Astrology December 2012

Here we are at the final doorway to 2012, and

Why all the fuss? It’s all this talk about the Mayans, of course. (Maya is the more correct term). Their sophisticated calendar creating ability, dating back millions of years earlier than their mysterious disappearance in the 900’s, was also mapped forward into the present time. According to their “Long Count “calendar, encompassing approximately 72 octillion years of planet earth’s life span, we are at the end of a 5125 year period, and entering what they termed “the fifth world. Whether it’s the 12-12-12 or 12-21-12 numerology that captivates you, there is no doubt that the Mayan culture’s deep participatory relationship between Gods and humans holds some worthy examples for us today. But as far as some cataclysmic planetary happenings, neither Western nor Vedic Astrology holds any such drastic views. A few planetary lineups are described below.

Meanwhile, enjoy the holidays and those certain days which are more planetary illuminated, well like a Christmas tree.

December 2012

Not the most conducive aspect for compromise is a Cancer moon in opposition to Mars Pluto, which is how the month of December begins, and added to that standoff are Mercury, Saturn, and Venus all in Scorpio. Whew out can come some very sharp words, knife- like verbal instruments…  and yes something has to be cut.

It’s about the budget, and who knows what else? Remember, Mars is so happy to unleash his ambitious nature in Capricorn where he does best, that there is hope on the horizon.  At mid-month especially, we may hope to hear some better news on the Cliff Notes. Wherever Mars is currently striving in your chart, wherever Capricorn is located, recognize that impulse to do better, to make things happen in that sector. He’s that kind of guy and there’s a good chance you’ll succeed. (Click here to lunarium to see just where that is). Mars comes around in the same place only every two years so pay attention.

December 3rd finds harmony in all the right places, maybe it’s the Leo moon that adds some of its positive fire so that matters can be tended to. Things may work out after all up to December 4that 2:20 pm PST, when the void moon causes all to stop and pause for a minute.

December 4, 5 the approaching Virgo moon blends nicely with the outer gods which, I hope, will bring some practical results.  

December 7, 8, 9th, Venus dresses up because she has so many events to attend, and it’s a powerful time for sure, backed up by the November solar eclipse energy, just watch and see for yourself. The moon moves into Scorpio just in time for Hanukkah on Sunday.

December 10-11 there are several notable elements to the day, when Mercury in Sag Fire bumps heads with Neptune, bringing fog, confusion and steam and therefore not the best moment for the Cliff to be conquered. The Venus North node connection carries an intense energy, love and sadness altogether here, strong emotions for sure

12-12-12 why all the fuss? The eve of the new moon in Sagittarius is, to say the very least, numerologically interesting. Twelve’s carry the symbolism of the Hanged man in the classic tarot, which also relates to Pisces, the twelfth and last, house of the chart, speaking to secret mishaps, closets and secrets of all kinds.

Twelve also represents a completion of the cycle of experience and the possibility of launching into a new era or level of consciousness. It indicates old habits that linger and hang on but need to be eradicated, so that a reversal of negative thoughts and a new inner strength can be manifested. One can only hope, but not until 2100 will there be another 1-12 number combination, for those of you who study these interesting sequences.

A trip into fantasyland, or moments of over intoxication could immediately follow the December 13 New Moon in Sagittarius, at 00:42 am, In any event, an overdose of emotionalism can prompt many of our Sag friends to express their “truth”, and sometimes, with never a thought left unshared. Oh you’ve seen that? It would be best to launch these emotions and feelings into a creative direction; after all it lands vedically under the star “Jyestha, queen and champion of the underdog, who is also fond of children and a protector of the young. This is a common placement of the moon for kindergarten and elementary level teachers. It’s the turning point of the month.

And what a day it is! Uranus moves direct on the 14thwith a tight creative connection to Mercury, so it’s not such a quiet “dark of the moon” period. However, the absence of moonlight will enable one to see those bright Geminids meteor showers which will be visible for 24 hours. Now that’s entertainment! This is probably the most opportune time of the month, and with Venus so close to the moon’s north node, it adds a romantic dimension. Take advantage and make use of astrology’s insights and positive aspects — like this one.

These days, 14-16, carry an element of genius with Mercury trine Uranus, sharp mental accomplishments shine here.

Venus enters Sagittarius on the 16thand by the 20th;it is joined by an Aries moon perfectly matched to Uranus, 8:30 am. It’s a generally uplifting day, in spite of the Ram’s tendency to self-absorption. And the delusional square to Neptune, causing some short term romantic uncertainty. The shift of these inner planets into more open Sagittarius and in decent aspect to Uranus will broaden the field for negotiations and a meeting of minds.

Notable for the 17this the opposition from Mercury to Jupiter, too much information, or maybe the wrong kind, which by later on the 18this downright confusing; with a Pisces moon making more of an “issue” with this.


December 19-20, a Venus Uranus playful trine makes for some cheerful moments this weekend, and Mars near the nodes is a strong indication for some possible answers, finally, to this looming fiscal uncertainty!

12-21-12!!  The Winter Solstice is here at 3:12 am. And the sun enters 0 degrees of Capricorn (PST).

This supposed harbinger of the new era is just another day astrologically, as planet earth rotates on its axis, with nothing terribly dramatic coming around. Well, not unless you take into consideration the ongoing friction between the underworld god, Pluto and that troublemaking earthquake god, Uranus, replaying some of the same revolutionary themes of the 60’s, which has been the story since 2008 and continuing to 2015. And yes, it’s also the supposed end of the Mesoamerican “Fourth World”.

