Astrology January 2015

Our New Year begins with the rarest of occurrences, astrologically speaking that is. For 2015 is immediately launched into a new field of endeavor and change with the full moon of the fourth. It’s been 2600 hundred years since the same identical set of planetary configurations has occurred. Mid month brings quite a topsy turvy moment and the new moon later month lines up with the genius thinking Aquarian planets. What can this mean? How can we make the most of this? Or not. It all adds up to a really big month with forceful declarations and assertions of power. You’ll see.

Welcome to 2015 and the month so named after Janus, the god of two faces, who rules the threshold, and looks forward as much as he looks back over his shoulder at the year just past.
The first few days of January are packed with cardinal i.e. "driver" energies, so much so that it’s best to stand back a little and watch from the sidelines. Too many things are happening. Times of decisions and destiny, for the world and for the USA, especially as our country’s chart is in the exact center of this grid of squared off nodes, Pluto and Uranus. It’s all a big jumble of conquest and confusion linked to the Sun and Moon.

I’ll be watching to see what comes our way on Monday, January 5th. Matters of great importance will no doubt be deliberated with highly emotional voices and talking heads heating up the channels and cyberwaves, although not much will come of it then due to a rather "empty" or "void" moon. I wouldn’t sign anything or count on too much right here. Venus entering Aquarius on the 3d will try to add some levity to the turmoil.

This lunation falls under Purva Ashada, which strives to rise above all difficulties, in an effort to live the good life. This particular slice of the Capricorn bandwidth (western) believes in itself, and tends to unleash its natural desire to climb, and to win against all obstacles. The moon, in this beautiful segment of Cancer known as Punarvasu, complements the Sun here, so that all of these positive attributes will greatly negate and reduce the harsh square pattern encasing them. I would say that here the strong, optimistic, and keen minded warrior will triumph over the darker forces.

What fascinates me the most, when seeing this grand cross of major planets and nodes,
mentioned several times, is the striking parallel to the world, philosophically and historically speaking that is, of the 100 years between approximately 550 to 625 BCE. I am digressing because I find it remarkable that we have a world on fire spiritually and religiously. Fundamentalism’s archetype finds its parallels on both sides of the globe. Up until the mid 500’s BCE, the population sought the directives of their gods and goddesses and obeyed them. The famous Library of Alexandria, housing all of the great religious and theological manuscripts up to that time and afterward, came into being. There were others: Zarathustra declared the difference between good and evil; Lao Tzu wrote the Tao de Ching ( 604-531), and Buddha (564 -483 BCE) taught his "godless wisdom". By this time the collective human mind, attributed to prophet Isaiah (550 BCE), had stretched itself further into a belief in monotheism. Attributed to prophet Isaiah (550 BCE), this radical belief in a single divinity was first pronounced by the "heretic Pharoah", Akhenaten, in the mid 1300’s BCE. He was castigated, the world wasn’t ready then.

What ideology, how one believes, has faith in, or worships at, is up for drastic transformation and has been for a while. The new Pope has expressed acceptance of all faiths plus a few other radical dictates shaking the ground underneath the Vatican. What sort of Islam is practiced provokes violence, hatred and suffering, maybe just an excuse for a ruthless and bloody usurpation of power? Nevertheless it’s a clashing of cultures, their doctrines and beliefs, that are on the grill. Newer forms of spiritual practice abound. Why is yoga, more than just stretching, so ubiquitous? I ask myself these things. And recently, congregations of avowed agnostics have formed themselves into a sort of "spiritual not religious" worship movement.

Now back to you, patient reader, try to see wherever Capricorn lands in your chart, are you a Capricorn Sun or moon or Rising? What house or area of your life, is targeted? If so that’s where to look for the biggest change in you own very specific lives. Again you can use this link (lunarium) to access your own chart.

January 6, 7th’s moon in Leo matches up to Jupiter and Uranus in such a nice way that I would highlight the day and make it work for you. It’s certainly a more cheerful couple of days and later Wednesday comes a brief moment of affection and sweetness. Take it!

January 8th falls down a bit, the moon isn’t helpful in Virgo, she doesn’t like a square to Saturn and is conflicting to Mars, so more of Monday’s turbulence comes back here.

