Astrology July 2015

Welcome to July, a little later than usual which is why you’ll find a bit of August to munch on at the end. This month, named for Julius Caesar, seems to fall into three different periods. It’s a month brimming with a lot of fire and water, creating steam, don’t we know.

The main period finds Mars surfing through Cancer, the sign of the Crab not his happiest location, he flunked water sports. And then Saturn is on his final trek through Scorpio, do I hear cheers? But hold on, they support each other which is so unusual for those battlehards, and we could use some coalition- building, right, left, you know? Jupiter just can’t stay away from Venus, making for a romantic collusion and don’t we love the "as above so below" dictum. This is so fired up by Uranus in Aries, that little pioneer devil, so full of himself when in the leadership role. I’m not unhappy with this, and what’s not to love about the new moon near the fifteenth in the most exalted part of Cancer! Late month we switch into Leonine fire with chatty Mercury, the Sun’s sidekick, and Venus entering Virgo briefly, then changing her mind, returning to nest with Jupiter. Expect a lot of action this last week. Read on friends.

Primarily a watery month with blazes of fire thrown in, July’s very powerful full moon of the 1st, 7:20 pm pdt., launches the month into an energy pattern that distributes itself for the next several days and into the holiday weekend. A beautiful angle from Neptune to the Sun and moon, adds to the positivity of this moon period. It’s helpful and inspiring, a real gift.

The full moon in Purvashadha, a very agreeable segment of the Capricorn range, inclining towards fisherfolk, watery exploits, is so in sync with the Cancerian water element of Ardra, commonly associated with the rain forests , tears falling to earth, that water the land and enhance new life. Ardra requires a bit of explaining. It’s attributes, both positive and not so great, will be over emphasized due to this particular set up. People born under this star seek to transform themselves for the better, and it’s not always an easy lot, this life of theirs, as they strive, to plant in mud and dirt the seed that will eventually turn into a multi faceted pure diamond if they do it right. It’s quite a long reach for these idealists as much as it takes eons for the earth’s inner core to mineralize a diamond. For example, taking the birth chart of the USA, and whether the Declaration was signed on July 2nd or 4th, no matter, it s still an Ardra nation. It’s struggles to attain freedom and independence from the most powerful nation on earth at that time, Great Britain, required some heroism and grit.

Right with this month’s Arda Sun opposition to the moon in Capricorn, we find Neptune in his fave place, Pisces, adding a calmer wingman to the Sun and Mars and Pluto, which could otherwise be a potentially explosive combination. Let’s hope not so much. Whatever the case, ideas will be flowing along with the beer and wine and this will not be one of these times that pass quietly into the night.

July 6th Today’s Pisces moon will be provide a welcome moment as it harmonizes with the more fractious characters in the sky. Lots of exact aspects mean timing at hand for major decisions. And then there’s Greece. And Iran. Yet there are some positive aspects lighting up the cosmos.

July 11, 12th Here for a short time loud voices are heard, turmoil to be expected, with disappointment a common theme. It’s as though funds will not be released, debts remain unpaid, with Venus square to Saturn this is to be expected, but the fight continues. Exercise caution of the purse in your private domain.

July 13th Right here comes a dicey moment for a few days, when Mars and Pluto face off in a dire situation. I can’t really address the horrors on the other side of the world right now, there are too many to list. There is however, some slight help with the next lunation.

July 15, 16th this "dark of the Moon" or new moon, lands with two others in glorious and protective Punarvasu, one of the best possible Cancerian moons a chart can have. Even better is its close harmony to Saturn, who, when he’s your friend, there is none better. This is especially nice since Mars is linked to the Sun/Moon as well. Chiron over in Pisces is exactly trine to these just to charge things up a bit, so while dark of the moon times are considered a bit calm, don’t count on it this time. Two gift givers, Venus and Jupiter are placed in the late Leo section of Magha a benign and lordly place that enhances the whole scenario. Weddings this weekend ?

You lucky Crab if this is your birthday. Speaking of moons, I am including a link to Astrodienst (–) as well as to Lunarium (–), so you students of the stars can chose which best suits your search for deeper astrological meaning. Where are my planets? Most of all besides the Sun, you need to know your moon and rising sign, it’s a great way to start.

July 18, 19th , right here comes the shift, that sensible Virgo moon enters the scene making contact with Venus, hope has arrived, and Mars, chugging along to meet up in trine with Saturn, adds some balance, at last.

