Astrology July 2013

Hello Dear Readers,

The quandary of early July is here. What can you say about a month that begins under a power gridlock of two opposing mighty gods, Sun and Pluto, and four retrograde planets? Don’t count on anything just yet, wait it out, stay on your yacht whether literal or fanciful; water planets predominate right now anyway.

The new moon of the 8this singing out to me like the Sirens to Ulysses, and with Saturn moving into direct motion, I know that a real push forward from the confusion of the first week is quite possible. But I know I’ll like it even better after the July 21full moon when Mercury goes direct and the alignment of the sky gods becomes even more harmonious in this, the Year of the Snake, that just hasn’t been that wonderful.

JULY 2013

July 1,2 these early days are tightly boxed in, it’s frustrating, and of course Mercury retrograde in water is not helping with clarity or signing  important contracts. Times like this are good for review and research, and matters that call for deep reflection. It’s not the best time to travel, the holiday weekend notwithstanding, delays and snafus are commonplace here.

July 3, 4, 5th,we’re still under the same planetary umbrella, it’s helpful to understand that with six water signs involved emotions will run high, thus opening the floodgates for feelings to spill out of control.  The moon’s square to Neptune midday on America’s birthday, well, the Gemini quick mind might lose traction for a few hours, only to right itself by evening with the tie to Venus.

July, 6, 7 keep in mind we’re approaching the new moon, with both major lights (sun and moon) in security minded Cancer. Needing to feel safe and loved by one’s tribe is crucial to Cancer’s well being. This is a family time like no other and its Vedic segment falls under the very fortunate star Punarvasu, whose protective influence is emphasized even more by the presence of Jupiter!

Moving ahead to the 8th, and Saturn’s having just moved into direct motion, will certainly  bring about some welcomed clarity. Since Cancer is secretly savvy about ledgers and excel spreadsheets, (and you may have thought they just watched cooking shows) this forward gear shift should propel a positive trend on the Big Street. Now for you more serious students of astrology, should any of you have 17, 18 degrees of Cancer in your chart (link to lunarium) here’s where a better chapter begins. If it’s Moon or Venus, emotions, heart, and love matters move to front row of your life. 

The July 9th Leo moon’s clash with Saturn gives way to more harmonious feelings by the 10th, and all is smoothed out, for a while.

So helpful is the Virgo moon of the 12th hanging nicely as it is, with so much in the water element. It’s definitely a bright spot and by the 13th Mars will slide into Cancer, as he works his way towards the conjunction with Jupiter.  The harmonious water links between Neptune (feelings, spirituality) and Saturn (brings strict adherence to structure and focus) and Jupiter (at its best here in the sign of Cancer, brings enlightened expansion).

This gift of a water triplicity, soon to be joined by radical little Chiron, both troublemaker and healer at the same time, will hold in place for the rest of the year. This unusual occurrence will bring some empathy and understanding into what has been a series of harsh events, both public and private. It carries a deep spiritual quality, and if your chart holds planets in these early water sign degrees, then lucky are you.

July 17, 18 Here comes the slight shock of the tectonic plates as it were, Uranus  is going retrograde, which means in very slow motion appearing to face backwards (but of course it doesn’t). This action sets off some reversals felt across the board. I always pay attention to days of direct or retrograde motion. Early Arians know well what this rabble rousing character can bring into their lives. Chaotic is only half of it, the super charged upness can get old.

July 22nd Along with the full moon comes the feast of Guru Purinima, traditionally a holy day of devotion and thankful service to one’s guru, or as we would have it, teacher and mentor. It’s considered a blessed day, and this year’s moon is in Aquarius (in the West) or Uttara Shadda for practitioners of Joytish (Indian astrology). Elephants and their prized tusks figure in to the symbolism of a writer’s pen as well as to a point of focus and direction.

Curious is it that both Sun in Leo and the particular degrees of this full moon carry relevance to Kings and rulers, ergo, the most important word must be “responsibility”. Leo and Aquarius work like a team, because of all the zodiac opposites, this pair shares quite a few similarities. The Leonine sense of personal nobility, sartorial perfection, as well as certain lesser types’ need for attention! mirror similar Aquarian ego drives.  But we like to search below the surface, and this lunation holds a bar with a square to Saturn meaning that the next two weeks will create some restrictions and roadblocks to cross, even though the Sun in Pushya (early Leo), is nurturing and beautiful and beloved by the gods. What a birthday indeed.

