Astrology May 2014


For the balance of the month, and I am using financial terms because Taurus loves her healthy bank account, the overall picture finds the four elements: earth, air, fire, and water, to be fairly evenly represented. This is something astrologers like to see, balance in a chart!  And the Jupiter Saturn grand trine with Chiron forms the connection that is still holding down the financial fort.

Nevertheless, we have to remember that the recent April 29th Solar Eclipse, still casts its penumbra over the next few months, and added to that vibe, is the “Grand Cross” that is now separating but will return twice more in the next year. This cosmic pattern will continue to influence our individual selves and the world at large for some time.

The lessons there are to accept the changes inflicted or visited upon you, and come out of it for the better.  My favorite times this month?  I’d have to say the third week, 19, 120, 21st. when Mars goes direct and the sextile between Mercury and Venus lights up our path. Then the whole sky map slowly changes for the better as we move toward the late month new moon in Gemini.

April 30th or May 1st has traditionally been a widely celebrated holiday in many parts of the world.  The ancient Druids feasted grandly on May Day with their famous “Beltane” fires honoring the “Coronation of the Sun”.  This gave cause for mad river dancing, wild exuberance, and even wedding rings tossed aside for one night… all to celebrate the arrival of springtime. In more recent times the ritual of making a strawberry basket and hanging them on the door of elder neighbors was a sweet idea that perhaps should be preserved, and maybe not cast aside?

This particular May Day has the added boost of a cheerful Gemini moon lining up with Mars for some great conversation and lighthearted moments.

May 2, 3d carries a variety of energies, the wonderful earth trine of the Sun helps greatly with organizing one’s practical matters, especially since Taurus is good about such things as finances, land and houses.

However, moving onto Friday, the opposition, i.e. a conflict of sorts between Mercury and Saturn, may find you quite frustrated over details: was that you on the phone with Apple offshore for an hour trying to figure out why your laptop wouldn’t accept the new password? Irritation inevitably rules part of the day here.

May 4, 5th Here we have a slight shift occurring as Venus moves into quirky Aries, and what a wild ride she will have this month partnering up with rebellious Uranus all in dynamic Aries.  The moon now in Cancer and hanging in good aspect to Saturn and Jupiter, just wants to nest and cook, you know how that goes. The “cross” is still in evidence so take a back seat this weekend, and enjoy “the Power of the Small” (from the I Ching).

May  5, 6th Moon in Leo with Venus, exact at 5:45 PDT, provides an uplift that I am planning to use myself for a few things that day.

Seeing as Mercury is about to slide into its home sign of Gemini, I’m feeling better already.  Things are really starting to pick up with 3 planets in their happiest signs, (Jupiter in Cancer, Neptune in Pisces, and Mercury in Gemini).  And if you’re looking for some action, check out the Aquariids meteor shower all day and night on the 5th.

May 7t, 8th, is a little quieter, because of a brief moon square to Saturn, but then there is a strong agreement in earth, with the Sun and Pluto, thank the heavens. Then Mercury’s switch over into Gemini starts a new trend, until it goes retrograde, exactly a month away, on June 7th.

If you’re so inclined, when the sky darkens on the 8th, another meteor shower, the Lyrids, will be at its peak all that day.

May 9, 10th sees a better time Friday as the Virgo moon harmonizes with practically everyone on the block, and Jupiter and Chiron do their best to lift that heavy Saturnian bar against the Sun,  landing on Saturday at 11:38 am PDT.  So the best advice right there is to not push the river.

The moon in Libra by mid Saturday inches up towards Mercury where they can talk to each other, nicely since the Mars Venus friction can evoke Eros, or arrows, depending on your chart and life.  This is why we offer (Lunarium) in case you want to analyze your own chart further

And see where your moon and rising sign are located.

The 13th brings us a fairly benign day as we approach this major full moon, so take advantage of Tuesday as the next two days, will be a little different.

May 14, 15th No question, the big event of the month is the Scorpio Taurus Full moon.  The exact location of this particular Scorpio moon holds an executive decision making quality. Strong convictions will surface here; long held resentments and a few dark repressed feelings may and probably will, surface. The Vedic star “Vishaka” ruling this part of the Scorpio moon, longs for the unattainable, is ever active and on the hunt.  The Sun, in its location of “Krittika”, has a strong ethical, nurturing quality along with good intentions, in spite of its sharp tongue. 

