Astrology July 2014

Happy Birthday America! The revolution continues in the home of the free, land of the brave, as it casts a concerned eye at the teeming masses huddled at our southern gates. As much as I like to avoid politics in these letters, it’s hard to overlook the current aspects covering the USA Sun in Cancer, the sign most identified with home and family, and the 52 some thousand children pleading for entry.

Of all the combustible current global issues, the rough aspects to our Sun, our identity as a nation, who we are and what we are about– bothers me. The squares and conflicts of the past year have now come to this. The USA solar return chart, calculated for the exact birth time and describing patterns for the year ahead, is frankly rather difficult as it lies directly under this Uranus Pluto conflict along with a Libra moon which create an exact square to our Sun, our identity as a nation. I use the Kelleher 6:30 pm chart, based on his diligent research through old letters from Adams and Jefferson stored in the library of Congress.

Aside from the planetary description, it’s just plain rough, our basic governmental and social structures at risk and our Sun located in the house of “open enemies” as it was called, or in present times, legal matters, like the Supremes openly disagreeing with each other! Our place in the world is questionable and even threatened. With so many dire global situations happening at once, how can we fix everything for everyone, for ourselves, or even think we can?

Slightly more hopeful is the Aquarian moon that we came in under 238 years ago. That strong humanitarian generosity has truly played out in our nation’s history, and therefore slightly more hopeful will be this month’s early planetary configuration with Mars, Venus and the north node. I’m sure Lady Liberty will try to uphold our philanthropic reputation and do her best regarding these immigrant children, whether they leave or stay.

Looking far ahead into later next year, one might also see that our nation’s chart will be entering an entirely new chapter, and thankfully this 7 year Uranus Pluto square cycle will finally end.
But more on that later.


Mercury moves direct on the first, bringing relief, especially for you Geminis and air types. Connections can be accessed, lines of communication strengthened. The ongoing square from Pluto to the Sun for the first several days into the 6th, is somewhat problematic, restricting movement and setting up barriers for many of you.

The global test of power mongering, the need to dominate, be right and obliterate perceived enemies, may be directly attributed to the harsh hook up between Mars and the north node, or Rahu, the Vedic myth so apropos of the dragon’s head battling with Mars the warrior. It’s a test of power and courage, added onto the already mentioned grand cross, wow, and all in a tight pattern and yearning to break free.

A brighter note over the darker aspects finds an early month harmony among Mars, Mercury and Venus, in air, so nice for socializing, intellectual or literary pursuits.

So many conflicting energies early on should stabilize a bit with the Scorpio moon f the 7th. Emphasizing the recent harmonious new moon of late June. I’m capitalizing on this myself, setting up an important business meeting, you could too. It’s a powerful day.

July 8, 9th more of the same continues where matters are given a boost by the grand water trine from Saturn and Chiron. These are good days for launching projects and ideas.

The full Moon of the 12, 13th in patriarchal Capricorn blends so nicely with the Cancerian Sun, a mother/father dynamic that are polar opposites yet much the same.
The Vedic moon description of Poorvashada, a mouthful I know, describes watery pursuits of all types, fishing., boating, swimming. And what about our Cancerian mother crab? The designation of the star Punarvasu, a beautiful and fortunate segment of the sign of Cancer, rules the sky for the next two weeks and should enhance all the goodness of the sign, the nurturing side as well as the pragmatic business side and of course the culinary nurturing side. Happy days here, Sail on!

Mercury moves into Cancer right here, and in the degree of Escoffier the chef no less! So the traditional Cancerian concerns with what and how we eat, (gluten and GMO anyone?) could be added to the emotionally laced family soup for the next few weeks.

To me, the conflicted part is merely an obstacle to be overcome since the attributes of these lunar events are so highly placed. No doubt this is a powerful full moon, operating much like an eclipse due to the Mars Rahu connection to it.

