Astrology June 2014

Hello dear readers, our June month starts on a positive note. The moon snuggling up to Jupiter in a Cancerian crab hug, the Gemini sun sparkling with a trine to Mars, make the first few days at the right time to get a head start on whatever projects you are cooking up. Then starting on the 7th the retrogrades start to line up, five to be exact, which I view as a return to the interior castle, allowing time for reflection and re-assessment of self and goals.  I don’t really mind that. It’s even a nice time to take off and relax for a while. Do we need to be so busy? Let’s see.
June 1-4 An easier time here, the moon moving from Cancer to Leo, on the second, energetic with Uranus, bubbling with ideas. All you creative types take note!  
June 4-5 Later on the fourth into the fifth, a nice arrangement between Venus, Pluto and the Virgo moon hold a space for whichever practical plans you have.  Beauty enhancements and romance are invited in to this triad as well.
June 7th, here we go again; the second of the three Mercury retrogrades of 2014 in Cancer. Mercury, in this very emotional space, tends to go overboard and launch onto a sea cloud of fantasy.  But it can be the perfect time for research, so nice for all of you writers!  And here the boost from Neptune is actually helpful! You idealistic types will like that. As for the rest of you, I have been meaning to explain, that not all Mercury retrogrades are red flags for travel, deals, or contracts. It might be more like a yellow flag. But how many great deals have succeeded under these aspects? A lot I’m sure, and yes there may have been snags and miscommunications, but frankly aspects such as a square from Mercury to Neptune would bother me more.  
June 9th Neptune has decided to stand still and look behind itself today, with retrograde motion now in gear. Not too far ahead is that fellow traveler in Pisces, Chiron, and the healing god of ancient times. A watery day indeed, with the Scorpio moon evoking deep feelings and sensitivities, and allowing them to find expression under a Gemini sky.
June 11-13 here a bit of a stall occurs with Venus facing off with Saturn, who just won’t let her have what she wants!  Obligations must be met first! And the full moon of the 12th, 9:12 pm PDT, blows it all up into a nice Geminiesque drama. The Sagittarian moon, aside from its role as the truth seeker, can be very entertaining, especially in these later degrees. So laughing it off could resolve the matter. Looking more deeply into the vedic designations, the Moon placed in Jyestha, is also indicative of the pedigreed warrior, favored by kings, the military side of Sagitarrius. The Sun, however, fickle and changeable as he is in Mrigashira, probably how Gemini got its double gaited reputation, is also brilliant and clever here, a king with words not swords.
June 14, 15th’s Capricorn moon sliding over to Pluto, who has been machinating for a few years there, creates an entirely different vibe. Again we have the conflict between the outer planets, Uranus and Pluto still square to Mars, calling for our attention. Interesting that Uranium and Plutonium are crucial elements for bomb making.  The Moon trine Venus on the 15th is a steadying and balancing transit indeed. 
June 16-17th’s Aquarian moon finds a happy connection with Mars in Libra and Uranus in Aries, some dynamism here could lift the retrograde slowdown and make for a positive outcome. Later on the 17th ‘s lunar contact to Mercury, who has just returned to his home sign of Gemini, and conjoining the sun, sets up one of the best times of the month. Use these times, use astrology! 
June 18, 19, 20th that Pisces moon swimming towards Neptune, then floating over  to Chiron, may bring up bubbles which may be somewhat unpleasant but necessary and needing resolution nonetheless.  
The 21st, the Solstice!! Today the Sun enters Cancer, and it’s the traditional start of the summer season, being as well the longest day of the year. Solstice parades and rituals date back to the Druids, Celts, Chaldeans. The ancient world looked to the sky for insights and answers…and some of us still do.
That being said, it’s a somewhat strong day with Mercury trine the north node “Rahu”, the energy of which carries through to the 24th. This is when Venus will arrive in Gemini, making a twin of the moon and emphasizing all sorts of media, social and otherwise. 
June 26,27th,  The Sun and Moon both strong in these degrees of Cancer, bond nicely with Neptune in Pisces, and create an especially favorable  time for planting and seeding, new beginnings of all kinds. With the “darkened moon,” it’s very easy to see the June 26th’s Bootids meteor shower which will last all day and into the night. 
