Astrology November 2014

Entering the time of Scorpio, here we are, and what a different month it is from
'Rocktober', ok I borrowed that one. But still there are some planetary grids to contend with, like the 7th out of 8 meet ups between Pluto and Uranus, which has greatly aggravated the warmongering and revolutionary background to planet earth for some time now. For one thing Mars in Capricorn for the entire month of November means plans will be put into action, no more talking about it. It’s a material, non spiritual place for Mars, he loves the sign of the goat, an ambitious and business minded place. The full moon of the sixth is a big event, I’ll explain why, and the pre- Thanksgiving new moon a lesser one. These 'lunations' are important because they set the tone for the following two weeks. Lastly I ‘ve taken a step out of the box to bring up the ancient Arab world and astrology. Read on.

November 1-4 begins with a rather congenial element and I especially like the congress of planets lining up in Scorpio this month, four of them, aiming to get the job done, see behind secret doors and hidden agendas. Scorpio is like that.

Full moon Nov 6th Oh what a day! Venus conjoins the Sun and faces off with the Taurus moon, the best moon of all! Taurus promotes our value systems, what we care most about, it enhances beauty and adornments, gardening, all of it. A powerful moon known as 'Bahrani' lights up the Vedic sky. Although expressly feminine and relationship oriented in its nature, Bahrani’s tendency to go to extremes and break out of the norm will surely find its full expression here. The Sun sits in the Scorpio segment known as 'Vishaka', a 'nakshatra' or lunar house, that is quite goal oriented and known for voicing its opinions, rather loudly in fact. Maybe that’s why our nation’s elections fall under this placement of the Sun?

It’s definitely a time to get things done that have been put aside, hard decisions will be made, there’s no changing this first three week’s energy around.

November 8-15th, probably the most intense days of the month it’s the 7th out of 8 exact contacts between Uranus and Pluto forming a perfect square with Mars and the moon.

They are all four in the Cardinal signs, Libra, Aries, Capricorn and Cancer. We think of the cardinal signs as the initiative takers, the doers, the leaders. This, the most intense time of the month, will merely accentuate the capacity for deep introspection so characteristic of the sign of Scorpio. As I’ve mentioned before , intense squares can also serve as lightening rods , a super charged battery effect, whereby we are pushed to get in and work out some dilemma or problem. Birth charts with one or several square patterns have, as I’ve observed, possess the ability to rise to great heights, empowered by their grit in overcoming life’s obstacles. It’s a lot to absorb, right now, but that’s just what the month of Scorpio looks like. Take your pick: the shifting of political winds, Ebola, ISIS with their black pirate flag, and are we safe from terror over here? Which is a sub thought in many people’s minds.

Interestingly enough, the art and science of Astrology, flourished in the eighth century with the Arabs upon completion of a magnificent observatory and library in Baghdad containing astronomical and astrological texts. They explored Babylonian, Hellenistic, Persian and Indian astrological traditions, understanding the symbolism and influence of the sky above. Setting up a chart required a certain amount of scientific expertise and laid the foundations for the study of astronomy. Along with their medical discoveries and poetic gifts, , their advanced explorations into the heavens have left us today with numerous fixed stars that we astrologers have added to our knowledge base with names like: Aldebaran, Alcyone, Algenib, Al Jabbah, Ras Algethi, and so on.. Astrologers today also employ some of their mathematical contributions as well as the so called 'Arabic Parts' .
I had to point this out because when I think of Nostradamus (c.1500 AD), who, writing in his quatrains about this, the 20-21st century, said it would coincide with 'the cruel time of the Moslems' (sic) which gives hope that reason and peace will ultimately prevail over in that part of the world. We know they weren’t always like this.

November 15 -16th Neptune and Chiron both move into forward motion after a very long sojourn looking backward. I pay attention to these days of direct motion, because I have seen that matters can be resolved, bills paid and a certain clarity lights up the picture, adding to an already 'moving forward ' month.

November 17- 18th This Monday, along with the annual Leonids meteor showers, such an exciting sight for the next several days, Venus crosses into Sagittarius. We can experience a momentary sense of change and lightness that lifts our horizons, although Tuesday is not the easiest day. Being the one day of the year when Saturn, also called 'the Lord of Time', aligns with the Sun makes this a powerful long day and later in the evening of the 18th PST, an intense Mars square to the moon and north node, can bring up some heated moments. Luckily most of us on this continent will be asleep at that time.

November 19-21st In comes the Scorpio moon, needed I’m sure to deal with the fallout from the previous day’s bolt of lightening. The Sun moon and Saturn will all be hanging together by Friday and this is not a frivolous set up, personally I welcome it because it’s a very definite set up which makes Friday one of the strongest days of the month.

As has been the case all month, Saturn ‘s strong arm of discipline and order has held up the sky and the weaker planets.