Immediately afterwards, on the 16th, a new day dawns with Jupiter moving into Leo, after a year’s sojourn in Cancer. This will bring some optimistic moments in the days ahead, and its match up to Uranus will help brighten the skies in the next few months anyway. Lucky you if you have an earlier August, April or December birthday. To see if your moon or other planets (early fire degrees for you aspiring astrologers) will receive some of this beneficence, or to see where this full moon lands in your chart, check (here lunarium).

July 19th’s Taurus moon ushers in some lovely moments, Venus into Cancer enhances the elements, and certain planetary harshness is lifted. Liberty’s inscription, “Yearning to break free…” is here, take advantage of it.

The harsher planets have begun to separate from each other, for a while anyway, and the month begins to shift here on the 21st, with Saturn going direct and Uranus moving backwards. Both energies intensify with this change into direct motion. When I look back upon days like these, inevitably something memorable has occurred. I am especially cognizant of Saturn’s movements, retrograde and direct, but I’ll spare you the along list of life events to back it up.
And always remember, you have free will in spite of what any astrologer will tell you, even though it’s good to keep the indications
in the back of your mind. Impulsive creature that I am, I have flown on void moons and retrogrades, because I had to, but hopefully not on solar eclipse days!

July 24-26th, The 24th shines, it’s one of the better days and the great water trine of Saturn, Mercury and Chiron the healer, add up to a very positive moment. Jupiter lines up with the Leo moon, Truths may be told, secrets revealed.

Saturday’s New Moon, in the Cancer Leo designation of Pushya, 7:55 am PDT, has to do with enjoyment of wealth and property, also making sacrifices to help nourish others. It’s one of the best moons , ascendants or Suns to have, under the Vedic sky, as it gains knowledge and wisdom, as well as values religious traditions and ceremony.
This expands our understanding of early Leo which is where we are heading in the final days of July.

We still have the combination of Sun Jupiter and Mars squared, which is bumpy, vocal, and can be even somewhat militaristic, for a few days, but to balance this bombastic vibe we also have a Venus happy with Neptune in water, a calming creative influence.

July 31st Mercury joins the Leo party with the Sun, Jupiter and recently, the moon. All of this Leonine activity encourages us to
see what brings us joy and recognize these talents in ourselves so that others may appreciate our brightness. Leo has a generous heartfelt quality and this optimism is a gift to all. And if your Leo friend needs a crown, well let her have it.


DAYS OF POWER AND ACTION: 2, 5,7,11,12!! , 13, 16, 19!!! 21, 24!!!!, 31

A brief explanation is in order as to why these particular dates are chosen, and there are 21 such descriptions this month. These picks are based on specific birthdays, not the entire thirty day run of a sign, and are chosen because strong aspects apply to them right now. What may be true for early Cancers for example, would not be so for later Cancerians. The personal Sun rules the ego expression of the self, and explains the way one’s life force manifests itself in the outer world.


July 4, 5 th On our nation’s day and many others, the grand cross has lifted and is moving away, except for one deterrent. Pluto, who’s unseen but his heavy hand is felt in obstructive ways, both denying and defying power issues. Later in the month the picture brighten s as Venus approaches to soften things a bit. The 24th is the best day.,

July 12, 13th the Full moon arrives on your birthdays and what a beautiful moon it is! Jupiter isn’t too far away from your sun, either, and Saturn trine Chiron, well a happy threesome of strong characters to guide you through the year.

July 14, 15th to lessen the impact of the strong Mars and north node connection, comes an Aquarian moon for balance, additional back up is the water trine.

August 8, 9, 10th Well it will be over soon, Saturn hitting your suns with a hammer, has felt, well, a little viscious . You must take care of your physical selves, eat well, rest well. It’s only temporary anyway
and early in this month there is a nice support from Mars and Venus,
allowing for some playtime for your love- to- entertain- and- be- seen, Leonine selves.

September 1st, 2nd, Pluto loves you right now, he wants to help, and since he’s the most powerful of all he gods, take it and run with it!

