Astrology October 2013

Hello everyone, welcome to November 2013, the month that swept in under the solar eclipse energy of the star “Swati”, ruled by “Marut”, god of the winds.  Swati is a restless whirling star that has been known to fling storms and atmospheric disturbances such as Hurricane Sandy a year ago.  Only this time, it’s a storm of words and accusations akin to some darker Scorpionic activities like spying and security leaks, flying across oceans and continents. Let’s not overlook the fact that the highest aspect of Scorpio, (the noble eagle), rules the Surgeon, the king of hospital halls and operating rooms, scalpel in hand. That scalpel will be needed all this month to dissect and “cure” the health care mandate that is causing havoc and consternation across the land. When a month like this begins under the siege of six Scorpio planets, there is a “take no prisoners” element to the picture. Let’s look further.

The new moon of the 3d, (4:36 am PT) calls for us to look inward, it can be a solitary time and the solar eclipse part of it only amplifies what we experience, the events of that day leaving a “stamp “or mark on us that colors the next few weeks. I always try to watch what I say and do on eclipse days, knowing it will have bearing on events later on.  We have here a continuation and overload of Scorpionic planets; the expression attached to Scorpio of “loving deeply and hating greatly” comes to mind.

This eclipse path started on the East Coast over Jacksonville, Florida, and moved over the Atlantic to cover Africa, ending in Uganda, Ethiopia,  Kenya, and Israel, all of which will feel the greater impact of this rare “hybrid “ eclipse — meaning it appears as a total or partial depending upon the part of the globe it is over .  The next Gemini-esque, sort of “hybrid “eclipse will make an appearance in 2175.

The Druid festival of Samhain was celebrated in ancient Ireland at this time, representing the cross quarter, or the point between the 2 quadrants of the equinox and solstice times of the year. Gaelic for ‘summer’s end’, Samhain was the beginning of the darker winter months to follow.  Dias de Los Muertes, the widely celebrated “Day of the Dead” in many Southern countries, or “All Souls Day”, add to this profound time and all of it under a bizarre “hybrid” eclipse. Oh and let’s add the additional influence of the fourth meet up between those outer bullies, Uranus and Pluto, November 1-3, which have fomented levels of unrest rarely seen before, well since the 60’s. Whew.

October 31st to November 6 birthdays will be the main recipients of the eclipse intensity since it’s always wise to give such a powerful lunation influence three days on either side. I try to avoid travel too close to eclipse days, solar especially.

All during November, the Mars transit in Virgo will be ever so helpful, and especially so when the Sun rides through Scorpio, because it’s got a whisk broom and is cleaning up, ever so industriously. Admittedly it’s been a rough time for many Scorpio birthdays, much as I try not to generalize, but Saturn cruising through Scorpio from now until fall 2014 will have some serious influences on many Scorpio children, large and small. The best part of this is the Saturn in Scorpio drive for work and recognition, a gallant carrying out of duties and obligations despite all odds. You can be so strong and you don’t even know it.

Nov 6, 7, Jupiter, the “great guru”, stand still and then moves retrograde. This is the day once a year that Saturn meets the Sun, and it demands something from us, so if one obeys his rules, is disciplined, despite the overwhelming feeling of trying to hold up the sky, whether physical or emotional — you’ll make it.  This is the lesson.

Later in the day the Sagittarian moon brings a lighter hopeful note.

November 10th, Mercury moves direct, although it takes a few days for the little god with winged feet to straighten himself and launch into forward motion, allowing for communication and electrical matters to smooth out, although Mercury in Scorpio retrograde or direct is not terribly problematic, since he is shrewd and calculating here. Vedic astrologers don’t mind retrograde planets as they see them closer to the earth and therefore beneficial. We need the sharp Mercury in Scorpio voice to blend with the lunar nodes and Chiron, since there are serious defects to be corrected globally.

November 13th. It’s the one day of the year that Neptune goes direct in Pisces, his home pond. I love days like this, for when the huge outer gas giants change direction and move ahead, it’s ever so helpful, which is why I am looking to these few days leading up to the full moon of the weekend ahead with some hope.

November 14th a moon in Aries meeting up with the earthquake god and that oft mentioned gridlock, can bring out some explosive words and feelings.  Venus is involved as well, since she meets up with the underworld god, Pluto, all at the same time. Not to despair, I find certain squares on occasion to be beneficial, since one can be forced to acknowledge problems at hand.

November 15-17, the moon is waxing towards a very blessed full moon in Taurus on Sunday.  That the Vedic Sun is located in that part of Scorpio termed “Vishaka, and the Moon in the place called Krittika, of course brings our attention to the shared endings of “ka” which literally means “cutting one’s way to heaven”. So yes, sharp words and actions but good intentions flourish beneath this big light in the sky.

The social graces of the Venus rulership over Taurus shines here and smoothes out the edges of what is one of the most powerful full moons of the year. We all love Taurus moons! Let’s hope our leaders in Washington can use this for health’s sake.

It’s a time to straighten things around, to talk to take advantage of Mars’ nice angle to the May10th eclipse, it’s all very positive here! So I say, use it

Wisely and well.  To see where this full moon in Taurus affects your own personal chart use this link (lunarium) to find out.