For those of you whose Sun lies between May11 to 24th, your Venus ruled Krittika always strives to do the right thing and endeavors to raise its levels of conscious right living. Interestingly enough, the Sanskrit ending, “ka” on both signs of this full moon, literally means “cutting one’s way to heaven”.  I imagine that we will see some definitive action and swords clashing in different parts of the world, who knows, maybe in Ukraine, North Korea, or Syria?

Remember this about Taurus, even broken down into its Vedic sub-divisions or Lunar Mansions, those of Bahrani, Krittika and Rohni, the heartbeat of Venus, infuses the sign throughout with her love of luxury, great food, wine, beauty in all of its forms.

May19th Now we come to the happier part of the month, and how long have we waited for Mars to go direct after that nasty March 2nd double retrograde of Saturn and Mars! The war god has been trying its hardest to be diplomatic and reasonable in Libra, but that’s not his nature and he’s not comfortable in the house of Venus, so therefore we should be seeing some changes on the world front, if not in your own home castle.

This influence has been even more powerful because of the very slow motion from retrograde to direct, so check out Libra in your chart to see what has been happening in that house. Finally life can move forward and energies return to support many plans and projects. Mars has been a suspect in the Big Cross but he’s moving fast and quickly away from the other troublemakers. Those of you with late September birthdays should be really happy about this. Intense Mars energies can bring up anger, frustration or else the opposite.  Set your mental, verbal or physical vehicle in forward motion and drive!

May 20, 21st, the Sun moves into Gemini!  Harmonious days are here with the sextile between Mercury, moon and Venus, and then the powerful trine with Jupiter Saturn and Chiron. It all makes for some very pleasant moments.  Plan to celebrate.  The best part of the month is right here.

May 23-25th, change occurs again with the moon in Aries inching its way up to find Uranus and Venus already there! Oh what trouble will they get into? It’s going to be an action filled Memorial weekend, whose planetary action will set off the last bit of the G.Cross for some time.

May 26, 27th the connection between the north node and the luminaries, Venus and Mercury, makes for very definitive moments especially if you personally are an April 17, 18 or October 17, 18 birthday. It’s a day that is “stamped” or creates a carved in stone type of moment. So watch carefully what you say or do as that moon sliding over into Taurus will inevitably bump up against an emotional reprimand from Saturn.

May 28th the new moon in Gemini, 7:21 am PDT,  ushers in a much calmer time than we’ve had, even in spite of the slightly delusional , however creative, square to Neptune, 11:04 am.  This means that your plans and ideas might need a dose of reality, wonderful though they might be, but all can be straightened around by the mental Sun Moon trine to Mars. It’s bound to be a happier time.

May 29th, Venus moves into Taurus at 6:46 pm, returning our love and prosperity goddess to her home turf, and Mercury crossing in watery Cancer, are the news highlights of the day. It’s a changing time, a better time, as we close the month,

May 31st many things are happening here, it’s a very electric day!

So many exact aspects all ending up with a comfy cancer moon nestling up to Jupiter.

We are now set to welcome back some stability after a turbulent couple of months.

DAYS OF POWER: 4, 6,11th (up to 5! 5 pm), 15, 18, 19, 22, 24, 28, 31!!!


A brief explanation is in order as to why these particular dates are chosen, and there are 20 such descriptions this month.  They are based on specific birthdays, not the entire thirty day run of a sign, since what is true for early Taurus, for example, would not be so for later Taurus. The personal Sun rules the ego expression of the self, and explains the way the life force is manifested in the outer world. True astrology recognizes that there are nine other planets to consider, and most especially the moon and rising sign.

May 3d has so much going on, some strength in earth ($$), some squabbles and conflicts, I’d say beware of crazy traffic, and certain matters needing strong verbal attention. You’ll do it; the earth trine is a straight up gift.

