Astrology September 2014

Welcome to September with its annual rotation of seasons, the Fall equinox, or Q3, however you may see it. The events of the past month presaged by that dicey full moon of the ninth, have left us all on edge, what’s next ?
What presages such cruelty across the ocean in the Middle East, astrologically I mean. We know the history. The several year square between Pluto, underworld god of great destructive power and Uranus, the radical revolutionary committed to his version social change for humankind, have clashed for the last six years, and will finally separate closer to 2020. The ongoing sextile between Neptune and Pluto, for decades, have added to this but in a more helpful evolutionary way. Ultimately greater changes, an expansion of conscious awareness, assisted by mass communication and technology along the way, will benefit the earth and its people. This is how I see the outcome of this, but not for several years. Meanwhile we have the next thirty days to examine.

5eptember 1st the Labor Day moon into Sagittarius is a philosophical moon
that activates desires for self improvement, inspires intellectual matters., and ignites a certain restless desire mode.

Sept 2nd Mercury slides into Libra, the negotiating sign, bringing its
changeover moments, then later on in the evening a moon square to Neptune, might bring in some confusion, with messages deleted, emails not returned. Better to schedule a break time for yourself, away from contentious persons and perhaps even the tech gods of tech.

September 4th and 5th, stability arrives along with the Capricorn moon, the business moon, and since we’ve now arrived in the month of Virgo’s high organization, why not take advantage of the nice line up to the Virgo Sun which is friendly to powerhouse Pluto. Make plans, do your admin work, it’s a great time for it. All is not entirely perfect however, since the feeling and emotive areas have to take a back seat with that square from Mercury to the moon and then to Saturn. Sometimes these communication obstacles can be turned into positives when one can actually use the challenge to their benefit .

September 5-7th Another shift in the cosmos/mind occurs when Venus moves over into Virgo, lending a hand, or an orb maybe? to your desk and organization center. This might even be in the kitchen since Virgo is the nutritional healer, and Chiron, the famous wounded healer, faces directly across the sky from here, adding to the rumble of emotions stirred by the approaching moon.

Sept 8th The Harvest Full moon, 6:38 pm pdt. is a hugely visible "super moon" termed "perigee", with its close proximity to the earth.

The emotional and usually compassionate Moon in Pisces now floats across from the practical Virgo Sun, both of which are anchored by the stabilizing influence of Saturn. I’m fairly optimistic about this moment, although certain precarious world events would greatly temper what is meant by positive.
The Vedic meaning of this subsection of Pisces, Purvabadrapada, carries some darker descriptions, but then look at what the world is facing and in
searching for answers in the charts of world leaders, Putin and Obama for example, are not bringing up any cheerful news to my astrological eye.

Full moons tend to accent matters in unusual ways, with all cards laid out on the table, and here with Mercury conflicted to Pluto, it certainly makes for intense discussions and arguments. Venus here opposite Neptune can also elevate the fantastical "I wish" component, that can also include the spiritual element. "I wonder, I wish" could the world’s religious leaders possibly unite at a world parliament of faiths and send out a joint call to all its vast congregations and followers ?

September 9, 10th , An Aries moon arrives to change up the energy, especially around noon on Tuesday pacific time. The Arian lunar fire leans into Wednesday and so many exact connections are ignited here, making for a large newsworthy day up until 6 pm. Then the void moon would tell a wise person to step back, and go within to assess the day’s events, all the way through to 6:15pm the next day. Thursday will certainly be a recovery day from the previous one. I wouldn’t expect too much here.

September 12- 14th , the Taurus moon moves across the sky to harmonize with Venus, Neptune, Pluto. It’s a happier day, and a good time with all these earth trines to launch a project, sign a deal, well you know how that goes. And then Saturday Mars travels into Sagittarius and an entirely new energy lights our path. Mars remains here in its most adventurous place until the very end of October. The desire for travel, exploration of new ideas and places are all enhanced with the addition of the Gemini moon.

Into Saturday there is a slight bump when Mercury and Uranus face off, sparking tensions, and all of this is tied in with the nodes so we pay attention
and hope the talkative Gemini moon will produce some answers. Sunday we’re still in a partial haze although very early on Venus harmonizes with Pluto, who when he is good, he is very very good, and late day the moon and Jupiter are connecting in a positive sextile to smooth the way into Monday, a chatty and friendly communicative day for sure.

September 16th- 17th Tuesday’s Cancer moon is welcome for more insights and assemblage of the prior day’s happenings. The Sun in these degrees of Virgo in the Vedic astrology world is connected to a comfort and beautification of the home, a designer’s delight world, and the aspects right here merely emphasize what the Sun is saying. Check out the new mattress, the couch, the fabric. It’s a calming day, why not work on your nest and rest.

September 18-19st The Leo moon lines up perfectly to the nice fire triplicity of Jupiter and Uranus, here it adds fire and warmth to projects and ideas.