July 23, 24, 25th Here the month changes around as Venus decides to step back from Virgo, her toe barely at one degree, wanting to retrograde back to where Jupiter is holding court. And Uranus turns retrograde as well, a strong statement since it takes him about two weeks to get into his groove. The Sun into Leo with Mercury, his close sidekick, oh the chattiness, like grackles or hummingbirds, the need for self expression is just overwhelming.

The talking heads, I mean with twenty -two candidates how can anyone make a decision? I will always remember my teacher, Marion March, R.I.P., who said, at election time, when all astrologers gathered in her court, look for the worst and most difficult chart since being president is the hardest job there is. Ok, easy. Chris Christie has a major power complex,. We could ask what happened at age 13 but I’m sure he wouldn’t say. Dad? Donald Trump’s indefatigable jolliness and bombasticism from strong Sun Jupiter Moon combo in Gemini, and born under a lunar eclipse, he will NOT be covered over with anyone’s penumbra or shadow! A lot of fire and air in this chart. So far the most difficult birth chart? Id say Mike Huckabee. Ok that’s all for now. More later as I dig around a little deeper. And Hillary, what is your true birth time, the one you gave us recently or the one your mom gave us twenty years ago? Sigh.
More work to do.

These later July days see a square from Mars to Uranus, an impulsive and rash combo
tempered only by the harmony of Venus and Jupiter, which thankfully will lighten that
load of impulsivity.

July 31st we have a blue moon, that rare occurrence of two full moons in the same month, probably the only one of 2015. This one is a thinking moon, Aquarius, that sets up the stage for the next 13 days of August. Let’s hope clear thought will prevail. The best aspect going on for the last few days and on into the next is the unique "Steve Jobs genius aspect"
(my words) meaning Uranus is trine Mercury in Fire, which is very inspiring.

This August 2nd water moon with Neptune in Pisces, can calm things down a bit and lend intuitive insight to the brilliance of the fire angle. Writers where are you? Get out your pens and brushes. And yes, Venus is square to Saturn but that’s an indication that some frugality measures are at hand and should well be. The Jupiter Saturn square pattern oftentimes speaks of a need for financial tightening. And so it will sit like this for several months, be advised.

Lastly, Saturn is ending his long sojourn in Scorpio, a relief to many, and in so doing slows down approaching next month’s direct motion, which intensifies his impact… and where is Scorpio in your chart ? His location positively aspecting the exact contact point of the March 20 eclipse is helpful, in may ways, both globally, personally, holding up the sky for you born right beneath it, which helps October 19-22 birthdays as well. We’ll see how it plays out.

Lastly is the more significant transit of Jupiter heading into Virgo, late July and into August, and why we care about this is that the king of the gods, a gift giver, brings expansion, gifts and general well being in whichever house of your chart in which he takes up residence. This will stay in place for over a year. Another really good reason to analyze your personal chart and see which section of your life, Leo and Virgo rule. You could be really surprised, I mean in a good way. More on this next month.

DAYS OF STRONGEST INFLUENCE:1!, 5, 6, 8, 10, 151, 18, 25, 26, 29, 31!!


July 1, 2nd, I include the 2nd because the overarching energy of this every powerful full moon of July one will stretch over for several days and influence our holiday weekend festivities, and also it’s possible danger, since Mars is embedded with the Sun.

July 4-6th The power struggle continues for several more months but the gift of these days is Venus so close to Jupiter, and making a nice fiery angle to Uranus. Carry on, candles, moonlight.

July 15, 16th These birthdays will have the delight and disharmony of the new moon aligned with Mars and Saturn, friendly for once, and a strong indication for a good year ahead, if only one could control one’s urge to burst out of control at just the wrong time.
Such a nice solar return otherwise, with great blessings from the Venus and Jupiter handholding in magnanimous Leo.

August First, I’m not wild about this day, several obstacles, all of which you strong Leo types can overcome. However yours is the genus aspect of fire inspiration and I’ve seen many times where certain hardship can drive the creative muse to great heights, an here she is!

August 2nd Way more favorable, the Pisces moon calms a lot of things and people. Genius prevails these early days. Don’t waste it.

August 16, 17th There is such a contrast here, first of all the great symbiosis between Venus and Jupiter right on your sun brings beauty and loveliness into all areas of your life, you lucky little lions you. However, the square between Jupiter and Saturn usually harkens one to watch expenses and cash flow and you know how generous that Leo heart can be.

August 19-31st Venus will now be Slowwwlllyy crossing your sun, along with Jupiter, that’s a happy thing, and in such slow motion so she won’t leave anyone or anything out. It’s a lightening effect to help lift that huge obstacle, Saturn, who’s been lingering there too long. And your birth placement in Magha is one of the best in the Vedic sky to begin with.
Look ahead it’s brighter for sure.

