Astrology September 2013

Hello again all of you patient readers and welcome.  There was a brief vacation from last month’s newsletter, due to my daughter’s wedding, but we’re back and the stars and planets are moving into places long anticipated by some of us skywatchers.  Not to sound the gongs of Armagedda, but the two heavies out there, Saturn and the north node, (Rahu for those of you who follow the vedic path) have finally come together precisely  later in the month. There is a lot going on, how will it affect your chart? We have a global crisis now in Syria, will anyone act? We’ll know soon. It’s going to be a wild month ahead for sure.

We’ve now arrived at the somewhat turbulent shores of the last quarter of 2013; it’s the season of Virgo. This is the month Obama will visit Russia (maybe) we may hear of a new Federal Reserve Chairman, and the national debt has reached its apex, oh how will the markets react?

The first couple of days carry some serious intensity due to the Saturn moon conflict, which will no doubt produce some disappointing moments tied up to global events as well.  The good news here is that the Sun with Pluto adds strength on through the fifth, in whichever quadrant of your life/chart (same thing) is affected.

There is no mistake, when you start feeling that organizational drive, when closet and cupboard cleaning, making lists and vowing to re-up your gym membership overtakes you, it’s due to the matchup of four Virgo planets, especially near the new moon of the fourth. 

New moons are about starting something afresh and new moons in earth signs are also considered beneficial for planting. Just ask the Farmer’s Almanac, which has successfully relied upon the planetary positions and changes of the moon for over 195 years, with over 85% accuracy.

Astrologers look to the new and full moons as guideposts that set the scene for the following 14 days, and September 5th 4:36 am PDT, finds a Chiron opposition to the moon, Juno aiming flares at Mars, it goes on. Frustration!   An upswing of energy does takes place as this moon lands in a tiny hard working segment of Purva Phulgani ( a usually rather lazy little lunar house), but here it’s given to trade and enterprise. But there is no mistake; it’s all about power thwarted, with oppositional aspects predominating. The intensity escalates as we head towards the 9th. Meanwhile I’m hunting for plants for my outdoor pots.

September 9, 10, the highly intellectual, information sharing, Mercury in Virgo, moves into Libra on the 9th, let’s hope the peacemaker tendencies of this sign will be helpful as Mars and Saturn square off that day. Prepare for strong news.

A word of caution here for Cancerians whose ruling planet, the moon, sits with this crew of karma dealing planets. It might seem harsh.

By Thursday Venus slides into Scorpio to join Saturn and Rahu and the moon! All those  less than appealing Scorpionic traits will rise to the surface.

The last time we saw an exact line up of these two malefics in this identical part of early Scorpio, was 1864-1865, which was of course the Lincoln Assassination, April 14, 1865, and the American Civil War.  2002 and 2003 also had a conjunction between these two, although in a different location.

Just as slavery and race was a key trigger for the War Between the States, we now have, through the prism of the movies, inasmuch as film imitates the consciousness of the times, “The Butler”. This is a movie whose plot involves the turbulent 60’s, the march on Selma, and Washington, the rise of the Black Panther Party, all replayed in the old black and white TV style in the film’s memories. Today we are witnessing other racial hatreds, sectarian warfare in the Middle East, marches for gay equality in marriage. It goes on. will it ever end?

Sept 11, 12 the energy from the last two days persists although a Sagittarian moon trine to Mars makes for a slightly more upbeat time. Fire energy predominates, all you gym warriors out there.

Sept 13 to 14, a lovely angle of Venus to Neptune inspires romance, and on into the 15th, we have the Day of Atonement of the Jewish high holy days, corresponding to a dynamic Mars trine to Uranus. This weekend should see some action and creative excitement –all of which will be anchored by a steady Capricorn moon. Shalom.

Monday, September 16, 17 there is an unmistakable boost of creative mental energy here, emanating from planet Mercury which is facing off with Uranus, and all under the Aquarian moon to lift us up to higher plateaus of workable ideas.  We may actually see something accomplished.

September 19th‘s  full moon,  the Harvest Moon, to be exact at  4:13 am PDT, will probably be seen as larger than usual due to atmospheric influences,  Normally it’s a helpful Sun position here in late Virgo, but looking across at the Pisces moon that can go both ways with its dual nature,  means that things can go awry even with the best of intentions. The symbol for Pisces of the two fish swimming backwards is no mistake.

But it’s greater influence amplifies the crucible point where we have now arrived, and what do we have, but horrifying images of  shroud-wrapped bodies lined up, apparently burned from chemical gas attacks by their own government, which has forced 2 million citizens out of their homes and into refugee camps. The most critical time runs from the full moon to the 25th.