Mercury moves direct July 21, a welcome day as the Sun crosses over into vibrant Leo, and daylight returns to many vistas and issues, Venus into Virgo the 24th helps with the practical side of things. 

July 25, The very close connection of Mars to Jupiter in early Cancer, a rare 2 year match up, should amplify the water element, and with a moon in Pisces here as well, they bring welcome power and charge to those early water sign babies, and come as a relief to the rest of us should our charts permit.

July 26, after 2 pm the quick and thrilling Aries moon jumps onto the platform, trines the Sun, wakes up those sleepy heads and performs an emotional flashdance with Mars and Jupiter later on.

The 27th becomes a bit more intense with lots of planetary action, the moon finds Uranus just to really liven things up. Here is where fire takes over from water.

July 29, 30, the Mars Venus perfect sexile is helpful in any kind of diplomatic attempt, and the Taurus moon weighs in favorably as well. Whatever you need to resolve, save it for this time.

July 31, August 1, Mars begins its clash with Pluto. This is hard if your Sun and or Moon lie within their path. I wonder what events will arise, there are so many global disruptions already, it’s hard to choose one over the other. The mighty square so often mentioned here, between rebellious Uranus and Underworld ruler, Pluto, is very much in the background and right here it will be felt even more so, but planets move and change, as does life.

The trine from Venus to Pluto is a very welcome note and brings us into August with a cheerful Gemini moon. More next month.


JULY 2,7,8,12,16,17!! ,20,22,24,27,29!


July 7, 8, birthdays coming under new moons usually indicate a year to follow of a new beginning or new chapter in the life. Very seldom does it occur. 

July 21, 22, you are fortunate to have a direct facing Mercury, so strong on the day of its changed motion, and the lovely full moon. There are some mountains to climb but all the cosmic support you need is there.

January 21,22 This lunation or full moon zings right across the bow to your side of the zodiac, zap, high energy and a few difficult matters to deal with, and you will.

June 25, 26 Oh how nice is the Jupiter effect on your sun, so perfect with these psychic and spiritual water trines. Wonderful. This will counterbalance the tough Pluto Uranus square in your chart for many weeks ahead.

October 27, 28, Yes, Saturn is crossing over your sun which usually inhibits and restricts. But this time you’re lucky with the tri planet support system which can only bring good news your way.

July 1, It’s almost over, the Big Square so often discussed and landing as it is directly on your life and plans. The hiccup late month smoothes out by August and Jupiter going over your Sun is very fortunate, a gift at the end of the tunnel.

April 1, it’s almost the same story for you  as for July 1, except your best time this month is near the full moon.

December 16, 17 for you also the full moon is your time, even though the opposition from Mars early in July can bring some harrowing moments.

July 5, with Mercury riding on your sun all month, it’s communicate and write till the wee hours, non stop.

January 2nd well the intensity hasn’t ceased, yet, just a little longer, your Capricorn tenacity will see you through.

May 4, 5 A time to give up certain closely held hopes and embrace the next chapter, luckily things will improve by the late fall. Check out any nagging health matters. Just in case. Ketu (south node) over the sun , as it’s doing now, can “take something away.”

November 4, 5 The impact of Rahu (North Node) over your sun may find you taking on a big challenge, but you can do it and secretly, you’ve always wanted to.

February 21, 22, Neptune is over your sun, still,  but its harmony with the other watery planets will bring beneficial events into your realm. Such a relief.

August 1, 2 Oh my, you might have lost weight with all this electric charge to your nervous system. I LOVE Uranus contacting the sun, it’s when little doors open in your brain and you welcome such new and unique ideas that you feel like Einstein— or Steve Jobs?

October 1, 2 Right here that Uranian voltage might seem like it’s turned up a little too high. Oh for a calmer day.

Jun 1,2, February 1,2 you are hit with this Uranian volt too, so excitement seems to be yours, for all of July anyway. Have fun with it!