May 10, 11th, Okay here it is, the one time in the year that Saturn (restrictions) has decided to target you! So that means take care of your physical energy and don’t expect too much of that body, thankfully a helpful nod from Jupiter lightens the load although the exact opposition between Venus and Mars, well that can go both ways, you know what I mean? Emotions run high.

 May14, 15th, this is the most intense time of all this month, and it’s your birthday. Oh dear, there is so much happening here, sparks of energy, flying, what you thought was true, isn’t.  There are dilemmas to solve, arguments to win. Thankfully there is a helpful Jupiter aspect so I know you’ll be able to work out.

May 20, 21st, lucky for you these are really nice days and will mark your solar return as such. Yaay! Here we have a great Saturn trine Jupiter, an air sextile with moon in Aquarius, Venus in Aries and Mercury in Gemini, and Mars slowed down to a halt about to go direct in Libra.  It’s fairly complacent, and easy, and it’s possible that your communications might very well exceed your expectations, what a nice birthday!

June 11, 12th Wow that third week in May vibe of the air line up is just perfect for you to maximize your Gemini networking and communication skills. People love that cheerful Gemini energy, so even if you were born under an earth Sun sign, make it work for you now.

July 7, 8, 9th Jupiter LOVES you, loves your cave or shell, and is bringing you some nice gifts along with its swish through your address.  It’s helped a lot by Saturn; the 25th of May is your special day.

August 6, 7, 8th, finally happy days are coming to you! That  duo of Venus in Aries (little spitfire she is) along with Uranus in Aries, all in perfect alignment with your sun, creates a pretty exciting time for you, celebrate, don’t pay attention to Saturn who has been holding you down for months! Here you can break free!

September 2 –6th How nice for you that early May hands you a stabilizing element, it’s about time you had some good solid news.

All that hard work is paying off I’m sure.

September 10-12th you should be feeling fairly solid right now with such help as there is from the great gift giver and the tax man (Jupiter and Saturn). That is if your moons are in a helpful non-threatening space right now.

September 30 to October 1, 2nd, Oh lordy, you must have felt like a super generator was mysteriously placed in your body and has been driving your train all night and day! Clue, it was Mars and he’s about to go straight and exit your planet. It’s been too much energy for a human, really and has called for any diplomacy skills you might still have leftover.

October 16-18 Ahem, the north node of the moon, that demon Rahu, is casting its shadow over your sun. But this isn’t always a negative thing. I can report that I’ve seen certain people reach for the moon and get it! When this happens. Plus in the third week, 19-21st, it’s very nice for you too; oh you air signs party on.

November 11,12th you have no doubt been feeling the ring of Saturn circling around you, and it’s probably driven you to great lengths, more than you wanted to go. Also, this is most likely an exhausting time, its okay to sit down and realize that Jupiter is still sending you solace.

December 3-5th how nice for you with this fire trine, it should amp you up in case you’ve been stuck in a rut and mid-month is your activation time!

December 12, 13th Here’s a very fun spark around May 24, 25th, a memorial weekend for sure. I know you won’t waste it.

January 3, 4, 5th Even though my grandmother used to say “if you can’t say something nice, don’t say it at all”,  I have to tell you to keep your head down, especially mid-month, that Venus and Uranus in Aries is upsetting your status quo, and we know that Capricorn’s favorite word is “security”.

February 11- 14th Well the third week of May should be really fun for you, with lots of activity, both mental and physical. You have been hounded by Saturn as well, dragging down your energy level. It hasn’t been fair, but here’s your chance to jump back into the game.

February 26, 27th, it’s known to be a catch 22 of sorts when that gas Giant Neptune crosses one’s Sun. And it will be on your street for a while, so expect some definite changes, life changing in many cases, and after sorting through the confusion, clarity will show up. The late May new moon emphasizes this greatly.

March 9, 10, 11th, you are still in the news, that Jupiter Saturn trine is still in your ball court, how nice, we love stability.  The time around May 8, 9, is best for you.

April 3-5th Wow, I hope you get your cheerleading costume fitted since you will be spinning that baton most of the month, but be most watchful of over exuberance (you??) mid-month under the full moon, it’s a complicated time.

April 17, 18th, late month’s new moon, 28, 29, can bring you some inner peace and great awareness. Pay close attention.