Astrology January 2013

Welcome to 2013, which adds up to a six year, the card of the Lovers, in the Tarot. Aside from the romantic connotation here, the lovers represent duality, and a kind of yin yang twinship. “Six” years are mostly concerned with the art and craft of relating, take this where you will, whether it be diplomacy in world affairs or interactions at a deeply personal level.

I regret to say that I am a little late this “wolf month” (Old Saxon for January, because of its usually being the coldest month) due to the arrival of my new Scorpio puppy, Ruby Scarlett, who has taken the lead, so to speak, over my activities.  

It is also the Year of the Snake, which will be addressed in February’s BLOG, since the Chinese New year begins on the New Moon of February 9th.

We have now arrived at the “Januaries”(my word), because it’s that season when we get sooo organized, with all that Saturnian energy flowing into our day books and calendars, SCHEDULES everywhere, and early this month, the tight connection between 4 planets in earthy practical Capricorn.  Mercury and the Sun and Juno and Pluto work to keep us focused, present and grounded.  

The other main item of item of interest is Jupiter in Gemini, which encourages all communicative efforts and will light up the skies over many Gemini’s for the next six months.

The Mars conflict with Saturn, January 7-10, can highlight some troublemaking issues, with Mars in stubborn Aquarius and Saturn in do or die Scorpio.

Tuesday the 8th, is one of those high energy days bearing a friendlier moon in Sagittarius and the late day addition of Venus into Capricorn, which will add a steadying factor.  

The Scorpio moon adds to the intensity factor but then subsides as it moves into a more amiable place in Sagittarius Tuesday.

Since squares (conflicting angles between planets) exist to provide obstacles to overcome, there will be issues to resolve and compromises to be reached. Such is the nature of these harder aspects.

This will affect you directly if any of your personal planets, Sun, Moon, Mercury, Mars or Venus are involved, ( in case you have a deeper interest in astrology it’s 8 degrees Aquarius and Scorpio.  (Check Lunarium here to find that out)

Thankfully, since Jupiter is in Gemini and Mars in Aquarius, both in the first half of the month, their mental air quality will serve to activate imaginations as ideas come into daylight.

With Mercury very methodical in Capricorn up until the 19th, and in tandem with the sun, organizational matters, will take priority. When Mercury is here, I think of it as “earth brains” and while some view this as a slower mind, I see that it never forgets what it takes in. It will be so helpful in organizing year end taxes and a myriad of small business details.

The very positive and fortunate January 11th, new moon, will enable those New Year’s goals and resolutions to be set in place all during .January 9, 10, 11, 12.  The nice Venus sextile to Neptune is just another additional gift.

Capricorn’s assignation to Saturn, with its mythology of goats climbing sure footed up scaly mountain cliffs, is brought to the fore with this new moon whose influence lasts for couple of days.

Nothing is too impossible for these days of Capricorn, the 8, 9, 10, 11 January. Under the star Uttarashadda, “the invincible one” or the “unconquered”.  

Look to wherever Capricorn is in your chart to see what area is being highlighted by this new moon event.  There is also the Vedic connection to the elephant god, Ganesha, lifter of obstacles, due to the significance of the elephant’s tusk, an indication of greater leadership issues for the birthdays that fall near it.  How interesting that January 9th would be Richard Nixon’s 100th birthday.

New moons set the pace for the 2 weeks to follow and therefore it marks a crucial moment in any given month. This lunation will be one of the better ones for 2013. Let’s make good use of what it portends.

January 16, 17, the moon stationed in Aries next to irrepressible Uranus, and Venus snuggling with Pluto, whew, it all creates such a period of confrontation or revelation. Perhaps secrets will be blurted out. In any case, these are not a mild days.  

With the Sun and Mercury entering into Aquarius, the 20, 21st, a new shift of energies and times is at hand. Monday, Inauguration Day arrives under a chatty Gemini moon which coincides nicely with Jupiter later on —just when the inaugural balls get underway and the parties begin! The 22nd carries even more of the brainiac aspects, whereby words and communication and plans of all types, thrive.

January 24, 25 A certain fractious quality is in the air with Mars in conflict to moon’s nodes, and the moon in Cancer unhappy with Uranus and Pluto. These elements can increase tensions as we approach the full moon period.

The full moon of January 26th, 8:38 pm PST lands in a kindly place in early Leo, under a caring star called Pushya. It faces the sun in a generous and heart centered segment called “Shravana”, but always in Aquarius of course, (there being more divisions of the celestial skies under the Vedic system.) The drama and kind heartedness of this particular Leo moon, sometimes referred to as “the big baby moon” can bring out the more philanthropic sides of our natures, but be careful not to give out more than you can afford, emotionally as well as financially.  And in case you’re planning ahead, parties and gatherings under full moons are almost never dull.

