Astrology April 2014

All right, buckle up, I’m not sure how to soften the blow on this one, I mean about April being the cruelest month. Our month started off on the tail of the Aries Sun and Moon conjoined with Uranus in that last minute of March, and what a fiery group they are, no subtlety here.  The grand cross mentioned so often, has again arrived, in its fifth collision out of the seven scheduled.

What can we do but be watchful, pay attention, and move slowly in all areas. The negative news stream like Ukraine, the Washington State mudslide, shootings again at Fort Hood, the missing flight 370, an earthquake here and there, is not that surprising to many of us astrologers. And who knows what’s next under these dramatic, and traumatic for many, aspects?

At its best astrology provides insight into a soul and into a life, besides offering itself as a planning device. With that in mind, plan ahead for a rocky third week, set off by the lunar eclipse of the 15th.  Right then the intensity level really amps up. The two weeks sandwiched in between the next solar event, the April 28, 29th eclipse are often referred to as a “moon wobble” and it’s going to be just what it sounds like. Cheerful right?

April 1, 2, 3rd these days are very much caught up in the square pattern with hidden yet powerful forces hindering progress, and creating a  dilemma about which way to go, forward, sideways or back? The only helpful note here is between Mercury and Saturn, so deals can be made, also some business issues straightened out.

April 4, 5th the nice air pattern between Venus in Aquarius, Mars in Libra,  and the moon in  Gemini, can lift spirits and make for some playful moments. Enjoy when you can!

April 6th we’re still on uplift from the past two days and now a Cancer moon joins up with Jupiter mid-day, a lovely aspect in a great place! The fractiousness later in the afternoon means too much is going on, conversations are lively but the moon energy will hold it all together.

April 7th the shift comes in with Mercury heading into Aries where he is better equipped to express himself and you too! The void moon mid-day flips us into a hold back and don’t sign anything time until the 8th after 2 am, but you won’t be up then.

April 8, 9th this Leo moon loves to join to the energetic party with this Arian Sun that is facing across to Mars and Rahu. That rumble you hear is because it’s that dicey moment in the year where karma comes around and hands out some unlovely events. On a larger impersonal scale, wherever Mars is moving in your chart expect the heat.

April 10, 11th oh the reasonableness of a Virgo moon which arrives Thursday afternoon and stays until Saturday morning, is so helpful in clearing up the emotional detritus of events from the two previous days. A very welcome visit by her for sure as we head into the great maw of the cross looming ahead.

Sunday the 13th is a quiet calm day with barely any aspects, so use it to your best advantage. Lay low, read, swim, and play.

This moon sliding into Libra is tied up with Mars and Rahu, a shadow planet, and which is at the very least, a confusing and aggressive combination, even though Libra moons are said to lend an aura of balance, refinement and beauty, and the Vedic star Chitra (part of Libra) also is said to oversee jewelry making, and all aspects of physical beauty enhancements.  But don’t be fooled, the addition of Mars and Rahu turns it into something else, a wild unpredictable time of air and fire.

April 14, 15th.  It’s here! This full moon lunar eclipse, which is sometimes called “the blood moon”, will be one to remember.  For not only does it coincide with  the exact time of the “big lurch”, as I refer to the day Pluto goes retrograde, it’s tied up with asteroids Juno, Vesta and Ceres!  What a pack of hyenas. I don’t pay attention to those astronomers who have demoted Pluto to a harmless asteroid or rocky clump. Frankly, if they could only understand how Pluto can upend and cause great turmoil borrowing from that over used astrology word, “transformation,” they might get what the ancient astronomers knew, with just their visually seen planets. They influence us down here on earth and this one wields a mighty force, I think of him as the Plutonic god of Plutocrats.

Well like Putin for example…

Vladimir’s October 7, 1952 birthday chart is impaled with a multitude of thorny moments right now, much as he would like to project a confident, youthful impression from his botoxed visage, riding like a Czar on a tall stallion, since he usually likes to conceal his 5’5” frame by sitting.  Rasputin is long gone but maybe somewhere in the Kremlin there lurks an astrologer or starets?  I mean, this is bad enough but in two years I suspect he will have an even more serious matter to deal with. Will his dream of a Eurasian Union come to be?

April 15th Full Moon 25 Libra 0:42 am.  And April 16th.

Here we are. The intensity level continues in an upward motion. Certain lunar eclipses, being mega full moons, and this one so loaded, can bring a positive note in that we might see what we haven’t been able, to, or didn’t want to, before. The grand cross pattern is there, yes, and also a very lovely Venus trine to Jupiter, so all is not lost.

April 18, 19th, the Moon in Sagittarius brings more energy, if that’s even possible, to an already fired up planet, as we slide into the Easter holiday.

The third week of April, and we’re almost there, will initiate some serious events that could result in dire repercussions. Will there be an earthquake? Well yes, but which kind? I’m looking seriously at the USA chart that is highly impacted by this grid. Our Sun (the Ruler) in Cancer as well as Saturn (the common man) in Libra gets slammed since those two are in conflict with each other to begin with.  All of these aspects lead me to believe that our stability, security and structure, those institutions and programs we depend upon, will be challenged, and greatly so. Do I think the markets might be impacted? Probably, I would imagine so.