July 2nd has Mercury, your ruler, going direct and the moon in Virgo just adds to the wonder of it all.

September 9, 10th, I love sextiles, those 60 degree support angles. For early month, you are sandwiched between the Sun and Saturn, nice to be the be peanut butter in the middle. It’s very helpful and strengthening, and under at this very wonderful full moon!

October 13, 14, 15th This is your test, it only comes around every 19 years thankfully, but a test of what you’re made of. It has to do with what you want, where lies your true ambitions? For a few it’s a test of strength, physical and mental. For most it’s the time to reach up and step over any inhibitions like, “I’m not good enough”.

October 23-25th A surge of energy overcomes you near the new moon of the 26th, which can be frustrating to boot but that Scorpio side of you loves to overcome challenges, so sign on for a marathon, you’ll kill it.

November 8, 9, 10th My my it’s been a ride, Saturn’s ride that is over the Sun of your chart, your life, your body. It’s probably made you feel overwhelmed , crushed by responsibilities or its twin. Oddly enough, I have seen where this can bring a partner into one’s life to help with all of it.

December 12, 13, 14th mid month, right at the full moon, there comes a very happy moment for you. All seems to be lined up perfectly, and this one more powerful because it’s similar to an eclipse. Gather these rosebuds whilst you may.

January 4, 5th Pluto has been hovering over your sun and for so many months, let me guess: you must have moved or at least packed by now, new job? New love? New Life? All of this goes along with a 237 year crossing of Pluto on one’s sun. It’s never a minor thing and it can only happen once in a lifetime.

January 12, 13th this full moon affects you directly, lights up your days in opposite ways. Earlier in July the square from Mars can be quite annoying and call for all your control and patience. The full moon brings it to a head which should resolve things.

January 24-27th late month sees some restrictions on your natural joie de vivre. The new moon of the 26th emphasizes this. Lay low, stay calm. Everything changes eventually.

February 6, 7 8th This has been a hard time, when fixed signs,
Aquarius and Scorpio for example, collide we know it can be serious. And Saturn has been hammering at your health and stamina areas for some time. Brighter days are seen early in July.

February 24, 26, 27th Neptune swimming across the sun can bring such a diametric of opposites; it’s a nodal time and often life changing regardless. For some it’s confusing and sluggish, lacking energy. And at the same time one can experience a radiance of spiritual awakenings. I associate music with Neptune and have seen where it can enhance this transit in so many ways.

March 7, 8th How nice for you: a helpful hand from Saturn with the Scorpio moon and Chiron over your sun. These are great days in the first half of the month. Make best use of your aspects ! Chiron’s cruising over your Sun is life changing, and you may have been thinking about making some huge life changes soon. It’s ok, you’ll be happy later.

April 5, 6, 7, 8th Wow what a time it’s been for you, with the erratic revolutionary god, Uranus, crashing overhead. Especially around the first of the month, yikes, watch your driving. You must feel like illicit steroids from someone else’s race entered your bloodstream instead.
Things slow way down after the 22nd, but it’s temporary.

April 14, 15, 16th In case you are feeling slightly abandoned by your plans, or even experiencing a sort of ego defeat, take the time to go within and regroup, it’s not forever. There’s a really big cosmic reason for it, Ketu, that headless demon, is taking his once in 19 year’s stroll over your Sun. In the first half of the month you have two supportive wingmen with Venus and Mercury to offset the challenges. So it’s not all that bad.

May 1, 2nd Listen up you early Taureans, this is your chance to make a confident change, you are empowered all month by hidden god of the underworld, Pluto, go for it! The 24-26 hold some great moments.

June 12, 13th the full moon time, 13th of this month, has some harmonious attributes for you as well. Early in this month, Venus and Mars are in a perfect triad to your sun, happy days are here, especially over the holiday weekend.

June 27-29th very much like last month’s late new moon, the 3d week of July has a repeat influence, very nice for romance and other happy things, the 24th is a great day!


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