September 20-22nd The news here is intriguing because this exact square from Mars to Neptune can create a mist of delusion, where the forest and the trees don’t match up. It calls for careful analysis and don’t bet your paycheck on that tip you heard about. This aspect stays around and moves into the new moon.
The brighter note is Venus and Saturn’s sextile adding some balance to these

September 24, 25th With this new moon in early Libra, Pluto moves into direct motion but it squares the sun and moon, creating some friction over power over and for whom. Hopefully the exact between Jupiter trine Uranus, will bring an uplifting sort of dynamism. This could set the stage for an inspiring beginning to the holy days of the Jewish New year starting tonight. And of course any emphasis in Libra will have to with relationships and connections.

September 26-28th Oh the Scorpio moon has returned, and if you want intensity here it is, sidling up to Saturn in Scorpio. This deep water moon would tend to evoke the deepest of feelings and fears, but with Saturn there, theses avenues might be shut down temporarily and take form in some very pragmatic way instead.

September 29, 30th Mercury begins its trek through Scorpio, Venus shifts into her own sign of Libra and the month ends with a Sagittarian moon. Now we have four planets in the fire party, which will certainly raise the energy levels as we head into the early days of October, which promise to be intense. As they say, keep your powder dry.

DAYS OF POWER: 2, 4!, 6, 8!!, 10, 12,21, 24, 25, 27, 29!


September 2, 3 the strong support from Pluto is magnified by the moon
In Sagittarius enhanced by Jupiter in Leo, a cheerful fire energy that we love!
Your solar return this year will have some positive strengths indeed.

September 8th 9th, a full moon birthday and what a day it is, the moon held up nicely by Saturn, a strong day for sure and a strong birthday chart with an approaching fire trine as well, cheerful and hopeful.

October 10, 11, 12th you might be feeling as though you’ve been the target on the practice range, it is definitely one of those rare times when your life seems to be changing in rather dramatic ways. Do whatever you have to do to reduce the chaos and trauma around you. Go within or turn aside and take the Zen path.

November 10, 11, 12th, the first week of the month you may feel as though you’ve done more than your share, and the pressure is more than you bargained for. It lifts very soon, the full moon of the 8th should turn things around.

November 19, 20, 21st, be watchful earlier in the month especially near the 12th, there could be a sight challenge or some unusual outlay of energy, and for heaven’s sake, watch your driving.

December 4, 5th Now this is exciting , really, the second half of the month has a beautiful fire trine on your Sun, energizing and uplifting. Lucky for you.

January 1, 2nd this month will see your life move forward in a really major ay, especially near the new moon of the 24th when Pluto moves ahead, since his position over your sun has ben a life changer and now he will be forever gone, since he did what he came to do and in some way you’ll be better for it.

January 6, 7, 8th mid month especially you may feel like you’re getting it from all sides, because you are, a bullet here, a barb there, watch you words and actions.

February 9, 10th, Saturn is making a nasty aspect to the sun or life force and expression of self, in your chart, it’s a hindrance and an obstacle, you ‘ve experienced for some time. It’s moving slowly on by. In contrast there is a helpful beam of positive communication at hand.

February 22, 23, 24, 25, 26th You early Pisces children might experience a rather interesting moment or two near the full moon of the 8th. The emphasis
will be on an idealization or wish fulfillment. You may even get lucky, because Pisces, misunderstood as he often is, can be the luckiest of all.

March 17, 18, 19th oh boy, the first 10 days will find you energized, more than usual. What excitement will you be planning or is it going to find you ?

April 6,7,8th It may feel like the earth has turned over at least where your life is concerned, yes, you may have had to relinquish an idea of yourself, or something more. This is a wild time with the revolutionary god Uranus blazing and Mercury trying to be diplomatic and reasonable in Libra. It can be challenging but push you to new heights and we know how much Aries likes a challenge.

May 1, 2nd near the new moon of the 24th, you should finally feel a lifting of the energies that have held you down.

May 9, 10th early month is somewhat difficult with the taxman god Saturn and warrior Mars, joined exactly (just check the headlines) in a way that creates more problems for you. It ‘s moving forward, almost gone, hold on Taurus.
The Full moon of the 8th should level the field, and right the ship.

May 25, 26, 27th here we have a few days of mystery, is he telling me the truth? Is that deal too good to be true? What’s real, what’s delusion, you’ll get to find out.

June 6, 7,8th you should benefit from this fire energy with Jupiter and Uranus,
Being your true mercurial self, where will you go, what new adventure calls to you?

July 3, 4, 5th the identity crisis is almost over, Pluto will soon leave you alone forever and Uranus has backed off as well. Near the 13th positive energy from Venus floats your way !

July 18, 19th there is a powerful push from Mars here, urging you to do the
dynamic thing, whatever it is, maybe a little higher than cleaning the garage ?
The full moon of the 8th is very positive for you as well,

August 3-8th you lucky Leo you, the second half of this month is so exciting for you with that fire energy in harmony with your Suns. It’s so nice but what will you do with it?

August 10th There has been a feeling of repression and obstruction, it’s Saturn of course, and he ‘s slowly moving out of your orbit, which is great because in his wake comes the fire planets which spells fun, hang until October.