Astrology June 2013

We can calm down, just for a moment, since we’re past those harrowing Taurus/Scorpio eclipses which brought about so much upheaval in the past few weeks, and now we can move into the slightly balmier days of June.

Things should be rather peaceful in the first few days of this month, since it isn’t often that we can enjoy a grand water trine of major planets linked with the more personal ones, all of which serves to soften harsher edges.

A note to all Gemini Sun and Moon children, you should feel an uptick and ease of expression with Mars, Sun and Jupiter riding over your heads and hearts this month.

Later in the month Jupiter moves in to his happiest place, the sign of Cancer (explained further down) and lastly, we are heading into a month of four retrograde planets, so if you feel life slowing down a little, there’s a cosmic reason for it– out there. 

Venus will move into Cancer, June 2nd, and for a few days the emotional doorway begins to open. Its part of a nice triplicity of water sign planets, so creativity is strong here, music, poetry, decorating!

June 4th5th, sees a slight upset with the Taurus moon opposing Saturn later in the day, and a slight bump due to a Mars contact that can send out a travel alert. Try not to get a speeding ticket! All will be smoothed out as we approach this weekend’s new moon of the 7th, and 8thwhich by the way, are highlighted power days of the month. 

We pay attention to the new and full moons, because these lunations “describe” or set, the standard for the fourteen days that follow.

The last harrowing weeks of May, and the Oklahoma storms, coincided with eclipse points and also with the continuing wild and rebellious Uranus’ square to manipulative power seeking Pluto. It just is this way, for now. But moving they are and we can have a farewell party in 2015 when their horns detach from one another and the United States goes into an entirely new chapter in its Vedic chart. Oh happy days.

If you should have happened to have your Sun or major planet, Moon maybe? Deadlocked with these two, (Uranus and Pluto) well you have all my sympathy. For those of you more interested in the underpinnings of astrology, start with your own chart and check with lunarium to see if your personal planets, Sun, Moon, Venus, Mercury or Mars, are in any way tied into 9-11 degrees of Aries or Capricorn.

June 7, 8th New Moon, 8:56 am, is located in the particular segment of Gemini, known in Vedic astrology as Mrigashira.  Described by a deer’s head, with all of the associations that go with this benign, ever searching, feminine creature, the Gemini Sun and moon connection in this exact location overhead is especially and devotedly creative. Is it a day to make your dreams come true? It should enhance your imagination for one thing, and I am planning to use it to launch a creative project of my own.  The Neptune retrograde right at this exact time just intensifies what is in your deepest thoughts and feelings. As I always say, Use Astrology!! Take advantage of the positive aspects, and lay low under the gloomier days and times, it’s a planning device as much as it is a roadmap of one’s life.

With Saturn reigning supreme and highly ranked these few days, let’s make the most of this time! And as I mentioned earlier, the next 14 days will carry this energy.

With Mars in Gemini as well, what is sought after will most certainly be found, but did you really want it? The mental inquisitiveness of Gemini holds strong here and heaven knows, a Gemini sun or moon person always adds to the conversation, if not the life of the party.

June 10, 11th, even though the Cancer Moon and Venus are caught up in grid of the Uranus Pluto conflict here, hard decisions can be made and things accomplished. I’ve found that tough squares can push one to rise above the struggle. So it is perseverance that triumphs these couple of days.

June 12, 13 are days of mixed energies. On the 12th, the lunar square to Saturn can be something of a bummer, exact at 8:30 am, only to be followed late day by a zippy moon trine to Uranus, which carries into the next day, and makes for unique and brilliant contributions.

June 15-17, Cancerian feeling levels become amplified. Venus is doing her best to catch up with Mercury, and the intellectual cleverness of Gemini is lifted by the proximity of Jupiter to the Sun, but the best is the woosh of energy provided by the Mars alignment to Uranus. Don’t waste it! The Virgo moon will temper any frivolous over-reacting.

June 18, these energies still prevail and the Libra moon slides over here in nice aspect to Jupiter adding a nice touch in those dealings requiring some tact.

June 20th, marks the Summer Solstice, 2013, the longest day of light, when the Sun enters Cancer 10:04 pm Pacific and Jupiter close by, anchoring one of the four corners of the year. It’s a day for celebration leading up to the full moon! 