January 9-11th these days are slightly combustible but not terribly so. Monday brings a better aspect with the pairing in Aquarius of Venus and Mercury, emphasizing some
high thinking and lofty ideas. Here’s where genius, the fire of creativity can show itself.
Who will be the new leaders in this emotional time when Mars lands right on the philanthropic moon of the USA? Saturn just crossed our moon, our heart as a nation, hurting all with the racial violence just witnessed. It’s still hanging close by, we’re not over this yet.

January 12th we see Mars moving into Pisces, a more gentle place for the warrior god, he needs a submarine now, and will calm himself down and even lift the eclipse of late October to a better place, with a better outcome if you have an early Scorpio Moon or Sun, anyone?

January 14- 20th we will see the most intense moments of the month, since the aspects are similar to the same Saturn Mars and Neptune configuration at the end of WWI and WWII, and also the American Civil War. I know this sounds drastic but I need to be a truth teller and not a Pollyanna astrologer. As it is, we are living daily the horrific events across the world; technology and the media will not let us escape. We are all the shared recipients of this constant volley of dire information. The Mars Saturn square has us gripped in some vise and the only way out is to turn aside, for a while anyway, until Mars moves on, thankfully in a week’s time.

Moving onto the New Moon of the 20-21st, we come into a landmark sort of moment , the aspects are tight moving into Aquarius, and with so much of this sign, emotions are set aside, the intellect prevails, reason is hopefully welcomed back. The eclipse of late October is brought to the fore, any early Scorpios will know about this and recognize a repeat of the changes imposed upon them. It’s going to bring some helpful change as of a week ago. In addition, this is the one time every two years that Mars meets Neptune, now in Pisces; it’s the imagination sign given over to Hollywood. The creative muse is here. For a minute I’m rather encouraged, and suggest that we all try to use these days to best advantage all through the remainder of the month.

The Uttara Ashada nakshatra that describes this new moon is symbolized by the elephant’s tusk, a highly valued item in the subcontinent . Often described as a writing tool, it encourages creative thinkers and writers. And the tusk is also a weapon, for Uttara Ashada possesses a warrior nature and takes up the cause of the previous lunation while expanding it onto a higher dimension where its truth cannot be suppressed. It has insight and intense focus, and will succeed. This is the energetic we are under right now.

It sort of links to the 2600 year parallel mentioned earlier. If someone were to describe this era 100 year, or even 500 years from now, what would they say? I think this is close. A re-defining of spiritual and societal values cloaked in religiosity.

Mercury is retrograde right here, but he stays solidly still exuding his best vibe, in these couple of days before looking back. In Aquarius he’s on home ground, so this is nothing major, but if you’re a Mercury watcher, well then ok, don’t sign up for that new Prius just yet.

January 27th and later month, I like the Mercury in his (or is it her?) best place, the Silicon Valley sign of Aquarius, for its nice aspect to the nodes and to Uranus. I know someone’s brain is on fire streaming innovative ideas. Venus slides into a nice watery bed with Neptune, along with a helpful aspect from the Cancerian moon on the 31st, it’s a cozy moment in spite of Saturn saying "no!" In future months we will address the Saturn transit into Sagittarius, a two and a half year voyage through the galaxy until June 2017. If you are immediately curious, look back to 1985 to 1988. But this is enough for now. You must be exhausted.

Next onto February and the lucky Year of the Sheep (or Goat depending where in Asia or India one lives).

DAYS OF POWER: 1,3,4,6,7,12,14,16,20,21,25,27,29.

As I don’t have your particular charts and therefore sets of planets, I have chosen several birthdates where the Sun, indicating one’s life force, identity and beingness, is most strongly highlighted in the present month.


January 1-5th Oh you full moon birthdays have a year of great change ahead. No, it won’t be easy but in the end you will be glad that you made the changes. You will probably be a very different person next year at this time. Carry on.

January 20 -21st A new moon birthday promises a year when you’ve turned the corner and moved to higher ground. The Mercury addition here, standing still, is like an exclamation mark, a helpful friend, lined up with Venus, I mean what’s the bad news?

Frankly it’s a pretty exciting solar return.

January 31st, February 1-3d Most of the month is fairly uplifting, thee are even some gilded moments, it’s about time too.

February 9-11th At the beginning of this month there is so much energy that pushes you, and maybe too hard. Be watchful of your words and driving and over reaching in any way. There is an urge to spring out like a tiger, and make your thoughts known.

February 20-23d the Saturn square to your Sun, along with Mars, mid month, is pretty vexing and grinding too, I’ll admit. You are being asked to make some hard choices I think.