April 21, 22, 23d The Sun has moved into Taurus, which is slightly helpful in what is otherwise a wild ride since we are now, collectively, in the crucible of the grand cross of planets that will shift many ideas and plans to say the least and challenge us in trying to manage it all.

Personally, I might get some earthquake clay to secure my decorative plates to their shelf, or else pack them up. Who really can say for sure?  In the outer world, seeing as the headlines are rife with catastrophic possibilities, anything could happen. But on a deeply personal sphere this four sided geometric pattern will affect every human’s lunar return, therefore your very own chart for 28 days according to you moon sign.

(Check with lunarium here). We have to live our lives, and be as uber aware as we can to those subtle and not so subtle changes.

April 24, 25th these are slightly better days with a grand water trine to help out and don’t we love a Pisces moon!

Twice a year the Sun, Moon and earth come together in a very powerful “dark of the moon” formation and this April 28, 11:14 pm PDT solar eclipse new moon, lands in a positive earth sign, at 9 Taurus, which is materialistic, luxury loving, yet grounded, and in harmony with secretive yet powerful Pluto.

It is in my view; it’s a rather helpful indication coming upon the heels of the major cross formation which will still shadow us for some time. (Until 2015).  Nevertheless there are a couple of planets to support a positive outcome which can shine a bright light in an otherwise dark tunnel.

The significance of the Vedic star overhead, Bahrani, a subsection of Taurus, is that he likes to perform kindly deeds, but sometimes the desire for a Wolf of Wall Street orgy or two can eclipse his better judgment. Bahrani is also ruled by Yama, the god of death. But keep in mind; there are many kinds of death, after which come regeneration, renewal, and recovery after excess.

Taurus being a fixed earth sign, and also a financial indicator, makes a strong imprint and its harmonious aspect to Pluto with some nice angles from Jupiter, Neptune and Mercury, should bring some stability to our long established institutions, to the Street, and to our planet earth. Use this time to launch forward something you’ve been working on, as we move onto the 29, 30th, and first of May.         

April 30th the obstacles are still there, the moon is opposed by Saturn today meaning caution, but the idea of trying to see where we can re-seed and revive occurs to me. There’s no mistake that Taurus rules nature and gardening, all kinds of gardening, in all its glory.

DAYS OF POWER: 2, 4, 6, 11, 14!! 16, 18, 20! 24,28,29!


April 1, 2, 3d, this grand cross we talk about is directly affecting you,

Necessitating a shift in attitude at the deepest levels, because big changes are happening no matter what. It will be a new day and a new life.

April 14, 15th, an eclipse on your birthday? What can be overshadowed in this year ahead? It certainly won’t be boring, and there’s a part of you that desperately wants to succeed, you have to try because you might be pleasantly surprised.

April 28, 29th another eclipse birthday, but here the aspects favor you in the year ahead. Happy Birthday early Taurus.

May 10, 1,12th, this face off with Saturn has been causing you trouble for some time, a power struggle of sorts, cheer up, Jupiter is coming around the corner in a few weeks to lighten the load.

June 2, 3,4th well later in the month a swell of Martian and Uranian energy emboldens you. Don’t overdo under a false sense of excitement.

July 3, 4,5th your chart and that of the USA lies under the path of this grid. Understand that change was necessary and a new you will arise out of it.

August 1,2nd, happy days arrive once more, life looks exciting later in the month and it’s been a hard year so you really deserve these lighter moments.

August 10,11,12th, well it’s another couple of months under some strain or heavy responsibility that will go away, really, and at the same time early April has some light moments for you.

September 2, 3, 4th Somehow you benefit in spite of everything, especially later in the month. Things are going your way, good for you.

October 1, 2, 3d the same applies to you as early Aries, Cancer and Capricorn since that four square involves you too!

October 14, 15th 16th the eclipse mid-month lands directly on your house, which means that you are being asked to accomplish some pretty big things much as you would like to retreat since some of you are feeling a little unsafe and insecure.

November 11,12th Oh dear, Saturn is still cruising over your Sun and bringing some additional burdens for you to carry. There’s even a chance love might find you, it has happened under this aspect, I’ve seen it before.

December 1, 2, 3, Excitement amps up your Sagittarian enthusiasm here and Mars adds to the party. The 13th is notable since Mercury in Aries with Uranus is almost, well, a genius moment. Create something wonderful!

December 13, 14, 15, this mid-April eclipse is affecting you too! It’s moving you out of a comfort zone, in case you’ve been there, and creating new avenues of exploration. How nice.

January 1, 2, 3d, and yes, you as well have been feeling this shift for some time, it’s brought many changes into your life, some good some, well, not so thrilling. However, late month brings a welcome feeling of stability, finally since security is Capricorn‘s favorite word

February 10, 11, 12th, you too are feeling the negative impact of Saturn which means watch your health and energy, don’t overdo. But the bright side is that Mars and Venus are trying to energize you early in the month for a special treat.

February 26, 27, 28th something nice is happening, especially mid-month, it’s a golden moment, don’t let it get away!

March 10,11th well you are luckier than most right now, in fact Pisces has that quality only you are very happy when most are in turmoil, this third week I mean.