saturn, and which will last for many months ahead.  Watch your spending, and try to conserve in many areas besides financial. In reviewing past history, these Saturn Jupiter face offs have seen restrictions in the marketplace and in real estate. Will interest rates go up? Will China continue its downslide? Will Greece be able to handle its debt load?

Later on the addition of Neptune into this mix will make for an interesting, but dicey, time.

I realize this isn’t exactly cheery but then I like to read the signposts on the road ahead and thought maybe you would too.   

August 17-19th Monday afternoon the Libra Moon will conjoin the North node, a strong moment for those late September birthdays and also for those whose birthday it is today, Monday! It’s a karma day, watch what you sign and agree to. Seriously. I think I like Wednesday the best, so many harmonious sextiles and trines with the moon and Venus occurring.  It’s a day to plan something nice!  Dinners, concerts! The moon goes void at 8 p.m. but the respite will be just fine.

August 20-22nd The Scorpio Moon is back and late day Thursday it makes a heavenly trine to Neptune, if you played an instrument, this could be your best moment, or else paint and create something wonderful.

Friday and Saturday we get into some muddy currents. I’ll spare you the planetary configurations. There’s some infighting going on up there. What to do? Lay low, write these days off or try to spend them at the beach? 

August 23-25th Some better vibes color this Saturday with a moon trine both Mars and Venus, nice if this is your solar return chart!  Tuesday ‘s Capricorn moon makes similar progress, trying to mend fences in a very pragmatic way.  It is definitely one of the month’s better days.

August 27-28th Later Thursday evening the noisy sounds of the Leo Mars and an obstructing Aquarian moon can be heard around the neighborhood. Let’s hope these aren’t anywhere near your planets. So loud and opinionated are they! The brighter note is

a sane communicative aspect between Saturn and Mercury, I mean for once. Translation: sidestep emotionality, use just your cognitive brain, and all should be well. Easy, right?

Aug 29, 30th ‘s Full moon facing Neptune, what a day full of emotional tides, rolling in off of the last two days’ fallout. However, this Virgoan, Piscean full moon energy will lift one into the next sphere, if you’re lucky, to inspire and create. Ideas should flow when practicality and magic meet up. This is a favorite of mine. The Sun in the Vedic constellation Magha, a Leo Virgo combo, is the king and ruler, yes, but he knows his purpose lies in serving his people. It is a discriminating, humble and yet authoritative placement. 

And lastly, a little side note on the ancient Hermetic dictum, “As Above So Below”: what chance was it that the little space orbiter got up close and personal with Pluto, photographing it’s heart shaped surface area, on the exact day that Mars hit Pluto, by degree that is, July 14th?.  Oh synchronicity, we love it when the planets correspond so obviously to us earthlings.

DAYS OF POWER : 1st, 4,5,6,7, 14,15,19,25,26,29!!

The Following birthdays are based on the very close degrees of the Sun, not a wide swath of an entire month, for which I could never be specific. This is as close as one can get without a true chart. Normally having someone’s Moon, rising and Sun are three very great components with which to start a horoscope.  If you need to see your chart for these details, just follow the links to one or both of the choices provided, Lunarium or Astrodienst.


August 17-20th Early in the month there is so much lighting you up and holding you back, all at the same time. It changes mid month and the new moon of the 14, 15, is especially

important for you, a great “new phase” begins right now.

August 23-26th Happy birthday! Jupiter will be on your Suns all year, wow that’s a really big gift, and that’s not all, a few other positive angles are there as well. Lucky to be you.

August 28, 29th Here the Full moon returns in a new and inspiring way, opening minds and doors to your deep intuitive psyche. Just think what creative thoughts can take shape.

September 1-4th What an interesting time for you, your Sun is illuminated, with more to follow next month.

September 23-26th late in this month a very intriguing aspect illuminates your Sun, Rahu master of destiny, and Mercury, who wants to talk non stop here.  Are you speaking to a group, redoing your will?  This represents a surge of action in spite of a few obstacles. This is not a time to be shy. And you’ll be glad you did it.

October 10-15th The first part of the month continues to unload problems at your doorstep, then it gets a little lighter. Be careful on the 4th and 5th. Nothing is as it seems. The new moon of the 14th will be helpful.

October 31, Nov 1st Inspiration time with Neptune trine your Sun, and the incoming Virgo  planets helping out, late month especially good for you!

November 18-20th Early month is your time, I know you thought it would never happen. But there is a supportive grid on your degrees of Scorpio, the third and fourth are promising times and the good news is that the boot of Saturn is leaving your neck for thirty years, lightness will return!  Vice President, Joe Biden ‘s birthday (November 20, 1942) is right in this grid. For a short time you won’t think it’s true, but as the months roll on you’ll see.

November 27-30th Weirdest aspects late this month, it’s a little confusing, where is the forest, where the trees? I thought they were standing there, oh no, I guess they’re here.

Check everything three times, don’t take anything at face value. The full moon is why.

December 12-17th   Similar to April birthdays of the same dates, but different,  the Leo Aries combination of the Sun, Moon, Venus and Uranus at the new moon are a straight gift to you, so think carefully how to maximize this time.  Especially the first week. Very thrilling for many of you.

January 19-21st   There appears to be so much energy and angst this first week of the month. So try to take it slowly, everything will get done, just don’t add to the stress.

The sextile from Saturn is actually a good thing for you, but not for anyone else.

It’s nice having a tax collector and karma guru for your wingman.

February 1, 2nd that early full moon was right on your Sun, yes it activates and brings excitement, but it can be helpful as well. Just watch your step near the end of the month,  the 26, 27th, since Mars can activate it for you and you may not be happy about that.

February 27- March 1st, Having Neptune crossing your sun can bring a selection of opposites. Whilst it can confuse many, casting a dark shadow over their lives, illness, loss of self, for others it can bring an unexpected gift of deep spiritual meaning, or maybe both.

March 20, 21st A slow Saturn supporting your life force, ego and “self” is really ok, and early month a gift from Mars as well. IT’s ok right now in spite of how it may look.

April 11-14th Wow! The great combination of planets in fire ignites your drive and ambitious plans directly, don’t go overboard, stay focused since it’s a perfect moment to see your vision take form.

April 19, 20, 21st it’s crisscross of energies early month for you, a push me pull you of Dr. Doolittle fame.  Mars hammers, Venus beguiles, Just where do you stand?

May 20-22nd Still the seeming granite barrier to your plans, your happiness factor, is there, but it is going away, very soon.  In a few months the entire scene will change, you won’t believe the difference! Hang on!

May 29- 31st that late month full moon opposite Neptune was probably set up just to confuse you and make you doubt what it is you’ve set in motion. Look at it another way, the creative genie Gemini inside of you might find something clever to do with this.

June 17-21th Early month the Venus, Jupiter, Mercury, and Uranus combo must have been put into those degrees of fiery Leo and Aries just for you. Say thank you to those nice planets, while you’re celebrating that is.

July 4-6th Aside from having a powerful opposition factor hobbling you for several months, called Pluto the transformer, remember, in case you never knew it, that Sirius, the brightest of the fixed stars, meaning “To Shine”, is exactly tied to your sun, hence the USA birth, the Dalai Lama, George W Bush, Nancy Reagan, and others.  When you shine you really stand out!

July 18-21st Early month, the first week especially there is a lift for you in spite of the retrograde characters in the sky. It’s exciting, the fourth , fifth especially.