Astrology December 2014

Maybe you’ve noticed this upsurge of energy and self-motivation that may have bestowed itself upon you in these first few days of December. You can attribute that to a combination of six fire planets, along with an early month Aries moon saying “let’s do it”. With three optimistic Sagittarians in the group, it’s well, a little more hopeful. The main events of the month are of course the lunations, full and new moon periods, and a stationary, standing still that is, Jupiter, on the ninth. This will be a day to watch for some important financial news, and I’m thinking it will be on the positive side. Further into the month we switch over into a more business minded Capricornian mode, and of course the two bullies, Pluto and Uranus are still at each other in the outer reaches of our solar system, repeating  a lot of the late sixties turmoil, but we’ll get there.

Meanwhile there are twenty -four birthday segments listed at the bottom, See if yours is there.

December 1st, 2nd. A fairly positive few days to start off the month are here; time to rise above negative thoughts. These early days see Mars and Saturn in a perfect and rare harmony, and that alone is a celestial gift. Use it I always say. 

December 3rd is nice Taurus moon has some steadying moments when it matches up to earth sign Pluto. I like this for many reasons, not only because Taurus is the best and highest place for the moon, but added in to the fire party, it adds endurance, sobriety and fixity. The best of several worlds.

 December 5th, 6th. Wow what a full moon this is going to be!  Known as “Rohini” in the Vedic sky, this moon in Gemini to us in the West, is a people pleasing, cheerful moon, illuminating all that is great about this sign. This dynamic and hopeful moon period, highlights a Mercury with Uranus moment of inspiration and brilliance; and the Venus trine to Jupiter is beautiful as well. In writing this I must add that this particular entrance of Mars into Aquarius, sets off a previous eclipse degree, and might act like a bell ringer to some less than wonderful situations.  We know there are several of these, ongoing and devastating in certain places in the world. Typically Mars in futuristic Aquarius activates the communication urge, wherein he becomes the internet cyber king all by himself. 

At its best, Aquarian instincts run to visionary and philanthropic heights, which is why our USA moon in this sign is the hallmark of our generous country.

December 8th, 9th A different vibe emerges with the sensitive Cancerian moon in an emotional rut with the two gate crashers in the outer sky. This WILL end later in 2015 followed by major shifts in the global arena.  Jupiter standing still before turning backwards is not an especially harmful change. He lines up to the Sun perfectly so some positive news from the markets perhaps will follow. A retrograde Jupiter means it is closer to the earth, which, as the Vedics would say, is a positive event indeed.

December 11th, 12th, now with a Leo moon some of that fire enthusiasm is back, for a while. However, Venus’ move into Capricorn begins the more somber march of practical elements from the sky gods which will lead us into 2015. The coming weekend of the 13th, 14th, won’t have the same wild but fun intensity of the previous weekend, but I must say the combination of earth and fire blends nicely here and a discriminating Virgo moon will exercise caution. Always have a designated driver, she says.

December 15, 16th ‘s Libra moon lines up to Mars in a generally airy talkative way, it’s a Monday to get organized and balance your check book, as even more of that sturdy Cap goat character hikes up our hills. Here comes Mercury, the slower less impulsive thinker, now in the goat sign as well, right behind Venus and Pluto.  Added to this  Cap line up, is a Scorpio moon, a geometry which I’ve seen  in the charts of some very successful strivers.  

December 18th-22nd The Capricornian influence expands even more with the solstice new moon and it’s a time to stay centered and focused on the goal ahead. Today (22) Uranus goes into direct motion, and here begins its slow move away from the underworld god, Pluto, even though it will take a few more months for them to disengage.  In those charts where I’ve seen this great square pattern, the titanic effort to achieve, to solve the crucial dilemmas, is what makes for greatness of character. Even though it can be brutal while going through it. But days of forward motion tend to bring about positive results for certain people, just ask me. Here it’s a good idea to see which area of your chart Capricorn rules. Having a stellium of planets, in this sign will triple emphasize what house and therefore which area, this rules in your own particular life. Think house, earth, bank, practical. This is where astrology becomes more specific and really interesting. Try using this link (lunarium) if you’d like to analyze your chart in more detail.

