Astrology March 2014

Mars, the Roman god of war, turns retro early month along with the planet of karma, Saturn, which is not an especially pleasant occurrence. March did come in like a Lion, or maybe a Russian Bear? So it isn’t that surprising to see the explosive geopolitical headlines now, Ukraine, today, which country tomorrow? The war god dislikes being frustrated, much less going backwards in Libra, and the sign of Venus!  He would rather have a knife in his belt and charge ahead into the breach, although diplomacy could forestall him. Along with this remarkable twin retrograde, the first several days are not that pretty, due to the additional factors of a Mars/Venus clash, and the ongoing negative communication vibes under a Saturn Mercury square. Place orange cones around, look before you walk or speak. It will be all for the best in the Month of Mars, I mean March, which was traditionally the start of the Roman season of agriculture and war. 
Losar, the Tibetan New-year, was celebrated under the recent new moon of the 28th, mere hours from the first of March. The two days were quiet opposite, with the switch of gears on March first. This lunar event will color the next two weeks whose Piscean connection with Jupiter, Neptune, and Chiron helps out with such watery elements as rain, and the planting of crops, (speaking of agriculture).  Planting and hair cutting are always preferable under a water sign new moon. 
This might help take the edge off the first few days which, as already mentioned, are not the best, due to the lurching backwards retrograde effect. Obviously no planetary body would move backwards in purely scientific terms. It’s only in relation to the  earth’s elliptical rotation that this appears to be so, very much like the race track when the horse on the inner circle (the earth) gallops ahead of the outer equines (other planets) and then seems to meet when the others round the bend.
A beam of hope arrives on the sixth when Jupiter, the giant, sits still momentarily in powerful stationary direct motion, thus intensifying all his benevolence in his best sign which is Cancer. 
By the seventh, a nice trine between Venus, newly into Aquarius, and the moon in companionable Gemini, will provide a slight lifting of energies for Friday. The lunar contribution of the Cancerian moon matches up with Jupiter and harmonizes with the water elements, thereby elevating the aspects for the 8th, 9th weekend.
Water harmony is traditionally good for finances. Lucky you if Jupiter is returning to its place at your birth, as it is now doing for all of you ‘Year of the Horse’ people (1948, 1960, and 1972).
Moving into the 11th, 12th some help arrives from the war god’s aid to Mercury, he/she a brainiac in Aquarius, for some dynamic mental and verbal interactions. 
March 13th, 14th see a steadying factor, a sane moment in a watery Neptunian world. Don’t we love those Virgo moons so discriminating and sensible that they are! 
We now head the Full Moon of the 15th, 16th, and the legendary “Ides of March” warning from the Etruscan seer to Julius Caesar. He must have realized that the 15th of March is a crucial point, a crossing over from air to water, in the Vedic texts.  Why is it that we still use the Roman nomenclature for our planets?
This particular Virgo moon lands under a beautiful, self-confident, and helpful star with the long Sanskrit name of Uttara Phalguni, most lucrative for literary efforts among just basic kindness and the usual Virgoan traits of organizational ability. There is also a bit of a shadow element of the trickster connected to this subsection, and who are we dealing with now across the world?
I pay attention to these lunar descriptions under the Vedic sky as they provide so much more detail and insight that will influence the next 14 days.  Full moons tend to bring about events that have been simmering, and now is no different. 
Coming off of the full moon, Mercury moves across into Pisces, soon to meet up with outer mystical magical and sometimes confusing, Neptune, and also trine Jupiter!  later into the 20th, and 21st. Now, since I always say, “use astrology “when you can, here is a very creative opportunity for you writer’s artists and musicians. Check here (lunarium) if you’d like to see in which house Pisces and all this creativity falls in your chart right now or the location and sign of your moon! 
The Sun ‘s entrance into Aries marks the exact moment of  the Spring Equinox,  9:57 am PDT on the 20th, a day marked by the serious Moon conjunction to Saturn in Scorpio later on.   
Saturday the 22nd brings a lighter note with the Sagittarian moon cheering up all the air and fire planets.  Hey guys let’s go on a hike!   Furthermore, the exact Mercury contact with Neptune harkens back to that literary and creative energy previously mentioned.  
Monday the 24th carries a big impetus to accomplish, iron out details and spats! There’s lots to do, it’s a power day for sure so jump in.
 March 26th a little break here, things are looking up, that Aquarian moon slides over to Venus and Mars who are finally getting along, it’s really my best pick of days for the month.
March 27th the early a.m. moon square to Saturn is short lived as it heads back into Pisces where the month began. The 28th is another powerful day with a lot to celebrate so take advantage of it because the Sun in Aries is beginning to close in on that rebel of the solar system, Uranus, and who knows what will erupt?
March 30th now the new moon in Aries has several serious and somewhat combative elements connected to it, all heralding the month ahead. We, as a human community, grounded on this planet together, could really use any help we can muster right now, due to the approaching four square of outer planets with Mars, in an exact face off and heading our way in April. 