September 4, 5, 6th Ok now I’m getting really excited for this threesome in Virgo , very soon, just a few more weeks! You be shouting from the rooftops, with Jupiter and Pluto and Mars are all lining up to grant your every wish. A practical work related wish no doubt. Its heading your way.

September 25, 26, 27th The once every 19 year’s passage of the moon’s north node over your sun speaks to drive, ambition and what you really wanted to do or be, or not. If a hardship is handed to you, you triumph no matter what.

October 8-17 Not to come across as Armagedda, but these birthdates need a fire
extinguisher somewhere nearby this month, that last ten days especially. Better days are ahead but it’s just plain hard to win with the warrior class on fire. The Leo planets of the last 2 days could help somewhat.

October 31, November 1, 2nd, you are so fortunate to have the god of inspiration, creative ideas, line up to your sun, Neptune I mean. It’s a rare occurrence and probably won’t return in your lifetime. Pay attention to any and all musical, creative and spiritual ideas! This is a gift!

November 4-7th Near the 12-15 of this month, the geometry of planets creates a very supportive web for you to help you cross some challenging territory. All will be well.

Most of November: Mars is swimming through Cancer in perfect harmony to your Suns. Now he doesn’t love water, but heck, that 120 degree difference can only be helpful to all of you and aid your every endeavor.

November 19-23d In case you’ve been feeling overwhelmed, unfairly burdened, yes it’s all true, that nasty Saturn has been taking his time, longer than usual, to cross over your sign degrees. It can make one tired, anxious, irritated, unwell; but, here’s the irony, I have seen where in rare cases, a deep love connection can be made, I know it’s not to be found in any astrology texts, except I’ve witnessed it. Saturn works in strange ways sometimes.

December 13, 14, 15, 16, 17th You are the lucky ones, such a lovely gift has come your way, use it to do more than shine in social arenas. Which you of course will do too. The fire of inspiration is being handed to you like a lightening rod, so use it and activate your great ideas now!

January 5, 6th Pluto is now heading over your tent, creating change whether you like it or not. The good news is that very soon the alignment with Jupiter will bring something extraordinary, and I mean in a really good way, so just hang in there.

January 13-18th very similar to the same time in October but everyone’s different! It’s a bit of an obstruction no question here, wait for better days in the Fall, like November, it’s heading your way , good times ahead. Just get through this month. The full moon early month will be a rocker, too much of a good thing.

February: It has not been the best of times for Aquarians, that’s why astrology is deeper then most westerners realize. There are other planets besides the Sun. Maybe you have moon perfectly matched right now to the Venus and Jupiter place in Leo, or another set of helpful aspects. What has been helpful is the Uranian glide or I should say push, through Aries has helped the middle of the sign of Aquarius, and energized them.

February 16, 17, 18th have had the hardest time with the Saturn squaring their suns exactly. The good news is that he is leaving soon not to return.

February 26-March 1st This could be the best time you’ve experienced in a very long time. It’s great awakening and inspiration combined. How fortunate for you!!!!DO something wonderful!

March: most of March’s children should feel that extra push from Mars paddling in a water sign like yours, he’s trying his best to send some helpful waves in your direction. And the new moon mid month can only be a good thing for you too since it makes a nice angle to Saturn, imagine that. CONFIDENCE STRENGTH CELEBRATE.

Late March, 24, 25, 26th the south moon’s node, ketu, crossing over your territory, is asking some sacrifices of you. If you can look at this as a higher spiritual meaning by taking the Zen path of turning aside, you will triumph after a few weeks have passed. Late month is positive for you.

April 2-6th There’s that Plutonian life changer just finishing his trek through your sign to make sure you took note of all the changes he had planned for you. It’s the ultimate transformer but many are happier later as a result. Later month, near the 27, a nice fire trine will lift your spirits and bring back that Arian positivity we all love.

April 10-19 th: Oh the fire and enthusiasm you must be feeling right now, be careful not to go overboard with it, thank heaven Mars is in water close enough to tone it down a bit. There are several really nice aspects to your sun and this should be a fairly happy time for you.

May 18-22nd Things may seem a bit stressful right now, but it will pass very soon. It’s as though a granite boulder has been put on the path in front of you. Later month Mars chimes in to lighten the load, hang in there your time is coming, in the Fall.

May 23-26 some bright news to help the load, sextiles from Sun and Mercury to bring back that Gemini lightness.

June: mid month birthdays, the 14-19th should be as happy as anyone on the planet, all those gifts from Venus and Jupiter and Uranus!!! Must be like Christmas. Lucky for you!