November 22nd, Saturday’s new moon in early Sagittarius squaring Neptune, creates a more confusing aspect, less dynamic than we’ve seen. Otherwise, new moons are traditionally seen as optimal periods for planting and also for cutting hair. There are of course other ways of seeding, beyond the garden, don’t we know.
This Vedic Moon and Sun fall under the star 'Anuradha, which to my mind is the more kindly and generous side of Scorpio. A word here on the significance of this shining nakshatra, of which many under its influence (rising sign, sun or moon) eventually channel their energy into a higher cause, deity or belief, benefitting many in their sphere and beyond. For many of you more serious students of astrology, you might use this link (to lunarium) for a closer look at your own planets, especially the Moon and rising sign, which along with the Sun, are the three basic components to a chart.

November 26, 27th It’s Thanksgiving and a very definitive moment with Mercury and Saturn close together in late Scorpio. Some strong news, or at best, you can be sure this is a power moment to sign your name to something important that will last. There looks to be greater impact on the world stage, hopefully better but in looking at the chart of the USA, I hesitate on the rather harsh treatment given to our very philanthropic Aquarius moon by Saturn. I suspect we’ll be dealing with something else unsavory and disappointing in the larger picture come this new moon period. Our president’s chart reflects something of the same, so I pause here, hmm, something’s afoot. I know this does not sound cheerful but I had to mention it.

November 29-30th these last few days are moving into full Sagittarian mode, it’s lighter for sure, and the Pisces moon of the 30th brings some harmony to the whole scene, balancing Saturn, Mars and Mercury with a gentle hand, hello compromise!

DAYS OF POWER: 1, 4, 6! 10,11,16,18,22,26


November 6th this might be obvious because it’s the full moon day, and it sets up one wild and energetic solar return birthday chart, setting the stage for the year to come. A dynamic year is promised, no holds barred.

November, 19, 21st I want to say something really cheerful, however Saturn crossing your Sun could mean that you are working too hard, experiencing some very rough moments, healthwise as well. On your exact birthday the moon is in Scorpio as well. Therefore your birthday or solar return chart shows a year ahead of strong action, nothing light, and that could be a good thing. But wild as it sounds, I’ve seen where this can be a serious relationship stabilizing time. And it runs all month and into December.

November 30th, December 1st, late month the Mars Saturn geometry in your birthday chart means a strong year of determination paying off awaits you into 2015. It’s a great support system from a feisty fiery and structure god balanced by a compassionate moon. Nice.

December 26 -January 18th, For most of the month Mars will be marching through your sun sign and will activate your goal seeking selves, it’s time to establish what’s foremost in your mind, the business angle no doubt is uppermost in your minds.

January 1-4th Specifically this so oft mentioned cross makes it’s final stamp on your outward manifestation of yourself, known as the ego or persona. It’s your life and the grinding dilemmas of the past year or more, are going to lift after this. By February you can at last celebrate because you will at last be out of the cave of the Plutonian underworld god.

February 25, 26th, With Neptune back again over your sun, you could be revisiting a situation where you were called to give up something, a sacrifice of some sort perhaps.
For some this can be an inspiring time, reaching deep into yourself for that which enlightens. For others there can something inspiring about Neptune on the Sun, hard for some, uplifting for others, providing a view into another very deep dimension. Create!

April 2nd it’s not over yet, the genius and irritating energies flooding you all at once. Your life is going to be changed in a very big way, oh it probably already has been with this quadrant of sky gods directly overhead.

April 13, 14th there is a sense of destiny overwhelming you, and yet there is a fortunate element, something positive and creative is happening. Jupiter is in a fire sign, like yours, which all adds up to one bonfire of inspiration, don’t waste it.

May 6 -10th this full moon in Taurus affects you in a very strongly, don’t think you escaped the emotional impact of this moon, you haven’t.

May 19, 20th prepare for someone or something to try to block your plans or create an obstacle. It will take care of itself in due course, like next month, don’t fret.

June 14-17th this angle from benevolent Jupiter all month! Is bound to help you out and support your dreams and plans. Sextiles are sometimes referred to as 'gifts from the Universe'.

July 1-4th the mid month energies of November are riding herd on you, pushing and challenging you in all sorts of ways. Best thing to do is well, almost nothing, just shelter in place till it passes which is near the new moon and then February brings the real freedom moment.

August 13, 14 this is very expansive and fortunate for you, and best of all you have it in your court for almost four months, just don’t overdo if you can help it, Jupiter expands, and it might be the waistline.

September 2, 3d especially are influenced by the Mars Pluto earth trine of the 10th , this is really helpful for whatever you are trying to accomplish, although Mars in Capricorn all month will help out most Virgo Sun signs.

October 12-15th there is such a strong influence near the new moon of the 22nd this month that leads me to believe you will be going through a sort of maybe I will maybe I won’t dilemma in the face of so much to sort out.

October 25- 28th a very nice angle between Mercury and Neptune near the 10th affects you directly and how lovely it is. Sweet words, and recharging in a creative space.