This particular “new moon” isn’t really that dark as it carries a lot of sweet nurturing energy whether it’s decorating the home cave or barbecuing a bison.  It’s also helpful for those spiritual endeavors, including art and music. And Chiron’s turning backwards today, now completes our team of five retrograde planets. If you haven’t slowed down yet, and reassessed home, work, family, goals, you probably will by now.  
The vedic or Joytish description of this new moon in Ardra, has to do with water, and also rules the kidneys, that “flushing away” mechanism by which we can rid ourselves of what is no longer needed. It can be both beautiful and terrible at the same time, but no question, it’s an emotionally charged location for the moon along with its better attributes. After all, we all need a “safe” home base which the Cancerian energy brings to our attention.
.For those of you  who are more interested in the art and science of astrology, and would  like to see where and in which house 7 degrees of Cancer lies in your own chart check here( link) to lunarium. 
June 29, 30th, that Leo moon fires up his engine and sends a planetary high sign over to Uranus in Aries, “let’s go”, it says, all in anticipation of the Mercury direct on July first. 
DAYS OF POWER: 2, 5, 7, 12, 14!!, 16, 19, 27, 30
June 1st such a nice birthday for you, very energetic driven by Martian energy and the moon Jupiter connection is so emotionally helpful lovely in fact.
June 12, 13th, welcome to a very exciting year ahead, full moon birthdays can be very thrilling, all year in fact, just don’t overdo. The friction between Venus and Saturn makes for some very stubborn opposition to your plans. Thank the heavens literally, for Jupiter’s nice angle to mitigate Uncle Grumpy.
July 4, 5th, there is still this shadow of crossbows hanging over you, driving you, obstacles to climb over; the USA chart is right in there with you. We will overcome.
July 12-20th just remember, that no matter what else is going on, Jupiter cruising over your sun, is a really nice thing! It expands, hopefully not in your first house of the body, but it loves being in your sign and will bring whatever good news it can.
August 7-10th, now here’s your excitement cycle coming around the bend and lasting, for several months! What fire child sort of sport or athletic adventure are you on now? At the very least you will be amped up enough to strike out and try something new. Be brave, it’s a good thing and don’t let that downer Saturn tell you not to go ahead, his caution stick gets in the way too much.
September 4-6th, lucky you with that early June happiness aspect from Venus to your Sun and Pluto, being nice for once, as well!  June 5th should be a very good day! 
September 11,12th, Another bright helpful moment mid-month for you, sextiles, trines, the 14th, hard for some, not for you.
October 1, 2nd, early June has our name on it, an energetic moment those first few days. Run with it.
October 18- 20th, Here is the crux, the decision point, don’t hesitate, take the challenge, You won’t be sorry. Especially in the third week, you have helped from above.
November 15, 16th, mid-June is so nice for you, the help you’ve needed is there. 
December 12,13th, oh that full moon is right over you, it’s okay to say what you mean, be angry if you want to be. You are the truth teller.
January 4, 5th, it may seem like it will never end, but it will, and your life will be unalterably changed, but it could be for the better, it usually is. Just guard your health the rest can be managed.
February 6, 7, 8th, as June moves along your energy will rise along too, culminating later in the month, so nice and about time. 
February 25-27th, that new moon late month is very important for you, emotionally it’s a gift of sorts, don’t throw it away. 
March 12-15th, Jupiter is holding your hand, he is still very much there to give support, and especially early month, Saturn is there as well. You’re covered. The full moon mid-month could bring up some wild accusations and emotional fallout, but you’ll handle it since that bar between Venus and Saturn creates some helpful geometry. 
April 3-6th, Ride the wild pony, well you are, but be careful of speeding tickets and anyone’s reckless behavior affecting you both physical and emotionally.
May 1,2nd So nice for you with Pluto trine, this is a definite career and life boost, and all month Venus just adds her magic to it. So nice and you worked so hard!
May 8-10th, second and third week of the month, especially around the 13th, stay silent, if you can, there is too much turbulence around you. You won’t have things going your way just yet, although the very helpful assist from Jupiter lightens the load. You lucky bovines you.