Astrology May 2015

Hello everyone, I’m back, my Gemini fingers are typing again, and just as this was going out, great news! A royal baby girl arrived early this morning. Such excitement and what a terrific chart . Yes she will be a strong little Taurus but gentle, with Cancer as her rising sign ruling her demeanor, and a beautiful Libra moon, sometimes called a "Princess Moon" in exact harmony with Venus. We will find that the as yet unnamed little sister to Prince George, will be a loving gentle soul, with an artistic flair and deep love of nature. Onward now to the month celebrated in ancient times by the Druids and Celts who celebrated the Feast of the Beltane with a great fire, music, bells and dancing. Cows were led out into open pastures, life was renewed. It was a magical time when barriers between worlds separated, allowing spirits and faeries to roam at will. Thus the second half of the year was begin. I’m sure those descendants of the Celts are celebrating today the birth of their new princess! A star baby she will be indeed.

Meanwhile, in the Homeland, front, There are so many candidates announcing their runs for president, that instead I decided to look at an even larger picture, the USA chart, and try to find some past comparisons. The month at hand carries some obfuscating and obstructive dilemmas, patience versus impulsivity, which look to dissolve themselves by early June. We are finally over that nasty seven year grid between outer sky gods Pluto and Uranus, which, tied in with the lunar nodes, made for an especially rough time these past few months. Let’s see what’s ahead.

From my earliest days I have paid attention to signs and symbols, alerted to any intuitions about the deeper meanings, hence the study of astrology was for me a natural path.
So it is, in this past month, we’ve observed Mother Earth’s violent earthquake on earth’s tallest mountain, the first in 80 years in the Himalayas, that extinguished over 6,000 souls, and has left Nepal in deep mourning. Simultaneously, on the opposite side of the globe, Chile’s long silent volcano violently spewed up fire and lava .
But where to pin this one? Maybe the separating Uranus and Pluto square or the Saturnian conflict to Mercury, or the prior eclipses, triggered by Mars, the exact day of the quake and avalanche, that is for all of you astro students.
Today emotional lava ash falls in Baltimore and is spreading to other cities, unsteady is the Ukraine, and nonstop ISIS horrors have been shaking the Middle East and parts of Africa for many months now. Here in the homeland we have our pre election frenzy and a new candidate declaring his/her intentions to run weekly. What do have ahead?

In looking for answers I dug up the back history of the USA ‘s Vedic time chart, the so named Dashas. And what did I find? We are entering a time period designated Rahu, the lord of the north node, the head of a dragon, and not always the nicest character. But he’s powerful, and so it was in July 1776, a very unsettled time, a crucible moment for the young nation. America became a sovereign entity, who after much duress, chose a wise paternal figure, George Washington, to lead them.
The father conflict in the birth chart of the US, meaning a power struggle, has been in a fire zone for the past two years under the clashing grid of the revolutionary power crazed sky bullies. Just as in 1776, we are exiting one of our weakest planetarily ruled eight year periods, in a few months, then begins one of our better chapters. In spite of a rocky beginning , we survived as a nation then, even though it took a couple of years to even out and become our own master.
The most recent historical match up to this period occurred in 1896, which led into the Progressive period, three years after one of the worst recessions, 1893, we’ve ever seen
This earlier Rahu period laid the background for the "Gay Nineties" the Robber Baron era, many huge industrial accomplishments, railroads, and the birth of the automobile. Major William McKinley, a senior statesman, and one of the last of the Civil War era soldiers, was elected that year, and tragically assassinated in 1901. During this eighteen year time segment, Theodore Roosevelt rode onto the world stage during the Spanish Civil War, 1901, wherein we tried to protect Cuba from supposed Spanish abuses. How Interesting that Cuba, as well as two Cuban presidential candidates, are back in the headlines again. The war, easily won by the US, resulted in America becoming a world power with territories gained in the Caribbean and the Pacific, Guam, Hawaii and the Philippines.
That was probably the exact moment when we became a world power, historians you may correct me.

Please excuse the lengthy digression, I only mention this historical background so that you may draw the parallels where you will. Now back to the month at hand.

Double gendered Mercury, happy in his/her own sign of Gemini, opposes Saturn the first week, thereby setting a stage for arguments, and discussions gone awry. These matters can be worked out since they are paced in mutable, that is, changeable, signs

May 1, 2nd, the Libra moon brings out all the qualities of gracious Venus, already emphasized by the Sun and Mars in her sensual sign of Taurus. Enjoy this while you May for later Saturday the moon slides over into power seeking Scorpio, always the contrast to equally strong but peace loving, Taurus.
The temperature rises with the full moon on Sunday, 8:42 pm PST. This is the kind of moon that wolves hall, I mean howl, under.