Late in the month, the square between the Sun and Saturn will merely highlight one of the themes of 2013, the pushback against those in power by that not in power, the ruler and the common people. Saturn in Scorpio always represents the struggle between father and son, in mythology, the son who was rejected (Saturn) by his father (Zeus).  The helpful aspect from Saturn to Chiron, and somewhat to Neptune, will lighten the load for those born early in Scorpio.

January 30, 31 the change in direction from retrograde to forward motion of gigantic Jupiter so that it seems to stand still for a brief time, means that its influence will beam down more intensely in creative clever Gemini. I always pay attention to days when the big guys out there go into direct motion. These are dates to watch for shifts in the course of event.  The next several months will be a boon for most Gemini suns, ascendants or moons.

Jupiter in a nice aspect to the Sun these late few days will bring a renewed sense of optimism for some and a helping hand for those burdened and restricted by the Saturn aspect mentioned above.  

Thursday’s Libra moon harmonizes with Jupiter and the sun into early February and makes a nice exit for Janus, the two headed god of the threshold who looks both forward and back, and for whom January was named.  


NOVEMBER 15, 16 especially later in the month, could that Martian influence mean a power struggle or harsh words, it’s very decisive, a turning point you could say,

JULY 1,2  the Sun plus Pluto along with Mercury, all opposing your Sun early in the month,  could bring a raft of a dilemma your way., more than an emotional Cancerian would care to deal with . It’s about power, gain or loses.

January 30 to February 1, early in the month, a Mars Saturn square over your roof brings annoyances and irritations in serious ways.  Jupiter will be helpful in riding this one out, and you will find some resolve on the 30th when it goes direct.

May 30 to June 2 birthdays all benefit from the passage of Jupiter over your Gemini sun, it will bring help and expand your influence and communication abilities for the first several months of this year. Lucky you.  Should this be your moon’s location, even better.

October 31, November 1, 2, oh lordy that Saturn crossing your sun is making you feel more tired than usual. If you need a nap, for heaven’s sake, take one! The additional conflict from Mars early on could mean the flu has visited your house; it is NOT a time to travel or even socialize very much. Stay safe and warm in your cave.

April 30, May 1, 2 see above, it’s very similar to your path in the first half of January.  Keep your helmet on, don’t overdo, and have the flu and cold remedies nearby, Saturn won’t oppose you forever and besides, Pluto, Mercury and the Sun are all on your team supporting plans and goals.

February 20-22 Neptune has sat on your suns for a very long time, for over a year, it’s time he moved off into other depths. Neptune on the Sun can bring a lot of problems for health, identity; it can also inspire one to create from the depths of one’s soul.  Sometimes it does both, at the same time.

January 11th has a new moon for its solar return making this a year to begin a new project, a new way of living in goal seeking, patient Caricorn.  It could easily be my favorite day this month.

September 9-11 and May 9-11 all benefit from this new moon. Nice angles from powerful lunations to your sun, (the day you were born) promote any plans or ideas you may hope to achieve.

January 26, 27th birthdays are under the influence of the full moon, never a boring or dull year ahead, although the complications from Saturn can hinder some of your plans and desires and dampen those brilliant ideas from the genius Mercury in Aquarius, calling instead for reality and practicality.  

July 26, 27 have similar indications, the full moon lights up your chart although there is a large impediment in the two weeks that follow. Some help comes from outer planets Jupiter and Uranus so all is not lost.

March 26 to 28 birthdays have had their share of excitement, in fact more than they have needed. It’s been a life changing barrage of obstacles for many, but the time for resolution is near, the outer war gods are seeking other pastures. And Jupiter, along with the late full moon, is harmonizing nicely with your Suns to bring back your Aries drive and optimism.  

July 30-August 1, the powerful Mars and Saturn aspects to your Suns may look like an uphill battle as the month begins, health issues can be paramount here. Later on it smoothes out, however some of the pressures you have had to deal with continue for a few more weeks, the full moon will bring matters to a head.  Early 2013 will seem difficult so thank heaven our charts have many angles and aspects. It isn’t always about what the Sun has going for it.

April 25-28, the universe must be your friend after all, because with

such powerful earth planets early month to support your work and ideas, you have weathered the early Saturnian storms of the past few months and now have proved to yourself that you can handle anything. Chiron and Neptune are moving in to help out very soon.

February 14-16 Be watchful of your words and actions, and those headed towards you, near the full moon of the 16th, the tendency towards rash behavior is accentuated.


January 4,6,8,10,12, 14, 16, 17, 21, 24, 26, 31