 The astrological world has been watching this line up for some time. And, by the way, Vladimir Putin’s October 7, 1952 Libra sun does not sit well with this oncoming collision. His Gemini moon and Scorpio Rising combo always alerts me to someone of a slightly crafty nature. More to follow in next month’s letter. 
Sorry to bring this news.  No fortune cookie astrologer here, I try to report reality along with whatever magic I can see in the aspects, but only when it’s there. 
 Even though the dark of the moon is thought to be a quieter time, this will not be one of those introspective periods. A lot is up
Now, to finalize, decide, stay or go.  We’re heading into a period of time considered raucous and fierce by many a calculation. Knowing where you stand, how you think, and most importantly, what you can do to bring a sense of calm into your personal sphere will be your best course of action. Maybe with a collective effort we could bring about a global peace, a sort of 21st Century “Pax Romana”, like the lengthy (207 years) first and second century peacetime started by the Emperor Augustus, or is it too much to ask? 
DAYS OF POWER: 3, 5, 10, 14,16,17,24, 26, 28!!, 30
April 1st, 2nd 3d, so much is surrounding you, you must feel like you’re a target, standing in the crosshairs, well you are. Wait until later in the year when Jupiter will come to your aid, and, if you know the rest of your chart, there could be some mitigating factors. 
April 18, 19, this crossing of Mars and the nodes over and opposite your Sun can bring some hard days and a sense of personal obliteration, its short term, just wait a little longer.
May 11, 12, the opposition of Saturn to your Sun is bringing some real obstacles into your life, you’ve been feeling it for a while. At least the Jupiterian effect will be in place soon to give some aid. 
June 10, 11, Nice for you mid-month, energetic, dynamic with interesting times and people! You know how Gemini likes to interact and, well, chat. 
June 15, 16, early month that retrograde is somewhat helpful in that it actually emphasizes and supports your energies and you really need this right now.
July 2, 3, the riptides are heading your way since Cancerians with these early July Birthdays will need a shield and a helmet soon.
July 11, 12, 13, 14, I like the support from Saturn to your watery selves; it’s so nice to feel supported and the full moon mid-month lands in a helpful place for you as well. How nice.
August 11, 12, it’s a little rough to have Saturn causing obstacles and even health issues for you, drat it all. However, the sextile from Mars and Rahu can lift you up in spite of things, a fire planet helping a fire brother so to speak.
September 2, 3, hmm, Pluto trines your Sun for much of the year, this is a very fortunate occurrence and in site of the grid so oft mentioned, the Pluto and Jupiter parts of it are in your favor! A time to reach out, go for what you want. Same if this is your moon’s degree. 
Mid-September, you benefit from Saturn’s transit; it should aid your plans and projects. And the full moon in Virgo is very close and activates things quite a bit.
October 1, 2, 3, Oh dear these times are not the best. You’ve been feeling the pressure from all corners for a while I’m sure, unless you have some great helpful planets in your natal chart.
October 15, 16, the passage of Rahu and Saturn over your Sun is, well, momentous, to say the least. Many serious changes can take place now, but these are not a negative, many I’ve seen reach high and grab what should be theirs, you can too.
November 1, 2, well you lucky ones had an eclipse a while back that is right now, being applauded and aided by Jupiter. How nice, things should be running smoothly for many of you unless there are other conflicting planets in your birth chart.  An aspect like this to the Sun talks about your sense of self, your drive, and your ego manifestation. 
November 11, 12, 13, Now crazy as this may sound, I’ve seen a Saturn crossing the Sun to bring some serious relationships and in a positive way too. It’s also true that some of you may be experiencing some rather large responsibilities right now, health or work.
December, 13,14, 15, that mid-month Full moon will act up over your Suns, it’s a light shining but also brings the impetus to push yourself to higher levels, come on, you can do it.
January 2, 3, oh will Pluto ever leave you alone and cease with all this transformation! Yes, later in the year he will bother some other Capricorns. And you might really appreciate the new you! 
February 12, 13, the square from Saturn is weighing you down, second week of the month in particular. He is going in reverse so in a few weeks it will be someone else’s turn. And meanwhile all that nice air energy with Mars and Rahu is a great assist to your endeavors. 
February 24, 25, the cruise of Neptune over your Sun has begun and will sweep back and forth for many months causing you to re-evaluate and look deep within to decide just how and what you will do with your life. It can be confusing but at times, inspirational.
March 1, 2, don’t even ask, yes, they went retrograde over your birthday charts’ Suns. Hmm, but I do like the trine from Jupiter which along with that Nov. 2nd eclipse four months back, can only mean good news for you in several ways. You get the good with the less good.
Mach 15, 16, Full moon birthdays mean the year ahead won’t be dull and here it is for you to celebrate and even Saturn is there in a very nice way as well. A good birthday chart here.