Here we find a strong combination of aspects located in the "fixed" or inflexible signs of Taurus, Scorpio and Leo. Watch out for the tendency to be a little over-voiced, which is to say, bombastic. The Vedic moon’s placement in Swati, a wind god, has been known to oversee some extremes of weather and flighty changes of mind. I won’t cover this one up, it’s a bit of a hectic moon, even though the sun’s energy is quite strong right now. Full moons light the path for the following two weeks and this one portends to be a bit uneven littered with a few boulders.

Double gendered Mercury, happy in his/her own sign of Gemini, opposing Saturn the first week, brings up a communication barrier, words that can’t come out right or the bird who wants to be let out of his cage, but is restrained. The stage is set for arguments, discussions gone awry. These matters can be worked out since they are paced in mutable, that is, changeable, signs

May 4th today, Monday, it all comes down, oh the dilemma, who do you take on first? That moon oppose Mars, and Mercury against Saturn, strong words no doubt, hold off on the matching action, it will ease up a little later in the month. As I’ve mentioned before, these types of intense aspects, when seen in a birth chart, can produce the most extraordinary people for whom no challenge is insurmountable.

May 8, 9, 10th, it’s a little confusing in here when Mercury our communication favorite confronts a confusing Neptune, making matters less clear than usual. I’d wait this one out, a few days more before making my final decision. Venus’ entry into Cancer here will emphasize the more nurturing caretaking side of life.

Mid month, 14th comes the dilemma, when Mars in warlike Vedic Krittika, faces off with stubborn Saturn, a big "No I can’t and I won’t" moment. Oh the headlines might well be riddled with traumatic happenings of angry Mad Men. What now? This calls for hyper vigilance when I look back to see the every two year repeat of this dynamic. The Boston bombings of April 15, 2013, occurred under just such a pattern, as did the March 2003 beginning to the Iraq war. Osama bin Laden was killed at the end of this configuration May 6, 2011. Mars wants action, he’s a fire god, with a knife in his teeth and a gun in his belt, whereas Saturn, tends to obstruct and hold back, wanting to impose laws and restrictions. Saturn has been called the ruler of the common man, and those of darker skin tones. Take that where you will.

May 16th,17th finally some good news, and some better days in sight with a lovely Venus Neptune aspect overhead to bring something gentle to the harshness we’ve seen as we head into the dark of the moon, or new moon, always a time for reflection and calm. This new moon in Taurus, 9:13 pm PST, has been attributed to the Buddha, therefore mark Sunday, May 17th, as a special day in your calendar. The Moon, Sun and several other planets are at their peak of power right here. I always think what’s the best time of this month ahead? I’d have to say this is it.

May 18th, Monday, today is the famous Mercury going retrograde moment, however, as he/ she is in its own sign, the little trickster won’t cause too much disruption. I even like the slower movement so we can process the tsunami of information coming at us.

May 21, 22nd is another powerful two day phase with so many exact aspects and the Sun moving into flighty entertaining Gemini. Roadblocks crop up again, and a few planets have managed to line up in difficult spots and all at the same time! Again it’s just a few days trek through the desert.

May 28- 29th Here the strong combination in early Gemini along with a benefic Libra moon, adds to a nice angle from helpful Jupiter and Uranus, all edgy and exciting in Aries. It’s quite dynamic and makes for a reasonable couple of days. I don’t even mind the usually obfuscating square of the Sun to Neptune. Here we finally have something to look forward to.
Keep in mind, in a past month like we’ve had, with such a heavy dose of Gemini, your own entertainment factor will be streaming more than ever. Ok that was the fun part.

It’s been harsh for many as I look at the inner and outer worlds. Each person has a lunar return, or monthly chart, for any given 28 day month, therefore that configuration has
been in play somewhere in every chart.
Wherever Gemini is located in your chart, expect action! If you need help with this and maybe have a little knowledge of astrology you can go to (Lunarium) to find out about your own chart.

We end the month with a Scorpio moon edging towards the full moon of the second of June. It’s another wild time just ahead, the Mars and Saturn war is not yet over, maybe a good idea to have your brakes checked as we head into the bright days of early summer.
If you made it this far you deserve a prize, see if there’s a message for you below.


DAYS OF POWER: 3!, 5,6,8,12,14!, 18!, 21,25,28,31