That the “Mayan prophecy” was taken so seriously, started in the 80’s with Jose Arguelles and the “Mayan Factor.” It was a bit new agey, with the widely touted harmonic convergence which came in August 1986. and then went. Born Joseph Anthony Arguelles, 1939 – 2011, Jose founded the “Earth Day “movement 1970, among other achievements, which include a professorship at Princeton, and the “Dreamspell Calendar, starting with 1987 as year one.

Guatemalan records, dating back to 814 and inscribed in the 14thcentury on birch bark books, disagree with the 9th century Maya calendars, stating that the changes were closer to 2013.

These “books” were first discovered in Xultun in 1915, and only 2 years ago a team of archeologists from National Geographic opened a small walled up room revealing a ceremonial calendar and inscription dates far past 3500 AD. So much for the frenzied “end of days “interpretations ascribed to the ancient calendars of the scientifically advanced Maya.

It‘s only a matter of months, and here’s where astrology comes in. I tend to accede to greater minds than mine, and can clearly see the approaching Saturn conjunction with that old demon Rahu (north node) throughout 2013. Although this matchup takes place about every 11 years, this time it’s in Scorpio so you know it won’t be anything of slight consequence. In what house does Scorpio fill in your chart?

Will the north and south poles slide off their axes as in the last ice age? Will the weather patterns keep increasing in extreme ways? The latter maybe, but the former, doubtful. It’s more likely that the angst and upheaval of these various world governments and economies will continue until they are radically transformed and the ensuing changes on a mundane as well as spiritual level will be of enormous impact. This is, in my humble view, is how I see the beginning of the Mayan Fifth World unfolding.


As we move towards the year’s end, the December 28th full moon finds the Sun and Pluto in the slightly more troublesome segment of Capricorn called “Mula” facing across the sky towards the moon in Cancerian Ardra. Not just a random thought, the teardrop symbolism of Ardra can bring rains and moods to match. It’s a moon period, or lunation, that calls for quieter times not a raucous pre- New Year’s romp. Smaller groups and thoughtful closer to the land types of homebody gatherings are best suited to this lunation.

Along with this we see a “Finger of God or Yod, configuration with Saturn and Pluto forming a base, and Jupiter pointing the way in Gemini.

It’s an interesting way to end 2012, with Jupiter the benevolent destiny ordained “finger” pointing to what Gemini stands for: mental brilliance, creativity, sociability, youthfulness.

I’m happy to use this as my pole star moving into 2013, and the Saturn North Node duet. We will all need some of the restructuring and restraints in the day’s times ahead, but it will work out just fine. Later in 2013 the Jupiter and Saturn trine bodes well for the real estate markets, but I’m getting ahead of myself.

New Year’s Eve’s Mercury moves into pragmatic steady Capricorn, followed by a Mars to Venus square, some fun, some feistiness here, and a nice Mars to Uranus contact, all add up to make this one of the Power Days listed below. The moon in Leo, December 31, making a lovely trine to Venus in Sagittarius, is such a nice loving way to close 2012.

A special note of thanks goes out to Nancy Swift Furlotti for her insights and scholarly work on the Popul Vuh , the Mayan Creation Myth — to be further explained in her upcoming Huffington Post Interview (Dec.21st) and also her talk November 29th (Why All the Fuss about the End of the World on December 21,2012 .at the Asheville Jung institute).


3, 6, 10, 14!!! 18, 20, 21, 25!!! 30, 31


JUNE 1 JUPITER CROSSING THE SUN SHOULD PROVIDE SOME CHEERFUL MOMENTS. Later month the”finger of god” or Yod, lands on your sun or moon Gemini, a signature moment for sure


DECEMBER 13th, 14th New moon birthdays signify new beginnings to the year ahead, think what changes you‘d like to bring in, because

It will be that way in any case!


JANUARY 9 TO 17, MID MONTH, THE MARS EXALTED IN CAPRICORN WILL BRING ABOUT LONG AWAITED RESULTS, SOMETHING TO BE CHEERFUL ABOUT, Since Capricorn sees the dark side a little more than his other 11 zodiac siblings.

November 12, 13, Early December and the 8thcan be hallmark days for you, pay attention these are big moments.

November 19, 20, happiness around the 14th, 15thof December, It’s a welcome moment for you.

November 1, 2 the last 2 days of December require all your focus and discipline. It’s not especially negative just strong.

January 28, 29, Mars over your sun means you have to watch your surroundings, try not to overdo even though it’s pretty exciting.

June 28ththe last full moon of the year lands on your sun, too much excitement perhaps made all the more so with Pluto!

March 27, 28, you may feel like a dart board late month, with swords and arrows coming your way, duck, it will soon pass over.

May 1, 2 very similar to Nov 1, 2, but Saturn opposing the Sun brings stress and responsibility and even the flu! At least the Sun and Pluto try to support better health.

May 17, 18, we are sending out astro condolence cards to all of you who are being raked over by Ketu (south lunar node), leaving you feeling slighted and diminished. Don’t doubt yourself, it’s only the planets overhead doing this.

December 30thbirthdays have the moon and Mars creating more drama near your birthday, plus you‘ve been undergoing life changes all this time! You will be home free soon.