November 18, 19th Monday’s moon in Gemini creates a spark of relational and communicative interest and ideas, especially now in harmony with the genius Aquarian ruler, Uranus.

November 20, 21st A Cancerian moon at first (early Wednesday) lines up to make a sweet contact with magical Neptune, but then collides with the wrong planetary crowd, only to smooth out and on into the 21st for a beautiful conjunction with Jupiter, making this one of the better days of the month. If Cancer is your moon sign then all the better with Jupiter here for many months and Saturn to trine it. This is pretty helpful for the other water Suns and Moons, Pisces, Scorpio.

November 22-24th  the weekend ‘s Leo moon creates strong feelings, its nice connection to the Sun in Sag and Uranus in fiery Aries, helps out in a festive way, uplifting for sure. It’s a time to enjoy life a little more, however brief, and maybe some overindulgence?  The moon’s square to Saturn cools down the fervor somewhat heading into Monday. But we have really moved five steps out of the Scorpio heaviness into a slightly better moment.

November 25, 26th the Moon in Virgo teaming with Mars will drive up that list making obsession, all you list makers.  Here’s where overdrive on organizing is ramped up like a Tesla.

November 27, 28th, wow, such coordinated effort and synchronized activity with those perfect alignments between Venus, Mercury and Mars with the bigger guys.  All is leading up to a wonderful feast and Jupiter in Cancer loves to eat of course. Venus and Jupiter facing each other across the sky (or the table) always inclines toward over indulgence, and the Libran moon at Thanksgiving and Hanukkah means we will all say grace and light candles,  gracefully.

November’s final days find a Scorpio moon returning but this time the Sag planets help our confidence and make for a happier lighter time as we move into December and the new moon of the 2nd which is coordinated happily with Uranus. It’s really different and almost cheerful considering how the month began.

POWER DAYS: 1, 3!!!, 6, 7!!, 11,16,21, 28, Dec 1


January 1, will be feeling the underworld lord transforming their lives, even though you didn’t ask for it, its here. But then Mars and Saturn are  throwing  nice waves of  support as well, almost for the entire month helping most Capricorns move ahead. Venus washing over most of the sign up to about Jan 14th is very nice indeed.

February 2-6, well it’s been difficult with no letup in sight just yet, if you are feeling stressed and tired, there’s been a reason, called Saturn.

February 21, 22, 23, when Neptune goes direct near the 13th, that “push forward” will be ever so helpful, the added clarity will be welcome I’m sure, even though it seems as though you’ve been wading through mud a lot of the time. Spiritual breakthroughs often do happen when Neptune is over the Sun

And there’s the healing power of music to consider .


March 12-15 Jupiter has been holding you up for a few weeks, he’ll be back all through the first half of 2014. You aren’t alone but in fact you will soon be strongly supported by Saturn as well, thank the gods.

April  29, 30, May 1, this has been really hard for most of you, something precious  has been taken away , don’t’ give in to the loss of identity moment, go inward and find your source. There’s really plenty of cosmic assistance out there, it’s not a lost cause.

May 10, 11th, I know you probably don’t recall your birthday eclipse, but it’s being activated now, especially near the third week, and in spite of Saturn encroaching and demanding his due, (very soon) it’s still very nice for you!

June 15-17, late month there’s a slap from Mars to up the anxiety factor, or else you’ve just taken on too much, let someone else cook that turkey!

July 5 to 9, Saturn is holding up your forts, Jupiter loves his place in your sign and Mars is hanging out 2 signs  away, it’s teamwork, and you’re up to bat.

August 1st shares a bit of the happy weekend (Nov 22-24) for early August babies , and  it’s been rough with Saturn knocking against your cheerfulness factor. Look to December 2nd also for a planetary gift.

August 5-7 Ok now Saturn slams back against your Sun, bringing you some hard days of exhaustion, it will be gone soon, really.

September 6 – 14, Mars going through our sign can only help energize and motivate you , this is really helpful and Jupiter in Cancer is there to assist!

November 1-4  all are in the lineup of the solar eclipse early on November 3. 

Solar eclipse energies on or near one’s birthday can bring about radical life changes, relationship endings, serious moves in the year ahead.

 All of this under a Scorpio Sun means it’s pretty intense –and fated!

November 5, 6, 7, that old devil Saturn is trying to bring you down to earth but being so mean about it, watch your health and try to avoid overdoing, even though there is some help from the Mars energy to liven things up, plus you also have a hand from the great “Guru “ himself, Jupiter.  All is not lost even though it may look that way.! Your birthday solar return luckily sports this great water trine, so beneficial with all your endeavors in the year to come.

November  12, 13, 14, well you’ve been lucky with a few things, and now with Mercury adding to your communication skills, and Jupiter highlighting the good fortune, well it’s all very significant.

November 30th on your big day, the Sun makes an angle to Uranus that promises a very exciting year ahead, a genius year in fact.

December 16, 17, wait! I see Mars clashing with your Sun end of the month,

Don’t take any risks, oh you adventure seeking Sag people.