Astrology January 2014

Welcome to the New Year, it’s 2014, which looks to be a slightly better year than the last two, even though it’s not a perfectly set up .  January first commenced with a deep night, “dark of the moon” new moon at 1:34 am in Capricorn along bringing to five the number of planets (Venus, Mercury and Pluto) in the same sign. So there can be no mistaking the overall feeling for the two weeks ahead: plan, organize, schedule, and then repeat. Oh “the Januaries, meaning ‘getting organized’, my terminology for this time of the year has at least 50 shades or more Capricorn energies on the loose.  Rounding up those goats by the time of the full moon, January 15th, changes things around and raises the bar of progress and optimism. Later we head into the January 31st new moon and the Year of the Horse, in case you follow Chinese astrology. Now that will be an entirely new scenario.  Let’s look more specifically.

The New Year’s day new moon not only has the lineup of 5 planets in Capricorn, it also sits on a cross bar with Mars and Uranus looking over at each other, as though to say, “who will make the first move in the ring?”

 The Vedic star overhead is ruled by Varun, god of the Waters, so most likely more snow, ice, and rain, which we could use here in California. On a higher plane, a Buddhist view possibly, one could look at this water symbolism to mean that we are all connected, and aren’t we mostly water anyway?

This nakshatra, or house in Sanskrit, termed Poorvashadha, is said to be a kindly and protective, loyal figure, and we need it’s benevolence since this cross pattern looks a bit ominous.  Just read the headlines to see what’s happening across the planet.

In a couple of months we will see the greater impact of this configuration as it heads towards the opposition to the chart of our own USA Sun in the house of marriage and partnership. It’s an aspect indicating a power struggle of the sort that hasn’t happened since we became a nation. And it’s fair to say that the two houses of Congress have been deadlocked in matrimonial discord now for some time. 

 In your individual charts this “T square “grid can have a different meaning, but that’s where astrology gets so interesting.  If those of you more seriously interested in astrology want to look further, check with Lunarium (here) to find your three “majors”, Sun, Moon and rising sign.

January 3, 4th a Scorpio moon in conflict to Saturn, and a bump from Mars to the Sun, can bring on frustration and disappointment. Just hang in there and ride it through.  As for the bigger picture, it’s nice to know that for a great part of 2014 this rare, once every sixty years’ configuration between Jupiter and Saturn in water will continue to help with finances and real estate, for a while at least. That’s why I feel positive about this bull market run continuing. Fortunate too, are the children who will come in under this trine.

January 6th, the perfect sextile between Mercury and Saturn is just right for in-depth communication, even inspired somewhat by the Pisces moon hanging in with them.

January 8, 9th the exact square between Mars and Jupiter emphasizes the prior new and “dark “moon we just had. I wouldn’t use this time for an important meeting or contract signing, and besides that Aries moon is just waiting to throw a firecracker into everything.

January 10th A Taurus moon, thankfully, moves in to calm things down, and with Venus so close to the Sun this promises to be a better time with some romantic possibilities for the weekend.  Venus’ sojourn in Capricorn for such a lengthy time, retrograde all month, helps with reconnecting, rejoining and attending to beautification of the body!  The so called backward motion of planets is viewed differently in the Vedic system, and with the exception of Mercury, retrograde times are seen as helpful to go deep, study, assess, do research.

January 11th Venus meets the Sun exactly, and Mercury slides over into Aquarius and a sparkling intellect comes back into the air and cyber waves. This is a really favorable day with so many aspects attached.  A great time to redo finances, celebrate with friends, appreciate art or film. Make the most of good days like this.

January 14th We are heading into the full moon time and the square of Mercury to the nodes just emphasizes the high emotionality of the oncoming Cancer moon. Cancer likes things the way they were, like your grandmother’s china and her family’s history while you’re at it.

January 15, 16th This full moon, 8:52 pm the 15th,  lands under the very blessed and benevolent star Punarvasu, often associated with things of beauty,  nourishing loved ones,  and even returning home (that’s Cancer) from a far distance. This moon aligns nicely with Saturn and Jupiter is somewhere nearby, which is all very perfectly set up for one of the better times of the month.

January 15, 16th, it becomes extremely helpful along with the placement of the Sun in Uttarashadha, the star ruled and honored by the elephant god, Ganesha. So the symbol of the elephant’s tusk here is often seen as a writing instrument or pen. Write and edit your heart out, and have your dentist appointment set up too. The emphasis of this slightly introspective lunation would be on materialization of one’s thoughts and ideas and bringing them to fulfillment.

January 20th the Sun in Aquarius changes everything with an uptick into a more practical side with the Virgo moon bringing levity to it. Mercury now in Aquarius gives rise to more creative and inventive ideas.