June 23d’s full moon in the Cancer / Capricorn axis, finds the Sun in watery teardrop Ardra, and moon in reckless (at times) Mula, which if unchecked, can invite in all sorts of challenges.

Thank the gods for the helpful aspects from some outer planets. Here’s where the somewhat regulated ways of Capricorn are welcome, with all of this Gemini fun and Cancerian emotionalism, we who inhabit middle earth need to remember to plant our feet square on the ground. Earth and roots, such are the indications of Capricorn, and with the Vedic meanings of “Mula”, a subsection of Sagittarius- Capricorn, that is so tied in to roots and gardens. Gardening and planting are never really advised on full moon days, (new moon periods preferred), but heck, this is water and earth at its best, so go ahead.

The late month move of Jupiter, June 26th, into his happiest and best place, the sign of moon ruled Cancer, will mark the beginning of an upward trend in certain financial and real estate markets, especially as we move towards next year. Jupiter travels the solar path every twelve years, and when he “returns” to his place in your chart, he is said to bring a gift. How very fortunate if you are a 1955, 1967, 1979, etc. child. Jupiter will remain here until August 2014.

Mercury turns retrograde 27 June to July 21st, for its quarterly spin, now in Cancer, where the purported muddiness of Mercury in a water sign, can add a confusing twist to matters linear and legal for example. The first days before and the days right after, are the most compromised, that is, made somewhat foggy. The moon in dreamy Pisces, along with Neptune and Chiron, could add an inspiring spiritual element and now with four retrograde planets seeming to look backwards, life seems to slow down a bit which may be a relief! In a more perfect world, one would pay attention and grasp the opportunity to stop, listen and think more deeply, if only we could remember to do it!

Days of Power: 2, 4, 7!!! 12, 15, 17, 23! 27,


April 1, 2nd, oh dear those two bruisers are still going at each other and tromping on your roof! Your life is undergoing some trauma and upheavals no doubt.  You will be changed forever and it’s probably for the best.

April 25, 26th in spite of Saturn’s opposition to your Sun these months, early June brings a welcome surprise, you’ve been working too hard anyway. Live it up on the 7th, 8thweekend.

May 5, 6 is experiencing the shadow of the dragon’s tail over their house, we knew it was coming. This brings moments of intense inner examination, you have probably experienced some of this already, let’s hope its only soul searching and not an MRI. Mystics would term it the opening of a spiritual door. Take your pick.

June 7, 8th, Lucky you, what a solar return this will make for your birthday chart! The stars are shining for you here, and deflecting some negative influences… What will you do with this wave of positive energy is my question? New moon birthdays are generally considered to be markers of new beginnings.

The Mars square to Pluto will just push you to reach higher.

June 15, 16, 17th, Oh how nice to have Jupiter on its twelve year cruise over your Gemini suns, it makes for some lighter days. If over your Gemini moon then your heart feels better than it has in a while.

June 23 Birthday children here, buckle up for a very thrilling year, but have insurance! I’m encouraged by the Mercury Venus contact here. It’s a promise of happier times.

June 30, July 1, the karma demons have almost left your street, almost, very soon.

July 10, 11, 12, Lighter moments and brighter days are yours this month. Physical appearance and natural beauty are enhanced as well

October 1, if you are wondering why things seem so discombobulated right now, look way way up with a telescope to the outer fringes of the solar system, the wild cowboy Uranus and secret ruler all powerful dude Pluto, are causing the havoc. Fortunately, a few good days mid-month are yours.

October 26, 27th, now I want to say something positive about Saturn riding roughshod over your sun, is it health, worry? Something is irritating here, but luckily the water trine of Neptune and Venus is helping to lift the load.

November 5, 6th, the head of the dragon, or north lunar node, crossing over the Sun in your personal sky, indicates sudden gains may be made. These are key points in one’s life. Look back to 1994 and see if you find any parallels, same for you May 5, 6th.

November 24ththe last eclipse left you spinning, and the Mars action on the 7th, 8thwill bring it all back, but it’s not to be dreaded, you love adventure anyway.

February 22, 23d wow, this transit of Neptune can bring great enlightenment or its opposite, but now, as it is part of a grand water trine, things are becoming wonderfully uplifted for you.  June 7this a big day.

January 1, 2 poor Capricorn has had so much responsibility, and mid-June emphasizes it all. Your rocky steadiness is a gift soon to be enhanced by Saturn and Jupiter. Just wait.