Also, the new moon falls today, 22nd, in the very wild lunar placement of Mula, which opens to all sorts of meanings to the idea of roots. It makes for great gardens and plantings, laying seeds. The true meaning of the word “yoga” has to do with tying branches and roots together, it’s a Mula activity. Mula persons might be accident prone at times, while at other times they are gregarious, and many become wealthy. The West will see in this first day of Capricorn, an auspicious new moon that coincides exactly with the Solstice. It will be a day for ritual, prayer, and feasting in many parts of the world, most notably in the British Isles. There is no doubt but that this will be a powerful day, one well suited to some emotional root planting, let’s celebrate this solstice!   

December 23d, With the Return of the Light, we find Saturn sliding over into Sagittarius, after two and a half years in Scorpio. We will look at this more in the months to come.  My first thought is that Saturn, representative of the common man, and yes, dark skinned persons, entering the house of Jupiter, the well to do ruler, most likely will presage a showdown between the two, and of course the election of 2016 will bring about some interesting days ahead. Saturn was last seen in Sagittarius from late 1985 to early 1988. I’m sure we can all recall several events during those two and half years, for example, Iran Contra, Black Monday, the real estate market upsurge, the Challenger disaster, the Reagan /Gorbachev one on one meeting at the Reyavik Summit, prelude to the fall of the Soviet States. Again if you have a moon or rising sign under Sagittarius you are set up for some emotional changes, with the timing dependent upon the degree and house (life area). 

December 24th is a day full of surprises; Uranian moon (associated with chaos) energy abounds from 3pm on PST, drive safely! Mercury riding side saddle, exact degree that is, with Pluto on the back of the goat, indicates some very intense communications, do watch your words. How many adjectives are there for intensity?

December 25th, the day is so much calmer than last night, and a void moon until later in the day can make for travel delays and some missed wires that don’t get straightened out until evening. The Roman week long feast of Saturnalia, was typically celebrated at this time, and likewise the early Christians seized the opportunity to honor the birth of Jesus, by secretly blending their rituals in with the festivals to Saturn.

On into the 26th, a Pisces moon, sometimes referred to as the Christ consciousness moon, here with Neptune, carries such a mystical and musical influence, how to make best use of that ?  I have some ideas. It’s a beautiful day.

December 27thto 29th Jupiter harmonizes with the Aries moon, and good news for all you Leos, Jupiter will be in your sign, enhancing your life and selves all the way into next August!  Wherever Leo is in your own chart, expect the same, and if it’s your rising sign, hmm, you might be watching a few calories.

December30, 31st, there is such a strong connection in Capricorn with the personal planets, Venus and Mercury, heart and mind, in the material world, lest it not be too worrisome, something Capricorn does a lot of. Luckily New Year’s arrives with a nice balance from Jupiter and Mars, an uplift if ever there was one, and under the luxury loving, relationship maker, Taurean moon.  There will be champagne I’m sure 

Mid 2015 will see the Vedic chart of the USA shift into an entirely new cycle, good news I’m thinking. More on that topic to follow.  Happy New Year to all as we move into the very fortunate Year of the Sheep (ok there are some rams in there too.)

DAYS OF POWER AND ENERGY: 1, 4, 6! , 8, 11,12,14,15,20,22,24,26,31


November 30th -December 1st So much happens today,  a lot of fire and an Aries moon to boot, will lighten up your life and chart, enthusiasm, and a determination to lift obstructions.

DECEMBER 13th, happy birthday it is indeed, a lovely Virgo earth moon tied to Pluto and  Venus! Steadying all your emotions for this year ahead, happiness is your gift . Also the fortunate aspect from benevolent Jupiter for the next 3 months to your Sun, is so helpful in all areas that you wish to enlarge upon, go for it. This is a super solar return chart.

DECEMBER 20th Lucky for you this is a dynamite day, and therefore your solar return chart is terrifically aspected for a great year and a new chapter of your life. 

December 21st, even though this is the next day, it’s different entirely. The Uranian direct motion will push you forward as well. The new moon at 5:36 pm PDT will mark the year ahead as a new era. The moon and Jupiter trine adds some emotional fulfillment. It’s really nice and augurs for a great year ahead. A true new beginning.

JANUARY 2, 3, 4th we knew this was coming your way, head down, helmet on, the clash grid of titans is over your head right now, especially mid to later month. Just wait, it will pass by in a few weeks. One bright moment comes near the 20th, that very powerful time of the solstice, and with Venus overhead to lift the load.