January 24-26th now we have a mix of energies, where yes, we like the harmony of Mercury to Mars in air, quick and chatty, but the ominous and heavy moon in Scorpio with Saturn is not that much fun by Saturday at 5 pm PST.

 January 29th, heading into the Aquarius new moon we can see where those electric currents will serve us best, and in which house they will land.  Fortunate for those with birthday, rising, or moon degrees here. Optimism returns shortly since Venus, just around the corner, will move into direct motion, and even help out with some difficult relationship issues.

January 30, 31st Mercury moves into Pisces, close to Neptune, shifting into a calmer state of mind.  The New Moon energy in unique Aquarius launches a swerve into refined air and mental electricity, such a change from how the month began.

It is also the Chinese Year of the Horse! Impulsive and fiery is the horse, which would include all those born in this twelve year cycle including: 1954, 1966, 1978, 1990, and 2002. Farewell and what a contrast to this year just past,

Bye bye Snake.

DAYS OF POWER 1, 5, 7, 11!, 15, 16, 19, 24, 28, 31!


January 1st the clues are all set out for this to be a challenging year. Work, relationship, health, oh, plan on all of it.  The practical side of so many planets in Capricorn will help you to figure it out. It’s ok to be a little selfish right now.

January 15, 16th full moon birthdays mean a not boring year ahead! There is a Mars square to Venus, and drat, we like it when they play nicely together, so watch for that slight antagonism towards your partners and friends even though this is a very benevolent moon.

February 12-14, With Saturn hitting your Sun and the full moon in Leo bragging about it, well, stand back, it’s not the right moment, health scares  are very likely or else some let down or delay presents itself.

February 21-23 A slightly helpful time, especially mid-month, with Neptune on your sun and in trine to the moon’s nodes.  This brings out the better meaning of a Neptune on one’s Sun which is imagination, inspiration, instead of muck and confusion.

March 11-13 Here you have a nagging irritation from Mars later month, but support from Saturn all of this time and lord knows you’ve needed it.

March 30, 31, April 1, things may have been overwhelming you lately, there is a real reason, no April Fool’s prank either. The first new moon of the year’s square pattern landed smack against your cheerful Sun, leaving some broken pieces in certain areas of your life. The best part about astrology is being able to see the planets move and change, this will happen for you too.

April 21-24, with Ketu crossing your Sun, especially mid-month, it would seem like you’ve had a piece of the earth yanked from under your feet. Never fear it will move away in several weeks’ time,

April 28, 29th, well here is the last eclipse involving a Scorpio moon with a Taurus sun, and any time a solar eclipse lands on YOUR birthday, you can plan on a life changing year. There are some helpful aspects like Venus to Saturn and Pluto to the Sun, so it will land more lightly than it usually does. And hey, you may even like those changes.

May 10,11,12, all of you have had Saturn opposing your Sun and pushing you to limits you’d rather bypass and ignore, however there is a nice aspect from Venus, she likes her own sign, so there, you get helped once again.

June 15, 16th, near the 24th to end of the month a grand air trine between Mars and Mercury perks you up and you know how much fun that can be.

July 4, 5th This also happens to be the USA’s natal Sun and for the first time in our history, Pluto will oppose it, and I daresay, the power struggle will be on, since our country’s Sun sits in the house of partnership, and ahem, marriage. So I would construe that to mean partnership between the bicameral governing bodies, our congress, will be as close to battle as in any time previously.  I had to mention this. Take this as you will should your birthday land in this little 48 hour period. Examine power of all types and categories, father issues. Later on it’s more intensified but it’s only just begun now, not to frighten anyone.

July, 11, 12th, you’re receiving some support here which you’ve needed.  Now hang on, Jupiter will turn direct and add to your happiness in several weeks.

August 1st are you loving that Uranus trine you’re Sun, has the “genius” in you emerged yet, it should if it hasn’t. Or at the very least, it makes for some exciting times, although I prefer to think of it in a higher way, since I‘ve seen what this can do.

August 10, 11th near the 24th of the month take it easy, too many obstacles floating in your path here.

October 24, 25th whew with Rahu over your Sun the ambitious overloaded part of you is in high heat mode. Thankfully a little bit of the Neptune influence might add some cooling waters and even encourage your inspirational mechanism.

November 11, 12th It’s always rough when Saturn crosses the Sun, no picnic I assure you. But you’re finding it out for yourself now, just don’t expect too much of yourself, and certainly don’t overdo physically, he can be the ultimate wet blanket.

November 30, December 1st a little like August one, it happens only once in 84 years that this exciting transit happens to you! Around the 7th you should really feel the love of the unpredictable ruler of the technology heavens.

December 3-12 birthdays will have the added energy of Mars most of the month and near the 25th especially, added interest and strength are yours to enjoy since the perfect geometry of Mars and Mercury holds up your sun.