Pisces full moons usually bring one in touch with the deeper meanings of spirit and life.  Let’s hope that the global full moon meditations and prayer circles everywhere can add some measure of peace and restoration to a severely traumatized Middle Eastern nation.

To find out where this pile up of Scorpio planets land in your own chart, which part of your life is being most impacted, and if you are at  all interested in the deeper study of  the stars, check with Lunarium (here). It’s free.

The combination of planets mentioned above, fall under the vedic star “Swati” known as the “god of the winds”. This was the same degree as last October’s full moon and eclipse which unleashed Hurricane Sandy to the Jersey Shore. Wild weather, wild times.

On a more practical and mundane level, the wisest plan of action with this grouping of planets is to exercise caution in investments, in words and in action. Tread lightly.

September 21st, Pluto makes its yearly direct motion, creating a positive impulse in wild sea of aspects; a better weekend is at hand.

Sept 22nd vernal equinox 1:44 pm PDT, which means that the lengths of the day and night are the same. The Taurus moon, usually a blessed moon, sits across from Saturn and Rahu early am, but by nightfall it will have fled the gloom of the room. Whew.

September 23, 24th the Sun moving into Libra with a Gemini moon by Tuesday, makes for a welcome part of the month. 

September 26th, also happens to be the shared birthdays of Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta Jones, who have just announced their separation.  The Jupiter Venus trine will be a part of their solar returns; it’s a little bit of a hopeful gift for them and for us, in any case.

September 28th the moon in sensitive and caring Cancer blends with Jupiter and Venus, and we may even have a reasonable day.

Late month Mercury moves into Scorpio and the acerbic tongues might fly out again. The Mars square to Venus on the 30th, well we’re seeing ahead to the even stronger alignments in the fall.

So as not to leave all of you on a discordant note, I want to add that there is one helpful element here, which is that Jupiter will be in its highest and best place for many months to come, and will save the day for many charts I’ve already seen. A harmonious relationship between Jupiter and Saturn has historically done well for Real Estate and land investments.

DAYS OF POWER:  3, 4, 7!!9!!11, 13,17,18,20!!22, 28


September 1, 2013 Sun trine Pluto adds strength and will to your year ahead, a nice arrangement for communication helps offset the fractiousness of two war planets. You will overcome!

Late July birthdays, hold steady as the rays of Saturn are beaming down in a less than auspicious way to your Sun, dimming cheerfulness and adding to frustrations. Uranus has been adding excitement to your plans and he’s still around, All is not lost.

Late September, Late June birthdays have had to deal with the conflict between Uranus and Pluto which has been affecting you and creating barriers to your forward movement; you’ve been experiencing this for some time. By 2014 they will move away and land on someone else’s roof.

July 5-9 Jupiter is crossing your Sun and expanding your horizons, a welcome visitor no doubt.  Should this be your Moon or Venus, well happy you. Third week of September is your best time.

August 1, 2, 3d, be very careful around the 14th of this month, too many difficult aspects, or as they say in the I Ching, “swords across your path.” Saturn and Rahu in Scorpio are not your friends right now. One bright note has enthusiastic Uranus waning to join in the fun, oh too much fun it may be.

November 12, 13 A cross between Venus and Mars upsets your plans late month.  Luckily it passes soon and on into October Jupiter provides a steady hand,

September 18, 19, maybe the most interesting day, so much intensity, and it’s your solar return, your birthday chart in other words. A hallmark year to remember.

February 1, 2 be watchful mid-month, too much drama could affect your health, although the rest of the month still rides along with the Uranian sidekick which continues to add new interests to your life,

January 30, 31, these life changing aspects are creating some turmoil on your home turf. If you’re tired, rest.

March 1, 2 oh my, you could quite possibly be the only ones benefiting from this legendary aspect between the power giants out there. Make your wishes your goals, they should materialize,

Early July see above.

November 8, 9, look for some happy moments around the 24, 25, The rest of the world won’t be joining in however. Even the obstacle from Mars is offset by this Venus Jupiter setup, but they protect you.

April early month birthdays, you are still under the wild ride of Uranus, have you invented a new tech device or item of medical importance yet? Oh, you’re just having amazing thoughts and experiences. I see.

Early May buckle up for the Saturn Rahu ride opposite your sun, Determine to ignore any self-doubts or less than positive thoughts, the reality is harsh enough. This a karmic time for you, stay centered.

Early November, the moment has come for you to grab the brass ring, and take up the challenge of I never thought I could because you can!