March 2-5th Early month is fairly nice for you, the full moon is helpful and brightens your path. The odd part is having had Chiron churning up your life for a while now, and pushing you to new limits of being and creativity. It won’t happen again for fifty some years. After the 23d, the addition of Mars with Chiron, could put you on the outer limits of patience and endurance . I hope you have decent insurance, both auto and emotional.

April 2-6th You’ve been under a karmic payback aspect for a while now, best to stand
back and take a Zen like attitude. Try to glean the deepest and most meaningful parts of this demanding time. Some things that are taken from you will be replaced by what is best for you, a spiritual lesson for sure.

April 10-12th This is a gift, some uplifting moments, and the good news is that the position of Jupiter will stay with it for several months. Should your moon be in mid Aries, this is a wonderful emotionally fulfilling time. Congratulations.

May 9-11th The first few days are stressful, but you’ve been through worse in the past year. This kind of stress is from overdoing, hang in there, later in the year and onto 2016 some nice powerful aspects will make it up to you, and all that you’ve been through.

May 20, 21st, thank heaven the new moon is smiling at you, a little support finally for all you’ ve been through. This Early Aquarian moon shines on early Gemini people and lightens the load of that nasty Saturn opposition. He does move you know Mid month is dicey, be careful in all ways. Late 2015 is a much better time.

June 6-9th How nice to have all these planets in Aquarian air second week of January harmoniously aspecting the sun for you, it’s a light time, well for a week anyway, but it’s still fairly nice with that Jupiter sextile so constant and supportive.

June14-18th The very early month , especially Jan 2, 3d, trine from Mars to your Sun showers you with excitement and drive. Don’t go crazy and fall off your horse!

July 4-6th wow, you mid Cancerians have been through a lot and the full moon of the fourth brings it all home. I’d just stay put and avoid the crowds, take care of your cold
and write down all those thoughts. You are right in the center of the confusing clash of sky gods and the grid mentioned in the beginning of this long letter. The urge to put your plans into motion, and the obstacles against it-just wait another week. You’re almost at the end of the transformation time.

August 3-4th An exciting time, to make up for the Saturn drainage a few months back.
Use it well, it can be very wonderful, new ideas, new people and places.

August 12-16th What an expansive time this is for you, and it has a four month run, this being month 3, but wait ,, it will be back in early summer. Don’t pay attention to the first few days, everyone has a down moment sometimes.

August 20-24th The Saturnian turn into Sagittarius along with a combustible Mars mid month makes for some dicey moments. Stand back, don’t get involved, it’s a private fight, not everyone can join in. The limitations imposed for the next few months can be best used if you follow the rules, a discipline of some sort is being asked of you.

September 4-7th Here’s your stability factor, Pluto handing you a plank, not to send you overboard but to hold you in place. The last days of the month may call for too much, don’t give yourself away.

October 4-7th So many hard things have been handed to you, it’s one of those rare times when you are asked to carry the torch, to take back yourself and your power. For some it’s a soul splitting time, I’ve seen people do great things with this, write the book of their life for example.

October 22-23d Things are a bit harsh mid month since your birthday eclipse is now being brought out onto the stage of your life. And to be honest, it’s not that much fun.
You are pushing back a wall of water, maybe even a tsunami, all by yourself. Little Venus makes a nasty comment or two in the first couple of days. She can be like that.

November 9-12th That New Year’s aura is clouded by a clashing of exuberant characters in the sky, it only lasts till after the full moon of the 4th. It may have seemed like you don’t have all your energy geared up as you really would like it to be. There’s still a hangover from the past couple of months, the shadow will lift.

November 21-23d Oh heavens, look who’s sitting on your roof, the mighty karma king Saturn himself. Now here’s what’s odd, whereas most astrologers would label this transit as heavy and demanding physically and in a few other ways, I’ve actually seen romance, the serious kind, bloom. Mid month it’s not so kind however, but that’s brief.

December 1-3d You have to be happy with this Uranus trine to your Sun, it’s energetic and dynamic and I always think of this aspect as opening little doors in my head that I never knew were there. I love it when that happens, and new ideas rush into my brain. Rare as those times and trines are.

December 12, -14th. You are still under the gaze of Jupiter, holding up your plans and ventures and sense of self. I would take advantage of this nice fire (inspiration) aspect
Any way I could, then wait till you see what next year will bring you! It’s pretty nice.