JANUARY 14-16th Wait I see some really fun days last week of the month, chatty, romantic, busy, don’t waste it all at your place of work, or the desk in your head.

FEBRUARY 12, 13th just a mild set back with Jupiter opposing your Sun, it’s hard to bring an Aquarian down, bring the optimists that so many are, so you will handle this just fine. Later month you might feel very charged up and energized by Mars flying over your aeronautical Sun.

FEBRUARY 20, 21st , here’s the hard part, you’ve been  target practice for Saturn for a few weeks now and he’s not going away for a couple of months. Since this affects your Sun, it’s your Self, your body, your energy, your identity. What we love about astrology is being able to see the planets move and shift, mirroring ourselves. But no doubt, it’s been making things more difficult at home base.

MARCH 20, 21st The Saturn transit for you, however, is creating a solidity factor, placing a nice stable floor under you.

APRIL 2nd 3d Just when we thought you must have had enough transformation, there’s apparently one more lesson for you. I say, head down, wait it out, don’t do anything radical. We know how impulsive that Aries nature can be.

APRIL 12-14th How nice to have a support system from another fire planet and this one being the King of the gods himself, the gift giver, Jupiter. It’s such an optimistic sign, how nice for you.

May 2, 3d I actually think this will be nice for you, a more cheerful time with so many earth planets harmonizing with your Taurean selves. It’s a balancing of resources, both financial and physical. The bookkeeper in you knows just how to manage all of this.

MAY 20, 21st now just hang in there, Saturn is opposing your life, health, mental outlook, it will pass but the lessons are simple: discipline, go slow and obey the rules, no risks. The full moon is a high energy point but calls out for caution especially for you late Taurus children. 

JUNE 3d to 5th the full moon of the sixth is parading all over your chart right now. It’ s so much excitement, what to do?  Be calm, I know that’s a joke, Gemini’s love to have fun with their Sag friends, and so they will.

JULY 3d to 5th here we have the last trial of god Pluto and rebel Uranus crossing over your roof. It’s almost gone, those two, and I’m sure, lots of lessons learned. And oh, aren’t we tired of hearing that over used word, ‘transformation’, it’s so redundant.

JULY 20, 21st The Saturn aspect is lending a steady hand, water to water, good for  real estate or financial dealings, very nice in other ways, if you need some sort of physical rehab, he’s great at that too. 

AUGUST 10, 11, 12, 13th all of you will be blessed by the generous arm of Jupiter alongside, so many good things can happen and this lasts for 3 months! It’s optimistic but don’t get carried away, try to be practical with all of this abundant energy.

AUGUST 20 to 23d Saturn square to the sun is problematic, and frustrating to you Leos, putting the brakes on your plans, forcing you to reconsider, just duck, it’ll be gone by February, and yes I know, two months to be safe.

SEPTEMBER 2 to 6th  those Capricorn planets  are a really big help to you right now, it’s a quadruple earth sign party and all within your exact degrees! Use this to pack or set up, or establish your territory in whichever way you see best, you’ll do it beautifully and with all that Virgoan organizing talent. Nothing better.

SEPTEMBER 23 to OCTOBER 13th much of the sign of Libra gets a boost from Mars in another air sign, Aquarius, this entire month.

So it’s an opportunity for communication on all levels, travel in short hops, connect with people you haven’t seen. It’s a welcome energy .

OCTOBER 2, 3d the grid of angry hornets on the outer sky will be leaving your nest very soon, it’s the last cross over and it’s created some dicey moments and necessitated some huge decisions on your part and life.

OCTOBER 8-10th It hasn’t been that easy with dragon headed Rahu over your sun, and after nineteen years he’s back, so it calls for some sort of radical change in how and what you are doing with yourself. Very late month there’s a nice gift from Mars and all should be resolved.

OCTOBER 13, 14th End month sees you benefitting not only from the Martian boost of energy but the wing  man, Jupiter, riding close enough to assist in several positive ways. A good time,  a good month.

NOVEMBER 20, 21st The old senex and tax man, Saturn, has to go somewhere so he decided to visit your exact place this last month before he moves over to change things around for some Sag friends. It’s been heavy, and not really fun to say the least, but there the discipline and organizing factor, the following the rules part, should have been some help.